Wicked Commentary

Red and the Mexicans crossed over into Arkansas with no further difficulty or interruptions.  But, when they were about 5 miles into Arkansas, what appeared to be military soldiers confronted and blocked the van from passing any further.

Red stopped the van about a yard from them not knowing who they were, what they wanted and how dangerous they were.

He waited, sweating profusely, while the military started towards him with their weapons.  The military and militia men outnumbered Red and the Mexicans so they did not try to do any shooting and waited to see what this meant.

What turned out to be a Marine asked him to open his window and hand over his documents.  Red told the Marine he really did not have any except for his driver’s license.

The Marine told him that was fine. Red gave it to him and while he inspected it other Marines and  militia men came closer to the van ready for any trouble.

The Marine asked Red what was he doing and where was he headed. Red told the Marine everything that happened and how they were trying to escape to one of the states that had seceded from the Union.  The Mexicans told the military men they wanted to go back to Mexico and get out of this mess the States were in.

After inspection, the Marines told Red they have to patrol the perimeter of each seceded state for the enemies of the free Union. He told Red they have debriefing areas for those who escape the government controlled areas of the country. They told the Mexicans they are not allowing anyone to return to Mexico now but they had plenty of work for them if they wanted some.

The Mexicans wanted a safe area of the country and jobs. Red would be going to the debriefing center where doctors tend to emotional and physical wounds suffered while in the states under Mr. No Blame.

The military allowed them to pass through the barricade. The Mexicans felt joy over being free again.  God bless those men shouted the Mexicans in pure relief. Red was too tired and in shock to say much of anything.

Once they arrived at the debriefing center, the Mexicans told Red they would look him up once they settled with their new jobs and a place to stay.  Red was glad they wanted to see him again. With all they had been through together Red felt like the 4 Mexicans were his best friends now.

Red went through a lot of therapy while at the debriefing center. During that time, his beloved Jeremy went to a quarantine animal hospital.  All animals coming into the state needed to be inspected.  Red expected to unite with Jeremy in about 2 weeks.  But, that never happened.  When Red went to pick up Jeremy the vets told him Jeremy had cancer.  Red had no money to save Jeremy so he agreed to put Jeremy down so he wouldn’t suffer any longer.

Several months later, the Mexicans settled in with their jobs and a couple of rooms provided by citizens of Arkansas who were helping people who relocated due to Mr. No Blame’s policies. They found the people of Arkansas to be friendly, helpful and full of life.

They visited Red mostly on Friday nights where they played cards.

The Mexicans noticed that Red seemed to be in another world and he rarely spoke about his life.  They told him all the stories of what they were up to on their new jobs and the people they met and enjoyed.  Red seemed to like hearing their escapades.

One Friday night, the Mexicans showed up at Red’s room for their regular card games but there was no answer when they knocked on the door. They found the door unlocked however and entered into Red’s small, two room apartment.

A letter addressed to them was lying on the card table.

Dear Friends,

I am so grateful to you for all you did to help me escape Mr. No Blame’s state of tyranny, but I find I cannot go on.  What I lost, my wife, my baby, my business, my home, my dog is  more than I can handle.  I suffer nights of no sleep and nightmares of terror. The dreams are mostly about the FEMA camp and those children being shot down. I cannot look at a child  because I feel like I should have done something to save them from their horrible deaths and being thrown in an open grave as if they were trash.  I cannot get that vision out of my head. It plagues me night and day.  I yearn for my family and the black holes beckon me.  I cannot keep myself from being sucked into the blackness.

With that said, I say adios to you, good friends and may we meet on the other side.

With fondness,

Red Acorn

The Mexicans were shocked and found Red lying on his bed in the other room. He had shot himself in the head with one of the guns they stole from the black shirts they killed along the way.

The Mexicans cried over Red’s untimely death and wondered after all they had gone through how Red could throw his life away.  However, the Mexicans knew all too well what Mr. No Blame’s tyranny and wreckage did to many people who found no reason to live. They saw the things Red had but it was the first time for Red.  Apparently Red could not live with those memories and in part they could not blame him. He lost so much, so quickly, had no idea what was going on for so long. They believed the damage done to Red’s mind and his beliefs was so brutal that his mind broke.

They knelt and prayed for Red.  The Mexicans crossed their hearts and started out with the sign of the cross:  In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

No one knew the torment,
That you were going through;
We only kept on seeing
What we really wanted to.

We saw the outward smile,
But not your inner pain;
We never really dreamt,
That you would never smile again.

Forgive us if we failed to see,
What we could do to aid;
Or if we failed to comprehend,
How much you were afraid.

We pray your mental anguish,
Will now forever cease;
And that your deep anxieties,
Will be replaced by peace.

We know your pain invaded,
Every single thought you had;
It made you cry internally,
And deeply, deeply sad.

Our lives have all been better,
Because you have been there;
So now we leave your memory,
In God’s all-loving care.


The Mexicans reported Red’s death and decided they needed to help other people who may felt the same way as Red.  They had a new mission in their lives, realizing now that there are people scarred for the rest of their lives by the Mr. No Blame administration.

el extremo


Comments on: "The Acorns Dilemma, Chapter XII by Peppermint" (30)

  1. privbullright said:

    Wow, I got to hand it to you, Pepp. You pulled the rug right out from under me. Great piece, the best. But I got to let it sink in a little.


  2. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Is this the final chapter?

    The SPOOK will be disappointed that his services and his ugger lager dogs won’t be needed anymore. ;-(


    • Willibeaux,

      The SPOOK will have other days and years to fight Mr. No Blame. Plenty of missions to be done. But, this one is done.


  3. OMFG!! I can only imagine what writing this chapter must have been like for you. The hurt,anger,grief. All those emotions. YOU,dear lady,have a set of stones most MEN would not be able to match just by writing this. Excellent job on the whole story. I still think you should see about getting it published.


    • clyde,

      Thanks so much for the lavish compliments. And what is kind of funny I’ve been told that before about having more stones than a lot of men.

      This was an agonizing chapter to write. Especially about Red I had to bring my own emotions up to do that and it was painful to say the least. I get to liking my main characters over time and I grew fond of Red and his four Mexicans who became good friends. I might add that killing Jeremy was gawd awful for me but been through that one too that brought up a lot inside of me.

      Thanks once again clyde.


  4. thedrpete said:

    Marvelous work, pepp. Not just this final chapter in this sad saga, but all of its preceding chapters. Thank you.

    Just a side note. Within the last week-to-ten-days, I’ve gone from receiving an email notification of a new post by you to an email notification for every comment. Given that your posts are very popular and incite gobs of comments, my inbox has been overwhelmed, particularly since I receive emails on my computer, my iPad, and my Droid. I’ve been forced to delete each email three times.

    I tried to ameliorate the situation with settings, but none has mitigated the onslaught. Finally, this morning I had to categorize any input from pepperhawk as “junk mail” so that it would go straight to the dumper. Still doesn’t solve things for the Droid and iPad. I’m sure that this is something that WordPress has done inadvertantly.


    • privbullright said:

      Drpete: I had the same thing. I thought I might have checked the box when I posted. Then I went to the settings link on the email and unchecked notifications for two different posts. That seemed to have worked, I think. Haven’t noticed it yesterday.


    • Thanks drpete about the story.

      I don’t know what has gone wrong. I’ve changed no settings in my dashboard. So I contacted WordPress support and described the problem to them. Hopefully it will get fixed.
      The Hawk had the same problem, getting multiple emails. Oddly enough, it does not do this to me. What can I say? Sorry this has been an annoyance, but I’m going to hope that WordPress will fix it.


  5. privbullright said:

    You packed a lot into that chapter. Especially the details. The impact of seeing that once stays with you. There are some who remember the concentration camps. I used to talk with a guy who still had the the number tatooed on his arm. What that is like living with that reminder. (or the memory of supporting a regime till it turns on you) One thing for sure, you never “get over” that. Outstanding story but it had me wondering what he might do. As I said, I don’t think Poe had anything on this, or Hitchcock for that matter.


    • PBR,

      I imagined I put you into a state of shock. The Hawk is still in a state of shock and has made no comment so far on here. But, he told me he did not like how I ended this story.

      Having a number tattooed on yourself from a concentration camp is bad enough then to carry those memories must be horrifying. No one gets over that is for sure.

      My best friend who died right after Jeff, worked in a Jewish nursing home for some years and most of them had been in the concentration camps. I recall a lot of stories she told me about them. Indeed, it was a difficult job but Linda loved those Jewish folks so much and took good care of them. When I think of heroes I think of someone like Linda who gave so much.

      Thanks for your compliment but I know I’m no Poe or Hitchcock. Thanks a bunch anyway.


      • privbullright said:

        So I take it Red’s revolution is over. But you always have a few surprises up your sleeve.


  6. Davetherave said:


    Shit far; you blew my mind with this final chapter! Great work and I never saw this coming. What a tremendously sad ending to a roller coaster ride story. You really poured your heart out with this final chapter teach and I thank you so much for this great story. I’m not sure if the ending of this story makes me sadder than the fact that the story has ended?????

    Got any new idea’s for another story??? 🙂


    • Davetherave said:

      P.S. Great and very touching poem. That has a personal touch of true heartache…


  7. goshawk3 said:

    Pepp was right when she said “I was still in a state of shock.” When I read the part about putting his dog, Jeremy, down. It hit my emotions very hard. (got really choked up.) On top of that, when I read that Red did away with himself I became overwhelmed.

    Even though I’m Pepps husband, she will never tell me anything about the story she’s writing. She makes me wait to read it just like the rest of you. I was hoping that that Red, and Jeremy, would go on to become hero’s fighting the Totalitarian government. But alas, it was not to be.

    I really hated to see the story end, (Pepp is such a prolific writer.) But it was taking a lot out of her. And given what that Traitor Ovomit is doing to our country, it was becoming all to real for her. So for that reason I’m glad she ended the story.

    But not to worry, I know she’ll come up with another story.


    • privbullright said:

      Hawk in shock? That part of Jeremy was a tear jerker. I bet it did take a toll on Pepp. Ol’ Red seemed to draw a short hand on everything. Unfortunately, we always have this ongoing sick reality show in front of us, providing lots of material. The libs were thankful for all the political ammo Bush gave them. I only f wish I could feel that way. Thanks should never be used in the same sentence with Obummer.


  8. Hi Pepp,

    Totally shocked, never saw that coming at all. Sad to see the Acorn story end, can’t wait for your next story.


  9. Wow pepp, good ending that I never expected…..


  10. LOVED IT! Good ending.


  11. Pepp,
    That ending blew me away. It’s taken this long for me to get over it enough to comment. In a way it would have been nice if Red had gone on to become a hero, but, this ending is probably more real than any other. And therein lies a major part of the tragedy unfolding before us daily. People can only take so much before becoming overwhelmed. My heart aches for Red. I’m now anticipating your next saga. You really should be published. I’ve only been reading since I was 3, and I do know good(great) writing when I read it. YOU ARE GREAT.


    • Gimp,

      Yeah, I think the ending did blow a lot of people away. I like to surprise people and I know this ending was not one people wanted but that’s how it goes. I have to end the story somehow. Seemed fitting to me. And true enough it’s a lot for anyone to handle. Poor Red went through so much.

      Thx for the lavish praise. I don’t think I deserve being called great but I won’t argue with you and have you come back and give me a scolding. LOL!


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