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If It Were Bush? Obama Goofs and Says Fainting Audience Needs ‘Paralegals’

By Tim Graham | July 15, 2012 | 14:22

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Joe Newby at Examiner. com

“Joe noted that the media that loves gaffes that make Republican look dumb somehow goes missing in action when Obama goofs. At a speech in Roanoke on Friday night, as more than 20 people fainted or struggled in the heat, Obama blurted out “the paralegals” would be coming to help.

Newby wrote, “A Google search at the time of this writing found that the gaffe has gone unreported by the so-called ‘mainstream media.'”, My own “all news” Nexis search confirms Obama wasn’t tagged for this remark:

OBAMA: Now, before I finish, can I say, by the way, that some of you have been standing for a while and I see a couple folks slumping down a little bit. Make sure you’re drinking water. Bend your knees. Don’t stand up too straight. The paralegals will be — the paralegals? (Laughter.) You don’t need lawyers. (Laughter.) The paramedics will be coming by, so just give folks a little bit of room, they’ll be fine.

(Take note of the fake folksy tone he takes while telling the people what they need to do, utterly laughable as if he cared if someone died of the heat during one of his speeches.  He would consider that patriotic to give up one’s life for him, the Narcissist in Chief.)

Perhaps if ObamaCare would be fully implemented, you might need paralegals before you get health care. CBS noticed it, but didn’t go beyond a tweet.

“Catching his mistake,” CBS Radio reporter Mark Knoller tweeted, Obama corrected himself and told the crowd, “you don’t need lawyers.”

…”Obama, meaning to say paramedics are available if anyone feels weak, says “paralegals” are around. Crowd laughs along with him,” tweeted Roanoke Times Live.

The folks at Twitchy have now been picked up on an MSN aggregator, but as usual, Obama’s errors are always seen as far too tiny (or don’t fit the smart-liberal narrative).”

Ha, ha, the Dictator has lawyers on his mind all the time.  I believe the extra cost of transporting 2000 lawyers everywhere he goes must be monumental.

The irony in his gaffe is that the common person does need lawyers since he took office.   We all need lawyers dealing with his extremely corrupt administration.  You don’t have to do much to find yourself in legal trouble with the Regulator in Chief.  Just ask your local business people. 

Or ask the people trying to stay on their property instead of being kicked off it by the long arm of the EPA.  They all need lawyers.  It has to be lawyers best (almost 4 years ) of the Deviant who can’t let people run their own lives or businesses without him sticking his nose into our business, at home and at work.

Oh yeah, and even the lawyers can’t read his doctrines.  Doctrinaire Deviant makes sure no one can read one of his executive orders or the Obamacare bill so everyone gets into trouble with the feds.

So hey who doesn’t need a lawyer??  Say what??


Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2012/07/15/if-it-were-bush-obama-goofs-and-says-fainting-audience-needs-paralegals#ixzz20kOR6zfe


Comments on: "Obama Copy Cats Gaffe Master Biden" (13)

  1. We just never know what he will be saying next. That guy obama is such an idiot of a pResident. I remember some of the ignorant things he said when he was pushing his obamacare. So sad that we have a “leader” of our country who is so damn ignorant.


    • Donna,

      Yep, he’s an idiot but a sly one. Without his gaffe proof teleprompter he can hardly speak right.
      What is really sad, Donna, are the idiots who voted for him and the ones who will vote for him again.
      Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. All the ignorant people in our country who won’t take the time to find out what this guy is up to is our bane to bear. Because of them the rest of us have to suffer this despicable bore.


  2. Are you kidding? He’s brought things to such a state that the layers need lawyers. He’s gotta go.


  3. Lawyers need lawyers. I CAN spell, really. He just gets me so upset, my fingers want to type other words about the kenyan.


    • Lucie,

      I think we all can see what you meant despite the typo. Yes, the Kenyan has got so many people into a wreck it is a wonder anyone has much of their mind left. There are about 75% o the country on anti-depressants due to him. A regular wrecking machine he is.
      HE HAS GOT TO GO!!!


  4. He did NOT make a mistake. With the upcoming clusterf!#k that promises to be Obamacare,you WILL need paralegals,if not someone like F.Lee Bailey,or Robert Shapiro,or some other such clown.


    • clyde,

      I think you are right. It was NOT a mistake. He’s got suits coming at him right and left. He knows damn well the people are all going to need those lawyers in the near future. What a clusterf**k is right. From what I saw on Huckabee this last Saturday the doctors are going to just be run out of business. I don’t know who in the bloody hell is gong to be practicing medicine with the rules, regulations, heavy duty fines this Obamacare is going to place on doctors.


  5. Just Gene said:

    Do you know the similarities between a sperm cell and a lawyer? They both have one chance in a million of ever being human.


  6. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk and da ‘awk. I can’t stand to listen to him let alone watch him. He is worse than lying Willi ever was.

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Hi Willibeaux. Glad to see ya!
      I know exactly what you mean. We turn the sound off or change channels when the Deviant speaks. What we usually see our clips on one of the nightly Fox shows. Hannity is trying to do a good job of exposing the Occupant’s flaws, failures, lies, etc. Of course he’s probably only preaching to the choir as most of the information is ignored by the commies.


  7. Pepp: That was the funniest and probably most truthful thing I’ve heard Obama say. And he said it just when he was trying to demonstrate people’s reactions to his speeches. If that did not tell him not to ever venture off the Tele-teleprompter, nothing would. Is there a paralegal in the house?


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