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Newt Gingrich calls Obama the Food Stamp president.  Obama is also the “Abortion President”.  Or perhaps I really should call him the Abortion King.

Within the unreadable pages of Obamacare there exists several ways by which abortion is covered and paid for through tax payers’ money. 

A new surcharge of $1 will be included in the insurance exchanges and the tax payer will not even know they are paying into this to fund abortions.

Also, those who buy specific insurance which covers abortion will not only be able to deduct that from their taxes, but they can get an earned income credit for having an abortion included policy.

And where would this “earned income credit” come from?  The tax payer of course.

If you recall the battle over Obamacare, there was a bill introduced called the Pitts/Stupak Amendment.  This was done so that no abortion would be funded in the Obamacare health plans.  But, what many don’t know is the amendment was never included in the Obamacare in the end.  I believe this amendment being placed within the Obamacare package was done as a payoff for Pitts and Stupak to vote for Obamacare.  They were deceived of course.

According to the ACLJ:

“ObamaCare requires every American to purchase health insurance, it requires every state to establish health insurance exchanges, and it dramatically expands Medicaid. Each of these – private health insurances programs, exchanges, and Medicaid – can, and in some case are required to, provide coverage for abortion. The result is hundreds of millions of dollars being funneled to the abortion industry every year and the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

In fact, the law specifically provides that state health exchanges may cover abortions unless the state enacts specific legislation prohibiting abortion coverage. Moreover, the law’s requirement that insurance providers cover “preventive services” and preventative care are so broadly defined that they could be used to force coverage of abortions and abortion related drugs. Thus, all Americans are forced to purchase health insurance that could cover abortion and in some cases is required to cover abortion.”

I find this to be a complete outrage.  Tax payers should not have to pay for others’ abortions.  And it is completely unacceptable for those who are pro-life and believe that aborting a baby is murder.  But we will have no recourse if Obamacare stands with the Supreme Court.

So not only do we, as citizens, have to buy into these exchange plans, mandated of course, we also get the extra little goody of paying and funding abortions, something many Americans do not want to pay.  This is an affront to one’s religious views of abortion.

And this is far worse than the contraceptive battle being waged on the Catholic Church recently.  If you think the tax payer providing contraceptive is unacceptable, then I’m sure you will feel even angrier over the fact that you will be paying for abortions, which is far worse.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be any part of paying for murder of innocent babies.  It goes against my moral conscience and my religious beliefs which are supposed to be protected under the 1rst Amendment.  Once again Obama steps on the rights of every citizen in this country with his forced mandates for abortion funding.


References: http://aclj.org/obamacare/obamacare-abortion-funding-rule-finalized



Comments on: "The Abortion President by Peppermint" (14)

  1. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Things are getting closer and closer to the “tipping” point. Here in Mississippi there is already talk in the state legislature about refusing to allow the provisions in Obamacare (which pertain to the abortion financial mandate) to be imposed on the citizens of Mississippi, REGARDLESS of what the US Supreme Court rules. Bills pertaining to this are already in committee.

    If my state goes through with this action (and it seems certain they will) we will have effectively “seceded” from the union.

    As I said, things are getting closer and closer to the “tipping” point.


    • Hey Gray,

      Sorry to jump in here, but I’m pretty sure the constitution already gives the states power to reject such non-sense from being imposed on them by the federal government. This didn’t even need to go to the SCOTUS; the states just needed to use the constitutional power already granted to them…but now…they’re all dumb asses. Oh course if this old brain riddled with holes I’d be glad to tell you the exact amendment, but I can’t remember…crap!


    • Gray Ghost,

      Thx for stopping by. Yeah, I would suspect things are getting to the tipping point in other states as well.

      I wish more states would do what yours is doing. The states can use their 10th Amendment rights to throw off any unconstitutional mandates from the feds. I guess most states have forgotten they have this path.

      Instead of going to court the states all could implement the 10th amendment. At least that is what I read from a constitutional scholar.


      • Pepp,

        Thanks; the 10th amendment! Jezz; my memory is going to hell in a hand basket. I guess I’m going to have to buy one of those pocket size copies of our constitution, because I sure can’t remember it like I use to be able to…argh! Of course that brings up the issue of I’m blind as a bat trying to read something small and up close…ARGH!


  2. privbullright said:


    Excellent article. I didn’t realize it was so embedded in ObamaCare. So the truth is coming out. He wants to enshrine himself with this legacy; that looks like his intent. Funny how the left daily attacks the right at any mention of cultural issues, while this is what they do in their legislation. Stupak was the biggest sucker of the century. What’s next? I know, maybe an abortion monument on the Mall. (Laugh real hard)The GOP’s “War On Women”…. Never mind the war on babies.


    • Hi PBR,

      I don’t think anyone knows everything that is in Obamacare. Remember that louse Pelosi saying “we’ll have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”? Well, all these things are coming to light after 2 years of people going through this monstrosity of legislation.

      I got my info from the ACLJ where Jay Sekulov had it written where you could actually read it. He had the pages listed, a whole 66 pages on this abortion issue. I tried reading that and I thought I’d have to blow my brains out. It was a legaleze mess trying to understand it they way it is written.

      Yeah, Stupak was an idiot. Boy, did he ever get duped.

      Right, that we might see a statue of an abortion in Cesspool city with this jerk for prez. He seems to have an obsession with abortion. I don’t agree with abortion except I would have in one instance and that is it’s too bad his mother didn’t abort him.


  3. Pepp,

    Great article! This was very informative and I really didn’t know the depth Obamacide went to further first degree murder and have us that totally oppose it have to start paying for it. The King gives me the damn creeps and makes me sick to my stomach. The libby’s only back abortion for one very simply and very sick reason; to sure up as much of the female vote as possible. Next I guess we’ll see fast food drive through joints serving the morning after pill on the breakfast menu…Obamastalin has to have that buried deep inside Obamacide somewhere…Is there no end to this man’s madness?


    • Hi Dave,

      No I don’t think there is any end to the Liar in Chief’s madness. He is one sick puppy.

      Of course you didn’t know what was in Obamacare. Nobody did and it takes legal scolars to unravel what is actually in that damn program. More and more fall out from this bill is coming out little by little.

      Well, if abortion is the reason some women will vote him, that is one sick reason.

      He makes me sick to my stomach also.


  4. Susie Owens said:

    Well its outrages and I don’t mean outrages in a good way


    • Hi Susie,

      I’m with you Susie. It outrages me too. I feel sick that our taxes go to pay for these abortions when we, the people, never said we would allow this. This is government gone wild and beserk.


  5. privbullright said:


    This is a president who is only too happy to focus on one of his scandalous actions, while just around the corner or behind closed doors there are larger traitorous scandals. So for every big scandal Obama has an even greater one lurching just beyond it. One of the things he prided his campaign on was controlling the message. IOW, the issue or his stand was not his real problem, only controlling the narrative.


    • PBR,

      Excellent point. We would probably shudder and get sick if we knew all of his traitorous acts behind closed doors. I’m feeling nauseated enough over what I already know.


  6. Stupidak rightfully lost his seat over the OBVIOUS lies told to him by the dem leadership. Too bad the rest of them haven’t. SCOTUS is supposed to hear the opening arguments on Monday. My hope is that Kennedy for once will actually side with the Constitution.


    • clyde,

      Yeah, I recall Stupidpac getting thrown out in 2010. I wish more of them had been thrown out. Yet, their constituents keep voting them back in. That is what gets me. We can only vote out our own senators and reps so we’re left depending on other Americans to throw out these beasts.

      I too hope Kennedy comes down on the side of the Constitution. All I heard yesterday on the news was from just about everyone was that “Obamacare will stand”. It was sickening. Even some conservatives were saying that. I’m beginning to think there are no real conservatives on the news anymore.


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