Wicked Commentary

Red and the Mexicans reached his home in record time as the city was burning down.  Red pulled the van into his garage so they could load up the things they needed for their escape from the area held by the black shirts.

They each knew they could take very little so they could make room for necessary items like meat and bread for sandwiches.  The meat was packaged lunch meat that the Mexicans stole from the meat-packing facility where they had to work.  So they had a lot of that to throw into the cooler.  They put many jugs of water into the van.  None of them believed they would be able to stop for food or water since they had to pass through the southern part of Illinois and partly into Missouri held by the black shirts and then into safety in Arkansas.

They were playing cards to pass the time and not think of the dangers ahead of them.  The doorbell rang and all of them froze.  Red figured whoever it was would go away as there appeared to be nobody home.  But the bell kept ringing.  Finally Red decided he had better see who was there. It was a black shirt, one he did not recognize. Red opened the door and asked what the problem was.

The black shirt told Red there was a bombing in the city today and the entire city was on fire, buildings were completely demolished, particularly government buildings. He warned Red that the people responsible for this destruction were on the loose and he needed to keep his doors and windows locked as this had to be an act by terrorists. Red almost lost his blank face to laugh out loud. But he held control and thanked the black shirt for the warning.  He also told Red the grid was quite damaged and there was no electricity now.  They would be in complete darkness.  Red liked that thought.

Red went back downstairs and told the Mexicans who laughed until they almost busted their guts over it.  Red joined in the laughter but he also was almost near a panic attack realizing he was now a “terrorist”.  What nonsense the Mexicans told him. They told Red he was only fighting for his country.  Red knew that was true, but he also knew there were FEMA camps for people like himself, a domestic terrorist as defined by this corrupt government.  Red shuddered over the thought.

After dark, Red, the Mexicans and Jeremy hit the road. They had to get to one of the states that had seceded from the union.  They were in Springfield, Illinois. Arkansas, Mississippi, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma were a few of the states who had seceded when the black shirts started to take over the states.  Red needed to only get to Arkansas to be safe. The Mexicans planned on going back to Mexico through Texas.

Since the Mexicans had worked in almost every state doing some job in their illegal status, they knew all the back roads to drive and elude the black shirts; at least they hoped that would work to their favor.

As soon as darkness fell over Springfield, they took off in the van and immediately got to a back road to get to Arkansas. These states that left the union were under friendly military control.  

Red had already taken as much money as he could out of this account, but not all of it in order not to draw attention by the government bank agency that warned the black shirts about such large amounts being taken out at one time.

Mostly they needed gas.  Red and the Mexicans had loaded up with extra gas cans for that reason. Red just hoped they had enough so they did not have to make any gas stops.

Red drove for hours on back, bumpy farm roads.  He was worn out.  The mindless driving made his thoughts go to unpleasant matters best left in the darkest recesses of his brain.  He missed his wife so much and every thought about his son tore at his heart. Red felt like a broken man.  All the memories he had to leave behind because there was no room for many personal items. All Red had left of his family now was one picture of the three of them in his wallet.  

Up ahead as Red tried to get his eyes back to being non blurry, he saw lights ahead which looked like it could be a road block.  His heart pounded in his chest and he shouted for the Mexicans to wake up and told them there was danger ahead, he was sure of it. He was approaching the town of Belleville.

They approached the road block cautiously and stopped about 50 feet from the vans blocking their path.  Red and the Mexicans immediately recognized the tell-tale signs of the black shirt vehicles, all marked Federal Government Agencies.

Red and the Mexicans sized up how many of the black shirts were there and could make out about a 4 of them. Red wondered how on earth they would get past this roadblock.

One of the black shirts approached the drivers’ side of the van. Two others stood directly in front of the van, while another black shirt approached the passenger side.  The black shirt on Red’s side ordered Red out of the van. He wanted to see Red’s papers and demanded to know where they going. Red got his identity papers out of his wallet giving it to the black shirt.

On the other side of the van, the Mexicans were piling out the door as ordered by another black shirt.  

Red told the black shirt that he was taking the Mexicans to another town for work. The black shirt interrogating Red pulled out his gun and stuck it into Red’s belly telling him they either gave themselves up or he would shoot them all down. Red’s face burned with the injustice of this.

Just at that point, something flew past Red and knocked the black shirt down.  It was Jeremy, all 120 lbs. of muscle and strength who completely knocked the black shirt down to the ground. Jeremy had his jaws dug into the throat of the black shirt. When Jeremy hit the black shirt, his gun went flying so he was no longer armed. Red just watched in semi horror as Jeremy’s teeth sunk into the black shirt’s throat killing him slowly. Red could not take his eyes off the attack and heard the gurgling of the black shirt’s last breath.

In the background, almost as if he were in a murky film, Red heard the sound of gun shots. The 4th Mexican who got out of the van was carrying the shot-gun they had and was blasting away at the 3 black shirts that were in the way.  The Mexican caught the 3 black shirt off guard.  They laid on the road dead.

Red and the Mexicans dragged all 4 black shirts into the two vans they had and drove them as far into the woods as they could.  They grabbed all the black shirts’ guns and ammo for use in possible other situations.

They hoped there were no more black shirts in the area so they would not find the bodies for quite sometime.  The Mexicans told Red it was doubtful since being off the beaten path, there probably were no more black shirts in the area.

They all jumped back into the van and headed for the town of Cairo where they would cross the state line into Missouri.  In the states of Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee the citizens waged war with the black shirts and those states were very dangerous right now. Red knew once in Missouri they could run into worse trouble if caught.

Red drove the van now in a state of disbelief that now he was a murderer. Never in his entire life did he think he could take the life of another person.  He sobered his thoughts by telling himself it was Jeremy who killed the black shirt who was threatening his life.

The Mexicans told him to stop thinking foolish thoughts and that indeed they were fighting in self-defense to meet safety.  The Mexicans also told Red they had no intention of entering the states again to work.  They had enough of this and were weary and home sick for their families.

Red thought to himself that at least they had families somewhere. What would he do once they reached Arkansas? He had nothing left.

Red realized what he was doing was necessary since President No Blame took away all their inalienable rights.

Even though it was a bitter thought, he knew now this president lied to the citizens before the election. He cursed the day he voted for him.

Then out of nowhere, Red recalled a partial sentence from the Declaration of Independence, “….with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” 


To be continued……………..




Comments on: "The Acorns Dilemma, Chapter X by Peppermint" (20)

  1. Good stuff. Just keeps getting better. I still think you NEED to publish this in book form. If you need a proofreader…..


    • clyde,

      Thx. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Well, you can be my proof reader. That’s fine by me.
      All the chapters are in one place under the block on top that says The Acorn Series if you want to proof read it. We just have to figure out a publisher. I think you mentioned Regency in the past? Are you sure this is good enough to publish?


      • Yes,IMHO,I think it is indeed good enough to publish.Aside from a very few grammatical errors,it is well-written,which makes for a FAR more enjoyable reading experience. That,along with subject matter,makes it a good read which should sell. Maybe not make the NYT bestseller list,but scarew them. Regnery Publishing,out of New York,seems to do better with conservative-themed books than the other houses.


  2. Not to be fresh, but it’s about time we got another chapter.

    Spellbinding as usual.

    (You could also consider self-publishing, you know.)

    Welcome back.


    • Hi Paulie,

      Fresh eh? Yeah, I know it took me long enough. I keep thinking I’ll get a chapter up sooner but something always gets in the way, like life. LOL!
      Glad you enjoyed the much overdo next chapter.


  3. goshawk3 said:

    Wow Pepp! This is getting more and more exciting with every chapter. It will be hard to wait for the next one.

    Excellent Pepp!


  4. Hi Pepp,

    Great chapter. This story just keeps getting better and better.
    I can’t wait for the next chapter.


  5. pepp, when I first started reading this story less than a year ago I read it with a much different take than I do today. We have seen so many things that point to your story becoming prophecy rather than fiction……God Be With Us!


    • FOH,

      Right. It seems that what I’m writing is not fiction if you consider what we’ve seen so far out of the Fraud in Chief’s actions.
      God be with us is certainly what we need to be praying. I pray every single night that God will deliver us from this evil.


  6. privbullright said:

    Another great installment. This keeps getting better, if that is possible. I’m addicted; I was starting to get withdrawls. What lies ahead for Red? But I’ve been waiting to see another chapter. The guy has a lot on his mind.


    • PBR,

      Thx. Glad you enjoyed it. I need to get my chapters out more quickly than I have.
      Red has tons of his poor mind. LOL! Naive is his name.


  7. Davetherave said:


    Excellent new chapter! I’m so hooked on this story that I can use it to keep my mind occupied and stop going out and picking shitty ass woman for relationships. My batting average sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d like to give a rebel yell and say “HELL YEAH!” to good ole Jeremy. Call me a psycho, but I really enjoyed reading that part…read it twice in a row 🙂

    Black shirts, President No Blame…you bust my gut with your euphemisms you come up with! You are such a talented writer and I enjoy reading this story so much. Please just don’t make us wait so long again for the next chapter…throw me a bone Pepp!

    P.S. “IF” something like this ever happened I’d bet there would be plenty of fighting going on in my home state of card carrying professional rednecks…I give you KY!


    • Dave,

      Thx for your lavish compliments. LOL! I guess it keeps your mind occupied for a few minutes anyway away from those shitty women.

      I especially enjoyed the part about Jeremy too. I pictured my own shepherd doing what Jeremy did. That was fun.

      Oh, yeah, the state of KY is having its’ battle (having a dumbocrat government) but the rednecks from this state are winning.


  8. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! The SPOOK has liaisons in all of the states that have seceded. Our organization is preparing a big surprise for the Blackshirts if they continue to persecute Red and the patriots still hanging on.

    Let me know if you and the ‘awk are available for some action. The SPOOK would be pleased to have you, the ‘awk, and your ugger lager dogs part of another exercise.

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Hi Willibeaux,

      Thanks, the SPOOK is definitely needed for reconnaissance. Much is going on in the states that have seceded from the union. They are united in their quest to get our country back to its’ Republic.

      Of course the ‘Awk, me and our ugger lager dogs are quite willing to join exercises. Give us liberty or give us death.

      ‘ooRah! (:)


  9. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Another good chapter Pepp. However, why didn’t Red and the Mexicans drain the gas tanks of the Black Shirts’ vehicles? Red needs to think of these things, as it could mean the difference in life and death.

    What part of Arkansas are they going to try to cross into (i.e., NW, North Central, or NE)?


    • Gray Ghost,

      What makes you think they didn’t drain the gas tanks? LOL!

      They are going to cross over in the NE of Arkansas as of this date in time. That could change depending on how the story progresses.

      Thanks for coming by and reading the story.


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