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Obviously there were two huge stories today, in fact, the news outlets keep calling today a very historic day.

We found out that the Liar in Chief “LIED” to the American people that Obamacare was not a tax.  Justice Roberts decided it was a tax.

There is plenty to say about this subject, but I want to say something about the vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

While the voting was going on, the black caucus walked out of the House along with the usual subjects,  Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, etc.

Now what makes me so angry is this contempt was not a witch hunt, but about finding out what the hell the InJustice Department was doing gun running across and into Mexico. This man, Eric Holder, should be held in contempt and/or indicted for his other lawless acts. But, this is all we got right now. He should be impeached, fired, made to retire, but he arrogantly stands there and states he will do no such thing. He blames everyone else but himself for this Fast and Furious debacle.  Well, Mr. Holder, if you are not responsible, then why not turn the documents over so the Terry family will then know how and why their son was killed.

I have a bit of  extra special feeling for the Terry family.  My son killed himself and I will never know why.  The Brian Terry family’s son was killed due to the foibles and what I would call criminal activity by someone high up in the Justice Department.

And the Brian Terry family want to know why their son was killed, how this happened, who was the head of this fiasco program, and who is going to be held responsible.  They want answers just like I did.  But, in their case answers are available. It is a matter of keeping the answers from them and from the American people who also want to know what the hell the government was doing.

When the minority speaker of the house plus other leading democrats and the Black caucus walked out of Congress and declared this vote on Eric Holder a “
stench”, they pretty much made their statement to the Brian Terry family: “Screw you, we don’t care about your son and we are not going to let you know how it happened, why, and nobody will be held accountable.”

The Brian Terry family deserve answers.  The American people deserve answers.  But I’m willing to bet we will never know.

What the democrats did today by walking out on that vote was despicable.


Comments on: "Walking Out by Peppermint" (24)

  1. The CBC was told to walk out by Nutsy Pelosi since the mental midget seems to think that the contempt vote against Holder is about race. The race card is their only play since everything else they have done has proven to be a failure.

    You might be right that we will never know what happened and that is truly disgusting.

    In the meantime, the CBC has proven once again that they are all back on the plantation taking orders from whitey.


    • We were without electricity for over 9 hours yesterday so I’m just now able to get back to you all. We had gale force winds with gusts up to who knows what. All I know is the wind picked up anything not nailed down and blew it down.

      You’re right HN, that is all the demorats have left now and they will continue to use it for everything. I hope people are not buying into it anymore yet I see the media playing the WH song “it’s racist” constantly. I’m about ready to scream over that.


  2. I wonder when blacks will wake the hell up and see these “representatives” could give two shits less about them and their problems. Good post. I,too,would like to know just how the mandate was worded to be able to sell it as not a tax increase,and yet Roberts read it as being a tax. This just stinks on ice.


    • clyde,

      You would think the blacks would start to see through the demorats/commies but it never seems to happen. I have no idea what goes through these people’s heads but they need transplants I guess.

      Roberts can now be viewed as just another liberal activist. There was no constitutional reason to “rewrite” the Liar in Chief’s bad bill by calling it a tax. Shame on him. I guessed that Roberts would side with the liberals because of a ruling that was hardly noticed by the media. And that was about police “if they smell marijuana outside of your house” they can bust your door down and search your house without a warrant. That was blatantly against the 4th amendment.


  3. I agree whole heartedly that the Brian Terry family deserves answers. At the same time, I think it is vital that some sort of legitimacy be restored to the DOJ. Every U.S. Citizen loses if it is not restored.


  4. vicki Donnelly said:

    Our government doesn’t care about anything.not even covering their our ass.


    • vicki,

      No truer words than what you wrote. You are so right, they blatantly and barefacedly ignore the law. If we did what they do, we’d all be in jail. I’d like to know since when do these pols have the authority to disobey laws and we don’t.


  5. Pepp: Dispicable about covers it. But then he has the arrogance, like Pelosi, to suggest this action is about politics and supressing voters. They’ve sunk to new depths. Voters don’t count when they question the gov’t.


    • And media to the rescue, blaming the NRA.


    • Bull,

      “Sinking to new depths” is exactly what this administration is. Every time you think they can’t stupid any lower, they do.
      What Pelosi said was so off the wall I wonder what planet she’s living on. But, the demorats never let anything go to waste that they can jump on and try to convince it’s about something the republicans did that was bad. I believe that woman has become unhinged. She looked totally stupid to me.
      Oh, of course, the media blamed it on the NRA. They can be expected to cover for the Liar in Chief’s Lawless Att:Gen. The man needs to go down and be put behind bars for the things he does to the states, especially AZ.


      • Pepp: I agree, and once again they stood defiantly against the will of the people, and the Constitution. When she first uttered that “suppress the vote” comment I laughed. A few minutes later I said but she is serious. So we see. (a party of slaves) They’ve defended the repugnant. And media repeats it. We, the real disenfranchised, see it for what it is. Geraldo said the GOP is shamelessly using Terry’s murder for politics. Despicable.


        • Bull,

          That is what boils me. I am hearing on the news that 70% of the people do not want Obama care. And here that Justice “Traitor” Roberts rewrites the bill calling it a tax. He had no constitutional authority to do that. Now we’re stuck with this POS. And as far as Geraldo he’s another big POS. I can’t even stand to hear him. We mute the TV when he comes on. So he’s now blaming the Repubs of using Terry Brian’s murder for politics? What a loser he is! And yes, it’s despicable.


        • goshawk3 said:

          Bull, Geraldo is a piece of crap! Always has been. You may have seen him on the O’Reilly show arguing with Laura. He almost lost his cool trying to defend Holder and Obama. Again accusing the Republicans of being on a witch hunt.


          • Hawk, right on. He’s a dangerous Waste. So they gave up calling “it a manufactured scandal” by Republicans? I couldn’t cut a turd with that statement. Next time I see a bad accident, I’ll stop and remind the cop “its a fabricated, manufactured” event. That should help.


  6. Why is there no Congressional White Caucus? Would that be considered racist?


    • Paulie,

      Right. If there were a white caucus you would hear the demorats/commies yell racism but not the other way around. They make me sick to my stomach and they ought to stop using that worn out race card.


  7. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Another bulls eye. I appreciate your efforts to tell it like it is. Will Brian Terry’s family ever get justice for the Government’s complicity? I’m praying that they will and the guilty schmucks will spend some time in the “barbed wire hotel”.

    PS: I like the ‘awk’s new TH sign in!

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Hi Willibeaux,

      Glad to see ya. Been awhile.
      Thanks, it wasn’t hard to nail this one. I just feel so bad for the Brian Terry family. Honestly I don’t think they will ever get the answers they are looking for. Even when this goes to a federal judge, I can bet that judge will dismiss the whole thing and not require Obama to explain the “under executive privilege”. So far the judges in this country have dismissed every complaint made against Obama. So I expect the DC federal judge to be paid off like the rest of them across the country.


  8. goshawk3 said:

    Pepp, nice post and tribute to the Brain Terry family.

    Those Dems that walked out of the proceedings displayed what dishonorable, self-serving pigs they really are. And these A-Holes will return to congress and continue their damage to the United States and it’s citizens. We need a list of every one of their names so we can work to remove them all!


    • Hawk,

      Pigs is a good word for the demorats except it’s an insult to all pigs. :-).
      We sure do need to bounce every last one of them out except it seems their districts keep voting them back in all the time. I guess they must bring the gravy home, the so called freebies that their constituents want.


  9. Lib-progs are not interested in the American Constitution other than as a means to power and control. Their justification is the idea that mankind is weak and corrupt. They then step in to rescue, with themsleves as the rescuers from the imagined “enemy”. This projecton on others as weak and corrupt is, per Freud, based on their own concept of themselves, which may be accurate. They will not ever be happy with people governing themsleves because they will never be accepting of themselves as truly worthy people. I am willing to accept their self-concept as extremely, exquisitely accurate. I am not willing to accept their projection of it on the rest of humanity. I believe that this is evil and their justificaiton to commit evil towards others.


    • drrikrik,
      Yes, those types care nothing for the Constitution. You are dead right. I believe the Freudian word for what they do is called projection, (blaming someone else for the very things you do). They sure are good at that.
      I believe it is all evil too. I pray every night for God to deliver us from this evil in the WH.


  10. Pepp: I got an idea, we could just ask them to walk out for good? They should have done that in Wisconsin too. And if they want to walk, leave the keys, the bank card, the I D stipend, the parking sticker, the salary, and everything. Make it a “Capital Walk Out “– not a snibbling hissy fit!

    Then media do as they did for Tea Parties. Ask people(the public) if they disagree. Then go to each Democrat and ask them to condemn or support their colleagues. I’m dreaming.


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