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On July 4th night, the Hawk and I watched Fox TV at 9pm for a special Frank Luntz panel.  He does these panel groups every so often on the Hannity program.  We are under a drought warning and no fires are allowed and there were no fireworks either. So what we usually do, watch the fireworks was not available.  We decided to watch the Frank Luntz panel fireworks instead.

This panel consisted largely of people who had voted for Obama in 2008.

This time, Allen West appeared first and gave a little speech while the listeners used their dials to show whether they like or dislike what they are hearing.

When Allen West talked about individual responsibility, working hard to get to the place you want, meaning in most cases, how much money you make,  the democrats in the crowd did not particularly like that message. I believe their dials were coming in at a rating of about 41.  The conservatives however rated his speech highly.

And one young man, probably in his late 20s attacked West for naming the card carrying communists who exist in Congress. He told West he thought that was “over the top” to speak about his fellow congress critters like that.   Allen West said he lives and works to speak the truth about what exists.  He was non-apologetic about it which I was glad.  I thought instead of this man complaining about West telling the truth, he should have been upset that we have all these communists in the congress for bloody sake.

Next Issa came out to talk about his oversight committee and that particular job and what it means.  He went over pretty well with both groups. The panel’s biggest suggestion to Daryl Issa was “convict” and “indict” people, hold them to accountability.

After that, a group of freshmen congress people came onto the show.  I believe there were either 8 or 10 of them to talk about how they found working in Congress and what were their frustrations.  They all spoke about trying to get something done and being blocked.

The panel seemed the most upset by the congress critters.

What struck me was what these people did not know.

The panel of congress people talked about all the bi-partisan bills they have passed in Congress only to never come up on the Senate floor.

None of these people on the panel with their little dialer had any idea that the Senate was blocking every bill sent up from Congress.

This really aggravated me for some reason.  I thought to myself who is responsible for this lack of ignorance.

Do we blame Congress, the Republicans in particular?  They share some blame here because they do not get this type of message out as much as they should.  They should be at the microphones constantly telling the American people that they can’t get anything passed in the Senate where one man, dingy harry reid, obstructs everything.

The media of course has a big part in this ignorance also since they carry the Dictator’s water and never report what is “actually happening” in the Senate. You won’t see any kind of reporting about dingy harry and his obstructionism.  However, all you do hear from talking heads is that Congress is a “do nothing place”.  I have yet to hear the Senate being blamed for anything other than not producing a budget for years.

Then, I decided I had to blame this panel of people too.  All of this information about what goes on in Congress and the Senate is available.  It’s easy to find on the Internet if they do not listen to any news other than the lame stream media.

We Americans need to take responsibility for keeping ourselves as informed as we can and have the truth about what is going on and not just listen to people from the media who do nothing but biased reporting.  This particular panel showed me just how uninformed these people were.  Very sad indeed.

It reminded me how uninformed some conservatives were informed about Obama and gun control.  He had introduced a bill while he was in the Illinois Senate to ban guns completely in the entire state of Illinois.  He also introduced a bill to make infanticide legal.  I recall thinking that those two bills alone were enough for me to NOT want to vote for him.

Footnote:  If anyone wonders why I always write harry reid’s name is small letters I started doing that when he accused our troops of crimes in the Iraq war.  I figured he did not deserve my respect after that.


Comments on: "Frank Luntz Panel on July 4th by Peppermint" (20)

  1. Pep, I watched the same Luntz focus group program and came away with pretty much the same feelings as you did. I do remember the large young men in a white shirt who asked Allen West about naming the members of congress who are also communists. I was (as usual) impressed with Allen West – too many republicans as too squishy to ever publically accuse 70 members of congress as being communists (actually they are members of DSA (Democratic Socialists of America).

    Our own Texas shame is represented. Eddie Bernice Johnson and Shelia Jackson-Lee are both members. Both are two of the WORST “representatives” in congress (not-so-coincidentally, they are also both members of the CBC). They are both in “safe” districts and likely will continue to be thorns in the side of Lady Liberty for years.

    I also agree that anyone who isn’t aware of the abysmal record of our senate isn’t paying attention. The House has actually passed legislation, budgets, etc. (in other words, doing their job) while reid has sat on his wrinkled bum and done less than nothing. The senate is where our displeasure should be directed.

    It disturbs me that even when a republican-majority House is actually trying to accomplish progress for the U.S., dingy harry uses all of his parliamentary bag of tricks to prevent any activity. The senate is guilty of malfeasance for actively refusing to do their Constitutional duty. Too many of the republican members are complicit in reid’s subversion especially Wimpy McConnell and only slightly better than reid. We do have a few good Senators (capitalized for them only) like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, but we need several more in the 2012 election.

    In addition to dumping Obama, we must also retake the Senate in order to make ANY progress.


    • goshawk3 said:

      You’re right, as it stands now we have a ‘one man Senate!’ Dingy harry IS the Senate. If we don’t take control of the Senate we’ll have a hard time getting anything done.


    • Hi Garnet,

      Well great minds think alike eh? I found that young man an annoyance. I like West and it’s refreshing to hear a congress critter speak truth.

      Yep, we need to take the senate if we’re ever going to get anything past dingy harry. I just wish more repubs would speak about that particular truth.

      I agree, the media is no longer an unbiased, journalistic one. It’s all biased and I guess I would take a new turn on Reagan’s motto, “trust but verify” and I’d call it “don’t trust and verify”.

      The media cannot be trusted.


  2. Hannity makes me want set my hair on fire most times. I lay the blame SQUARELY on MEDIA’S shoulders. THEY are the ONLY means of disseminating what are supposed to be FACTS to the masses. We see how well THAT has worked. Time to go scorched earth on this damnable bunch,top to bottom.


  3. Donna Ashley said:

    So accurate…..agree completely.


    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for coming by. I’m glad you agree. Sometimes we need a confirmation check on what we’ve seen and heard. Looks like others got the same pitch as I did with that group last night. I just wish the American people would learn they have to educate themselves on these issues because we’re being lied to over and over.


  4. I have some other names for ol’ dingy h.r. but they aren’t fit to post here. Sometimes when I watch Luntz’s focus groups I have hope, other times not so much….


    • FOH: I know what you mean. The dial-testing I’d prefer is “do you believe Obama and his regime is lying to you?”


      • Yeah I would like to hear the answers to some real straight forward questions like that one or maybe something like, “Do you expect the rich folks (people who went out and found their own success) to just sit back and watch everything they have worked for be taken from them”?


  5. Pepp:

    Didn’t see that particular one, though it is disturbing that people don’t know. I heard a report somewhere that large numbers don’t know what the ObamaCure decision was. I found that disturbing too. Don’t they care? You know if there was one bill of Dems being held up they would be screaming even if they didn’t know what it was about. Everyone would have to know if they were breathing. We still hear about Obama Jobs Act (stimulus bill) I’m sick of the libs claiming victim status all the time. Its BS. But I’m disturbed people don’t know more about what the Marxists are up to. Its not exactly top secret. Its not a good reflection going into a critical election. And every day Obama’s lies get deeper.


    • goshawk3 said:

      Bull,.. You’re right. In fact far to many people don’t even know what Marxism is, let alone what these Traitors are up to.

      I’m full of doubts about this coming election considering the massive fraud that is out there. And that ‘Injustice’ Holder is telling States they can’t purge the voter list or require voter ID. I just hope the States stand up to this lawless S.O.B. and refuse to follow his demands!


  6. Hawk, I did see some repeat clips. It’s worse than I thought. When seeing people talk it brings out some real doubts. Lies are breeding more lies. Seems Holder is pushing yet another Constiution crisis. They are good at that.


    • goshawk3 said:

      Bull, I just got through Googling for more info about voter fraud. There is tons of info about this. It appears that Florida has some 53,000 illegals and dead people voting. And Holder is trying to force them to ‘let it stand!’



      • Hawk, That is interesting. So audios fair elections. Well, their cover is finally blown. Yet the talk from the left (I highlighted somewhere) is how the right is preparing to steal the election, aka like Y2K. Yea it makes sense. Once downloaded it leaves no traceable record. That is just cuter than a bear fart. Pardon the French. Maybe they don’t believe they’ll have to recount the votes until they get the desired results? They want to save time and money, haha. More “fairness” from on high. Looks like the gang from Chicago is going to do the election the Chicago way. So why don’t they have the UN count the votes and solve all the problems. 🙂


  7. Pepp: That panel, after seeing it, got me fired up. I should count the number of times they said polarized. Then there was plenty of talk of “bipartisan”, working together. Only when they connive together, we usually get screwed. Bipartisan amnesty for one, or they agree to spend loads of money buying votes. Yea, those great bonding moments in history. And then Bob Andrews(NJ) talking about working together and tough decisions? But it seemed people fell for his empty rhetoric. But all that lecturing about getting along made me nauseous. I agree with Garnet; so we should label the Senate the people’s enemy right now. (aside from a few of a hundred Senators)


  8. Bull,

    I was fired up too and demoralized by it. Bipartisan only means to the radicals on the left that conservatives “agree” with everything they want. There is no meeting of the minds here between the two sides. One is trying to destroy our Republic, the other is trying with little success to hold onto our Republic.

    That Bob Andrews gave me a PIA. He said “taxes should be raised” of course. Who in their right mind would raise taxes under a depression? I’ve decided we’re not in a recession, but a depression that keeps getting worse all the while the Liar in Chief is out on the stump lying his ass over the economy.

    I think the Senate for the most part is an enemy right now except for a handful maybe. Rand Paul is fighting for our rights, but he has little support.

    It’s a one man Senate anyway, dingy harry never allows a bill to even come up for a vote.
    I’d like to know how one man has so much power. And why have the other 99 senators there at all?


    • Pepp, Its a waste and insult to the people who elected Rand Paul and the others. Part of their term has now been spent ‘sitting on the bench’.


      • Bull,

        It sure is an insult to patriots like Rand Paul. I figure he’s got a very lonely job in the senate. Mike Lee and Jim DeMint sometimes stand with him. The other rhinos I guess are a bunch of wastrels. Also I wonder why the much touted Rubio does not stand with Rand.


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