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On another blog, Flyover and I had a difference in opinion about how many single women are on welfare.  She knows of women like this.  I have never run across one my entire life. It made me think a bit. What are the reasons for this I wondered?

I realized that of course it goes without saying that all of us have different backgrounds, religions, communities, and experiences with people.

During my entire childhood I was raised going to Catholic schools. You can go ahead and call me a mackerel snapper if you wish. We were called those types of things when I was a kid but we never even cared. We felt grounded in our faith and that was what mattered.

Cincinnati was founded by mostly Catholic Germans and the population of Catholics had to be about 80% at that time. I don’t think it is like that today. I really can’t say. I don’t live there any longer.

I thought about what it meant to be Catholic in my community and what kinds of experiences I had. You could walk a mile in any direction and come upon a Catholic school and church.

I realize now that the Church was my foundation and the religion instilled into me is still there.  The basics were taught to us.  Respect, a good work ethic, treating people with humanity was all part of our learning. Discipline was enforced by the nuns and nobody fooled with the nuns. Charity was taught.

Even as kids, we did charity work.  We would have food drives whereby all of us would comb our entire community asking for food, canned goods, whatever anyone could give. This way no one in my community ever went without the necessities of life. There was no real poverty in my community because through the Catholic church it made sure no one was left without food and clothing.

During my elementary and high school years getting a good education was the main goal, unlike today’s public schools. The nuns were strict and sometimes brutal. Being strict meant nobody fooled around in school and did not interfere with others’ learning.  Each child was expected to achieve the best to their ability. You never wanted to come home with a bad report card. That meant a whooping by your parents. So by hell or high water you studied and you earned your way in school.

Achievement and the work ethic were strong foundational bases upon which stood our education.  Most of us did very well in school. It was driven into our heads that we needed a strong basis of learning to make our way in the world later on.

So the community in which I lived was a strong Catholic one. I don’t know how it is today, but I received the best education I could have ever wanted. For that I am very thankful.

Our Mothers were at home taking care of the children, not out working in the outer world.  Our neighbors knew everything we kids did so if you did something bad you knew your parents would find out. And they did. I never felt afraid in my community because everyone knew one another. Just about everyone attended the Church and the schools there.

We had festivals during the summers to raise money once again for those less fortunate than ourselves.  As kids, we got to work at the booths when we were considered old enough. These festivals were always great successes. People swarmed to them as they still do in Cincinnati now. Lots of fun to be had and good food also were staples at the festivals.

People in my town were not rich in any way. Most families had only one car and usually it was never a new one. We walked to school or rode our bikes.

Some of us had TVs and others did not. The area was mostly a middle class one.  We kids grew up not thinking we deserved anything. We deserved what we earned. We didn’t ask for money. That was considered a big NO.  We did not care. We found all kinds of activities and the church provided recreation for the older kids from puberty into high school. We were watched and once again nobody would try anything that was bad knowing you would be sharply disciplined if you did.

I realize now that because of the type of community I grew up in nobody was ever on welfare.  I never met a single person who was on the government’s list of helpless and hapless.  It was frowned upon in our town.  You were considered a low life if you did not pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and get that education you needed to never be on welfare. The people had pride in their work and their successes.

Today I see things are so different. I would never send any child of mine to a public school now. Not with what I know goes on in these schools. The children are taught nothing about respect and upholding the dignity of another. They talk back and have fights and bullying. None of this was ever allowed inside a Catholic school. We weren’t forced at age 5 to learn about homosexuality for bloody sake.

We were taught the basics, reading, writing, math, science, history, all types of social studies. Of course the Catechism was taught also and we had to attend Mass each morning before our schooling started.

It makes me feel sad that there are probably no places like that any longer. Now we have history being rewritten, PC nonsense, can’t say prayers in schools and I guess in some kids can’t even say the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. I find this to be so disturbing.  I am just glad I was lucky enough to get such a foundation upon which I lived my life.  And that meant a strict work ethic, caring about others, having respect for people, and believing in the dignity of each and every human being.

And that led me to a Catholic nursing school whereby we learned our lessons and worked in the hospital too. I came across many indigent peoples but I never would have thought to treat them bad simply because they were poor. This hospital was not in my community.

The nuns were good to us in the hospital. We worked hard and long hours. I loved every minute of being able to help someone who needed my care. I felt as though I was at least doing God’s work for others. Hospitals are disturbing places for most people because it is a place filled with sick people in one way or another. One thing it does do for you is make you see how bad life and dying can be for people. This was back when there were no real drugs for cancer and it was a death sentence for sure.

I think everyone should be made to volunteer in a hospital for at least one day. I think all people should have to look down that belly of the beast and see the pain and the agony. It would change a lot of people’s minds on how they approach people.  I think it would give people a sense of empathy that they may never have had in their entire life. It certainly would make people think long and hard about how much they have in this life and appreciate the little things that bring us so much joy.





Comments on: "Community by Peppermint" (52)

  1. Hi pepp, I really don’t think we have a disagreement. At least that isn’t the way I see it. I didn’t grow up in Dallas, that is where I worked with the women I told you of in early adulthood. My background is much like yours except I was raised protestant.

    My purpose was just to point out that much of what we see today can be laid at the door of government interference. Somewhere along the way churches and schools of all flavors lost the message that it is people helping people which is important. People helping government to help people hasn’t worked out so well. The war on poverty has failed in epic proportions.

    The Bible teaches that the poor will always be with us and that as Christians it is part of our mission to minister to the poor. This is part of the individual’s duty to God not government. I think we agree that charity is best served locally person to person.

    God Bless!


    • Many important points were made in this excellent exposition
      by Pepp! There is a serious disconnect in the society & culture
      in which the twisted, deviant “Progressive” ideology is so pervasive!
      Once the lives of most decent Americans were centered around their
      faith in God & the Church community, their families & a strong work
      ethic. Now, pop culture seems to take precedence with most young
      people, regardless of their social or economic background, most are
      all too familiar with the latest bit of gossip or scandal–while at the same
      time, they have no idea of the truth regarding the Miraculous Founding
      of this great nation & are abysmally ignorant of American history! I believe
      it was Karl Marx who spoke of the “long slow march” through all the institu-
      tions of society: education, the press(media), culture(entertainment), labor
      (unions) & of course govt!


      • Elizabeth,

        I think a lot of the family disintegration started with feminazis. They tried to make women who stayed at home to care for their children as idiots and of no value. And how ironic since the hardest and most important job a mother does is caring for her children.

        Then, it followed that women got into the workplace in droves to prove they were not idiots and it did allow them to have the freedom to divorce abusive men. That’s about the only positive aspect of feminazis.

        Now, what developed is families needing 2 cars instead of one. Next came all the gadgets they didn’t have before and materialism became the new god. Everybody seems to act as though they must kee up with the neighbor next store and have all the same material items, and maybe better ones. Kids have electronic gadgets so they don’t bother to play outside things like baseball, riding their bikes, and skating, things like that which we all did when we were kids. Actually I don’t know how kids stand being indoors all the time playing with electronic gagdets. I always wanted to get out of my house and join the baseball game down the street.


        • I’m with you on that, Pepp! I was such a tomboy & I always got
          on better w/the guys–I didn’t want to play w/dolls, I wanted to
          join the football or softball game out in the field!! I was always
          tearing up my clothes, getting grass stains from getting sacked
          & once breaking my nose on a line drive hit!! Remember how
          the Dems tried to vilify Ann Romney & Laura Bush for staying
          home with their kids? They all pretend to respect women, while
          in actuality they use women as political pawns!! So disgusting!


    • FOH,

      Yes, we need to go back to what really worked in this country and that was churches and the community helping out. I don’t really like government being in our lives under any circumstances. All the taxes could be cut and then people would have more money in their pockets to help others in need when it comes up.


  2. goshawk3 said:

    Excellent article Pepp!

    Although I’m very much aware of all you wrote I hope the article gives “food for thought” for everyone.

    Your last paragraph got me thinking. In our country today where children are “brainwashed” to the point of making it almost impossible for a child to grow up in a natural way as God intended.In nature when growing up, human beings learn from their mistakes and the teaching of parents. If a child gets hurt by doing the wrong thing etc. they learn not to do it again. But not so in government controlled schools.

    The Liberals/Communists running the government schools do not allow the natural order of life and learning process to take place. Through “Brainwashing,” (and of course it’s For the Children) they program the children to live in, and believe an unreal world. Some examples are, they remove all playground equipment, stop ball games they say are to dangerous. And proceed to teach the kids that their Self-Esteem is more important than the three R’s. The goal here is to create good little obedient serfs that will easily do what their masters order. Thinking for yourself is disallowed!

    And of course Christian Religion is verboten! Only Islamic teachings are welcome!


    • Goshawk:

      All too true!! Unfortunately, Christianity is the one religion that is
      expressly forbidden in public schools–which is why those on the
      left try to force children to attend these institutions by not allowing
      the parents to choose otherwise, through a voucher program or a
      tax credit. Islam, on the other hand receives nothing but the highest
      of praises. These schools also produce children who are highly pro-
      ficient in nothing, despite the massive amount of money that is poured
      into public schools year after year!


    • Hawk
      Good comment.


    • Hawk,

      Agree totally. Public schools should be labeled before you drive into their parking lots, “Proceed at your own risk, dangerous buildings up ahead”.


  3. Pepp, Great post, as well as the last one. I remember much the same thing, but you don’t see much evidence of it today. That line between the end of the sixties and seventies seemed to change a lot. Everything I’ve seen seems to indicate that’s when schools really changed too. I think there is a yearning for that today but I don’t know if people know how to make it reality? It was not a good tradeoff.


    • Bull:

      You are absolutely right about the timing of the degradation
      of our society–it was the “red doper diaper babies”, to para-
      phrase David Horowitz, those young people of the 60’s & 70’s
      who protested against our returning Vietnam Vets & actually
      sat down with our sworn enemies in Cuba, in Nicaragua & with
      the Vietcong & NVA during the Paris Peace Accords! They fo-
      mented violent anarchist destruction of every vestige of decency
      in this nation!


      • Elizabeth, What a reminder. Right. It all worked that way. They hardly missed an opportunity, and even created many more, to set it all in motion. And we weren’t suppose to “notice”. But they leave a trail.


    • Hi Bull,

      Yes, times have changed and I think education took a plunge once Carter initiated the Education Dept. which I would like to see gone in 60 seconds.

      We don’t see much of this community anymore, certainly not through the media. But, pockets of it still exist today, but not enough is my guess.


      • Pepp: Strange you say certainly not through the media. That’s for sure. I get feelings in some coverage of a subtle mocking they do of that kind of community. It may not be intentional, and just accidental, you know the way they wear their elitism and academia on their sleeves. So it could be stupidity and ignorance. But I do sense a negativity toward it. Look at what they said about Ann Romney and that condescention and mockery of stay at home moms, or kids trying to do the right thing standing up for religious freedom in school etc. Try saying “raising a family, and looking out for neighbors” is my number one priority to media and see the response. I see a condescension toward that type of community, almost as if they have to find fault with it. Or just can’t help mocking it. Just my wierd opinion.


        • Bull,

          I think it is not only a feeling but a reality. I’ve seen media make so much fun of people of faith, except Muslims of course. They are chicken shits who wouldn’t dare and touch that subject, hence they are running over our laws in this country.

          The media sees things in a ridiculous bubble and promote those things that are anti family.

          Your opinion is not weird but true. And I think it gets noticed quite well by Christians because they try to remain in the background knowing they are a hated group in the media. This all helps their progressive mantra that families where the mom is at home and the dad is working several jobs to support his
          family are ridiculed.


        • Pepp: years ago when I read “None dare call it education” (..Ed-u-k-shun) I was amazed how political and strategic it all was. Calculated as well. Now the dep they won’t let anyone touch is sacred ground. Bush didn’t help either. That act made the fed public enemy-1.Even some of the lefts’ union allies didn’t support it. Wow there’s a flashback.


          • Bull,

            You sure are right on that. The Dept. of Ed is seen especially from liberals as a sacred cow. No Bush didn’t help. My dil is a teacher and she said the “No child left behind” was a joke.


          • Agree with ya’ll!! One of the first govt agencies
            that should be closed, on my watch would be the
            Dept of Ed, they are simply a govt leviathan that
            consumes money like locusts feed on a farmer’s


  4. Call me cynical but the niche presssure created by the constant govenrment interference with the family, ie subsidized removal of the father, a killed market for low skilled labor, and a readily available, lucrative drug trade, has created a flourishing, mutated, terrifying alternative of the gang family and the underground market. Check out the Gangland series on the History channel to see the progeny of the lib/prog government poliicies and then see if you still sleep easily at night. I’d take a power-hungry nun any day.


    • drrik:

      As would I! At least nuns had standards & loved God enough
      to render service to the community for His Glory!


      • Elizabeth,

        The nuns observed the patriotic feelings for our country. We all had to learn many of the great speeches made by some of our more outstanding presidents. Communism was considered anathema in the Catholic church at least back then. Prayers were said several times a day.
        I just hate what is happening for our children today in public schools. They come out dumber and dumber it seems each year. They don’t even know the basics. Then certain people wonder why they can’t get jobs.


    • drrik,

      I have not watched that Gangland series on TV, but I guess I’ll have to take a look to see what you’re talking about. It kind of sends shivers down my spine from what you described.


  5. Just Gene said:

    I also went to Catholic school where besides learning reading, riting, and rithmatic, you learned discipline. Sometimes Sister Mary DeSade had to teach me the hard way (that’s probably why I have that Greek SOB in my fingers now.) I also blame air conditioning, it made front porches disappear and even where they still existed, people no long sat on them. Because of this, when you were out walking, Mrs. Smith was not on her porch to yell out “Are you behaving yourself today,” and If you weren’t you’re parents knew about it before you got home. Today, if anyone asked you that, you’d sue them, which is why we have so many brats raising hell. The butcher was right “first we kill all the lawyers”. Do you know the difference between a lawyer and a sperm cell? They both have one chance in five million of ever becoming human. I believe part of the PUBIC SCHOOL curriculum should include volunteering; they are never too young to have charity instilled in their lives. This charity, volunteerism, should stay with them their entire life. But even the concept of being a volunteer is being destroyed by the wizards behind the curtain. He/it has initiated something called “A PAID VOLUNTEER. I thought words had meaning, dumb me.


    • Gene,

      Excellent comment on the nuns. Sister Mary DeSade. LOL! We had one of those in my 2nd grade class. I always did think of her as a sadist. Won’t go into details.

      I agree too about sitting on one’s porches. That way you met all your neighbors and had nice conversations. Now we communicate through email which isn’t quite the same thing.


  6. Just Gene said:

    That’s why we need to preserve the second amendment.


  7. You are very fortunate to have been raised the way you were, Pepp. Unfortunately, many have not had your teaching and encouragement. You, my dear, are now in the minority and not the majority it would seem to me. Oh wait, that means you are part of a “protected class” since you are part of a minority! (Very poor attempt at humor … sorry for the sarcastic tone at the end)


    • Mrs AL:

      LOL–can we all be said to occupy the minority now?
      After all, there is a vast majority of useful idiots sur-
      rounding us now or so it seems! Christians especially
      should be considered a protected class, so we can
      protest over the bias & bigotry aimed at us on account
      of our faith!


    • Mrs. Al,

      It does sound sarcastic. But, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in this case. Catholic schools still exist today and they don’t teach the liberal government bullshit.

      Am I thankful I received an excellent education. Darn right I am.


      • This country has lost its way, Pepp. The stark differences between how we were raised and what is happening today is mind-boggling. Even simple kindnesses seem un-noticed while bullying and disrespect are highlighed all over the place. As a country we need to start paying more attention to those young folks who do the right things and encourage them.

        Trust you will be feeling muchly better soonly!


        • Hi Mrs. Al,

          You are so right about how things are now. It is mind boggling and sad how bad things have gotten. I feel like I’m living in an alternative universe sometimes. I think the media loves to cover all the bullying and burning of flags and stuff that is all bad. How often do they cover what our soldiers are doing?

          I think that is the idea, to give positive feedback to those who behave properly and stop paying attention to the bad stuff. Now as parents, I do think there is a lot of discipline missing these days, as there is in school. Respect is not taught, nor is caring for your neighbor. It sickens me. I’m glad I don’t have a child to send to school these days.

          Oh, I’m still down a bit with this food poisoning. I’m pretty sure now that’s what’s going on because we were having trouble with our fridge.


  8. My apologies to all for not getting back to you all so late. I woke up with a virus and didn’t feel good enough to get onto the computer. Thanks for your patience.


    • Pepp: Hope you feel better soon!! I know what you mean,
      I’m experiencing “medical issues” myself, after being in
      denial for almost the entire school year–I hate being con-
      fronted with my own frailties like this!! 😦


      • Elizabeth,

        I hope you feel better too. I’m sorry to hear you are having some medical issues. Yep, it’s hard to feel frail. I hate that feeling like I’m out of control of my destiny. I think mine came from some food poisoning. I haven’t shaken it off as yet. And it’s miserable.


  9. Good piece. Got to agree with Gene on the nuns. We had Sr. Paraclita.As I’ve gotten older, I have wondered if she weren’t the original Drill Sgt. for the Marines. She DAMN sure was meaner.


    • Clyde: Gunny probably patterned his screen character
      off nuns such as the ones ya’ll have described! LOL I
      missed that experience, having only been to public
      schools! My only saving grace was the fact that I was a
      total bookworm & a nerd; I read all the time & became
      a “mine of useless information”! At least there was a
      pretense of maintaining standards during the time I
      attended public schools, which is not the case now.


      • Elizabeth,

        At least you can read. These kids today come out of high school unable to read for bloody sake. I wonder how these people are allowed to vote when they can’t even read.


        • Pepp: So very true!! I always wonder how these trolls
          manage to fill out the voter registration forms since they
          can’t read & can barely write their own names? Voter
          fraud anyone? Not that Holder would investigate it . . .
          I thank God & my Grandparents that I can read–it sure
          wasn’t because of the teachers I got stuck with!


          • Elizabeth,

            I wonder that too. Perhaps for these people they are allowed to sign their names with an X. And with that no wonder Holder doesn’t want voter IDs. You probably can’t read the registrations.


    • clyde,

      LOL! Yeah those nuns were drill Sargent all right. My 2nd grade one, Sister Mary Althea was a big bad sadist. And I believe she was meaner than one too. I see several of us went through the same experience.


      • My Catholic school days went from grade 1 to 7th. After that,it was on to public schools. The small town I grew up in didn’t have a Catholic H.S. I give a LOT of credit for my ability to read,and vocabulary skills,to the sisters.


  10. Pepp: Yea, and this administration de facto declared war with those Catholic schools, or others. That’s indicative of how upside down we are.


  11. Pepp- A few days late…but let me weigh in. You give great perspective here. I think the bottom line is that with family, faith and community the groundwork is laid for a lifetime of success, big and small.
    Growing up the same way you did, sans the German community and the parochial schools, I understand the frustration you feel about today’s kids not having the same advantages. When the times they were a-changin’, I am sure we could not have anticipated all that has come and gone on in the last 50 years.
    That being said, my mother ended up pregnant and married my father in 1963. There were two more kids. My father was never a responsible adult. We did have to get by on welfare for two years, despite having a great network. My mother was not of the entitlement mind, but our neighbors were. You see, back then to get welfare, you could have no assets. You could work, but you couldn’t own a car. If there was no one to drive you, you relied on public transport. We had none. My Mutti had a job, but Grampa would lend his car to her, every other week. The neighbors would call the state to try and get my mother in trouble as they waited lazily on their porches for their checks to arrive. My mother was always working. How was she supposed to get ahead if that was the true intent to give a leg up? it was not going to work for her. She told our neighbors and the state to go to hell and got another job and we moved. It was hard at times, but we always seemed to manage. To this day, I have never forgotten that. My mother worked for 55 years and barely gets enough money to pay for a rent. She never complains and is still working 20 hours a week so she can get by.

    I don’t like the entitlement mind, myself. I must say that I abhor the judgement heaped upon me when I took gov’t help for food a few years ago after enduring 3 unemployments, never missing a mortgage or car payment and then losing another job. I was called all kinds of names by my best friend, who happens to hail from Cincy, went to Catholic school, etc…As you once said, bad things happen to good people and THAT is what the system is supposed to be used for- not to mention that my tax dollars helped to fund it…Sadly, we are no longer friends simply because she can justify things any way to fit her picture- like most liberal minded thinkers and forgets that one form of charity does not trump another. She has so much bitter in her mouth, that even guns and religion will not save her. Just my two.


    • Hi Nee,

      I agree that bad things happen to good people. We don’t have any control over some things that come our way. That is why I get frustrated when I hear some people say that no one should ever take government assistance. Many times there is no one there to help. Should these people be thrown into the street, homeless without food or medical help? I say no. I do think there are circumstances under which people need help for a certain time until they can get a job. I’m sorry about what happened to your mother. She was a real go getter apparently. I’m sure it was still difficult to feed 3 children with the father gone to bear the burden of making sure his family was fed and housed.

      We cannot predict what is going to happen to us at any particular time. I think I said that in my article prior to this one. God has control, not us. None of us can predict what is going to happen to us ever. Suddenly a family is struck without a bread earner, or a sickness that takes all of their savings. I, myself was struck twice in one year with medical issues that completely drained every cent I had saved. Insurance does not cover the whole bill on medical issues. You still end up paying. So, I am one who can be empathetic to those who are struck down through no fault of their own.

      I’m sorry your friend has treated you in such a bad manner. That is not a truly Christian person. There are many hypocrites out there no matter what their faith is. I did not grow up with anyone like that. My father was out of a job on several occasions during my child hood. I know he never took any government assistance because his parents helped us get by. But that does not seem to be available today as people turn more to me, myself and I. The generation that grew up in the 80s were called that, me, I, myself and cared nothing for others. I have no idea how that happened.

      I hate to hear how you were treated. It is unconscionable to me. Like I said some people never think bad things will happen to them. That is the only way I think they will ever learn that one cannot do everything to protect against all that may come our way.


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