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Everyone has heard of these horrible tyrants and their ideas were so screwed up millions lay dead, if that stood in their way. You both fell at their feet and worshiped them like a God or you died. There was zero middle ground. If they viewed you as a parasite on humanity you only had one choice; you died. These men’s minds were already extremely warped by their ideology, but they really had no idea of how to reach their targeted audiences with the most impact. Then one day they received a great blessing; not by God by any means, but by…and get this…the sitting United States President at that time.

Here is another reason:  if not the biggest reason I personally believe that Woodrow Wilson impacted our world and our country almost worse than anyone from the history of our nation. I’m not yet including the absolute worse, because we are still dealing with him in the present. You have to be wondering by now how did Woodrow Wilson help Stalin and Hitler achieve their goals. It’s not a commonly known reason, but it started it all and you will be able to see what it’s turned into today.

Most people would credit Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, as being the first to use the media as a massive tool for the government as a tool of policy. They would be wrong. That honor belongs to Wilson. The word propaganda is Latin for “Things to be propagated, spread in the sense of a belief or course of action.” It means to insight and influence peoples actions. That just happens to be almost identical to our military’s Psychological Operations that is defined as “Planned operations to convey certain information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning and ultimately the behavior of organizations, groups or individuals.” When it was used on domestic audiences it was called propaganda. During the Clinton administration it was relabeled as “spin” to give it a less sinister connotation.

Wilson ran on a platform during his first presidential election of being an isolationist. His campaign theme for re-election in 1916 was “He kept us out of the war in Europe” even though he knew the US entering the European war was needed, if he wanted a bigger seat at the table to further the cause of the League of Nations. He won re-election and in 1917 Wilson started a propaganda campaign to convince the American people to support entering the war on Great Britain’s side. History shows the success of his brainwashing campaign and by late 1917 the American citizens were chomping at the bit for the US to get over there and battle the Huns.


Wilson’s very successful ability to brain wash the American people caught the eye of two up and coming political leaders, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. When they rose to power they required ALL journalists, writers and artists to register with the appropriate governor ministry. Everything had to be approved by the appropriate governor ministry prior to it being released to the populous. In his book “America At Mid-Century” French writer Andrea Siegfried wrote,” The United States is par excellence a country where public opinion plays an important role, inspiring, orienting, and controlling the policy of a nation.”

Thank you so much Woodrow Wilson (you POS) for your great contributions to the world and our nation. As Bill O’Reilly says…the spin just stopped here!



Info attained: http://godinamerica2011.blogspot.com/2012/03/hal-lindsey-propaganda.html


Comments on: "Who Taught Stalin and Hitler To Be So Effective? By Dave Taylor, Contributor" (19)

  1. Great historical look Dave.

    Woodrow Wilson IMHO was one of the most vile and evil presidents we’ve ever had. Obama is on par with him. I believe he also is evil, destructive, a racist, a eugenicist, and propaganda probably is his best asset or liability depending from which side you come.

    The propaganda war that the Liar in Chief wages is disgusting and revolting. Unfortunately we have too many people uneducated on what is really going on in our country right now. I just hope there are enough to vote this vile person out of the WH and rid ourselves of his poisonous and divisive rhetoric. In my life time I’ve never seen a president this bad.

    This shows why history is so important. To learn what happened before and not do it again. Now we are on the verge of making the same mistakes by electing tyranny instead of freedom. It just shows you how much some Americans need to learn so they see before them what is truly happening to us and our country.


    • Howdy Pepp,

      Thanks so much for the compliment. In so many ways; history can reveal unto us what will happen in the future. History teaches us of our successes and our failures. How can we not make the same mistake, if we don’t know our countries history? I blame a lot of this on our liberal ran public educational system that is now destroying our youth by hiding the truth. There is more propoganda that goes on at school that anywhere in this country. The younger generation parents either don’t care anymore about keeping their kids straight on the facts or they’ve already been through the brainwash system and simply agree with what their kids are being tought. I’m not saying all are inflicted with dumbass disease, but appearantly there are way too many or we would not have never ended up with the Dictator and Chief in the first place.


      • Rave,



        • Dave & Pepperhawk: Excellent commentary!! How true
          that our “educational institutions” are simply peddling
          far left leaning poisonous propaganda to our nation’s
          youth, all under the guise of “learning”. Far more time
          is spent spouting leftist nonsense &/or promoting good
          Marxist doctrine than in any actual educational endeavor!


          • I hate it when my comments space like that!
            Oops–sorry about that :-0


          • Hi Elizabeth,

            Thanks for coming over and commenting. Our one time educational system is now just training camps set up to spew out more socialist into our country. “Give me your children and I’ll turn them into anything I want!” Our society is falling apart before our very eyes and a lot of people love it, a lot of people just ignore it and some are so blind they don’t even see it. For some of us; these are the most sad days our country has ever endured.


  2. privbullright said:

    A real good insightful article. Jolly good show! Says a lot about the “power of the press” too, not lost on the left today. (talk about having a legacy…)


    • Hey bull,

      Thanks man! Yeah; Wilson started all this crap, but both Dumbocrats and Repukes have perfected it even further throughout the years. You just can’t trust a damn thing any of them say anymore, because there is always an alternative agenda and they’re just trying to acclimate us to their weather. Just another shit hole in our history left by the horrible Wilson…man he sucked big time!!!!


      • privbullright said:


        Very good point(s)…”just trying to acclimate us to their weather”.

        You know, even if they do the right thing chances are it’s for the wrong reasons. That makes all the difference. For instance, they cut spending one place and double that amount elsewhere, so they can say they “cut” or are “getting tough” on spending”. Or they claim to cut spending when just reducing the skyrocketing deficit a smidgeon. (base-line budgeting) It’s all a sham, or 98% of it. Their motives are always questionable…and usually corrupted. But progressives never find a bad thing to say about Wilson.


      • privbullright said:

        Dave, let me sharpen that point:

        Progressives wanted us out of Iraq and Afghanistan because it’s costing too much, so they can spend “that money at home” on their progressive agenda… or buying votes.


        • bull,

          I couldn’t agree with you more! We will see no savings in our ridiculous deficit just because our troops are home from Iraq and will be next year from Afghanistan. That is a crock of shit the libby’s are trying to serve up. There pissed because the money is not getting used for the very points you made. libby’s are clueless on how to cut spending, but the Repubs in the Senate sure haven’t shown much inclination to do so either. Just a couple, like Rand Paul, wrote a pretty serious budget about cutting cost but of course Harryass Reid never even it let it come up for consideration. Hell; the Kenyan hasn’t had to abide by a budget since day one he occupied the WH.

          When it comes down to it; they all have their little special projects (interest groups) they’re going to blow our money on. But at least the Repubs have stopped our money from funding abortions…as a matter of fact…hmm…that’s all I can think of they did do!


      • Ah yes, one of my all-time least favorite Presidents–
        the universally despised, Woodrow Wilson(D)! This
        man’s admin was arguably one of the most destruc-
        tive & devastating forces against individual liberties
        & freedom ever to infest the WH, until the current
        admin, that is!


        • I think with a doubt in my mind WW was pure evil and nothing more. Now we have someone that is just as evil, more sinister and has a ton of money backing him up to do whatever they want him to do. He’s a good little puppy for his master’s!


  3. Hi Dave,

    Great history lesson. I knew Wilson was a bum. History is something we must learn from so we don’t repeat it.

    You’re correct about propaganda being renamed spin. The Dems never call a horse a horse. But they do call a jackass a donkey.


    • Whazzz up Dogged?? That’s me laying some Ebonics’s on ya’! 🙂

      Great line, “jackass and donkey”…LMAO! They’re all just a bunch of damn liars Dogged and we can’t trust anyone of them anymore. They try spinning me so much I have to take Dramamine just to keep from throwing up…


  4. Good post,Dave. Too bad we couldn’t just blast the entire liberal progressive movement to frigging Mars. But then,would we REALLY want to do that to Martians? Works for me!!!!!


    • Hey clyde,

      Thanks for the compliment and chimming in! Personally; I say to hell with the Martians! What have they done for us lately except confuse the crap out of everyone flying around in our skies?? They never just come on down to prove they exist. Well; the jury is still out on where Obamastalin is from with the exception of it sure isn’t from the US. We need to develop an airborne bacteria that only effects liberalized blood cells and shuts down the rest of their body to match their brain…


  5. Down here bull,

    LMAO! Where in the world do you come up with your one liners?? You need to take your show on the road to comedy clubs brother!


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