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The last several days I’ve had dear friends email me telling me to perk up or cheer up. Things are not that bad.

One dear friend wrote to me how Huffington Post liberals appear ready for battle.  I do know that the left is confident their president will win a 2nd term.  I hear it every day from all the socialist pundits and talking heads. No one can beat Obama.  

I thought about this for awhile and came up with some thoughts on this. 

In regard to the liberals on Huffington Post, why would they not be jubilant or happy?  For them all seems to be going in the direction they so want, right into socialism.

The liberals have so much support that we on the right side of the spectrum do not have. The liberals have all the media outlets as an arm of Big Government. They have so many left wing pundits and talking liars who repeat and repeat the lies they have been told to tell that after awhile it tends to wear on one.

All the media outlets are an arm of the Gangster Government we have.  Even Fox News capitulated to Soros according to what I read.  Glenn Beck’s show had to go since the left rallied so many forces together they killed his advertisers. Fox removed the show. 

Then what happened to Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch?   His was a show that spoke the truth and taught you all about the Constitution. We had a “Voice”.  The Judge’s voice is gone now.

The same thing happened to Eric Bolling’s “Follow the Money” on FBN.  Soros wanted his show off the air.  Soros claimed Bolling presented too much anti-Muslim segments on his show.  Now, “Follow the Money” is gone too.

Media Matters, a left wing political group, although they call themselves “journalists” are not.  Instead their purpose is to rid free speech in the conservative arena.  They watch the conservative news and post YouTubes on their front page of Fox figures such as Hannity and O’Reilly.  The truth is not there.  What was actually said by these two people is doctored and taken out of its’ context. Their main goal is to shut down any speech that is not from the left point of view and they are being successful. 

The left side of the political sphere has so many allies as opposed to the right side of the aisle.

The left has all the media outlets who report on how “good and effective” Obama is as a president.  No segments get shown about Fast and Furious, or Solyndra, or any of the scandals inside the Obama administration.  If the left wing media does report anything that bruises the Obama administration it is quickly argued away with false accusations by those who have to support him and his minions.  The left wing biased media is not interested in truth, only in propaganda.

All day long you can listen to Fox News which was once a conservative haven. No more. What you see is more people telling you the communist lying mandate.  “The economy is really growing and we have so many more businesses springing up and people are elated and feeling confident over the economy now.”

We know this is not true.  But, only those of us who are political junkies know this is a lie.  Those people who never listen to any news don’t know anything about the Obama administration.  Those who are on the left watch only the hard left news programs. Your average working family may only catch the day’s sound bites from one of the alphabet soup networks and never the whole story.  So those people still believe all is fine and good. Things are improving they hear. Repeat the lie over and over long enough and people believe it. It is a simple tactic out of the Communist handbook.

There are so few voices on our side.  The left will fight to the death, while the right becomes apathetic/and/or demoralized.  There is plenty of left wing propaganda to hear and it is deliberate to beat us down.

We do not have Republicans willing to fight for us as does the left.  Those on the right are not happy with the choices for the Republican nomination. The left tells us it does not matter anyway since none of the candidates we have can beat Obama. Apparently according to them, not one soul could beat Obama.

 There is a grain of truth in there.  Obama is an incumbent president, very difficult to remove.  He is a war time president.  People don’t like changing course during the times of war.  Even though the economy is still in bad shape, many will vote again for Obama. 

We don’t use the tactics of the left.  We do not use the “repeat a lie” over and over again. We tend to be the more Christian types who were taught to “turn the other cheek” in an argument as Hawk reminded me the other day.  And yes, I recall being taught that. However, I was also taught to die to maintain my religion and we do fight wars for our country. Other than that yes we were taught to be polite, respectful, and tolerant of others’ attacks on us.  So it is not in our instincts to fight back. I don’t include every conservative in this group however.  Many fight and keep fighting. 

Conservatives are so divided among themselves as to who the presidential candidate should be.  We are malingering over it.  The left is delighted I am sure to see this great divide while they are strongly attached to their far leftist president Obama. They will stop at nothing to make sure the truth about him never gets known to those who would listen.

We have no such cohesion.  Even conservative talk show people mock those of us who believe that Barack Hussein Obama is not a legal president. We are mocked, laughed at, told we are crazy, that we are just conspiracy believers or racists who cannot accept a black president. All of these are lies of course, but the constant pounding of this into our ears and heads takes a toll.  

I try to stay positive and optimistic but it does not always work for me.  It is a struggle every day for me to believe we can change the course of history in November.   Some days are better than others and I can keep my spirits up. 

Other days I do feel beaten down and pessimistic. Life is a struggle anyway. A wise man once told me that. He said, “Life is a struggle, not a walk in the park”. So it is.  We can be content and happy one day but within an instant disaster strikes and we are thrown into the struggle to stay alive. I speak of this both about physical disasters and emotional disasters.

We need to fight back hard and long right now or we lose a lot. We lose our country.  We need to remember this is a struggle and a challenge we must rise to the event and boldly retrieve our country back from the jaws of the devil. 





Comments on: "Cheer Up, Chin Up by Peppermint" (15)

  1. Pepp,
    Cheer-up girl. We’re going to kick some major ass come November. The shills in the alphabet media are championing the wrong contender. They just don’t know it yet. When was the last time a lib was correct on anything? See my point? They all live in an alternative universe.

    Once we are finished with this primary stooge fest our candidate can then focus on bashing zero 24/7. Zero has given our side a mountain of ammunition.

    I don’t know anyone that voted for the asshat that supports him now. That’s not to say that they will vote republican but that they will more than likely stay home.

    There is much to be happy about. So cheer up!

    Hugs to you!!! 🙂


    • HN,

      I appreciate your up beat attitude. I pray you are right. I have a problem however with what I hear and read and see with my own eyes about the Republican candidates and how so many conservatives are unhappy with their choices. I can understand the unhappiness with the candidates we have. But, I believe that whatever candidate we nominate we must come together and vote for that individual because none of the repub candidates could be worse than Obama.

      Concerning me are the folks who say they won’t vote if their choice is not the chosen one. Sure there is a ton of bad and ghastly information to pound on Obama, but if people sit home and don’t vote, hammering away about how bad Obama is won’t make a difference. He will win then. He has the support of so many “groups”. Not so much the average voter, but the socialists, the commies, the unions and he has set the election up to be the most fraudulent one in history no doubt. Any illegal, felon, and dead person will be voting for Obama.

      Eric Holder is making sure states cannot mandate a photo ID. That in itself will bear tons of fraudulent votes for the Monster in the WH.


  2. http://thecentristpoint.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/why-did-the-dhs-just-order-450-million-rounds-of-40-caliber-ammunition/

    A friend sent me this link. It is very interesting and I believe we better all read it. Scary stuff is going on with DHS even more than we thought.


  3. Well,Pepp,I’m not happy with the crop either. BUT,I think it FAR more important not only to oust that POS who sends his CHILD into a danger zone,but to try and add to the House and grab the Senate. I think this primary fight IS good,in the notion it is going to make Romney(who,sadly enough,I think will be the nominee) articulate conservatism even more,maybe the polished turd will start BELIEVING it.


    • clyde,

      I plan to vote for whoever the candidate is in the hope of ousting that monster we have in the white house now.
      And, I hope we are able to pick up senate seats to get a majority there too. I’m glad you are thinking the same.


  4. Pepp: I know exactly of what you so eloquently write, as I myself
    experience it as well! Just a couple weeks ago, on the day of the
    OH primary, I was involved in a “confrontational ambush” by a
    group of my lovely comrades at the bus compound, who were
    angry over the idea that anyone might be casting a ballot for
    any candidate that might stand against their secular savior! Can
    you imagine the consummate gall & arrogance of engaging in
    such an activity? I can’t even tell myself, “things will get better”,
    because I don’t know that they will–I try to pray for strength &
    wisdom to carry on in whatever Destiny God has in store for me!
    My son says all Christians need to recapture the Warrior Spirit of
    the Christians who were involved in the Crusades & those who
    stood against the evil forces that threatened all of Christendom
    & Europe, from the days of Charles Martel @ the Battle of Tours,
    until the siege of the Gates of Vienna, Austria!


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I’m glad you came by and shared your feelings with me. It makes me feel less alone.

      How awful for you to be surrounded by Obamamaniacs. Those people are truly off the deep end because they can’t even see what destruction he’s already perpetrated on us.

      I too pray all the time for strength and for God’s intervention to end this administration and stop the ongoing assaults on our country, our liberties, and our personal space and property. It seems there is no place this administration is not in your life. From food to one’s source of energy they have things in a locked down type of situation. I feel trapped by this administration as each day passes and another one of our freedoms are gone.

      So yeah, it’s hard to remain optimistic at times. I try the method of “one day at a time”. But I also feel this sense of constantly being under attack from the King. I read that there are so many depressed Americans now it is an epidemic and I can understand why.

      You are correct about us having to put on our Warrior Spirit because a war is being waged against us by our own government.


  5. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    In March of 1980, the Main Stream Media (and the Liberal pundits and Liberals) said that Carter was ahead of Reagan by 30 points.

    And we all know how that ended.

    The democrats are starting to realize that they are going down in flames. Their desperation is becoming very clear; they are starting to “eat” each other. The O’Vomit White House just threw one of the Hollyweird elites under the bus because of his racist comments (De Niro). Another prominent democrat is starting to ask about O’Vomit’s legality to even be president (Tim Adams, who was senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu).

    Hang in there, Pep. In the USAF there is an old saying: “You know you are over the target when the flak has increased to unbelievable amounts.”

    And you and I know it is getting rough.


    • Gray Ghost,

      I hope you are right that this president is going to go down in flames as will other democrats. I’ve never seen so much crap in my entire life like what this prez throws at us.
      I’m sick to death of his over reaching his power. And the House. Why don’t they rein him in? WTH is their problem abdicating so much of their power to him?


  6. RE: 450 million rounds = someone had posted that on Facebook; then it suddenly disappeared. Appears that FB took it down. It is scary indeed. Hang in there dear
    Pepperhawk. And you are doing an awesome job here!
    To Willibeaux: I order the book “THE HARBINGER” & read it in two days. It is awesome.
    Hope everyone gets to read it!


    • Lambchop,

      What was that supposed to mean on FB? I de-activated my account because I couldn’t keep up with it all.
      I’m trying to hang in there Lambchop. But some days are harder than others. The violations of our rights by this president are ongoing and every day you don’t know what he’s going to do to lower the boom on us. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when you know the president is against the people of this country. He needs to go and asap.


  7. Hey, Pepperlita Chicilita! You`re human! Sure, it would be great to wake up on “the bright side” each and every day but reality doesn`t always make it that easy …. Many of us have children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and little tiny toddler friends, who will pay the price for this GOD-AWFUL-REGIME!!!

    And we want to protect and save them! And we are not alone!!!

    There are good days and, of course, these very bad ones we are living through now …. I find myself feeling guilty for having a day that is peaceful, mellow, with the lights on and water running, food in the fridge …. (And a husband who is in a sorta good mood!)

    The GOP seems to be floundering …. duh …. But, I will quote Mark Levin who stated he would “vote for an orange juice can” and Rush!, who said he would support Elmer Fudd …. We will rally and support a flipping flipflop to defeat prezboy!

    The polls lie and are wrong …. Not too many people find prezboy likeable, I surely don`t and I am not racist …. he is a litte turdblossom, sprouting shoots of hatred, vitriol and division. wherever he goes That is all he knows how to do …. The American people are smarter than to buy his snake oil another time …. We want jobs, security and a vision for our families to thrive…

    prezboy needs to go down the memory hole along with his daughter`s vacation! Never happen though …. The damage he has wrought to our Constitution, our nation and way of life will live in infamy …. And he wants his flipping head on Mount Rushmore ….


    • Hi Dawn,

      Thx for coming by to help cheer me up.

      The Hawk and I found out that many of these polling enterprises are owned by Soros. Can you believe this? Is it any wonder they are so skewed in the Liar in Chief’s favor?

      Oh, I hope we never see that azzhat’s face carved on Mt. Rushmore although I know he thinks it should be. What an ego maniac! One of the worst presidents in history and he thinks he deserves that honor. Makes me shudder.

      I do worry about what my grand children will have to go through if this POS gets his way and our country is completely destroyed.


      • Funny what you mentioned about the polling enterprises being
        all owned by Soros–well doesn’t that just figure, right? Of course,
        most of them will reflect whatever information they are told to
        disseminate & the truth will have no part in that equation! I do
        know that all is not well in so-called liberal land. More & more
        frequently, as I wait in line at a store, overhear snippets of con-
        versation at nearby tables in a restaurant, etc. I hear more &
        more of those “diehard Obama voters” expressing extreme
        misgivings about their personal misery index & how things are
        continuing to deteriorate, despite all the happy talk from DC!
        I have actually heard some people whisper to others, in agon-
        ized tones (as if they hate to admit it) either that they are voting
        for someone else or that they are sorry they voted for Owebama
        in the first place! Especially (& this is sad) people waiting in line
        at our church for the “food pantry” services–they are especially
        disgruntled! Some of them are so humiliated & embarrassed to
        be there, as they never had to seek help before! So cheer up,
        Pepp–things will get worse before November, just as the skies
        are always darkest before the first indications of dawn show up
        on the horizon! The narcissistic, nihilistic loser that is in the WH
        will be unable to hide behind those who worship his every word
        & the truth will be shown to many through the numerous media
        outlets now available! Soros does not control every vestige of
        the new media, that is why the left is growing increasingly more
        desperate in their attempts to silence people or control the mes-
        sage–such is now impossible & the truth is seeing the light of day!


  8. “Never give in. Never, never, never, never! Never yield in any way, great or small, large or petty, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force and the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

    The inimitable Winston Churchill


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