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Today I read that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is going to release his Cold Case Posse investigation results about Obama on March 1rst.

Why,  I wonder do we have to wait until March 1rst.  I read two or three weeks ago Joe was going to release his results along about now.  It seems it is now pushed up further to another 3 weeks.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Meanwhile, our lovely InJustice Dept. is trying desperately to charge Sheriff Joe with civil rights violations, probably because he makes his prisoners wear some fluffy female color of pink.

I think these prison uniforms are nice and fresh. That bold, fresh look!

The InJustice Dept of Eric Holder is trying to charge Sheriff Joe with systemic civil rights violations of Hispanics.  Holder is threatening to take Sheriff Joe to court just around the time of his release of his Cold Posse Case.

Why am I not shocked over this?  If you can’t bribe those who are trying to get this Fraud out of the closet, then throw charges on them of any sort.  Or how about threaten to kill them and their families.  After all we must have Obama for another term since “he deserves it” as he told Matt Lauer on the Morning show.  Ah, yes, such a deserving turd he is.  We all long for another 4 years of living in hell under his dictatorship.  People want in hell want ice water  too.

Does anyone believe that Sheriff Joe’s investigation will come up with the facts about Obama?  Does anyone believe that this will turn out any better than the Georgia case?  If you do, take 2 aspirin and go lie down. and don’t try to wake up before November 2012.

Another rather hilarious thing that came my way today was a letter from one of our Great Senators, Mitch-the-Switch McConnell as the Rave calls him.

Dave was right, he is Mitch-the-Switch. I never knew the truth until now.  I guess living down here in Ole KY you know all these secrets.

This letter was in reply to a petition I signed once again about the Obamacare case coming before the SCOTUS this summer.  This issue I had contacted him about was over Elena Kagan remaining on the bench since she is not impartial to Obamacare and some places I read she helped draft the damn thing.  Never mind that Kagan is an avowed Communist serving on the Supreme Court. Why not?  We have a so-called president who is a communist.

The Dishonorable Commie Kagan

Good Ole Mitch. He must believe in the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, and that fishes fly out of the water far enough to land from the beaches of Florida to the innermost parts of our country, say Oklahoma.

Here is one of his closing remarks, “As we continue throughout the rest of the 112nd Congress, I will look forward to further disclosure and transparency from the Justice Department.

H rump!  I wonder if this is why he lies so much. Is he a Muzzie?

I couldn’t help but laugh uproariously at Mitch’s naïvety or his ignorance possibly of the Issa Committee where they have not been able to get Holder to hand over documents they subpoenaed some 9 to 12 months ago.

Does Mitch know what goes on in Cesspool City or he is just pulling my leg.  What a funny man he is.  At least he gave me some good laughs today.

Transparency and disclosure!  Who is Mitch kidding?


Comments on: "Giggles: The Sheriff and Mitch-the-Switch by Peppermint" (16)

  1. I don’t know if the DC bastards can take Sheriff Joe down or not. They DAMNED sure are going to try. Anything to save the BECS from the rightful assbooting he richly deserves.


  2. Pepp,

    Mitchtheswitch knows exactly what he is doing. He is not naive at all; just a damn turncoat. I got three letters from him just last week and they went straight into my garbage can will all my other junk mail. BTW; where did you get his graduation picture from? 🙂

    I now firmly believe that Anus Holder and Obamastalin belonged to the same “gentleman’s club” in Shitcago and have a very close relationship. Sheriff Joe will be lucky if he lives long enough to release his documentation. Which brings up another point; the Laimstream media will bury this story so deep that the sheeple that depend on them for their “only source of information” will never hear about this and those of us that actually do our own research will probably spend hours on the internet trying to find a website that the men in black has not yet shut down.


    • privbullright said:


      The switch does fit.
      At least Mitch could serve us up a fresh batch of BS we hadn’t heard before. He’s slipping. And this is what we have to look forward to should Republicans win a majority?


  3. willibeaux said:

    Clyde! I’ll put my money on Sheriff Joe.

    ‘ooRah! 😉


  4. privbullright said:

    Pepp, Good article, I hadn’t heard much on this….

    It reminds me of the old saying “truth will out”. Not if you are Obama. It is so tightly concealed that I imagine Obama doesn’t even know the truth anymore. So I have little faith that any “investigation” into Obama will lead anywhere except to demonize the investigators. What will it get, a blurb in the press, if that. Joe sure is giving the media – for lack of a better word – time to prepare for anything he might say. And you can bet every source he communicates with is monitored. When you have the justice department and the secret service protecting the biggest liar and fraud we ever had in the WH, how far could anything go to reveal the truth about liar-in-chief? Besides what difference would any information they could tell us make? Joe is starting to sound like the Donald to me. One can always hope.

    Mitch has only a tad more credibility Obama’s teleprompter. By now, I wonder who he thinks he’s fooling. We go from election to election with hopes and nothing materializes. Maybe he should compare notes with Trent Lott.


    • bull,

      You make an excellent point about what difference would this information make anyway? Every bit of evidence/proof that might lead anyone in power to do anything is quickly dismissed by the laimstream media, the Senate and anyone in the judicial system.

      One of the definitions of stupid is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We’re stuck with Obama not matter what…


      • privbullright said:


        That reminds me: I keep getting those NRSC emails donate, please help the cause etc. The last one was funny anyway, it was on Ground Hog Day. Talk about ironic… Punxsutawney Phil could more accurately predict the next four years: cloudy followed by doom and gloom. Well, I think I’ll go purge now.


  5. Thx guys for keeping things going. I didn’t sleep last night. I wonder why, so I had to go to bed, only to be partially awake now.
    I have to have the blasted MRI done over again on Thurs. The radiologists are refusing to read it, saying it’s “questionable. I guess I don’t have to say I’m ticked to no end.

    Then I wake up to find the Fraud in Chief is going to all out war against the Catholic Church. There goes the 1rst Amendment. Soon, there will be no rights left. I imagine he’s coming for our guns soon, but I hope the Church and the American people don’t take anymore of this.


  6. Some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth make me want to puke! The rest of the time I have no control over it…..

    They have been after Sheriff Joe for a long time, it may be just a matter of time til they shut him up for good…..


    • FOH,

      How true, especially when he told Matt Lauer he “deserves” a 2nd term. How arrogant. After he’s destroyed us he thinks he should get another term? He’s totally insane as far as I’m concerned.

      I figure Sheriff Joe will get charged by Holder for these so called civil rights violations. Holder was not the least bit interested in Joe until he put his cold case posse together on the Obama lies and cover ups.


      • privbullright said:

        Pepp and FOH,

        Remember Nixon had enough sense to resign amid scandal; Bill Clinton was impeached in the House. But Obama says, “I deserve a second term, but we’re not done,”

        He deserves? The arrogance. Plus I don’t know which is the worst part: that he “deserves a second term”, or that he is “not done”?


        • pepp and pbr, I am sure that he is not done because we are still having elections at least we hope that is the case come November. I don’t want to talk about what he deserves!


  7. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Pep, I would not worry about Sheriff Joe. He has more protection than President O’Vomit.

    Psalms 91:11-12
    11 For He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

    12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

    Because there are so many people praying for Sheriff Joe, I believe that the above scripture from the 91st Psalm is appropriate.


  8. Gray

    I hope you’re right about Sheriff Joe. I’m not so worried about them killing him as I am about these charges of him violating Hispanics civil rights. Holder will have him hauled into a mess of a court case over it just like he does to every state that bucks the feds.


  9. In case anyone did not notice right under my avatar in the upper right hand corner is a link to sign a petition to get our 4th amendment rights back. Please sign the petition if you can. Thanks.


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