Wicked Commentary

Obama Blues


For your entertainment for all of you who feel frazzled.


Comments on: "Obama Blues" (4)

  1. This asshole’s voice is WORSE than fingernails on a blackboard. Oh,shit,wait,I can’t say blackboard,now I’ll be called… wait for it…a RACIST.


    • clyde,

      LMAO! Now you’ve gone and done it. You cannot use the word “black” about anything. Even if you’re wearing a black shirt. You must say it’s white.

      You’re too funny. Yeah, now I’ve got a racist on my blog. ;-D


  2. Thanks pepp for trying to unfrazzle me…..I cannot bear to see his face or hear his voice. I have gone into my Scarlet O’Hara mode……


  3. Pepp, Great video. Yea I got them Obama Blues.


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