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Fridays the government dumps whatever it does not want you to see or hear.  Beware of Friday afternoons around 5PM. when those dumps occur.  Greta Van Susteren has taken it upon herself to highlight and give us the lowdown on the document dumps on Friday night.  Ha, I guess I could call it Friday Fright Nights by the Creature from Kenya.

The most egregious was the new EO by our fearless Fraud in Chief.  You can read all about it here as written by  Chuck Norris.

It is so over reaching it takes your breath away with the sheer arrogance of the Creature from Kenya.  Under this EO, he can grab your food, your car, house, whatever he deems is needed.  And for what?

Immediately I thought, I have to write my rep and senators over this.  No, I thought, this is important enough to call them.

I ended up doing nothing.  I’ve reached the point where after 3 + years of this man in the White House doing every bit of unconstitutional business as he sees fit, and no one does a thing about it, why bother?

The EPA’s latest, another attack on the coal industry was released for the public but as usual this war on coal is played down so many people don’t even know what the EPA is doing. This issue scares me. The state of Kentucky relies 90% on coal for energy.  There are other states who would be destroyed by this lack of coal energy and one that is cheap and plentiful.  The EPA is following the will of the Monster in Chief who simply dictated they do his dirty business since Congress would not pass his crap and tax bill.  As usual he just went around them with his EOs.

Ah, another thing I have to call my reps about, but I did nothing.  Why bother? 

The president is being laughed at with jokes, floats from Germany, Danish cartoons, British jokes, etc.  You get the idea.  How humiliating this man is!  He has made the US the laughing stock of every ally all over the world.  The Muslim countries I imagine are enjoying this quite a lot.  They see a weak idiot running our country.

Then to top things off, the Fraud is caught on an open mic wheeling and dealing with the Russian president Medveded about how he’ll have somewhat free rein after he is re-elected.

Wow!  I didn’t realize the election had taken place and we now have 4 more years of horror to face with the Liar in Chief.  Not to mention the content of the conversation between him and Medveded which was another set of horrors to hear.

What good does it do to complain, to write your reps?  None. 

The cost of gas?  What does the Idiot in Chief do?  Lie, telling people he allowed the southern part of the Keystone Pipeline to go forward when he had nothing to do with it.  It was already approved.

His idea of helping the situation is to open the Strategic Oil Supply.  This will not help.  The cost of gas is directly related to the policies of this monster in the WH.  He has made it no secret he wants us off the oil, coal, any type of fossil fuel and onto ethereal forms of energy that don’t even exist at this point.

And I have to wonder at the speculators of oil and all those people who wring their hands over Iran and the fear they will block the Strait of Hormutz. Why?

If Iran did block the Strait it is an act of war against all countries as it is an international waterway.  Any country could take it upon themselves to bomb the little ships of Iran.  Good grief! We have enough bombing power to blow Iran’s ships out of the water never to be seen again. So what is the constant worry over this?

But why bother talking about it?  Why bother writing reps or calling them?  It seems that there is not one single person in this country with the guts to call out the Fraud in Chief over all of his disastrous policies, his unconstitutional acts, his usurping of his power, his fraud, his bribery, his threats to the press about what they can print, his threats he has made to the American people.

I feel done.  Burned and bummed out over it all.  November can’t come soon enough and then that may not be our answer either.  I guess I hope when it comes time to vote, that people then go forth in droves to vote out this destructive man from office.  At least I hope by that time the American people are not so burned out they tell themselves before voting, “why bother?”




Comments on: "Burned and Bummed Out by Peppermint" (44)

  1. Davetherave said:

    Great post Pepp!

    You are exactly correct in my opinion and I reached that point about a month or so ago. There is no use in signing petitions, writing our elected officials or really doing anything anymore to try and stop the Lunatic and Chief. All we can now do is put our trust in the Lord and vote in November. No one in Dipshit City is going to do a damn thing to help us, so I’m done dealing with them. I’ll vote their ass out, if and when I get the chance. The only way the other elected officials would let Obamastalin get away with all this bullshit is they are just as corrupt as he is…


    • DavetheRave,

      Thx and it is too bad but everything the Liar does never gets dealt with by anyone so I am in the same mind frame. Vote the bastards out. They are all corrupt except for a very few which probably we could count on one hand.

      It’s disgusting the whole last 3+ years have been a nightmare. I told the Hawk the other day that this is just emotionally wearing. All the crazy making crap and lies constantly coming at us is like a daily assault. But I think I’ve said that before.

      Do take a look at that new EO where Chuck Norris outlines it all. It is worth the read so you can see how far this monster is willing to go.


      • Davetherave said:

        OMG Pepp! Not even Edwin Black could defend this POS EO. Now that says a lot about how bad this one really is. Black will fight to the death defending any crap a liberal will do, but not even he can defend this crazy ass EO. Well; there is simply nothing left Obamastalin can do that will surprise or shock me. He’s an eff’en monster and we need Van Helsing’s expertise to kill this monster…


  2. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk and the Rave! There is nothing I can contribute to your excellent posts. I have been so disgusted with my Dem Rep. and 2 Dem. Senators.It is an absolute impossibility to ever get an honest response to a legitimate concern.

    I don’t have the energy or time to waste with these clowns.

    Please God! Have mercy on us.


    • Willibeaux,

      You’re right. It take a lot of energy to deal with the crooks in DC. They don’t give a hoot about the people and they have proven themselves to be just a bunch of no goods staying in office to gather all the perks and money they can make. Being the legislature of our country it is pretty pathetic the treatment we get from them.


  3. Can’t do much with the bozos from Michiruit. I screwed up in ’08. Not this time. Too important to take a chance.


    • clyde,

      You’re a real gem.

      I had to try out your head shaking thing because I had vertigo real bad today. I had to shake my head about a half dozen times, but it worked and i stopped being dizzy. So thanks for that tip.


  4. Since when are lumps of coal gems??? bwahahahahaha Glad that works for you. Forgot something in my last post. I think it is high time to move to END the practice of Executive Orders for ANY potus. Too easily abused,IMHO.


    • Davetherave said:

      “I’m just an old lump of coal, but I’m gonna be a diamond somday.” Now dat dar be a good ole cuntry song clyde!

      E.O.’s? Vote them out with Obamastalin, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Canter…hell all of em’ and lets just start the whole shooting match over with 2 term limits for everyone and a 10 year term limit for the SCOTUS. No one should get to make a living in Dipshit City. Do your damn service and go back to where ever the hell you came from!

      Is that too bold a statement for TheRave??????


    • clyde

      Did you know that all EOs by a president are unconstitutional. I asked the question on the 10th amendment site and that was the answer I got.

      Now the King of Fraud is up to about 115 EOs.


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    Complacency is the current mood of the American masses. American Idol, Pop stars, and the latest latte offering are far too important to pay any attention to the death of the nation.


    • Gar,

      So true and that is one reason this Fraud will get re-elected again.

      He’s got it all going for him with the liberal media covering for him and his screw ups and on top of that touting him as the greatest president ever. Makes one barf.


  6. Let me submit the following for your consideration:

    “But if I am destined to die, let my scabbard be empty, and my sword red with the blood of men who would deny freedom.”

    -Col. Travis of the Alamo, upon realization that all 185 soldiers would die within the fortress

    “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.”

    -Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909), American author, reformer, Unitarian clergyman; author of The Man Without a Country

    “No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

    – Edmund Burke, Irish orator, philosopher, and politician (1729-1797)

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

    – Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)

    And of course there’s the quintessential:

    “Never give in. Never, never, never, never! Never yield in any way, great or small, large or petty, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force and the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

    -Winston Churchill


    • Interface,

      Very good advice. Unfortunately the voters in this country are overwhelmingly in favor of another Obama term. How do you keep the hope?


      • By following my own advice and remembering Who’s really the one in control, and what His plan is for His children (which, alas and forsooth, doesn’t not include those who reject Him).


  7. privbullright said:

    Excellent, you state it very well with “Friday Fright Nights”. But then every day and time is scary with Obama, just that Fridays are particularly frightening. Burned and bummed all over again is spot on.


    • privbullright said:

      What makes me mad is the SPOR release consideration. At the same time Bloomnerg reports “Gasoline demand in the U.S. slid for the third week in four in the seven days ended March 16, an Energy Department report showed this week.” (wonder why?) Talk about grasping at straws – or straw men in Zero’s case. But I suppose he has a refinery in his back pocket too, to process it all. No, in fact three refineries are shutting their doors in Pa, which handle more than half of the Northeast’s refining capacity. He signals this SPOR possibility while having all the wrong anti-energy policies, and while claiming there is nothing he can do that will have an effect on prices. This is what happens when you have an inexperienced, angry, ideologue at the helm.


    • privbullright said:

      Diesel is 4.50 here and regular is 4.07 plus. Gas is up over 30 cents from last year’s highs. So if I stretch that out over 10 years, gas would be over 7.00 and diesel closer to 8.00. Obama’s campaign manager said (promised) this week that in a decade the average car would get 56-58 mpg, thus saving people and families around 4 thousand dollars. I wonder how they get their “saving” estimates? For pure speculation, I figured a penny a day for the next 40 years – which is what it has risen at times – brings us to around 40 dollars a gallon. But as bad a picture as that all is, I wonder what his subsidies of “alternative green energy” would be by then. And then factor in that they want to impose a new gas tax to pay for infrastructure projects, then the sky is the limit for prices. (some estimates of the tax increase were up to 40 cents more a gallon.)


    • PBR,

      Right, I should have said that since I feel violated by this nut job every day. It’s almost scary to wake up and find out the next disastrous thing he’s done. It never ends.

      What I wonder is how people could want to vote this jerk back in for another term when he has hurt the poorest among us and the black community has been hit so hard it isn’t likely they’ll ever get out of poverty, not with him in office. He doesn’t even care about his own.


      • privbullright said:

        Well, all I know is can no longer claim to be the Mr. Clean he wanted people to think he was, now they know. He cannot be the cleanest thing in the District of Corruption, he’s at the center of it.


  8. privbullright said:

    I just read a call to action by a judicial watch/pro-life group. It contained this: “I know that many of you are tempted to become weary and give up – but the Bible tells us to “not become weary in well doing.” Please do not give up. Please stay engaged and *continue fighting for our Nation*, and praying that we will have another “Great Awakening.”

    The details don’t matter. It is correct; but telling people not to be weary is like telling someone not to feel pain after being whacked on the head with a 2×4. Worse yet, to “continue fighting for our nation” now involves actually ‘Fighting Our Nation’ – at various points of federal tyranny, in trying to save it.


    • PBR,

      I’m getting messages like that too, but I stil am finding it so hard to not drop down into despair over this situation.

      I know there are so many ignorant and uneducated voters out there who will vote to put him back into office. I don’t understand this at all unless these polls are being extremely skewed and we know anything revolving around the Fraud is skewed in his favor.

      And I do feel utterly weary.


  9. Hi Pepp,

    Like you I came to realize a little over a year ago that this clown was going to do what ever he felt like and nobody was going to stop him. I had hopes that when the Republicans took the house things would change. Silly me. I am so disgusted with all of them.
    The only time they want to talk to you is when they want your vote or your money or both.


  10. Last post until after we get back to Michigan. Time to pack up and haul ass. Catch up with y’all after we get home. C ya!


  11. Donna Rabus said:

    Good article, Pepp. I agree with you, but though I feel like giving up, I am going to keep up my fight. I love America and my freedoms too much to just let that SOB take over. He has pushed us all to the limit and somehow, he needs to be stopped. Just how??? I will continue to write letters, emails, phone calls to reps, senators, DC to voice my opinion. I may go down in the end, but it will not be without a fight. God Bless America!


  12. Pepperhawk, I heard a sermon over the weekend that I would strongly commend to you. Pastor Mark Minnock is the pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. Although I doubt he would admit it, many in fundamental Baptist circles are calling him the “new Spurgeon.” His preaching is a combination of sound exegesis and heart-felt application, all done without any ranting and raving. Very effective. The sermon I heard was on Isaiah 46 and is entitled “The Lord will perform all His pleasure” (April 1, 2012 AM service). It serves as a good followup to our exchange above. The church is experimenting with providing the sermons online for free, so you can download and listen or just listen by going to this website:


    Chin up and enjoy!


  13. Another quote from Winston Churchill: When you are going through hell, keep going! We are going through hell, but what choice do we have but to follow that advice? Pepp, I wrote a post on the shameless media cover-up for Obama’s gross incompetence, blatant criminality, treasonous behavior and now, along with cozying up to the Russians (well, what else would one expect from Comrade Obama?), he is threatening the SCOTUS! He is so ignorant of Constitutional law that one is struck by the abject failure of affirmative action. He’s a perfect example of a bad policy run amok. The media, with the exception of talk radio and the internet, and sometimes, but not always, Fox News, is truly now the Fourth Estate, the Fifth Column–a disgrace in a supposedly free society which always prided itself on an objective, honest press. I am trying to wake up as many brain-dead lefties as possible, but it is a monumental task given the complicity of the media in Obama’s misdeeds. Back to prayer.


    • Jan,

      Thx for the pep talk. Churchill had many good quotes to go by. What I wonder is where is our military on this fraud. They have got to know as millions of Americans already believe the prez is a fraud.


  14. No doubt many do, but I saw on the news today that the Army or some branch of the military is trying to discharge a soldier for criticizing Obama on his Facebook page. This is apparently against “Pentagon policy.” As Dr. Pete has pointed out, our military has been contaminated by naked political correctness and the bowing and scraping of the higher-ups to stay in good with the administration and keep their precious careers from going down in flames. I wonder: would our military turn on us or defend us in case of a move by Obama declare martial law based on one of his commie whims. Check out Gunny’s Anti-Liberal Zone. Obama has quietly created a law that gives him the right to arrest ANYONE the crooks in the administration deem a “threat.” Of course the illustrious John McCain was all for it. Every day, it becomes scarier.


    • Jan,

      Yeah I know about that dastardly bill the NDDA that allows him to arrest anyone he deems as a terrorist. Well the tea party, the militias, and returning vets are on the “terrorist” list.

      You’re right the brass in the military have been turned to PC.

      I wonder the same if the military would shoot us or what. The way it looks now they may very well do that. I don’t know what to believe anymore.


  15. My rule of thumb is to NEVER believe anything Obama or anyone who works for him says. He is the most pathological liar I have seen in recent memory. Satan is the Liar in Chief, so he’s is “good” company. He claims to be a Christian, then refers to Jesus as A son of God at the Easter Prayer Breakfast. I’ve heard him refer to the “holy” Koran. NO Christian would EVER refer to that screed as holy. When you lie about being a Christian, well, I don’t know that you can get any lower. People have a problem with Romney’s being a Mormon, but at least he isn’t lying about it. I see that as far less problematical than having a lying Marxist-atheist-or-who-knows-what in the White House HELL BENT on destroying America.


    • Jan,

      I agree with everything you stated here. Also if he is not a muzzie then why is his name Barack Hussein Obama? Who ever heard an American naming their kids that name. His name alone gives him away as to what faith he is. But he thinks we are so stupid we will fall him being a Christian. And obviously a lot of people fell for this. I hope to God they have learned their lesson.


  16. Keep hanging in there, Pepp. I go through similar cyces but always end up back kicking and scraping. Why? I don’t want to leave this orb not doing what I could for the generations behind me.

    Ultimately the Lord is in control. He will allow what He allows for His divine purpose. That said, we are not responsible for the final outcome. We are only responsible for what we are led to do, even if it seems a waste of time.


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