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Sometimes I can’t stand to write about Obama, our desperate situation here in America and all the other bad things going on in our country.  I need a break from it every once in awhile.

So, I’m going to put up pics of some of my favorite actors, some dead, some still alive.

Also, some of the Hawk’s and my favorite movies.

I guess I would have to say that the Hawk’s and my favorite movie as a couple is Open Range.  His sisters thought the movie was like the Hawk and I meeting.  In some ways that is hilarious.

Scene from Open Range

The Hawk likes westerns best and I like dramas and mysteries the best.   I  got  used to watching these westerns and learned to enjoy them.

Other movies that we both love are Arsenic and Old Lace. I cannot think of a film which Gary Grant was funnier.  I belly laugh through that movie and keep it on the DVR so I can watch it anytime I need a laugh.

We both love The African Queen with Bogart and Hepburn.  Lonesome Dove, High Noon, Tombstone, Heat, are all favorites.

What are your favorites?


Comments on: "Just Movies by Peppermint" (38)

  1. pepp, you named just about all our old favorites. Man from Snowy River and Lonesome Dove get top honors here. We have seen some new ones lately that were good. Courageous, Fireproof, Defeating the Giants. I also want to see October Baby. Ever once in a while we get a free month of the Hallmark channel and have seen some good westerns there but for the most part we don’t like many of the new films.


    • Hi FOH,

      We have more favorites than I wrote but that would take a huge post. I don’t see a lot of movies that come out present day that would interest me or the Hawk. Can’t even recall the last time I saw a movie in a theater actually. i recently DVR’d “Secretariat” to watch that.


  2. Glad to see ya!! Not a big movie fan,especially the crud they put out nowadays. I would say,of the ones I’ve seen, PATTON ranks as one of the best. Y’all OK down there? Doing good here,getting ready to do a couple weeks in the motorhome a ways north of here.


    • goshawk3 said:

      Hi clyde,

      I agree. Patton is one of the best. But like you I think most of the new stuff sucks!

      We’re still kickin. Thanks for asking!


    • Hi Clyde,

      Glad to see you too. Now Patton is another one of my favorites and I have that one sitting on my DVR so whenever I want to watch it I can. I loved that movie.
      Good for you going somewhere. Since you’re going North are you going to the UP? I’ve been there and it is gorgeous. I’d love to go back again.


      • Not quite that far. About mid state,near the Lake Huron shoreline. The big trip comes in the fall. Montana,Utah,Wyoming,Colorado. I simply love that area. We spent 2 weeks last fall in da UP(which,if I had MY way,that’s where we’d be living) and Minnesota,then a couple weeks in South Dakota.


        • Oh, so to Lake Huron you go! Your big trip in the fall sounds so great.
          I would love to live in the UP, but I think we have the isolation we wanted here. But, the UP is soooooooo beautiful.


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    “African Queen”, it almost doesn’t get any better than that. And why, I wonder, did the critic’s pan “Water World” so badly?


    • Gar.

      I agree, it doesn’t get much better than the African Queen. Out of the Bogart movies that one and Casablanca are my favorites. I don’t know why Water World was so badly criticized.


  4. Gar Swaffar said:

    Flyoverhere – Courageous! Our Men’s Ministry showed that a while back. Lot’s of Guys with allergies that morning.


  5. Casblanca. And of course foe pure schmaltz, tie between Time in a Bottle, and Th/e Lake House


    • Agreed on Casablanca. Have not seen the other two movies you mentioned. I’ll have to take a look at them the next time I see one of them run on TV.


  6. goshawk3 said:

    Pepp, good idea to get off politics now and then. Especially with the world conditions as they are. However, just to touch on politics for a bit, but in the scheme of your subject matter. There is one movie I would love to see made and put out before the election.

    It could be surreal or even Si-Fi, hell, the scripts are already written.

    A movie with all the intrigue of any good mystery, and that is, ‘How the youngest but most advanced and powerful nation on the planet managed to elect a pure enemy as President!


  7. Hi Pepp, I’ll second goshawk getting away from politics for a bit is a good idea.
    Me, I love a good comedy. The best I’ve ever seen is (It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World) It had almost all the big stars of the time in it.


  8. Hi Goshawk3, A movie to be released in July or August.

    ‘2016 Obama’s America’ intended to open voters eyes.

    Read the story at. http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/movie-seeks-presidents-real-roots/


  9. Just Gene said:

    Refreshing – we do need to keep living even while we fight for our country. More right – Arsenic and Old Lace is the funniest movie ever made – with The Gods must be Crazy and the slapstick Mad, Mad, Mad ( I forget how many there are supposed to be) World running a close second. But your pictures made me sad – Ava was my first love – when they kicked her of the Show Boat I cried for a month. The best to you guys.


    • Hi Gene,

      Oh, Ava was my idol. I thought she was so exotically beautiful.
      I also think Arsenic and Old Lace is the funniest with Cary Grant. I can watch it over and over and still laugh my head off at that one. The faces of Grant in that movie are priceless.


  10. I like all the movies mentioned and I’m almost embarrassed to list one of my favorites, but what the heck: Streets of Fire.

    Cheesy but I still watch it whenever it’s on…


  11. Arsenic and Old Lace is by far my all time favorite movie with Forest Gump coming in behind somewhere behind The Wizard of Oz. When I need a good laugh ‘right now’ I watch a DVRed episode of the British Top Gear. I can also entertain myself with memories of my trip to the States last summer. Talk about slap stick!
    We all desperately need a break from the horror show that is Washington D.C. these days, even some of the things coming out of there are so absurd as to be almost amusing.


  12. Pepp: Good piece. I’m not much of a movie person though often I think of Casablanca, “shocked…”. Who could forget Bogart and “frankly, my dear…..”? Classics and a classic part of culture.


  13. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    I guess that my list of my 10 favorite movies would be laughed at by Liberals (not that I care):

    1. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (John Wayne)

    2. Friendly Persuasion (Gary Cooper)

    3. The Searchers (John Wayne)

    4. They Were Expendable (Robert Montgomery, John Wayne)

    5. Thirty Seconds over Tokyo (Spencer Tracy, Van Johnson)

    6. Sargeant York (Gary Cooper)

    7. Gettysburg (Jeff Daniels, Tom Berenger)

    8. Robinson Crusoe on Mars (Paul Mantee)

    9. Jason and the Argonauts (Todd Armstrong; 1963)

    10. Arsenic and Old Lace (Cary Grant)

    Any of these 10 movies I can watch at anytime. Most of these 10 movies I have almost memorized.

    If I were to expand the list to my favorite 25 movies, the list would probably include some movies that most people have never heard of or quite possibly have forgotten.


    • Hi GrayGhost,

      Glad to see ya. Well, I find nothing embarrassing in the top ten movies you chose. I like most of them myself. It’s a very impressive list. I love Gary Cooper and most of the stars in those movies. I learned to really like John Wayne since being with the Hawk. I think I’ve seen every movie Cary Grant ever made. He’s top drawer.


  14. My favorites are Stephen King movies – Misery one of the best! But, my all time favorite is “Bridges of Madison County” with Eastwood and Meryl Streep.


    • Hi Donna,

      Misery is my favorite Stephen King movie too. I don’t really care for his other ones. But Kathy Bates was so good in that one. I had a good friend and we would be talking and then break out saying Oh, he’s a dirty birdie. I loved that line. For some reason it cracked me up.


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