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UN Small Arms Treaty

Gun Owners of America

Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) needs your help.

As GOA reported before the holiday break, the United Nations has begun discussions over finalizing language in the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) — talks that are expected to last all month.

Senator Moran has prepared a letter, which GOA has in its possession, demanding that the Obama Administration oppose any treaty that would sacrifice Americans’ gun rights — even if it means “breaking consensus” at the July conference.

“We are concerned that the Arms Trade Treaty poses dangers to rights protected under the Second Amendment,” Senator Moran says in his letter.

You have to ratify the ATT to see what’s in it

Despite the risks to our liberties, there is much double-speak taking place at the UN. The talks in New York are reminiscent of the process that Americans saw with the passage of ObamaCare. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s famous quip: “You have to pass the [health care] bill so you can see what is in it”?

In similar fashion, the gun control details in the ATT will “not be publicly available” until the treaty has been agreed to by all the member nations.

It makes you wonder if Pelosi is being paid as a consultant at these meetings.

Make no mistake about it; UN officials are using secrecy to their advantage, claiming the treaty will not infringe upon the rights of individual gun owners. They claim the treaty only deals with international transfers of firearms.

But Moran counters that the treaty will expand federal gun controls and lead to the registration of firearms.

The Arms Trade Treaty WILL restrict your gun rights

The Moran letter quotes a draft of the treaty, noting that it requires nations to “monitor and control” arms in transit and to prohibit the unauthorized “transfer of arms from any location” — a requirement, he says, that implies a huge “expansion of federal firearms controls that would be unacceptable on Second Amendment grounds.”

And the draft version of the treaty calls for the creation of a “U.N.-based firearms registry for all firearms that are either imported into or transit across national territory.” Can you imagine any greater infringement of your privacy … giving UN bureaucrats the “right” to collect information on you as a gun owner?

Some 130 Representatives sent their own letter to the President on Monday reminding him that the Second Amendment guarantees the “fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms” and declaring that the U.S. has no business supporting a treaty that infringes on the Bill of Rights.

The House letter is a good first step, but getting a similar one sent from the Senate is even more important. After all, IT’S THE SENATE — and not the House — which must ratify the ATT.

Since the treaty will be finalized later this month, it is very important for Senator Moran to get at least 34 Senators on his letter — meaning he would have enough votes to prevent the treaty’s ratification.

ACTION: Please click here to send a message urging your Senators to sign on to the Moran letter right away. Senator Moran’s office says that Senators have been very slow to respond to his request for more signatories. But he needs these signatures right away!


Please sign the petition. It cost nothing to sign. The text of the letter is already written out for you.  All you have to do is sign.


For every dictator to succeed, that dictator needs to disarm his people to complete the destruction of the system under which we live. If we can’t hold onto our weapons, the radical Obama wins. 



Comments on: "UN Small Arms Treaty" (9)

  1. ANYTHING that has the U-frigging-N seal on it needs to go down in flames. Since WHEN has the damnable U-frigging-N been interested in ANYTHING that promotes OUR interests? To hell with them,and any asshat who supports it.


    • clyde,
      The azzhat who supports this is the Liar in Chief as well as Hillary Clinton who will sign it in late July. The problem we have next is will he submit this to the Senate for ratification. I doubt it. He’ll use an EO for us to obey this UN Arms Treaty.

      The Liar in Chief is on his last leg of the total destruction of us, ie, disarming us. I believe from what I’m reading around the internet at different sites that alone will start the shooting war. People are up in arms, exscuse the pun, over this one.


  2. Just Gene said:

    It’s time to go back to the good old days – GET THE US OUT OF THE UN AND THE UN OUT OF THE US


    • goshawk3 said:

      clyde, Gene Right on!


    • Gene,

      I heard on the news today that Hillary Clinton will sign this treaty on July25 or July 27.
      From there I imagine the Deviant will not bring it before the Senate as it is supposed to be done. He already stated that he will take his orders from the UN.


  3. They have to pass it so we can see what’s in it.
    As a way of making a judgement call without adequate information, since Media Matters is endorsing it, it’s probably a bad thing.


    • It is bad drrik and the Liar in Chief is going to go around Congress on this one. That probably means no Senate ratification. In the meantime we need to contact our senators.


  4. Pepp; What gets me is the 2nd amendment says “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It takes no interpretation to think just making a treaty or handing off authority violates it. Never mind exactly what the law is. Just making it is an infringement.


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