Wicked Commentary

I’ll be taking a short time off from the blog due to some medical issues that need to be taken care of in Lexington since our internist and hospital here cannot handle some procedures, don’t have the necessary equipment and don’t have any emergency equipment in case something would go wrong.  We do live in the boonies and not every medical issue can be fixed here in this small, rural town. 

After we take care of those things, the Hawk and I will be back online for further bashing and gnashing of teeth. And hopefully some live humor too.

See you all in a little bit.

Ya’ll take care and we send our love to all our readers.



Comments on: "Short Interlude by Peppermint" (8)

  1. I can vouch for you living in the boonies. I think there was maybe a town in the general vicinity of Pepperhawk farm, but I must have blinked or been cussing at the B**tch in the box when we went through.
    Take it easy, and don’t let Ron get away with being a total Y. Prayers and love you with you both.


  2. Hi Purplegimp,

    Yes, you certainly can vouch for never seeing our town. All you have to do is blink and it’s gone. LOL! Thanks for the prayers. We always need them for one thing or another it seems. I’d like to get onto some kind of normal life but I doubt that exists.


  3. privbullright said:

    Pepp and Hawk, prayers go with you. God speed.


  4. Hope they can get you back into fighting shape soon. Prayers and best wishes for all to go well.


  5. Sending prayers up for you Pepp and Hawk. Take care and let me know how you are doing. Love you!!


  6. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Yall are in my prayers.


  7. Thx to everyone for your kindness and prayers. The app’t with the surgeon was re-scheduled so we are still in a state of waiting until the end of May.


  8. It is always excellent to take care of one’s health. Otherwise one does not have the strength to weep and wail, nor the teeth to gnash, if one wants to do so over current events. Take care and take your time. Best wishes….


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