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With the United States having so many of the most brilliant minds in the world, how do we so often end up with the most stupid elected officials and judges? When is this group of people finally going to realize it is impossible to have good relations with Muslims unless you give into their ways?

Are we supposed to embrace these people as our friends???

Muslims do not assimilate into another culture no matter whose it is. They have lived the same way since their start and they refuse to change. They have zero tolerance for the culture of others and their only wish is to make everyone a Muslim. Do they all try to meet their goal by terrorism? Of course not; that group represents the most stupid of their culture. The smart ones do it peacefully, slowly and methodically flying under the radar. Have no doubt though they all have the same goal. We are all to be transformed into Muslims, live by Sharia Law and bow to Mohammad.

What does the United States keep doing over and over to try to have better relations with Muslims? We keep trying to buy it and appease them. They laugh at us while cursing us at the same time all the way to the bank.  Now their culture in going full steam in the United States and what is our government and judicial system doing to try to have better relationships with Muslims? They are appeasing them and showing them preferential treatment. How many of you can testify to how well that is turning out for the better of the United States? Our culture gets taken away from us just to make the Muslims happy and appease them.

A proposed law to outlaw Sharia Law in the United States was dead on arrival, because it deemed instituting that law would be unconstitutional due to it singling out one group of people. Well duh! No other groups of people live under the abhorrent Sharia Law except Muslims.

An US citizen last Halloween wore an outfit looking like Mohammad and some Muslim physically attacked him and  arrested for assault. The Muslim sued the US citizen stating the outfit was offensive to him and that’s why he assaulted the man. The judge hearing the case threw out the assault charge and lectured the US citizen about how badly he had acted wearing a Halloween costume looking like Mohammad. The judge tore this US citizen a new ass telling him he should know better than to do something that would be so offensive to Muslims. Are you kidding me?! That is what is going on in the United States.

Who is helping the most to further the Muslim cause in our country, worldwide and backing them 100%? It is our highest elected official occupying our White House. Maybe President Bush had the right idea of decimating Iraq’s military potential while our military was in Afghanistan dealing out some serious payback.  I have no problem with the action we took in Iraq with one exception. After we blew their military power back into the Middle Ages we should have just up and left them to have a civil war among themselves, if they so desired.  They’ve been fighting and killing each other for over 2000 years, so why should we try to stop it.

Caliphate Map As is Stands Now

The Muslims greatest want is world domination of the Muslim religion and that cannot be allowed. I have no problem stepping in with our great military might and technology and assisting the Muslims to live in the Middle Ages just like their beliefs call for. So by all means let the Muslims have their bastion in the Middle East and Africa, but prevent them from having the technology to further spread their cause and demand they merge themselves into our culture or don’t bother applying to live here.

Spread of Islam





Comments on: "Multicultural Is Multi-stupid! by Dave Taylor, Contributor" (33)

  1. Once again you nailed it!


    • Hey IIana,

      Thanks for the comment and I pray you’re doing well. I really don’t understand how everyone doesn’t see this as a no-brainer. I personally believe anyone that would argue this point are people that want to assist the Muslim’s taking over the world. NO ONE is so stupid they don’t know the Muslims want world domination, so a person is either for it or against it. There is no grey area on this subject…


      • Dave,

        Very good article and you hit it out of the ballpark. This is a NO BRAINER by far. Unfortunately we have a complete breakdown in our system of government, basically that we are a sovereign Republic. It’s gone now so these idiots we have for judges, congresscrittercriminals, senators, and the whole doggone UnJustice Dept considers “us” the enemy instead of the Islamic terrorist nuts we have running around in this country.

        Fire away! Blast the torpedoes!


        • Hey Pepp,

          Always good to hear from you my dear friend! Thanks so much for your very kind compliment. Ya’ know; I’m not ignorant of the fact that this great nation is built upon immigrants. Immigrants that came here looking for a better life for their family, the land of opportunity and freedom, and they’re even allowed to have their own beliefs. However, Germans, Irish, Italians, Indians, Chinese, Japanese…etc. while holding on to some of their precious culture did not try to change our culture and force us into their culture. The Muslims are the most unique, intolerable, unwavering and dangerous group of immigrants to ever hit our shores.


  2. Dave,

    Great post.
    This has been going on for a very long time and I like you don’t understand it. When my ancestors came here from Germany they had to change there ways to fit in and learn to speak English, and they did because they wanted to leave Germany for a better life. That’s why they came here. When I was in second grade a young boy started school in my class he had just come to this country from Italy. He had a tough time learning English but he did.

    I don’t understand why people come here for a better life and try to change our ways to be like where they came from.

    I think if anyone doesn’t like it here then they should move to another country more to there liking.

    I have been following a very good blog mostly about Muslims it’s called (AtlasShrugs.com) Written by Pamela Geller


    • Howdy Dogged,

      Great to see you again and thanks so much for your kind compliment. I hadn’t even read your comment yet while I was replying to Pepp and I brought up the exact same point you made about your ancesters. Immigrants came here, because there was opportunity for just about anything they wanted to work for to achieve. No other country in the history our the world offered people what the United States offered. But yes; they did need to assimiliate into our coulture, but they were still able to hold on to some of the precious parts of the homeland culture. Muslim immigrants are like a deadly virus spreading. They don’t try to fit in, they don’t to fit in; they want to change everything here to be just like it was where they came from. So why in the hell did they leave, if they had it just like they wanted it where they were at? Because they despise everything that is not of the Muslim way and their mission is world domination of the Muslim faith. Only a bunch of damn fools will sit around and say this is not true!


  3. Another big thank you to Pepp for her talents off adding the pics to my article. She is so talented that I can’t even get my imagination to go to the level her’s reaches. Thanks teach!


  4. Pictures tell a thousand words.The Religion of Peace. MY ASS. Only if you AGREE with it. Otherwise,Katy-bar-the-door. Dimwits who think Islamists will EVER embrace OTHER religions will DIE finding out just how “tolerant” they truly are. As Patton said,paraphrased, “You win a war not by dying for your country,but by making the OTHER poor dumb bastard die for HIS country”. Applicable here as well. Good post,Dave.


    • clyde my friend,

      Thanks for stopping by and the compliment. I always look forward to reading your comments. You are damn straight on it! They have two levels of tolerance: (1) Conform to their religion or (2) Die! Ya’ quoted my absolute fav General and we sure in the hell could use him right now. This is a wave of death and destruction coming our way and everyone better wake the hell up and either stop the wave from crashing on our shores or be ready to fight to the death. They fight like the Jap’s in WWII…


  5. Wow, great post here, Dave. And Pepp’s capabilities do not go unnoticed.

    It’s interesting that when we were kids, we were taught to be wary of strangers, for our protection. Then when we get a little older, we are supposed to be “tolerant” of everyone and not question their motivation. And that’s the liberal/leftist/progressive/whatever you want to call it type of contradiction that leads me to wonder what kind of pine cones cannot see the danger right in our own back yard.


    • Hey Mrs. AL,

      Thanks so much for commenting and your compliment is greatly appreaciated! I personally think some things have changed since we were kids Mrs. AL. My boy is almost 21, so I really don’t even know what the majority of kids are being taught at home anymore; if anything of value. We certainly still have a fine crop of young people that grow up and still have values, morals and charactor. Men and women that join our military comes to my mind first. But; we do know that crap they are being tought in the liberal/leftiest controlled educational system and it is nothing like what I was being tought as a youngin. The lefty loons are spreading their seed for the future by corrupting our children, so this is going to be a long, hard fought battle to get our Republic back…if we can at this point. I often wonder how much more down hill will our country will go when the last semblence of citizens that love our country and constitution (our generatioins) are dead and gone?


      • Couple of things. The Young Republicans in my county are not shy about sharing their bedrock belief in God (Biblical) and their conservative values. Some of these “kids” (call them that because I am older) are as young as 18. So that’s a good thing.

        Also, what kind of gets me steamed are things like this …


        Now assuming the above is true, what ever happened to free speech in this country? A court even entertaining this suit is, IMHO, not even aware of our Constitution. That is how far off base we are. Or maybe I am the one living in a fools paradise!

        I have spent a lot of time studying the subject you blogged on. I have done my gut level best to be objective. And this threat is real, it’s deadly and it’s here.

        Sorry to carry on. Just in the mood, I guess — haha


        • Thanks for the link Mrs. AL and if it is true; I’m not gonna lie and tell ya’ I’m pissed off! I don’t think you are one living in a fools paradise and feel free to carry on as much as you want. This use to be a paradise, before we got completely ran over by the lefty/loons and their destroying everything that made this a paradise. Evil knows only one thing and that is destory good.

          I did my fair share of research before writing this article and I’m thoroughly convinced this threat is not only real, but maybe the biggest threat we currently face. Well…I just made a stupid comment…I’d like to think I did good research before writing this article! Sorry…I’m prone to brain farts sometimes… 🙂


  6. privbullright said:

    Dave, good article.

    There is no appeasement that will work.(they’ll even admit that….if you ask them) Heck, they don’t appreciate what they did do for their dark-age cause. And they demand we do more? Why would any country in earth want to replicate their ways?And why not talk to them exactly like they talk about us?


    • PBR,

      That’s what gets to me. They expect us to protect them, fight for them, then after they’re through with our military they want them kicked out asap and then launch verbal attacks on us. I think the US is stupid, or the reps we have, to ever go again into a Muslim country to defend their butts. They make me sick with their attitude.


    • Hey bull,

      How ya’ doing buddy? Good to hear from you and thanks for the compliment. No one in the right mind wants to duplicate their ways and that’s why they have to force it upon other cultures. What pisses me off is so many cultures let them get away it!

      I agree 100% with Pepp’s comment. Send them no more money, only send over our military to protect Israel and do missle and air attacks to keep their military power desimated. Then they can kill each other with sticks and stones just like the good ole days. I have no problem spending money on the Mulsim ME and African countries to bombard them with missles…


  7. thedrpete said:

    The Senate passed a bill by voice vote — no roll call, no objection — prohibiting demonstrations anywhere near the President or veep or foreign dignatory or anyone else receiving Secret Service protection. The House then passed it with only three “nay” votes, and the President signed it into law. HR-347, and if found guilty, it’s a felony and punishable by a year in jail.

    Inside a day, they conspired to destroy the unalienable right from the Creator to liberty, along with the 1st amendment’s right to free speech, to assembly, and to petition for redress of grievances.

    If the President ordered Secret Service protection for, say, David Axelrod or Bill Ayers or AG Holder, it would be a felony to show them a sign or to yell at them. That, Mrs. Al, is what happened to free speech.


    • hey doc,

      Thanks for coming by and commenting. I saw them pass that crazy ass bill with almost zero objection. It just went further to prove in my mind that Obama is far from the only dingy politician that needs to be put out of a job. This gets more insane every time a person turns around.


    • Damnation drpete. Every day there is another assault on our freedom. I don’t think we got much left now.


      • thedrpete said:

        This one is a real kick in the nads. Just think of who voted for this. Rand Paul and Marco Rubio didn’t object. Cantor vote aye.

        Dave, I wrote extensively on the Islamofascists-in-our-midst a couple of years ago after exhaustive research. I disagree with nothing you said here.


      • Pepp, it also proves what cowards (ok, wussies) they are. I took a lot of spittle when protesting abortion-on-demand. And these guys can’t take a few signs? What a crock of whoha. And you are right, we haven’t got much left now. So I am going to use what I have to the max!


        • Mrs. Al,

          You sure got that right. We’ve got nothing but wusses and crooks up there in Cesspool City. Nothing but a Gangster Government as I call it. They ought to be afraid of us.


  8. That bill sounds like they didn’t bother to read IT,either. Assholes have GOT to quit voting however the damned STAFF is telling them to. WE didn’t elect the frigging STAFF,we elected the Congcritter.


    • ROTFLMAO!!! “Congcritter”…that’s awesome! No one reads those damn 2000 page bills. Most of the time there is a short summary in the front and that’s what the flunkies read and advise the “Congcritter’s” on how to vote. How the hell can you have a short summary on a 2000 page bill and even think you’re getting all the important facts? Ya’ can’t and those shit heads know it, but don’t care.


    • privbullright said:

      Clyde Dave,
      Yea, that’s funny (if it wasn’t so serious). So they vote on the “summary” and by the time the detatils out — if they do — its too late.


  9. Affirmative! The write the damn things so big, because they know ahead of time NO ONE is going to read the big bastard and they can cram all kinds of horse shit into it. Then the flunkies just pooooooour over it for…eh…10 minutes and then the official votes for a new law. Pretty sad eh???


  10. privbullright said:

    So what is sad to me is that the same kind of political ideology Islamists use is the same one we see in Obama’s administration. Lie at all cost to further your extreme agenda. Try to take out any opposition to it standing in your way. (by any means necessary…ends justify the means) Manipulate elections to suit your agenda whenever and wherever you can. Anyone outside your political base is part of the Dhimmitude. And so on…


  11. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama follows in the exact same steps as Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. They are so damn delusional they are willing to go to any length to try and ensure their goal is achieved believing it is the best for everyone. These type people need to be removed from the general populous, because they are simply to sick and dangerous to run around freely. They cannot be rehabilitated; they’re too far gone.


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