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According to Pravda.ru they see we have an illegal president but wonder why the media is silent here.  According to the article “Arizona sheriff finds Obama presidential qualifications forged”  written by Dianna Cotter for that publication.  There is some new information in this article:

“A singularly remarkable event has taken place in the United States of America. This event occurred in Arizona on March 1st and was an earth shattering revelation.

A long awaited press conference was given by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a five time elected Sheriff, which should have made national and international headlines. Arpaio’s credentials include serving in the United States Army from 1950 to 1953, service as a federal narcotics agent serving in countries all over the world with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and served as the head of the Arizona DEA. Without doubt, this is a serious Law Enforcement Officer, not one to be taken in by tin-foil-hat wearing loons.

Yet, in the five days since his revelations there has been little in the way of serious reporting on the findings he presented in his presser. With 6 short videos, the Sheriff and his team presented a devastating case, one the tame US press is apparently unable to report.

On April 27, 2011, President Barack walked into the White House Press room with a Cheshire cat like grin and a “Long Form Birth Certificate” from the State of Hawaii in hand.  From the podium in the press room, Mr. Obama said, “We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers,”. Quite the barb from a man holding a forged document.

That’s right, forged.

The president himself created the scene; one filled laughter from an adoring press corp., a scene of unprecedented fanfare while holding a forged document which was later posted on the White House website. This was the news Sheriff Arpaio revealed on March 1, 2012 in Arizona.

Arpaio asserts that his investigators discovered, during a 6 month long investigation which is ongoing, not only was the “Long Form” likely a digitally created forgery, but the presidents Selective Service Card (Draft Card), allegedly filed in 1980, was also a forgery. These documents are what Barack Hussein Obama relies upon to prove his constitutional eligibility to the office of President of the United States.

Forged documents are being used to qualify a President of the United States for the office he holds. Or is usurped the more accurate term?

The silence from the main stream media in the US is deafening. It almost seems as if the press is terrified to even think the question, let alone ask it: Is the President a criminal? The press in Arpaio’s audience were certainly asking him to state precisely that, yet nowhere has the question been asked of the White House by the press. Instead the American Press is aggressively protecting the presumed President of the United States, pushing the fraud upon both America and the world, supporting a man who may well have usurped the office.

For months before Mr. Obama released the April 2011 forgery, American businessman Donald Trump had been demanding that the president show the country definitive proof that he was born in the state of Hawaii, and eligible for the Office of President. The birth certificate forgery which was presented by Mr. Obama was in response to the repeated public requests from the billionaire businessman.

One can easily imagine the reaction of the press had this scenario been about George W. Bush in 2004.

On the contrary, the press itself forged documents regarding the 43rd President: Long term CBS newsman Dan Rather lost his credibility along with his job when he presented forged Air National Guard documents allegedly denigrating the president’s service in the 1970’s. One can imagine the glee evidence presented by law enforcement officials of a real forgery made by President Bush would have generated. The press feeding frenzy would have eclipsed that of Watergate, the most controversial political event in modern America history which led to the resignation of President Nixon in August of 1974.

The questions in the White House Press room would have been merciless to say the very least.

What has been the response from the Obama era press?


Silence so loud it can be felt.

What has been the response from the 44th president so far?

A tweet from Obama Campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt, containing a link to the conspiracy theory television show “The X-files” theme song: a mocking, Saul Alinsky like, retort.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors appear to have been committed by the President of the United States or his personal representatives in presenting a forged document to the press and the Nation as a legitimate document, and this information has been delivered from Law Enforcement Officials.

Arpaio refused to take the bait offered by a clearly hostile press in the conference room. He refused to accuse the president directly, instead informing the world that they had a “person of interest” in the forgery, and were continuing with the investigation.

Where is the outrage from the press??

As surreal as this is, it isn’t the main event. It’s only a part of a larger story.


Years before the 2008 election, Barack Obama was involved in efforts to amend the US Constitution to allowthose who were born to parents who were not citizens to become President along with those born overseas. Those efforts have occurred several times in recent history, and all have failed. It must be intelligently asked why this was a concern at all for the then Senator.

There are two reasons for Obama’s concern. The first lay in Article 2 section 1 of the constitution which states: “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President,”.

Except for Barack Obama.

The second reason  for Obama’s concern lies in the Supreme Court of the United States case Minor V. Happersett (88 U.S. 162) 1875 which defines Natural Born Citizen:

“The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.” Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 168.

This U.S. Supreme Court case decided that Virginia Minor, the plaintiff, could not use the 14th Amendment to claim citizenship and the right to vote because she was a Natural Born Citizen, and therefor unable to lay claim to the statutory citizenship the 14th Amendment gave to former slaves, which included their right to vote. This is the only U.S. Supreme Court case in the history of the United States to clearly define what a Natural Born Citizen is.  It has been cited in dozens of cases since.

This is an issue which cannot be brushed aside by Mr. Obama. His father, Barack Obama Sr. was a student from the British Commonwealth of Kenya, a British Citizen who never sought to become a US Citizen, and indeed was eventually forced to leave the country. Mr. Obama has only one parent who was an American Citizen. Obama clearly does not meet the requirements of Natural Born Citizen as defined by the Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett.

The Founding Fathers, the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, discussed these very reasons why no person of divided loyalties, divided nationalities, should ever have command of America’s armed forces. Dozens of letters and many debates in the constitutional conventions recorded these concerns, always returning the “Law of Nations“, Emerich De Vattel’s encyclopedic record of the laws civilized nations had developed over two thousand years of which the founders were clearly aware of in their debates:

“The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.”

E. De Vattel  1758 Sec 212 Ch19

Vattel’s definition has been accepted since the days the United States was still a motley collection of British Colonies. It has been accepted in no less that 3 Supreme Court Cases, has been accepted in testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives. It is by no means an original source; only recently dug out of dusty tomes in 2008. Indeed, this concept is enshrined in every Nation the world over. Every nation not only accepts, but has enshrined this concept: a person born to two parents who were citizens of that nation and born on its soil was a natural born citizen of that nation.

After his rousing 2004 speech at the Democrat National Convention, Barack Obama was considered a shoe-in for running for president in 2008, and indeed his campaign began that night in Boston. Yet his citizenship was a serious obstacle to his ambitions, and the ambitions of the liberal progressive movement which supported him.

So the efforts to obfuscate Obama’s citizenship issues began in earnest. The plan was deviously simple, make certain that people focused on his Hawaiian documents, and minimize the visibility of Minor V. Happersett and Citizenship to the public.

The State of Hawaii

The state of Hawaii’s role in this cannot be neglected for several reasons. Hawaii has a couple of legal Achilles heels of its own.

It was well known at the time, that any person could register the birth of a child in the state on a late form with only the signature of a witness (Hawaii Department of Health no longer uses this form). This means of obtaining Hawaiian documents was used frequently by immigrants who needed assistance from the state (such as welfare), and Hawaii needed the federal dollars registering those births brought to the state. Second, and perhaps most importantly, Federal laws with regard to Hawaii had been written to allow a baby receiving state documents to be declared a Citizen of the United States without being subject to the Jurisdiction of the United States:

Sec. 305. [8 U.S.C. 1405] Persons born in Hawaii:

A person born in Hawaii on or after August 12, 1898, and before April 30, 1900, is declared to be a citizen of the United States as of April 30, 1900. A person born in Hawaii on or after April 30, 1900, is a citizen of the United States at birth. A person who was a citizen of the Republic of Hawaii on August 12, 1898, is declared to be a citizen of the United States as of April 30, 1900.

Missing from this US Statute is the following which appears in the 14th Amendment:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

This disparity created a legal loophole which is specific to Hawaii: A child born in Hawaii, regardless of whether or not they were born in the state and subject to the Jurisdiction of the United States, automatically gained US Citizenship. This is the only state in the United States where this condition existed. This is why Hawaii is so vitally important to Obama, and could explain why it is important enough to forge birth documents for. It is why Obama’s birth is being alleged to have occurred there instead of somewhere like Washington State or elsewhere, and is so vitally important.

Obama, by being born in Hawaii, got automatic citizenship status in the United States without regard for whether the United States had jurisdiction over his citizenship. Otherwise, his citizenship would have legally followed his father’s, British, as Barack himself admitted on his “Fight the Smears” website during the ’08 campaign.

And it only took a witness signature to gain it. It is unknown how many children gained U.S. citizenship through this means. The real citizenship status of these individuals is similarly unknown, and now that it has been discovered that Barack Obama has put forth a forged Hawaiian Birth certificate, his own proof of birth in the state is subject to serious questions by law enforcement officials.

Months before the election of 2008 Barack Obama began deliberately directing public attention to his Hawaiian Records. The Obama campaign, before redirecting the site to “Attack Watch” maintained the “Fight the Smears” website which can still be found on archival websites. The Obama campaign posted the candidate’s “short Form” birth certificate with the following information from FactCheck.com:

“When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.’s children.

Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4, 1982.”

The campaign obviously wanted public attention directed at his birth documents in Hawaii.

The campaign itself created the entire birth certificate controversy, and acted to maintain and fan the flames of that controversy for several truly simple reasons. As long as the public was wondering about what being born under “the British Nationality Act of 1948” meant,  and the birth certificate “birther” controversy in general, they were not looking into laws which would have legally prevented the senator from assuming the role of candidate and then President. Legal cases such as Minor V. Happersett.

This case was, and still is, of tremendous import. Had it been found during the campaign it would have prevented his candidacy, certainly preventing him from taking the oath of office in Jan 2009.

So a campaign to hide Minor V. Happersett was undertaken at the same time.


Justia.com is a free legal internet research site with a specific, dedicated Supreme Court of the United States server containing nearly every Supreme Court case in American history. It is specifically marketed to law students, non-profit agencies, startup businesses, small businesses and private internet researchers. In short, those who cannot afford either a lawyer or the thousands of dollars a year required by subscription legal search engines such as LexisNexis and WestLaw. Justia leverages the Google Mini internal search engine, and through this, Google.com itself increasing its visibility on nearly any search of American law. Justia.com is owned by Obama supporter Tim Stanley, and began a systematic scrubbing of Minor V. Happersett  in the summer of 2008, erasing the name and specific text quoted from the case, along with specific citations to it out of dozens of Supreme Court cases which cited it over 138 years of American Supreme Court History. The controversy was dubbed “JustiaGate“.

The author of this article personally documented and published the scrubbing done by Justia, documented the failure of Tim Stanley’s explanation for the “errors”, and assisted in the research which connected Justia.com to Public.Resource.Org, where Stanley is on the board of directors. Public.Resource.org is the source of Supreme Court materials in data form Justia.com receives for publication. Public.Resource.org is owned and run by Carl Malamud, and funded in part by the Center for American Progress once run by John Podesta, and funded by George Soros. This is a direct connection to the Soros Foundation, a major source of political donations to Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

Justia erased “Minor v. Happersett” along with text quoted from the case out of its Supreme Court servers deliberately in an effort to minimize the ability of the public to find the case by searching for it, significantly reducing its apparent importance.

These two separate efforts, raising the profile of the Senator’s birth certificate in as controversial a manner as possible, while minimizing the legal role of Minor v. Happersett succeeded. Barack Obama was able to illegally win the election, and illegally take office. It was stolen right in front of the American public.

The house of cards is about to come tumbling down around Barack Obama’s ears as the momentum of evidence builds. Law enforcement has found his birth documents to be “highly suspect” as a forgery. His draft card has similarly been found by law enforcement as being “highly suspect” as a forgery. The smoke screen cover created by his birth certificate, hiding Minor v. Happersett in a shadow of false mockery, has been blown away. Leaving the Supreme Court case alone on the stage, glaringly exposing Barack Obama as an usurper, an unconstitutional President of the United States.

The American Press is deliberately hiding the evidence published on the internet about this defrauding of the American public and the deliberate evisceration of the Constitution of the United States. It is hiding Barack Obama’s Fraud as it has been revealed by a Sheriff in Arizona. The silence of the American press would be unbelievable if it weren’t so blatantly obvious.

It is nearly as egregious as the audacity of Obama’s fraud itself.”

Dianna Cotter is a Senior at American Military University, a 4.0 Student, the recipient of the Outstanding Student Essay of 2009, a member of Delta Epsilon Tau and Epsilon Pi Phi Academic Fraternities and on the Dean’s and President’s Lists for academic achievement. She has published at Examiner.com, in American Thinker, Accuracy in Media, and Family Security Matters.

Дмитрий Судаков


Comments on: "Pravda.ru: Media Silence on Obama Probe ‘Deafening’" (24)

  1. Pepp:
    And we are called “carnival barkers”. (he must have hada chuckle over that one) Its a shame everyone around the world can see it and recognize the Alinsky tactics, except lets just say the deniers.


    • Bull,

      Yes, they call us what they are, the real “carnival barkers”. The Deviant as the RingMaster or possibly Soros.
      It sure is a shame that the world sees this Fraud perpetrated on us. And they cannot understand why our media is silent. I guess they don’t know that our media is a long arm of the government, particularly when it is radical leftists taught by Alinsky.


  2. Doa: “The go to”?…doesn’t even follow. The “go to” in this country has got up an went, to parts unkown.


    • Bull,

      LOL! Notice DOA had to go. I guess for more drugs to go.


      • Pepp,
        Lmao. had to go. I still get a chuckle out of the left’s anti-conspiracy rants.Its cheap entertainment. Then listen to them about voter suppression or the right in general, its filled with conspiracies. Romney and his tax returns, what is he hiding? Never mind that they could not turn over one stone about Obama’s records and past – probably for fear of what they’d find. Yet Zero’s the one screaming what is Romney hiding? It defies logic.


        • Bull,

          All the radicals do is call us conspiracy theorists when in fact they are real. Of course they are not about to admit to them. They want us to believe we are the “crazy ones”.

          Romney’s tax returns are nothing more than a diversion from the Fraud’s failures as POTUS. He shouldn’t even be in that position. The evidence of his fraud is becoming more undeniable and the media, all of them, cover it up. Not even Fox will touch this. It’s incompressible unless they, Fox, have been threatened, which is very possible.

          You are so right about the Fraud crying foul about Romney not releasing his records when no one the Fraud’s records are available and never will be with his executive order on it. Even a FOIA can’t get them. Maybe after he’s gone they will be available but then it’s far too late.

          it sure does defy logic.


          • Pepp,

            Its a shame, then they quote Bill Kristol or someone to show people are asking for them. That is disgusting. I don’t hear Krisotol calling for Obama’s records. He didn’t seem to care about the BC. The odd thing is the left take the cake for whacko conspiracies. Just remember the Bush syndrome. When it comes to the truth they hide in the corner. Frank Lutz noted at a focus group that Zero’s supporters will tune out or turn off anything negative about Obama. (he didn’t even have to train them) Funny how that works.


            • Bull,

              It’s a damn shame all right. Bill Kristol is getting on my last nerve. All he is interested in is keeping the huge military complex going and more wars.

              The left has so many wacko conspiracies that they have the gall to accuse us of them. It’s totally psycho.

              That is very disheartening to hear about the Frank Luntz panel and people not believing anything negative about the Deviant. Do these fools have any thinking capabilities at all? Don’t they see what he has done to us? Once again it’s incomprehensible.


          • Pepp: It sounds like some people just don’t want to know. I guess they want to be Obama zombies. Btw: when Kristol advocated gun control I wish I could have tasered him.


          • Bull,

            I don’t think a lot of people want to face what is really happening here. And we have those Obama zombies you mentioned. They are incurable. Oh, I would have joined you in tasering Kristol! What a dolt he is.


  3. Just Gene said:

    I know I’m a dumb old cowboy from Arizona, so I need you to explain – When has THE CONSTITUTION ever meant anything to our DICKtater?


    • Gene,

      Unfortunately you are right. The Dicktator cares nothing for America, our people, or the Constitution. His goal is to destroy all of it.


  4. In the best tic that I can muster ….

    But Pepp, he’s black.


    • Mrs. Al,

      Sadly, I think you hit the nail on the head. How could Congress possibly think of impeaching the “first black president”? That may very well be the rub.


  5. Sad state of affairs when Pravda is a more credible source than ANY US media. They need to be disposed of like the rubbish they have become.


    • clyde,

      The whole world knows we have a fraud in office. That says a lot about our media here.
      I agree, the all of the media needs to be disposed of and hopefully soon. They are all covering for him. But why is Fox? That one I don’t get.


  6. Gar Swaffar said:

    Lies by the Left are so ingrained, they no longer recognize the truth.


    • Gar,

      I think you are right. These radicals are not going to want truth. Like my article on Rules for Radicals these people want their goal, a revolution, to be done, no matter the consequences. All lies, and kind of illegal or immoral activity is acceptable as long as it meets their end, which is overthrowing our Republic,.


  7. Good stuff, Pepp
    I believe most Obama supporters to be delusional. They express their belief in him and his policies even though there is ample evidence to show that he is not what they believe him to be – they just filter it out and refuse to even consider it. Even in the face of irrefutable evidence (his record) some still say that he is better suited to “fix” the economy than Romney, what dummies! They have a vested interest in maintaining their position – because to do otherwise would admit that they’ve been wrong. Even after his skeletons finally tumble out of the closet, they will find some excuse to excuse him – somehow it’ll be: A) Racism or B) Boosh’s fault.
    I really do believe that someday all of his pack-o-lies (birth certificate, draft records, social security number(s), school records, passport, etc.) will be exposed and these who now pooh-pooh our call for investigations will have to deal with it internally. They’ll never admit their errors to us, but deep down inside they’ll know that they were wrong – I hope it eats them up inside.


    • Garnet,

      Thanks. I too believe that a lot of these supporters of the Deviant one are delusional too. They outright ignore his record as you so well stated. It is almost incomprehensible to me to understand these people’s thinking. But then again they may not have any thinking skills.

      Then there are the Alinsky trained radicals who will do anything to keep him in office. They must overthrow our Republic.

      I so hope you are right, that some day all of this will come out in the open for all to see the massive fraud perpetrated on Americans. I bet a lot of these useful idiots will still be in denial of the facts. But, like you I hope it eats them up inside too. We all have to suffer due to these idiots who should not even be voting since they don’t know a damn thing.


  8. Good post Pepp. I’m with Mrs. AL. Everyone is so damn afraid of race riots (well…not me) that there is no way in hell they would impeach the first black president. It is a very sad day when Obamastalin is allowed to get away with destroying our Republic and no one wants to stop him just because he is black. I have no problem with a black president, but I sure in the hell wish it had been Col. West! Col. West loves our country and from what I can tell doesn’t have a deep hatred for white folks…


    • Dave,

      Yeah, I don’t understand being afraid of race riots. It’s not like we’ve never had them before. The governors just call out the National Guard, the police are out in huge numbers patrolling and a curfew is set into place. So what’s the big deal is what I wonder? My ex was out on several race riots.

      I think it’s a damn excuse they use to NOT do anything about this fraud.

      I agree I too wish Allen West was our president. You wouldn’t see him breaking his oath to the Constitution.


  9. Race riots? What race riots? He’s as white as he is black. Sheesh. They should be much more afraid of another kind of riot-anti NIC riots. Ask Pepp what NIC is!


    • Lucie,
      Good point. The Spawn is half white. I always wonder why he is considered a full black man. Probably to serve the commies purpose to keep spouting off racism or racist when someone criticizes his policies.
      HuH? NIC? It’s not ringing any bells.
      btw, Lucie, it is storming here to beat the band. Our electric is off and on. I think I’m going to shut down since our Internet satellite keeps losing its’ whateveryoucallit. And, the lightning is horrific. Both dogs are in a panic causing the biggest uproar you could imagine.
      Our ears are breaking and Dakota keeps digging a hole to China. So much fun here.
      OMG, we just had a thunder clap that shook the house. I better shut down for awhile. Luv ya,


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