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Excerpts from a letter by Tom DeWeese of The American Policy Center:

“They’ve called out the big guns!

And their intention is to crush me, the American Policy Center (APC) and our battle to stop the UN’s Agenda 21.

For years they ignored us as we tried to sound the alarm that Agenda 21 was a plan to completely transform our American form of government.

More recently they have attempted to make light of our battle, ridicule us and call us radical fringe conspiracy theorists.

But that mild tactic isn’t working.

Our successful and growing campaign against Agenda 21, that has caused more than 50 American communities to end their membership in the UN’s ICLEI; legislation in several states in support of private property rights; and a growing army of activists opposing Agenda 21 in nearly every city in the country – has scared them!

So today, they intend to stop us now – forever And they are sparing no expense – they are using everything they have to crush us.

Conservative Action Alerts has put up a petition to sign free of charge.  Then there is a section for you to send letters to all of your reps in your areas. The link is at the end of this article for you to click on and sign the petition. 

Please help take action on Agenda 21 which the Fraud in Chief is pushing and promoting.  Our very lives and living depend on this program being castrated.

People are already losing their homes, farmers losing their farms as the EPA is working hand in hand with Agenda 21.  This makes us a country led and dominated by the UN, a place full of nut job dictators to take the wealth of our country for themselves.  We will no longer be a sovereign nation under Agenda 21, but a satellite of the UN.  This must stop now. 

More excerpts from Tom DeWeese:

“First, they are using their power in the main-stream media to label us at a bunch of nuts who could be violent.

Who am I talking about? All the forces on the Left who are pushing the UN’s Agenda 21 into nearly every community in our nation.

These include, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI); the American Planning Association (APA); the Sierra Club: and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to name a very few.

They have massive war chests, powerful government contacts, and an agenda to transform America’s government structure.

And APC is in their way! So now they are using all of their influence, power and money to stop me.

It started last December as the Washington Post ran a story on Anti- Agenda 21 activists in Virginia that have organized to stop Sustainable Development programs (Agenda 21) in numerous cities. The Post article painted these activists as extremists, using terms like “ultra conservative.” They accused us of “shouting down” officials, and “delaying” public planning meetings.

In February, a front page article in the New York Times carried a headline “Activists Fight Green Projects, Seeing U.N. Plot.” Again, our cause was reported to the public as being just a bunch of nuts stopping the hard work of legitimate government.

Said one news article entitled “Anatomy of a conspiracy theory,” “it’s a really good scare story. It’s big on fear, it’s big on fiction, and it’s short on fact.”

Planners who are busy enforcing Agenda 21 in communities across the country, are portrayed in most of the news media as just honest professionals who are trying to do their job, but are being bothered and delayed from their work by these bothersome right wing fanatics.

There is no attempt to even consider our position. We are just nuts to be pushed aside and out of the way.

These are extreme tactics by an elite who do not want you to have a say in how your property or your life is going to be affected by these policies.

While attacking me, groups like the American Planning Association are feverishly working to cover their tracks and hide their true intent. In fact, the APA is now organizing “boot camps” to train their people to counter and attack our efforts against Agenda 21.

In each of these articles, and in many more that have been published across the country, I and APC have been singled out as the leader of the anti-Agenda 21 movement.

Certainly I and APC are leaders in an effort to oppose government policy – but never have we advocated violence or civil disobedience – but that is what we are being accused of.

They intend to stop at nothing to make sure our movement is crushed.

And here is why their attacks and charges against me and APC are so dangerous.

Most recently the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has singled me out in an article entitled “Antigovernment Conspiracy Theorists Rail Against UN’s Agenda 21 Program.

In another article SPLC issued about APC’s Freedom Action Conference last year, it reported “Patriot Rhetoric Becomes Increasingly Violent,” and it said participants at our conference were “united by rage.”

I am not “anti-government.” I am against a government “policy” (Agenda 21/Susatainable Development) that I believe is BAD for our country. My opposition to this policy is no different than any opposition to policy that has ever been debated in the halls of congress, in presidential debates, or in letters to the editor.

It’s simply freedom of speech – the right to speak out against issues. It’s honest, open debate. But those enforcing Agenda 21 do not want open debate. They work behind the scenes, in back rooms, hiding their efforts.

But, the reason the attack by the SPLC is so dangerous is that this far- left hate group has very close ties to the federal Department of Home land Security.

The SPLC runs government-sanctioned police training programs, in which they teach law enforcement officers that groups like APC are possible domestic terrorists that need to be watched.

In 2009 the SPLC helped the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to produce a document entitled “Right-wing Extremism…” that labeled anyone who advocates Constitutional authority is a potential domestic terrorist.

A few weeks later, with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center, DHS issued a second report entitled “Domestic Extremism Lexicon,” in which DHS said those Americans who express concerns over the economy, loss of jobs, antagonism towards the Obama Administration, anti-abortion, anti- illegal immigration, and oppose global governance – are extremists, bordering on terrorism.

In 2010, The SPLC specifically targeted me and the American Policy Center and out “Freedom Action Conference” we held in Valley Forge, PA in a report entitled “Patriot Rhetoric Becomes Increasingly Violent.” They said we were “united by rage.”

Now, the SPLC has specifically targeted my efforts against Agenda 21.

I take the SPLC involvement in the growing attacks on our anti-Agenda 21 efforts as a dire threat against me, APC and all the patriots now opposing Agenda 21 in communities across the nation.

It could lead to government-monitored tea party meetings; charges of conspiracy against the government and even arrest and jail for those of us who are speaking out in opposition to Agenda 21. “

Tell Congress: NO AGENDA 21!


Also if you wish or can donate to Tom DeWeese’s American Policy Center you can go to this link:  https://americanpolicy.wufoo.com/forms/z7x3k1/
Click here to make a donation!


Comments on: "Dangerously Alive and Well: Agenda 21 by Peppermint" (19)

  1. Davetherave said:

    Really good post Pepp! Agenda 21 is a death pill for the United States. I’m pasting the petition link on FB, so if you don’t hear from me anymore just do me a favor and put me in your next Acorn Chapter that the Black Shirts hauled Therave away…


    • Good job Dave. Spread the link wherever you can. This is a very serious and dangerous program. The UN plans to reduce us to the barest of resources thus very few Americans will be left alive because there will be no place to live except on these tiny pieces of land and people have to live in tenements, no cars, your water and electric consumption will be monitored (for those of us left alive). I also think the FEMA camps play a role here too in the elimination of many people.


  2. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! I’m confident when push comes to shove, true patriotic Americans will unite and cut this UN snake’s head off.

    Most of the UN’s police force is from 3rd world countries and have no idea what 800,000 pissed-off hunters from WI can do when provoked. If you do a roll call, you’ll see comparable numbers from 49 other states.

    It will probably take a little proding to arouse a sleeping giant but its been done before.

    Keep the faith baby.

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Willibeaux,

      I’m trying to keep the faith and hope going but, boy it’s hard some days. I do hope the American people can get through to their reps. I know there are many ticked off people out in America because I see it reading comments everywhere I go on the web.
      I suppose it’s going to take a lot more to get the people up and moving from the giant sleep but I hope it happens before our Republic is completely gone.


    • goshawk3 said:


      I agree. But I’m extremely disappointed and upset that our military has done nothing to stop this Communist take-over. They should have had a coup a long time ago. I think that the
      Generals have become a bunch of PC Wussies!


  3. privbullright said:

    “united by rage.”
    It is breathtaking how they can stand truth on its head and practically get away with it. (more signs of the sheer evil of it all) Actually, I admit people can be “united by outrage” which might be accurate. But “united by rage” is more hyperbole, the kind SPLC specializes in. They are only “united by rage” that anyone opposes their efforts. And SPLC are also chief offenders that frame outrage against out of control (and dangerous) illegal immigration as “anti-immigration”. There is nothing honest about their rhetoric or their motivations.


    • PBR,

      Well stated. It can just about knock one over with the lies that come out of these media and other leftist agencies. I have to admit my jaw drops open in shock many times.

      What citizen would not be enraged knowing that we are being sold down the river to the UN and under the Agenda 21, we have no property rights, water rights, access to electricity as they deem fit? The EPA is throwing farmers off their property under the falsity that they are polluting the waters with pesticides even though tests of the waters show no signs of pesticides. The EPA is one arm of Agenda 21 under the Fraud in Chief.

      Under Agenda 21 we not even be able to drive our cars or own one if they deem it so.
      I’ll admit to being one outraged citizen.


    • Davetherave said:


      Great comment buddy!


  4. privbullright said:

    So now we have Media Matters and SPLC designated as official go-to spokespeople for the administration. Kind of stranger than fiction.


    • PBR,

      This whole administration is stranger than fiction. Good thought. Media Matters seems to have their mark on everything these days, looking for the “horrible” things conservatives do and say. All the while their side gets away with saying the most foul of things. Hypocrisy be thy name.


  5. After sending off MY letter,I’m sure they’ll be coming for me as well. ANYTHING to do with the goddamn U-frigging-N MUST be stopped.


    • clyde,

      Thanks for sending your letter. It seems that those of us who sent the letters all added our own little tidbit to them. I imagine I’ll be in the same FEMA camp you’re in. LOL! And you are right the UN must go. Why are we still in that banana republic slop of dictators anyway? Oh, I forgot we have our own dictator now.


    • Davetherave said:


      LMAO! Ya’ just gave me another idea for a T-shirt: “U-frigging-N. I love it…

      The “U”seless “N”uts is the most destructive organization on the face of our planet.


    • Bullright,

      That is an excellent link! Exposing Ovomit for the slime that he is!

      I went on to find the Ovomit campaign website for source.

      Go to the link below, then click on the “Truth Team” drop down menu. On the drop down click on “attackwatch” and “Keepinghisword” One can see a long list of the Ovomits campaign Lies!



      • privbullright said:

        Thanks for the link. You’re right. They label people for supposedly “betting against America”, while they sit in George Soros’s sandbox. Everythng is upsidedown or reversed in liberalland. Telling Obama to “start packing” must have sent them over the edge. They are using everything as a fundrainser, but he seems short of his goals. And he burns it as fast as he get it…so we have to endure much more of his charades. Next it will be opposing Obama is to be against America. What a crock.


        • goshawk3 said:

          Bull, that’s what he is trying to brainwash people into thinking. If you oppose Ovomit, you are against America!


  6. privbullright said:

    PSS: well, I guess it is neatly organized so his media henchmen can find all his talking points(propaganda) with one easy click.


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