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I observe that there are people who do not want government to give any assistance to anyone no matter what the circumstances.  Then those who are of like mind pat each other on the back for being so pure, so independent, never will they get ill, never will they fall upon bad times.  At least that is what they think.  One could come to a false conclusion I imagine that these certain people believe they are God.  It never occurs to them that God controls things, not them.

They have no idea that a misfortune could arrive at their door any time. God has a way of showing these types of self-satisfied, drunk on their own visions of immortality and never having illness thinkers, who the boss is.  And when He does, there may not be anyone there to help them. And their savings very well could be wiped out with one catastrophic illness.  Oh, no that will  never happen to those kinds of people. I guess they imagine that their savings will suddenly reappear after it’s long gone and they cannot work any longer to save up for the next trauma.

If these kinds of people who see any government help as totally unwarranted and evil, then these same said people need to stand up and do what they don’t want the government to do.  Take care of others, volunteer your time with someone who is ill or disabled. Bring some sunshine into a sick person’s life instead of ranting and raving about the “government” doing the work and their tax dollars paying for it.

Guess what for those of you who hate government to help anyone, the government would not be doing it if families and extended members helped them out.  But how many families do you see that  do that?  They don’t want to be “BOTHERED”.

This is not the kind of country I grew up in.  Families, extended members, neighbors all helped one another out. Do you do anything to help those less fortunate than you? If not, then you have no excuse for raving about government assistance.

Families are fractured today.  We barely have family units consisting of mother, father, sister, brother.  Never mind there are usually no extended members who would aid their parents, their children, their brothers.  You get the idea.  Families are not even bonded in the small family unit. Nobody knows these days where anyone is.  I admired Rick Santorum talking about how important families are and how much structure means to the whole of our society.

With the family unit so fractured, who among these kinds of thinkers would keep their parents at home and change their diapers and feed them?  Yeah, those who complain of government assistance need to put their money where their big mouths are. I highly doubt these selfish individuals would ever do anything like what I described.  They would rather put them in a nursing home because then they don’t have the dirty work to do or have their lives interrupted.

Today is a whole different day than when I was brought up. We took Grandpa and Grandma a ride every Sunday and stopped for a bite to eat or my Mom fixed a basket of food to be eaten later. I enjoyed these extended family trips. They were little day trips that we all so enjoyed whatever the destination was that we could go in a day’s time.

My Dad made sure his parents got to go out and enjoy things when they couldn’t make these little trips themselves.  We had many a good time on these little trips and saw a lot of beauty wherever we went. They were not costly junkets, just gas money and it was cheap back then.

After my grandpa died my Dad took my grandma to live with him and his wife. No nursing home for grandma.  She died of colon cancer at my Dad’s house where she needed to be. And yes, he and his wife changed her colostomy bag too. Those who want to get rid of government assistance, ask yourselves would you change a colostomy bag?  It’s not pleasant you know.

When my Mom had her stroke, I was willing to sell my condo and move to my Mom’s neighborhood.  I would buy a house, a little one, and have my Mom live with me and I’d do what I could to take care of her.  At the time I had an outside job, a very exhausting one at that, but I figured I’d hire nursing care while I was at my job and take over caring for my Mom when I got home from work. That was my plan but she died before I got the chance.

It would not have been the first time I had to take care of my Mother. And actually I enjoyed caring for her. I felt like I was doing my duty as a member of the family and of this country.  I could not stomach the thought of putting her into a nursing home.  Now I do realize that it becomes a necessity for various reasons to turn to that.

The Hawk and I have no such family. Times have changed. Other family members don’t want to be bothered, especially after my son took his own life. Now we are like the plague with people thinking if they are around us they might catch my son’s suicide like a disease that he could pass off to them. Also they don’t want to hear about Jeff.  It makes them too uncomfortable. I no longer ever mention my dead son to any of my family.  In fact about 6 months after Jeff died my family basically cut me off.

If I want to talk about Jeff I can do it with the Hawk, my ever patient and beloved hubby and with Dave Taylor, my new brother, maybe not through blood, but he’s a damn good brother to have. He even likes me to send him pics of Jeff and any writings of Jeff I may have or tell him stories about Jeff. Now what more could I ask for. Hawk and Dave are gems as is Willibeaux.

And of course there is the ever patient Lucie who still will allow me to vent my pain that never goes away. It sticks to me inside my heart where the hole is that can never be healed now. I try to get up and live a normal life everyday, but nothing is normal to me any longer. That’s what a child’s death does to a mother.

When my paternal grandpa was dying my grandma who was only 5’ tall dragged my grandpa all over the house so she didn’t have to put him in a nursing home. By golly, I really don’t know how such a little person like my grandma did it, but she did. She was of very determined stock.

Now, if something happens to the Hawk, I will do the very same thing my grandma did. I won’t allow him to be in a nursing care. First, we don’t have the money for it. Secondly I don’t want him in one of those places having been in them many times as a care taker.

The closest I see as a good extended family are the Amish. I talked recently to a young Amish family.  They were on their horses, Rachel and Roy, taking a ride with their two children, Karen Rose age 1, and Justin aged 2.  The husband told me if there was ever anything I needed to get him. That’s what neighbors are for he told me. They were the sweetest couple I’ve met in awhile. I was invited to come and visit them anytime I wanted to.

Now the Amish have extended family and they take care of themselves. They all get together when a new house needs to go up for a new bride and groom. They trade among one another so they are not in need of the usual things we are. I believe they are fortunate in a way that they have never relied on electricity or oil for anything. They drive to town in their horse-drawn buggies and use the horses to tow the machine that cuts their grass.

Now, if the Hawk should die before me, I will be left to my own devices. I do not have any family who would help me out and I’ve been told in no uncertain terms “we can’t have you living with us”, and “we can’t help you pay for anything”.  Of course the truth is the “can’t” in reality means “won’t”.

Therefore if the Hawk goes to the cowboy ranch in Heaven before me, I’ll probably stick it out for as long as I can on my own. I know I would not want to leave Merlin here to be taken by someone who may not care for him right. So I would do everything in my power to live on my own with no help until Merlin dies.

But, when the time comes where I can no longer take care of myself, can’t fix my own meals, can’t go down the steps outside, can’t take care of my garden, can’t clean my own house, those sorts of everyday activities that we take for granted so much, I will simply take my own life. I’ve already made that decision. 

Once I am not useful any longer then I need to go.  I already have the pills needed to carry out the job and have peace of mind for the first time ever in my life. For sure it will not be as painful as it was losing my son. After that I don’t know what kind of pain could be worse.  And I would finally be able to join Jeff.  I know in my heart God would forgive me for taking my life because He alone knows about all the misery He sent me in this lifetime.

And no government nursing care will be spent on me so all of you who decry the terrible government taking your tax dollars away so I can go to a nursing home can rest easy.  It won’t happen.



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  1. Been there, done that after I realized that what the government was doing nearly ended my father-in-law’s life. Got to enjoy him for 3 additional years. ‘Spect we will eventually look at the same road you are journeying.
    Shame you can’t take a useless politician with you.


    • drrikrik,

      Sounds like you’ve seen it too. I’m glad you got to enjoy your FIL a bit longer. Those government nursing homes are the pits to say the least.

      I would hope and pray, drrikrik, that you never have to take the journey I have or never have to go down that road. It has never been a good path, but God I guess decided to test me to the max. Life sucks then you die.

      I used to wonder why older people preferred to just die rather than get the help they need or refuse medical help. Now, I know why. Life is a huge struggle and then you just turn into dirt when it’s over. So now I understand old people. I’m not that old myself right now but I know when the time comes I’ll gladly go.

      LOL! Maybe I will take a shameless politician with me. Ya never know what can be arranged.


  2. vicki Donnelly said:

    Great reading I agree 100%.


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    Some families just do the right thing, no matter how much trouble it is. And I would question whether or not a faith based family group (blood or just the Blood of Christ) would be as reticent to to help a sister in need.


    • Gar,

      Yes, some families do the right thing. Unfortunately for me, my family treats me like the black sheep in the family. Without going into any detail I exposed a family secret because I had to so they don’t like having me around too much. I think Jeff’s death was an excuse to cut me off completely. And they are faith based. You’d never know it the way they treat me though. But, like someone I know says, “life just sucks for you”. But, it really doesn’t matter to me any longer. I have my own plans and I’ve been through hell and back. They can’t bring any more pain down on me than they already have.


      • Gar Swaffar said:

        From my experience, I will suggest that: Being a person who ‘goes to church’ is not the same as being a person of faith, nor is it the same as being a person who lives at doing the right thing. They may go there, but if they aren’t living the Word, the Word isn’t in them.

        A harsh statement to make (for some) but then I tend to live in reality, not some faerie land ‘hope & change’ BS.
        And until my pastor kicks my wife and I out of the marriage ministry, I have to believe I may not be too far off the mark.


        • Hi Gar,

          I believe as you do that going to church does not make a person a Christian. I’ve seen plenty of hypocrisy on that one. When I was a child I had to attend Catholic mass every Sunday. After Mass, as we all piled out of the church, it would astound me that the very people I saw at Mass were now cussing, slapping their children, and having parking “rage”.

          I don’t think your statement is harsh at all, but the truth.


  4. I’ve been away for a while and can see that America has gone from being a we society, it has become a me me me one.Things have gotten completely out of control there what with all the gummint controls they’ve slapped on everyone. The family unit has pretty much been trashed. I’m on my own too. One of my kids has written me off entirely, and the other isn’t too happy with either, so I’m on my own. Based on much personal experience, I think G-d will sort it all for me when he’s good ad ready. Until then, I’m perfectly happy doing what I’m doing these days which does not make the Israeki government happy at all.
    St. Gracie, before you try the pills, you WILL try it out over here. We’ll just take care of each other with Fischel’s help.


    • Lucie,

      Yeah, America has changed so much since I was a child and a young adult or that matter. I started to see the “ME, ME” attitude in the 1980s. I still have not seen much improvement. The family unit is almost gone as both parents go to outside jobs and the kids are left to their own devices. I think a lot of bonding goes missing which is an extremely important part of being within a family. If children do not bond, they become little sociopaths who have no feelings for anyone, a lack of empathy. It’s a sad state. I know in some families both parents need to work outside, but it’s better if a parent is available to make sure bonding is done.

      LOL! OK, Lucie, I can see me flying over there with Merlin. What a hoot. I wonder if the TSA will put Merlin through the grope and porn rendition before he’s allowed in the bottom of the air plane. I’d like to see them try it on him. A few TSA gropers would no longer have arms and hands to grope. 🙂


      • St. Gracie, Flying with a dog isn’t all that bad. They go through their own security checks, not the usual TSA idiots. We’ll deal with that as and when. Just so you know you DO have a place ready and waiting with you with all the mod cons. Merlin and Fischel should get along just fine. Fischel is very quiet and rarely bothers anyone.


        • Lucie,
          Well I’ll be coming around the mountain some day with Merlin in tow. Now just who is Fischel? That’s a new one on me or am I confused. Yes, I’m confused and almost half mad. LOL! I’m glad the TSA idiots would not be touching my dog. I don’t want any perps touching Merlin. Of course Merlin would know they are perps and kill them on the spot. 😀


          • I didn’t tell you about Fischel the goldfish? Golan left him here while he was at his mother’s for the week of mourning after his father died. Fischel decided that he likes it better here, so he just stayed. Golan does visit frequently, but Fischel refuses to go home with him.


        • Lucie,

          No you didn’t tell me about the goldfish. Poor thing. I guess he decided he liked you better than Golan. Of course now you have Golan there a lot. I can see now why Fischel and Merlin would have no problem with one another. LOL! And we already know that Merlin loves you, the darling, being so welcoming to you and Susie. Sure fooled Mr. Hawk. I don’t think he thought Merlin would be that accepting of strangers in the house, but then again you are really not a stranger.


          • Of course he likes me better. I talk to him all the time and he gets quite a sow when I lose my temper over what’s happening over there. He probably understands more about it than quite a few Americans.
            Merlin is just a big bundle of love. What a sweetheart he is.
            Poor Hawk was so concerned about letting him out while we were there, but he just wanted to be Susie’s lap dog. What a giggle. He’ll love it here.


  5. pepp I pray for you daily. I understand how you feel, I and my hubby are without insurance coverage and just don’t go to the doctor due to our financial situation. We have experienced first hand the devastating financial aftermath of catastrophic illness. I am so thankful that we do have the love and support of family, close friends and a church family that stands in the gap on many levels.

    I can only try to imagine the pain of loosing one of my kids and my heart breaks for you. The only thing I can think of to do is love you for yourself and pray for you. The Hawk is a blessing…..

    In my experience government ‘help’ has only made things worse. I was forced to seek help for my Mom early this year (January) as I could not physically take care of her needs. We jumped through all kinds of hoops to get medicaid assistance for nursing home care. She died in mid-March and she still has not been approved, leaving us hanging and wondering if we will be trying to pay for 3 months of nursing home care……

    I wish that you could find a church home and the kinds of people that understand that loving each other is the first responsibility and privilege of belonging to Him….

    Love ya,


    • FOH,

      Thanks for your kind words. I know you had a hard time with your Mother’s illness and the cost of it all. Also if you have no insurance that is another huge problem. The Hawk and I go to the doctor only when we absolutely need to go. Unfortunately we’ve both been hit with life and death matters on that side. So, we have plenty of medical bills we pay off a little at a time, month to month. Luckily our doctors are willing to let us pay what we can on our bills. That helps out quite a bit. I just tell them what we have and what we can pay. Every medical institution we have dealt with have been kind and patient as we pay our small monthly sums.

      As far as my son goes, FOH, there is nothing anyone can do. It just is what it is. The grief of losing a child never goes away as I’ve been told by other Mothers who have also lost a child through suicide. The not knowing why is the worst part and it never leaves one’s mind and it will never have an answer for the suicide. I appreciate your prayers and I do feel fortunate to have the Hawk and our animals. The dogs help out a lot because they are like our children to us.

      Government help does have its’ draw backs, but in a bad pinch it may be the only thing someone can turn to at times.

      I feel comfortable knowing that both my parents died never needing the kind of help from the government. I also know there are times when it is impossible for a loved one to continue to stay at home for various reasons. The Hawk and I were willing to take my son into our house due to his condition, but he was determined to keep his job, a very good one I might add. So he refused our help. I knew sooner or later, Jeff would need our help but he managed to kill himself before that happened. He just could not live with his illness and did not want to be a burden to anyone. Of course those were his thoughts, not ours. But, in a way I can understand not wanting to live with that.

      Luv ya too FOH


  6. Just Gene said:

    Sometimes I like to think of myself as a wordsmith but there never are appropiate words when needed. I do know that a mother can never be happier than her saddest child and hope you find a happiness having Hawk, Dakota, Merlin, Mystic, and Zima in your life. I understand your view of control of your destiny. I’m a member of the Hemlock Society and choose to go when I want.Take the time to stop and smell the roses – it works miracles.


    • Hi Gene, thanks for coming over to my blog.

      Well, it is difficult knowing what to say about my son’s death. It is something a mother never recovers from because that bond between mother and son is very strong. The day Jeff died I felt as though my insides had been ripped out of me and my heart torn and lying on the floor, broken into so many pieces and knowing I’d have to pick them all back up and go on with life.

      Ah, the Hemlock Society, very good one. Yes, that is how the Hawk and I feel too. We want to choose the time, not someone else. My own little family of Hawk and the animals is indeed a great gift and they bring me happiness to a certain extent. But, those feelings are fleeting and far and few to overcome my grief.


  7. goshawk3 said:


    Excellent writing as always and oh so true. The government is limited by the Constitution (although the politicians ignore it) and has no right, under natural law, to interfere with an
    individuals life or try to control how a person should live. And by the same token individuals should not ask or rely on the government to fulfill their needs.

    However, there are exceptions where government help is needed. But you’ll hear a lot of narrow-minded people say “there is no exception whatsoever!” You usually hear these kinds of people say that “people on Social Security are leeches! Draining the taxpayers money. Well it’s true, it is a drain on the taxpayers. But for these sanctimonious, narrow minded people that call fellow citizens “leeches” is just closed-mind-stupid!

    There has been a whole generation, millions of people, through no fault of their own were caught up in a government promise. The government would take money from the workers and put it away for their retirement. People had no choice in this! It turns out that the government lied to it’s citizens. Now millions of citizens are stuck with SS as their only source of income.

    But these same self righteous people that “claim” they will never except any government help are the first one’s to scream for government help in the case of a natural disaster!


    • Good comment Hawk. And where do we suppose the social security money went back when the average age for life of males was 58 years old? No one ever considers that one either. Gone, gone in 60 seconds into the pockets of politicians would be my guess. They, the politicians are the biggest drain on our country because they are the biggest group of people living off the government dole which we all pay for. And i may add that instead of an SS check for $300 they receive hundreds of thousands for their retirement which they have no qualms to take. On top of that is all the money they make dealing with the lobbyists and they all go into congress financially average and come out as millionaires.


      • goshawk3 said:


        You’ve got that right! Politicians ARE the biggest drain on our country. Every single thing they do or buy is paid for by the taxpayers. Plus they steal our tax money anytime they wish. Claiming, of course, it’s going for a good cause. But we know that is usually a lie. Most goes into their own pockets one way or another.

        People should ask themselves, why is it that most politicians inter the government with little money of their own but all come out multi millionaires?


        • thedrpete said:

          Just checking here, goshawk3. So if I see an elderly woman with a, say, broken ankle, is it okay if I go to a guy on the far side of the street, point a gun at him, demand a $100, then take the $100 and give it to the old lady, is that okay?

          If I go to five guys, point the gun, and demand $20 each to give to the lady, is that okay? If I go to 150 million people and demand a penny apiece, is that okay?

          If I get 150 million people to vote to have the government point the gun at the guy and demand $100 for the lady, does having a consensus make it okay to steal? Does what I do with the money I steal justify the stealing?

          If you answer “yes” to any of my questions, I respectfully think that you have a logic and rationality problem.


          • goshawk3 said:


            Your entire comment is illogical, irrelevant and a bit demeaning. Only an idiot would answer “yes” to any of your questions. By the way, these are the same questions written in magazines about the difference between Democrats and Republicans. I guess you were thinking you were addressing a child! I suggest you try thinking for yourself and answer the question.

            If the city or town you live in were destroyed by, say an earthquake or tornado you think the government should not respond to that emergency?

            If the answer is “no” then I suggest you don’t call the Fire Department if your house catches fire. After all, they are paid by local and State Government taxes.


          • thedrpete said:

            Sorry about the demeaning, goshawk3. Didn’t so intend. I take it, then, that you agree that Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, etc., along with Obamacare should all be either repealed or sunsetted.

            If an earthquake or tornado hit my “town”, since where I live in unincorporated, I’d expect the county to clean up its roads, etc., and with the sherrif’s department keep order. The state might be involved to clean up as necessary both state highways and U.S. highways. The federal government shouldn’t be involved in any way, shape, or form unless its nuclear facilities nearby were affected.

            I pay an annual fee for fire protection, that so that they’ll respond to my call. For me taxes don’t cover any of that or EMT either. Damage to my property would be issue between myself and my homeowner’s insurance carrier.


          • thedrpete said:

            I certainly was asserting, goshawk3, there is no circumstance where the U.S. Government should provide either money or commodities (e.g., medical care) to anyone (other than as obligated, e.g., military and veterans), that because they must steal from , say, Pete to pay, say, Paul. Said stealing is immoral and unconstitutional as well as a violation unalienable rights.


          • goshawk3 said:

            thedrpete, I agree with all that you say except for the part about SS and Medicare. Millions upon millions have worked their entire lives and had money stolen from their pay for SS retirement. Millions more have paid in but will never collect because they die before eligible. The government stole that money. So don’t blame the people that paid in for years. Blame the damn lying, thieving government for today’s situation!

            So I guess that you’re suggesting that the multi millions of people that are too old to work and rely on SS as their only means of survival Should just give up their income an die. Is that right?


          • thedrpete said:

            I’m reminded here, goshawk3, of former University of Tennessee President Joe Johnson who said, “I am morally and ethically opposed to gambling, but if a lottery will bring money to the university, I’m all for it.” It would seem here, goshawk3, that despite you’re having said, “Your entire comment is illogical, irrelevant and a bit demeaning. Only an idiot would answer “yes” to any of your questions.”, you are doing a Joe Johnson here.

            You answer “no” to my last question, then insist that we have consensus to have government continue to steal to pay for Social Security and Medicare.

            You then say, “So don’t blame the people that paid in for years. Blame the damn lying, thieving government for today’s situation!” Okay, goshawk3, I’ll join you in blaming the government. Of course, that accomplishes nothing. Next?

            Incidentally, as to your final question of me, I note that at thedrpete I have detailed a plan for sunsetting Social Security and Medicare, along with much else, so my answer to that final question is “no”.


          • goshawk3 said:

            thedrpete, and of course this conversation accomplishes nothing.

            A Joe Johnson? Ha ha ha it appears that you have a reading comprehension problem. But that’s OK. You can read into it whatever you want. This conversation is over.


          • thedrpete said:

            You ARE saying, goshawk3, that you want the government — which has no-nil-nada-zer0-zip-zilch money in accounts for either Social security or Medicare (Part A) — to continue to pay for both. The one and only way for that to happen is for the government to take money by force as necessary from some people to give it to others.

            Thus, you are answering “yes” to by original final question. But, goshawk3, as you have asserted, this conversation accomplishes nothing. Bye.


          • drpete,

            It would seem you choose to assume things from what the Hawk said.

            You sound like Obama. Why don’t you volunteer yourself for the 15
            bureaucrat death panels that exist in Obamacare? Then you could decide without any fanfare who should live and die.


    • Hawk, and just how many people can you think of off the top of your head that never saw one penny of SS haveing worked all their lives? Some maybe a few months or a year. So there is some fair criticism on the other end of the table. Our pols get a complete free ride while calling those shots. And notice how big the public sector is? Its mind boggling. That’s bigger dollars than SS. And where are our pold about those “costs”??


      • goshawk3 said:


        I’m not sure what you mean by..”how many people can you think of off the top of your head that never saw one penny of SS having worked all their lives?”

        If you mean people that died before they could collect. It’s probably in the hundreds of thousands. Perhaps millions since SS was introduced.


  8. Pep, your view of the world pretty much parallels my own. If I ever feel that I’m becoming a burden on my family, I’ll put myself down. I am content at my stage of life, I’ve lived and loved and when the Man calls, I’m ready.

    My heart aches when you mention losing your son – as a parent, I can only imagine the agony of losing a child. I hope I go before either my son or daughter, I’m not sure that I could ever feel whole again and carry on without them.

    What has happened to the family over my lifetime is a sin. I wonder what kind of answers you’d get when asking young people of today, “is family important?” or “how important is your family?” I’m quite sure that the answers would be disturbing.

    I’ve lost my mom and dad and I’ll forever miss them. My brother (the saint) took my mom in after dad died and took care of her for ten years – cleaning up after accidents, etc. until he could no longer handle it. We had to put her in a nursing home. She hated it and often said that she wished God would take her, but he held off for three years. It is hard to see a parent gradually deteriorate to an invalid and it’s something that I don’t want my kids to have to deal with.

    Would that there were many more like you, Pep. A strong woman who sees the world clearly and has a genuine empathy for others. Kudos to you.


    • Hi Garnet,

      Yes, we do have about the same opinion about aging. I would rather put myself down too than be a burden on someone.

      No, you would not want to experience losing a child. I would never wish that particular horror on even an enemy of mine. Let’s pray it never happens for you Garnet. The feelings you described are exactly what happens. It’s a feeling like no other and it is hard to keep going on. No you never do feel whole again. That’s the plain truth.

      I also find it so disturbing what I see about the younger people with their attitudes about family. On TH, a long time ago, I read a column about “we” older folks and the young people commenting were saying “I wish they would just die”. So, I got the picture.

      Other than losing a child, parents come next on the scale of agony when losing them. Your brother indeed is a saint and bravo to him for doing what he could for your Mother. From what your Mom said that is why I don’t ever want to get into that place. Once a burden I’m outta here. I certainly understand your feelings about never wanting your own children to see this happen to you. I felt the same way until God changed that one. Now I don’t have to worry about being a burden on my son.

      And yes, watching your parents deteriorate is not pretty. It’s hard to see our once strong and full of life parents ebb away with illness. Losing my mother was the worst before Jeff killed himself. When my mother died I felt like someone had uprooted me and there was no longer a place, I was unattached, like floating around with no where to go for my anchor.

      Well, thanks Garnet for your very kind words about me. That’s very sweet. I don’t know if I deserve all of that, but thank you very much.


  9. Pepp: excellently put. There is a whole lot to digest there. I agree with you and God has ways of showing you is right. Basically, people do need to do more, ‘consistently’. I don’t know how many people I’ve heard say they have no one else … fill in the blank. Sometimes they have family but it doesn’t count for much. They tell you it used to be different with friends and family, and it was. That is not a good reflection on us. But there are circumstances governemnt can have a role without turning America into a nanny state. It may not be popular to suggest. Though gov itself has to be open to alternatives and adaptable to change as well as people – such as in terms of new discoveries and ways of doing things. The public sector should not be the biggest, and is not the best or only sector.


    • Hi Bull,

      Yeah, I guess I did put a load on there didn’t I? God does have His ways and I believe in some cases, He sends us something that we need to be taught. At least that’s my little idea.
      True about family. I have better friends than I do family and that’s been the case for a long time. I cherish those friends who are so good to me. What more does a person need?

      Well, need does come to most of us at some time in our lives. We all die, some through sickness, some through accidents, others just plain old age. The heart just stops.

      I certainly do think government can play a role and not make us into a nanny state as you stated. The irony of this is through government grants so many new drugs have been discovered. Not always the government, but then the problem with these drugs keeping people alive longer presents a huge problem of what do we do with our elderly.. The government preaches to us, takes stuff away from us, and how we should exercise, eat right, etc. The folly with that once again is more people who live longer.

      I wish the government would not take so much in taxes away from people because then more people could help others out. It seems everything the gub. does backfires. Kaboom! Whoops, they just created another problem.


  10. My opinion is that government needs to stay out of our lives; way too many people have become dependent on the government and the govt. is taxpayers…in olden times, people who were in need could depend on their Church for help. That is the way it should still be and not taxpayer expense. I hope this does not offend anyone here, because of course it is not meant to. Just trying to convey the fact that government (taxpayers) should not be held responsible for others. obama wants all of us to be dependent, then he has control of our very lives. That I surely do not want. Churches have food panties, funds to help people with their electric, water bills, etc.

    There are so many organizations that help those who need a hand-up. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, to name a couple.

    Pepp, I just can’t imagine what you have and is still going through after the death of your dear son. That has to be a parent’s worst nightmare. My sons are 42 and 44 and I just can’t imagine anything happening to one of them. There is nothing like a Mother’s love for her child – such a huge bond between Mother and son and also daughter. I know you had to go through a living hell in losing your dear Jeff.

    I will hold you in my prayers, Pat.


    • Donna,
      I so agree that government creeping into our lives for years now and sped up by the Deviant in the WH has caused big problems in this country. I don’t like to see people dependent on food stamps for 3 to 4 years. It becomes ingrained in some people to stay on those programs rather than get a job, if there are any. That’s the dilemma, but the Liar in Chief is making sure he keeps people unemployed so they stay dependent on the government.

      Thanks Donna about my son. Yes, it was the most horrifying experience I’ve had in my life and that means a lot because I’ve had plenty of those kinds of experiences in my lifetime, but Jeff dying tore me apart. Never will I ever feel whole again. Losing Jeff was like losing part of me. It just can’t be helped. I know how much you love your sons and I would hope and pray Donna that you never lose either of them. It does not seem to be the natural order of things.


  11. Um, I think some of you are missing the main issue here. Social Security came into being, not to be government safety net, but to be more like insurance against catastrophe and a pension for those who don’t have that covered privately. The fact that the fund has been raided time after time is irrelevant, as is the question of whether or not it’s constitutional. I personally don’t think is, but the progressives of that era got it passed and we have it, like it or not. It’s also not a hand out from the government as Americans pay into it over their whole working life time. Can you imagine the scandal if a private insurance company was run the way Social Security is? It’s there. You paid in. They have a contractual obligation to pay out under certain circumstances. Who would refuse a payment from a private insurance company? At the end of the day it boils down to the same thing.


    • Lucie,

      Great point. I think people, some anyway, lose their memories over this SS. Yes, we all paid into it. We were forced to do so and then the feds just stole it. Also there were all those people who paid into the fund, died and never collected a penny from it. So where is that money? Well, in the most likely place the government politicians pockets.

      I think it is a disgrace the way Social Security has been handled. The government never takes any responsibility for stealing it and then berates those who want their Social Security that was like an insurance policy. At least that is what I was told about it when I was very young. Now that I’m older, I’m getting pretty ticked off about those that call SS just another welfare program. With welfare these people never paid into it or food stamps. Oh, well, some people just want to be obnoxious over the topic.


  12. St. Gracie, the whole thing drives me wild. Those bloated politicians whose fat butts are super glued to the cushy chairs in Congress are easily the worst criminals in American history, and we are complicit by having let them get away with it. They’ve turned entitled into a dirty word. I think a good dictionary is needed. People who have paid into an insurance policy for so many years are indeed entitled to what they paid for. At least the system here isn’t raided by the government, and we get benefits as laid out in the charter that created our system. In fact, our social security collects the monthly fees for the health care system. Everyone pays, whether they work or not. It’s also deducted from disability benefits. It actually works fairly well. Much better than what you have there these days, that’s for sure. If I had to live off Social Security disability benefits there I’d have offed myself long ago.


    • Lucie,

      I am so sick of every politician in that Cesspool City I could scream. Well I do at times they make me so damn angry. If we got rid of most of them, all the unconstitutional bloated agencies they’ve created for their own pocket money, we might have some money in the coffers. But, no they can’t rid of one agency up there. None of these agencies do a damn bit of good for us, but we have to keep paying for them and I’m sick to death of paying for them.


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