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I see these polls come rolling off the news sheets every day and night.  They usually all read the same way.  The majority of people do NOT approve of the way the Dictator is handling the economy and jobs.  In most of the categories he fails.

But, then the illustrious media anchor rolls out the most important poll, Obama’s likeability.  In this poll, he maintains his “likeability”.   HUH?  And his likeability falls in the above 50 % range.  No media outlet will allow us to forget that particular virtue of the Liar in Chief, his “LIKEABILITY” factor.  Is that something like the O’Reilly Factor, the NO Spin Zone that is actually a SPIN ZONE?  Anybody?

He is destroying our country, taking our resources away from us, bankrupting us, lies and lectures constantly.  He’s an arrogant neurotic, narcissistic, dangerous, sick nincompoop.  And I hate that finger being pointed in our faces every day for the last 3.8 months.

He may very well use drones to kill us for saying we don’t like him. On Tuesdays he goes over his enemies list and decides who should die.  I would say that Wednesdays are probably not good days for terrorists.  Or us since we are on the terrorist list. All patriots are on that list mind you.

He has the EPA down everyone’s back, our businesses, all the energy companies, wielding their big fat club and fining or shutting down plants, like coal plants particularly.  The EPA is  suing people who buy land that they deem to be wetlands.

And then there is always that evil side kick of his, Holder, always ready and willing to sue the next state for whatever he deems as “suppressing certain voters”.  Uh, now watch it folks.  Don’t say anything. It could be racist.

Ah, the wondrous TSA grope and porn, can’t count that one out. It’s still going stronger than ever. Of course no terrorists have ever been caught because it’s only Americans that get groped and subject to their porn screens. And didn’t the Terrorist in Chief tell us the War on Terror is over?  So why do we still have the TSA?  For workplace killings?  I can actually see that one developing at airports all over this country.

Don’t ya’ll know we are all a bunch of bible thumping, gun toting, racists?  If you don’t know by now you must be completely oblivious to the world around you.

So, I sat down to write what there is to like about Barack Hussein Obama, alias, Barry Soetoro, alias Harry Bounel alias a UFO, no father, mother maybe maybe not……………………..


””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’Y  A  W  N””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’

 I am getting so sleepy……………………………………………………………………..

……………………………………………………………………………..n o w  I am  s t a r t i n g to  f l a t l i n e_________________________________________

____________________________g o o d b y e ___________________e v e r  y____________o n e_____________________________

________________I just ______________________turned____________99 and my h e a rt  j u s t



anymore______________________goodbye  friends_______________I

n e v er ________________came up__________________with any    

__________________________to like_______________________


b e e p    b e e p  b e ep  b e e p  b e e p   b e ep ____________________GONE!


Comments on: "Likeability by Peppermint" (42)

  1. Pepp YEA! great post. Excellent! Who new “likeability” was a virtue? Thanks Obummer for another historic first. I didn’t even know if likeability was a real word. (might as well be urban slang) I had to check. But now I know from the polls and pols that it is. Thanks pols and polls. Another word you have ruined on the heap of liberal words and definitions. I love the flat lining part. I bet he drives the teleprompter crazy with his likeability. 🙂


    • Hi Bull,

      Sorry for the late comment. The heat is playing havoc on both the Hawk and me. I’ve been down in bed for the last 2 days.

      Thanks. Yeah, who would ever have thought “likeability” is “the” reason to vote for this nincompoop. The media will do anything and everything in an attempt to give people a “reason” to vote for this jerk.

      LOL! Bull, I bet that teleprompter flat lines a lot.


  2. Coup atttempt by November or will he just depend on stuffing the ballots?


    • drrik,

      He could do either. Even after the election if he doesn’t win he could pull the dictatorship over on us. I don’t trust that this guy will lose well. If he does lose that is. I think the ballot stuffing and the 20 million registered voters who are either dead or illegal, being upheld by Holder is probably enough to get him over the finish line.


  3. Likeability??????????? Oh for crying out loud. The alphabets continue to shine that turd. It’s despicable.


  4. goshawk3 said:

    Likeability? What the hell does that supposed to mean? The ability to be likeable? Well, if Ovomit has the ‘ability’ he must keep it hidden (like the rest of his past) because there’s not a single thing, NOTHING that is “likeable” about this Traitor!

    Another thing the polls push constantly is that the majority of ‘all’ women like and approve of Ovomit! It boggles the mind to think that any true Patriotic American Woman could like this American hating, Muslim loving, Communist piece of dog crap!


    • Hawk –LOL
      Great, i guess they made us the “unlikeables”, disagreeables or something. Come to think of it, Hitler probably invaded Poland on just that kind of “overwhelming likeability”.


      • goshawk3 said:

        Bull, good point about Hitler. I guess he was “likeable” by the majority. Even when he was in the process of Destroying Germany and annihilating millions upon millions of Jews!


      • LOL! Bull. The Hitler thing is hilarious.


  5. pepp, I admire your attempt at humor, my funny bone is broke this morning and I just want my country to feel like ‘home’ again….


  6. The ONLY reason this is reported is because the MEDIA wants the bastard perceived as well liked. And,the sheeple will nod in agreement with whatever the alphabet networks tell them.


    • Clyde, Amen… and they have nothing left to convince us with. (we ain’t buying what they’re selling)


      • goshawk3 said:

        Bull, Clyde, Lets just hope that enough American’s can see the MSM for what it is. A propaganda platform for the Left!


        • It would be nice to see a LOT more people view the lapdogs as we do. Unfortunately,the morons STILL think this gov’t is WONDERFUL. Guess it is,IF you are the one getting EVERYTHING at the expense of OTHERS.


        • Hawk Clyde: A platform for hell by hell. They make Benedict Arnold look like a choir boy. Never have we seen such hogwash. Right, Clyde, why don’t more people see it for what it is? I almost prefer they just be complacent, neglegent or something, but to have the overt agenda they do…it is traitorous. “How about the Kardashians?”


          • goshawk3 said:

            Bull, you’ve got that right. These traitors make Benedict Arnold look like a patriot!

            Er..Who, or what is Kardashians??


          • Hawk, all those clebs they cover in detail, whose wearing who and whose doing who, and isn’t everyone just dying to know?


      • I forgot or talking about Obamas basketball bracket picks. Important stuff like that. 🙂


    • clyde,



  7. Just Gene said:

    Pepp an the rest,
    I,m so sick of this hack that I’m now hacktose intolerant.


  8. Good one, Pepp! I can absolutely think of not one thing to like about obuma!!! Nor the mooch…


  9. Great post, Pepp. Egads so much to say but will restrict my comments to this — the likeability rating in the case of the Resident probably has racial undertones. People don’t want to be perceived as not liking the Resident so they won’t be labeled a racist.


    • goshawk3 said:

      Mrs. Al — There is no “probably” about it. Everything about Ovomit, his administration and the Progressives uses racial undertones (and overtones.) We all know that the Democrats (which are Democrat in name only) have always used Racism as a weapon to control the people. They have always known about the “good citizen’s” weakness of not wanting to appear racist so they use that weakness against them. That is one of the biggest reasons Ovomit got elected!

      Lets hope that enough folks have learned from this.


      • Mrs Al, exactly. But whenever they talk about the right they say,’no denying that “element of racism in the Republican Party.”‘ How about proof? Never mention black pride in a negative context though.


        • Bull,

          I’d like to see the proof of this racism too. But, the left just throws out anything and it ends up sticking to like minded people.


    • Mrs. Al,

      That is absolutely right. Who would say to a pollster they don’t like him because they are fearful of him? Those who say they like him are afraid of the wrath of the race baitors for one.


  10. I agree that Obama has a “likeability” about him. That is the reason he is dangerous. He can draw you in when he speaks and you forget that he isn’t a man of his word. I commented to my mom about his the last time we saw him speak on TV. On a lighter note, did you know if you pause one of his speeches and then rewind or fast forward it really fast you can have your very own bobblehead Obama?


    • wife4change,

      Yeah, he has the likeability of a sociopath which is what he is. Sure he can draw crowds and tell them anything, like a snake oil salesmen and they will believe it.

      I didn’t know about the bobblehead Obama but I sure know I would not want one. LOL


  11. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:


    What the h*ll does that mean? In fact I am willing to make a wager that the Main Stream Media and the polling companies are either:

    1. Making the whole “likeability” thing up.


    2. Have written the question so as to guarantee a positive answer about O’Vomit.


    3. Are lying through their teeth.

    I live in the Mississippi Delta. This area is over 50% black. But even the older blacks (who are not on welfare and sucking on the government tit) are saying that O’Vomit is no more than an semi-educated street thug. Many have privately told me that they would like to slap his arrogant face when he makes one of his famous half-smiles with his nose in the air.

    As of today, I am still predicting that Romney will get 57% of the popular vote with O’Vomit getting 42%. But as we get closer to the election I can only see O’Vomit’s numbers dropping even further.


    • goshawk3 said:

      Hi Ghost!

      I’ve often wondered that myself. They keep saying that 90% of the blacks love Ovomit. But I wonder how many really feel as you’ve described.


    • Hi Ghost,

      I like the way you’ve got this likeability factor honed. I do believe what you said is quite true.
      I hope you’re right about the 57%.
      Also these pollsters have blacks voting for him by 98%. I don’t believe that one either. Herman Cain talked about blacks coming up to him and whispering how they don’t like the thing the Dictator is doing either. So I think a lot of blacks will sit this one out.


  12. goshawk3 said:

    Off subject but I think it is important to know who the Rinos Traitors are in the GOP so we can vote against them in the coming election.

    20 Republican Senators Are REFUSING To Oppose A United Nations Global Taxation Scheme That Was Intentionally Designed To Hand Over Our Sovereignty To The Third World. “Yes, we’re talking about the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)… a United Nations scheme that would impose a “global tax” on us and – as former-President Ronald Reagan said – force us to hand over “sovereign control of two-thirds of the Earth’s surface over to the Third World.”

    The traitors:

    Lamar Alexander, Kelly Ayotte, Scott Brown, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Michael Enzi, Lindsey Graham, Charles Grassley, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Johnny Isakson, Mike Johanns, Mark Kirk, Richard Lugar, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, Olympia Snowe and Patrick Toomey.

    (Taken from The Western Center For Journalism.)


  13. Ok, guys. don’t y’all think it’s about time that you tell us how you REALLY feel about him?
    I’m not shelving my N***ger ALERT war call until you do.


    • Lucie,

      I guess you sure did let your feelings known on this one. LOL! Can you believe that anyone could like this traitor? Of course there are and that is what is so pathetic about our country with so many stupid people voting.


  14. St. Gracie, I think I told you that I’m reading Blacklisted By History these days and it’s blood chilling. It’s all right there for anyone who wants to where this all started. Every time I let lose with my N***ger Alert shout, I look out the window to make sure no American lefties are around. Now that he has opened the gates of hell as wide as they’ll go, I hope he’ll take advantage and use them to go back where he belongs.


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