Wicked Commentary

My mood has been foul over the last several months.  Thinking it over I realize that so much of it has to do with the Fraud in the White House. I seethe inside at those who elected this man and foisted this tyranny onto all of us to suffer their stupidity and ignorance by not paying due diligence as to who they were electing.

I guess I need to ask God’s forgiveness for feeling so angry at people I don’t even know who voted for BHO.  But, I find it so difficult when my life and those of my loved ones have been downgraded and some destroyed over it.

There is not much I can do except hope and pray he is ousted of the White House in November of this year, if we have an election.

Everyday is an assault on my senses that this creature, BHO, is still “our president”.   In reality he is a Dictator, the King, not a president.  It makes my blood boil.  He breaks laws on a daily basis as does his Attorney General Holder.  It is a sad and ironic reality that the man who is supposed to uphold the law and the Constitution of our country is completely lawless himself.

I do not consider BHO my president because he is a fraud and we have no idea who he really is.  Without a real birth certificate there is no way to actually know just who this man is.

It is beyond hope that this scam pulled over onto the American people will ever be exposed and those who are responsible held accountable. Not a one of the myriad of conspirators to get the beast into the White House will ever serve a day in prison or be charged with treason as they should be. 

Time after time, in each case brought before a judge, the corrupt judges have ruled in favor of the Fraud even with overwhelming and daunting evidence that he is not who he says he is.  The whole system of our government has come down brick by brick and we are standing on a small foundation wall.  That wall is near to falling and spiraling out of control our whole way of life.

What really bothers me so much about all of this is that I have no control over the destiny of our country.  I hate the thought that I have to rely on other Americans who I don’t know to vote against Barack Hussein Obama in November.  I do not have much faith in these other Americans.  And I only have ONE vote to cast.

This election is not going to be a fair one.  Fraud and voter abuses are already alive and doing well.

The US Attorney is making it impossible for States to mandate a voter ID photo which would reduce the fraud.  He and his master, BHO, need every fraudulent voter they can muster to win this election.  They know that the polls are slipping on the once heralded King who could part the waters of the sea as he promised us.

The only thing BHO has accomplished in parting is the people.  He campaigns on one thing, attempting to divide our country and the people so bad that people will re-elect him.  I read recently that the class warfare he spews is taking hold in this country.  I am sickened by this.

I don’t recall ever wanting what someone else has and hating someone who has more than me.  That is not a priority in my life. But, apparently it is rampant in others’ lives, envy, jealousy, and greed. Only one who knows these feelings so well can push those buttons on vulnerable Americans and make them think that if they vote for anyone else but him, they have no opportunity to get their “fair share”.  What a pity and what a horrible lie.

Our Republic no longer exists.  We may have lost it forever.  I hate to think that way, but my hope and optimism wane as each day passes.  I hear the Dictator wage class warfare, false racism charges, and lying propaganda. 

I hear this and I wonder to myself will the American people finally see through this fantastical Fraud and do what is needed, vote him out in November?  If not, we are doomed.

I feel as though I am in constant mourning over what is happening in our country.  And my sorrow runs deep and long.  It clings to me like cobwebs in a dark basement where the farther I walk more cobwebs ensnare me.

I would like to wake up one morning to know my country is alive and well again. 

My only hope is that God helps us somehow, some way.



Comments on: "A Mood Most Foul by Peppermint" (28)

  1. privbullright said:


    Fantastic commentary. Right on: The only thing he “successfully parted” is We the People. How is it that he has all the faith people will reelect him, while we cannot be confident people will do the right thing and deport him back to Chicago? We’ve gone from “morning in America” to mourning in America.

    He has lower approvals than Carter had at this stage, yet he is arrogantly confident. We don’t really need campaign ads. It shouldn’t matter what he says. Oil and gas prices are an indictment against his policies — to spite what he thinks. Every gas sign is a billboard ad against him. That says it all.


    • PBR,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      He has all the faith in the world he will be re-elected because he knows voter fraud which he and his bud Holder are encouraging on a daily basis. Every illegal, felon, and dead person who rises from the millions of graves will vote in November for the King.

      I think that is why we have no confidence because we already know this election is compromised to the max.

      You are absolutely right, every stop a person makes at the gas station should be enough to know you are “having your existence eaten out” by Barack Hussein Obama. Hearing him campaign telling us lies about how there is no “silver bullet” is also an ad letting voters know he has no energy plans for this country, but “a no energy for this country plan”.


  2. OMG, Pepp, you have so eloquently voiced my own mindset! I
    was not aware you counted “mind reading” amongst your many
    talents? Wow–most impressive! I too often find myself glaring
    at drivers who sport MaoBama’s bumper stickers or looking at
    yards with Owebama signs with a sneer, as I contemplate the
    current abysmal state of our once-great nation! Admittedly, not
    all of the current crisis is the fault of the current admin, but they
    have done nothing to alleviate the situation & instead have, IMHO,
    done much to further diminish the standing of America & I ask my-
    self how these supporters could be so willfully oblivious & blind to
    all the evidence in front of them? When gas prices spiked under
    GWB, the Ministry of Truth media minions whined incessantly in
    regard to the nefarious links between “Big Oil”, GWB, OPEC &
    “Dr Evil” himself, the infamous Dick Cheney–why, in light of that,
    does MaoBama get a pass after 3 years in office & Democratic
    monopolistic control of both Congressional bodies from 2006 til
    2010? There was absolutely NO obstacle to any of the policies
    implemented by this admin, yet somehow they are not at fault?


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Good to see you hear and commenting again.

      I’m not a mind reader but I do have some sense of things in the ESP at times. It’s a little scary to have some of that 6th sense information, but that’s just life.

      I honestly just wrote completely through my feelings Elizabeth. I am feeling so demoralized by all I see going on.

      And I share your frustration and disgust with the liberal media who do everything to cover and white wash all of the Dictator in Chief’s failures. It’s beyond belief but we do know the media is not on our side, but only serve as another arm of the Gangster Government by which we have been forced to live.


  3. Pepp,

    You were on fire when you wrote this and right on the mark; bravo! Damn; wish I could write like this. Woodrow Wilson Jr. would make WW Sr. very, very proud and makes WW Sr. look like a patriot. We all know WW was not a patriot. Obozo is so transparent how in the hell could anyone vote for him and live with themselves? Those bunch of “principles” folks can kiss my skinny white ass! Every one that did not vote against Obamastalin voted for him. They didn’t do shit to stop the Fraud from winning the WH, so they helped him get in and they can all go straight to hell as far as I’m concerned. They don’t care about our constitution anymore than Obamastalin. This great destroyer is running our country like an elephant in a china shop breaking everything he can and NO ONE is doing anything to stop him. Come November; people will vote for him again…WTF? We are the dumbest damn country on this planet and only God can save us now. He created this country, he has protected this country and blessed this country time after time, because we were a Christian country. Now that we are no longer a Christian country will God even lift a hand to save us? I pray that He does…really Pepp…excellent rant!


    • Sorry if my rant was just a tiny bit over the top, but this subject really pisses me off big time and I know some of those traitor “principle” people and it’d be best if they just avoided me. It would be best for them; trust me…It’s not nice to piss off an IndianRednecker…


    • Dave,

      No problem. You can always rant on here if you need to. Mine was somewhat of a rant itself and I needed to vent. I wrote straight from my feelings, that is all.

      You can give your unPC opinion any time you want.


  4. Hi Pepp,

    Great post. You really hit it out of the park with this one. I have also been praying to God to get BO out of office one he doesn’t deserve to be in. He is such a fraud.
    I only hope who ever runs against him that they run commercials of him making speeches about what he was going to do, and how none of his promises have come true and how his own party didn’t back him. A good one would be of his promise to cut the deficit in half in his 1st term and how if he couldn’t he would not run for reelection. Followed with not only did he not cut it he actually doubled it and now wants you to pay for it.


    • Dogged,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      I am glad I am not the only one who feels like you and others. It’s good to know I am not alone with feeling this way about what has gone down over the past 3+ years.

      Just about everything he promised, Dogged, he failed to deliver. Even closing down Gitmo he never did. I would think his left wing buddies would be ticked off over that one, but it seems they are fine with Gitmo, now that Bozo presides over it and not GWB. It was just so “horrible” when GWB had control of Gitmo, but now that the Fraud keeps it open it must be A OK to do so by the liberal hypocrites.


  5. thedrpete said:

    Beer, pepp.


    • drpete,


      Perhaps you’re right, I should have a nice, cold, frosty beer from a frosted mug. That is the only way I like beer. I have to admit I don’t drink alcohol. I like a glass of wine with a good dinner but have not done that recently either.


  6. Pepp, my sentiments exactly (I mean your post but the beer sounds good too)! I heard Michael Barone on Dennis Prager and he said that Obama’s reputation as a “negotiator” (HA!) is arrogance combined with ignorance. He does not know that he does not know. He is the least intelligent and least knowledgeable of any president I know of. Yet the Obamabots are still cheering his most vapid words and guffawing at his most lame jokes. I fear whoever said that a country pretty much gets the government it deserves was talking about us. It seems that the half that votes for a living (thank you Thomas Sowell) will be the downfall of the half that works for a living. What a sad end for the greatest country that ever existed on this planet. Like Dave, I pray that God will have mercy on us and help us save what’s left of this once God-fearing country, but we have fallen a long, long way from where we should be. And like you, I don’t covet what others have, but would work as hard as I could to get what I think I want or need. That is how America was, once. Keep praying–there isn’t much else. I gave up wine for Lent, so I don’t even have that! 😉


    • Hi Jan,

      I’ve never seen you here before and I’m delighted you came onto my blog to make your voice heard.

      Yes, it is a sad state of afairs where we are in this country. I cannot find one thing that Fraud in the WH has done that I can call an accomplishment. All he has done is destroy our country. I fear the gimme crowd will vote for him only so they can continue to get “free stuff”. I’ve seen people talk about this on Face Book and they don’t even have a clue these “free things” come from tax payers. They actually think it comes out of the Fraud’s own pocket. I’ve never witnessed such utter ignorance in my life.

      Maybe you could give up something else for Lent? 🙂


  7. Very powerful and truthful words, Pepp! You speak for all of us here! I cannot listen or look at amabO. he is a consummate liar and does not even attempt to hide his hatred of what America stands for and is …. And the Constitution???

    Notice “it” only speaks before university and friendly union crowds …. I did see he will spend two days flying around in AF1 and venture into Oklahoma and some other energy rich states to tout his awesomeness …. prezboy is a fraud and white liberal guilt is paying the piper ….


    • Hi Dawn,

      Good to see you here. Thanks. I just wrote this from my heart and feelings Dawn. I am so disgusted over having to deal with all this man’s destruction and hatred of us and America.
      How anyone could vote him back into office is beyond my comprehension except that they must want Communism, fraud, and goodies.

      Yeah, I noticed the beast only speaks to the choir where they all cheer and clap. I’m waiting for the unions thugs who are supposed to come to everyone’s door this year and “tell” them to vote for Obama. I have a sickening feeling in my stomach over that one.

      You are correct about white guilt. And yes, we all pay the piper for this now that is what gets me so angry.


  8. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Your post is enough to torque the jaws of a saint. I remember those well meaning conservatives who would not vote for McCain and voted their consciences for a 3rd party. Some of them post here having the nerve to complain about the rapid demise of our Republic under the leadership of the Chicago Mafia. 😦

    We are seeing the slow destruction of our fine military by the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”.

    If Obamacare is not repealed, seniors over 75 in poor health should start thinking about making funeral arrangements. (My wife and I are in our 80’s).

    There are a myriad of abuses of our Constitution by this @zzhole-in-chief too numerous to mention here.

    To sum it up, the seniors who contributed and sacrificed to build this great nation have become useless eaters.

    Welcome to the @zzhole-in-chief’s version of the “German Euthanasia Program.


    • Hi Willibeaux,

      It looks like I’m not the only one angry and disgusted over the Gangster Government we have via Chicago style politics.

      Those who would not vote against this man in 2008 have no business complaining. They were warned, but they chose some neurotic action they felt they had to take. Selfishly they allowed this monster into the WH.

      I also heard the Monster is going to raise the co-pays and deductibles for our military. What a terrible slap in the faces of those he sends to fight his dirty wars.

      I’m afraid I can’t possibly print all of the things that have gone wrong and are hurting our country either in one article. They are too numerous.

      And yes, seniors, good bye. Your time is coming soon when you die. I knew this was coming. We have no use in society with this kind of government and we are to be untreated for our illnesses so we can linger in pain lying on the sidewalk I imagine. I hate to even think of those with cancer, (having seen the ravaging pain as a nurse), lying in some bed suffering so bad. This man is pure evil.


  9. Pep Gal…
    It’s pretty bad that we, as ordinary Americans are worrying about government rules, left and right and that we would even think so cynically. But, it’s going to be as bad as your brown shirt story and as long as you know it, it might be easier to deal with.

    Go to Breitbart and The Blaze to read about the newest “vetting” of Obama….it will warm you each time he is exposed as the person we all knew he was in 2008.


    • Nee,

      I am on Breitbart and on the Blaze daily checking their vetting and other news.

      I am dealing with the commie government Nee that is being foisted upon us. I realize that the Hawk and I are way over the age limit and will be eliminated in one of the FEMA camps.

      So I have been preparing myself for my death that will happen sooner than I ever wanted it to be. That is all I can do. You are younger and will have to live with it. At least the Hawk and I will be put to death so we don’t have to keep living it.


  10. Pepp and Willibeaux, I wrote a post on Townhall this week called “Don’t Turn 70” which also talks about how we older people will be shunted off to die without treatment because we are, as Willibeaux said, “eaters.” It is disgraceful, but this is what Obama is–communist, collectivist, power-driven, tyrant. He needs our money, but not our presence, to fuel his big government, socialist agenda which respects no life it can’t suck dry. I am in the process of transitioning to WordPress but I hope you will check out my blog on Townhall–I notice there are many refugees here from TH! I am Oasis from Arizona on TH, and here I am janatdesertoasis.wordpress.com. Keep writing! It makes us feel less helpless to express our thoughts and what we want for this country we are losing. Thanks!


    • willibeaux said:

      Jan! Thank you for your kind response. As an ole Korean War vet, the repeal of DADT is particularly aggravating to put it mildly. ( As a Christian, I have to remember to refrain from
      using barracks language when expressing myself).

      Most of the idiots on Capitol Hill are not vets and have no concept what unit cohesion and moral is all about.

      Of course Gates served and Adm. Mullen retired and it’s hard for me grasp why they supported the repeal.

      Prayerfully, if we get the right candidate, the repeal will overturned.

      ‘ooRah! 😉


      • Willibeaux, my dad was a career Air Force officer. The only thing he loved more than God, country and family was the military he devoted his life to. So thank you, thank you for your service, you and all the mistreated military personnel who are so disgracefully disrespected by this poor excuse for a man and a president. He is literally trying to marginalize our defenses in his quest to disarm us and aid the enemy. He is helping China to build its military to world-class strength while our goes down in a bureaucratic, politically correct morass. Dr. Pete is right about the bureaucracatization of the military, and I am glad my dad is not here to see it, for he would be crushed. My dear friend Rosemarie, who is 82 and a lifelong democrat until this nightmare began, says God wants us on our knees, and I think she is right! Keep praying for the deliverance of this beautiful land of ours. We are fighting the battle of a lifetime for it. Thanks for your comments! ‘ooRAH!!


    • Jan,

      Thx for the information and i will be over to your blog to check your article out. There is no use under the collective Obama communism rule for seniors. We cannot work as is expected from the worker bees. From what I read children aged birth to 14 will be put down also as they are not eligible to be a worker bee.

      All of this is horrifying of course and none of us can be sure we can stop it.


    • Jan,

      What is your link on Townhall so we can visit your blog there? I have your WordPress blog listed on my blogroll when Mrs. Al told me you were on here. How about coming onto WordPress and forget about Townhall? Are you getting people to comment on your blog over there now? I got off of there since most of the people I know left.


  11. Pepp, my Townhall blog is Oasis. It is an AZ blog in the directory. I am thinking of ditching TH altogether as the troll problem is quite severe and I am bored by them all. But then again, once in a while I like to tweak Ben, and CW sure can skewer him, as can Jim. We’ll see! Thanks for your kind words and for checking out my blogs.


    • Jan,

      I started to be very disillusioned with TH around 2008 and onward. Then Mrs. Al told me to move over to WordPress and I’m glad I did since we have so much more control on here who comes onto our blogs. Liberals can be banned quickly and easily and all troll bother is gone.


  12. Donna Rabus said:

    Hey Pepp, great to see you here! I haven’t heard from you and hoped you were doing ok. Things here not good. Great article above. Thanks for all you do!


  13. Donna Rabus said:

    Pepp, Ray and I feel the same. We always say we blame those who voted for the fraud as much as we blame him. People, wake up!


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