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Dear Fellow Patriot,
Barack Hussein Obama is proceeding full speed ahead with his plans for a government takeover of the internet by issuing a “Sole Executive Agreement,” and completely bypassing the U.S. Senate. Please send faxes to every Member of the U. S. Senate, telling them to demand a vote on the ACTA internet takeover treaty. Mr. Obama is so desperate to grab control over the internet, that he has conjured up a way to completely ignore the U.S. Constitution, and we must stop him!

Here is what is going on:

Barack Obama wants to enforce the ACTA treaty, which will give governments and special interest groups the power to shut down websites, and terminate your access to the internet, without the due process of law. And he’s going to do it without sending it to the U. S. Senate for ratification.

The U.S. Constitution specifically says that the Senate MUST ratify all treaties. However, the Constitution has never stopped Barack Hussein Obama. He believes that he is not bound by any rule of law that stops him from doing whatever he wants to do.

He has already violated the Constitution by making government appointments without U. S. Senate approval. Now he is going one step further.

The White House has declared that it will use a “Sole Executive Agreement,” and simply enforce this internet takeover treaty, without sending it to the Senate for consideration.

According to the American Society of International Law, “No comparable agreement has been concluded in this way… It could pave the way for more extensive use of sole executive agreements in the future. That, in turn, could have implications for the nature of democratic control over international legal agreements concluded by the United States.”

Please send your faxes NOW before it is too late to stop ACTA. This treaty gives governments all over the world the power to effectively shut down the internet.

Here is what this treaty provides:

1) Internet companies will have to delete websites, or any internet content, based on any frivolous claim of a “copyright infringement.” That means that any left-wing activist could accuse your favorite anti-Obama website of violating a copyright, and that site could be banned from the internet.

No court order will be necessary. One false complaint, and USJF’s website could disappear from the internet!

2) A country with harsh internet censorship rules, like communist China, could demand that websites that it doesn’t like be banned from the World Wide Web. Imagine the Chinese Politburo having the power over what you can read on the internet!

3) Users who are simply accused of “violating copyright rules” could have their internet connections cut off completely! No wonder that the big left-wing media companies support this treaty—they could, once again, claim a monopoly on what you’re allowed to see in the news, by controlling what you can see on the internet!

4) Governments will have the authority to search your IPods and other music devices, Kindle readers, laptop computers, and even your cell phones without a warrant. Envision Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.’s goons at the Justice Department having the power to examine your private computer files!

Unfortunately, this nightmare is about to come true.

Barack Obama reportedly signed the ACTA internet takeover treaty last October, without much ceremony. And he has no plans to allow it to come before the U.S. Senate for a vote

Instead, he is going to unilaterally declare it to be the law of the land through an illegal “Sole Executive Agreement.”That is why that it is so CRITICAL that you fax the every Member of the U. S. Senate.

This is the committee that is responsible for international treaties.

These Senators MUST hear from you TODAY. They must stand up to Barack Hussein Obama.

Send Faxes Now Image
Forcing Mr. Obama to submit this treaty for a vote in the U. S. senate is our ONLY hope of stopping it.Remember, once Barack Obama starts enforcing this treaty, Congress will have NO ROLE in protecting your internet freedom. The left claims that this new treaty will supersede the U.S. Constitution!

This is an INTERNATIONAL government power-grab that will give Barack Hussein Obama, and his foreign dictator allies, unprecedented power.

PLEASE click here to bombard the U. S. Senate with faxes. There is no time to waste.

Barack Hussein Obama could issue this unprecedented “Sole Executive Agreement” any day now.

And, then, any left-wing special interest group, any Obama-controlled government agency, and/or any foreign government that hates freedom will have the power to control what you are allowed to see on the internet.

Please send your faxes. You must act NOW.

And, while you are at it, please add to the effectiveness of your faxes by calling your U.S. Senator’s office at 202-224-3121. Tell him, or her, to demand that Barack Obama submit the ACTA treaty to the Senate.

I cannot stress this enough. This treaty is very real. And Barack Hussein Obama will enforce it without sending it to the U.S. Senate. You must send your faxes today.


Gary G. Kreep, Esq. Signature Image
Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation 


I don’t know if this requires money for these faxes.  If so just email or call your Senator yourself about this. That costs no money.


Comments on: "Urgent: Obama About to Issue EO on ACTA Internet Treaty" (9)

  1. So… I would like to know just how this internet takeover, this shut down is supposed to work? If the companies that own and operate the millions servers out there, know that what Obama is doing is illegal as hell. Why should they obey such demands?

    What is Obama going to do? Send in troops to close them down?


  2. Davetherave said:


    Great post, but I’ve have come to my last straw with Obamajackass and our wussy Senate.

    I would like to know why in the hell we need to do anything at this point to nudge the Senator’s to do their damn job they’re overpaid to do? They felt the heat from 13,000,000 people within 24 hours when they were getting ready to vote on it and tabled it. Instead of babysitting those useless leaches every time Obamajackass does another act that is unconstitutional, how about all the knuckle head voter’s kick them out of office and onto the street landing on their ass. The Senator’s already know the overwhelming feeling about this issue from the people and I for one am getting tired of constantly calling them on my red phone and holding their hand. If all those 13,000,000 million vote, we can get rid of this commie sumbitch Obamajackass and hopefully send all the Senator’s up for re-election to the unemployment line this November.

    I will now hold a gun to my own head this November, if that is what it takes to make me pull the handle and vote for Romney. This crazy ass Kenyan King has got to go plain and simple…


    • Dave,

      I just emaied both of our senators, but not expecting much from these lame brains up there.
      Tomorrow I plan to call their offices since it’s too late now.

      This is simply outrageous. I don’t believe the Legislative branch will ever stop him from doing anything. I’m sickened by it.

      And, like you I guess I’ll take my barf bucket to the polls in November (if we have an election) and vote for whoever is the candidate.

      I can’t take much more of this. Every day we wake up to another assault on our liberty and freedoms from this phony Fraud Kind we’ve got.

      I also told both Senators I wanted to see impeachment.


      • willibeaux said:

        Mrs. Pepper’awk! I’m with Dave on this one. Sorry! My two Senators are liberal Dems and they walk lockstep with Zero. I hope the ACLJ and some other Christian law organizations jump on this one. It can be stopped if they will do it.


        • Beaux,

          If you have 2 dem senators of course they won’t listen to you. I only meant if your senators are open to your emails or calls. We have 2 repub senators, Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell who both take my emails and calls all the time.

          But, in Ohio, before I moved Sherrod Brown, a dem had been elected to the senate and he was one nasty SOB and would send me back the most hateful and nasty letters when I tried to contact him. We also had Voinivich who was a rhino and he was nasty too.

          John Boehner was my rep in my district and I always got good service from him.
          It’s sad how he’s fallen down on the Speaker job. I think he just went past his grade level and is not sufficient being the Speaker of the House. He was fine as just a rep.


  3. The two donkeys from Michiruit simply do not see my emails,nor will their staff let my calls through. Something I said,maybe?? But,will do it anyway.


    • clyde,

      You know what that is terrible to be treated that way. They are supposed to represent us but if it’s dems they don’t want to hear from us. If it’s going to do no good, then don’t even bother.


  4. willibeaux said:

    I checked the ACLJ website. They are aware of this and I expect they will file a lawsuit.


    • Beaux,

      I’ll check ACLJ out too. I’m registered with them. I want to see what they are going to do about this. No president is supposed to ratify any treaty on his own. All treaties are to be ratified by the Senate. This is an outrageous over reach by the King. And they do nothing to stop him. I emailed my senators yesterday and I’ll see what I get back. I plan on calling also because both of my senators take my phone calls. We’re lucky to have 2 repubs for our senators right now. If they were dems I wouldn’t even bother knowing what I’d get.


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