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If you think this is old news you may be surprised by these videos.  You also may wonder why, that out of all the CPAC speeches,  I do not believe these were shown on any media outlet including Fox.  Fox however was the only media outlet who did report on the ACORN fraud usually done by  Eric Shawn who  still reports on election fraud.

Anita Moncrief  is a very brave young woman who came forward and tried to get her message out.  Her story is rather riveting and contains in these two videos information and confirmation of the ACORN fraud.  Her statements go even further than ACORN. 

I believe it is a must see video if you have not seen them already.  And she is a young black woman making this even more of a good story.

Anita Moncrief was a died in the wool liberal, but she now puts her efforts into exposing fraud.  She deserves a lot of kudos for this.  Her website is full of information.  I am going to put it on my blogroll.

Her new website is at this linkhttp://emergingcorruption.com/2012/07/duplicitous-john-roberts-is-the-gift-of-george-w-bush-that-lasts-for-a-lifetime/

And a tip of the hat to Willibeaux for finding these videos.  Thanks Willibeaux.  Way to go!  HooRah!!  As he always says.  🙂


Comments on: "Acorn Whistle Blower Anita Moncrief" (11)

  1. willibeaux said:

    Great idea Mrs. Pepper’awk. I hope this motivates enough Patriotic Americans who are physically able to be part of the Tea Parties poll watcher effort.

    I did a little research and found Part 3 of Anita’s video presentation. Your efforts to present this type of info is one of our best weapons. Keep ‘er going.

    Gos’awk! By all means keep this gem leading the charge. The SPOOK is proud of her.

    Here is the link:

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Willibeaux,

      Well aren’t you the sweetheart? Thanks for the compliment.
      And thanks to YOU for finding them and sending them to me. That really helps out because I am overwhelmed with all that is going on here and then researching so much it takes up so much of my time. I end up being on this computer hours upon hours. The Hawk wonders where I am. 🙂

      Oh, and thanks for Part III. I’m going to be very interested to hear the rest of this.

      So glad the SPOOK is proud of me. 😀


      • Boe Simpson said:

        Mrs. Pepper’awk! My son gave Lorraine an iPad. This is for practice. I bought her a wireless keypad. I hope you get beaucoup comments for your efforts to expose ACORN’s voter fraud.

        ‘ooRah 😉


        • Willibeaux,

          Well congrats on getting an iPad. I would love to have one myself. But that is certainly something we cannot afford right now. Maybe in the future.

          I hope too that people are watching these videos.

          HooRah! 🙂


  2. Just Gene said:

    If you don’t believe in life after death, checkthe Chicago voter list.


    • Gene,

      Oh, I’m sure Chitcago has plenty of dead people and illegals voting. They won’t check their voter roles like Florida and now other states since Florida won their case to have access to the Homeland InSecurity Dept.s database. Holder said they couldn’t have access but a federal judge ruled in Florida’s favor to be given the needed database access. Holder still managed to make a statement that what FLA is doing is “voter suppression”. Hypocrite!


  3. A brave soul indeed. Hope she survives long enough to see the corrupt bastards frog marched in orange jumpsuits. Also hope she realizes she has painted a HUGE bullseye on her back.


    • clyde,

      Yeah, she sure is a brave soul and I did have the same thoughts as you. I’m sure she does have a target on her back now. She’ll probably drop dead like Breitbart and nobody knew why. Then the ME that did the autopsy dropped dead about 3 weeks later. The whole thing was one big suspicious series of events. I don’t even think this Occupier is worried about anyone knowing that they will shut you up. They are so bold faced in their lies.


  4. I was just going to say I bet she’s gets plenty of threats. They hate it when someone goes off the ranch. They must have a dart board with her picture on it. She deserves a prize for bravery. Seems like no one else is willing to do it.


    • Bull,

      Sure is true. Anita stepped off and out of the plantation. That’s a criminal offense to the socialists. And being a black woman besides. She did say she gets offensive emails. Poor woman. She seems very strong though. I just hope nobody takes her out.


  5. This was precisely the answers I’d been searching for. Amazing blog. Incredibly inspirational! Your posts are so helpful and detailed. The links you feature are also very useful too. Thanks a lot 🙂


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