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As being reported on the Huffington Post there is a new super PAC called CREDO.

Excerpt:  “The effort by the progressive outfit CREDO aims to use the new big-spending super PAC model, which can accept unlimited donations, to back extensive local organizing and “education” aimed at defeating 10 members of Congress seen by the left as the worst of the worst.”

This Super PAC has in its target the following Republicans, Reps   Steve King (R-Iowa),  Lt. Col. Allen West (R-Fla),  Sean Duffy (R-Wis), Joe Walsh (R-Ill),  Frank Guinto (R-N.H), and Chip Cravaat (R-Minn).

Four are yet to chosen by this PAC CREDO. One can only fear who else they have in their target range.

The group claims that these men are anti-woman, anti-science, bigoted, and have done “crazy things” whatever that means.  CREDO also states that these 6 men are unfit for Congress and do not govern and their constituents are embarrassed.

The people in this PAC plan to go door to door making these reps’ constituents turn against these men and show how unfit they are.  The activists have many who plan on doing this to rid themselves of Tea Party Members as they call them.

Matthew “mudcat” Arnold

The Campaign Manager, Matthew Arnold states that these Republicans are more odious than any other members of Congress and are the worst of the worst.  It looks to me he doesn’t have much room to speak about being odious. If Matthew Arnold needs 3 million to start his ground game he better start working fast with no money in the coffers yet.

This PAC states it will use a grassroots organization of more than 2.5 million activists for their grassroots to campaign against these Congressmen with those constituents who are already unhappy with these Reps.

Becky Bond

“Becky Bond, president of the CREDO super PAC. “Where Karl Rove and the Koch brothers can use shady money from a few hidden donors to fund a barrage of TV attack ads, this super PAC will empower local voters and our list of 2.5 million activists to build a grassroots campaign that is as hard hitting as it is progressive.”

It sounds like Becky has her shorts in a bunch and of course, as usual, is one of those progressives (word for commie) who can’t take the smirk off that face of hers.  Laugh all you want Becky. You won’t gain much with your project. As of now this Super PAC CREDO has zero dollars donated to it.

This group also defends Muslim activity calling others xenophobic who do not want to watch a Muslim family show according to them. They have a petition up now to boycott Lowe’s who withdrew its’ ads from the show.

Excerpt from a blog on the CREDO site for Minnesota:

“Though I think the court argument is plenty to put president at the top of our priorities, I also expect both houses of Congress to be Republican. If you liked the debt ceiling crisis, wait until there’s no Democratic president to at least make them work for it. And no Democratic president to make appointments, or exercise regulatory authority.”

Oh, so Obama makes the Republicans work for a debt ceiling,  and he makes good appointments and he exercises his legal authority.  I see, so Obama operating outside the law of the Constitution is what these people see as very good.  Dummies and morons at PAC CREDO.





Comments on: "Liberal Super Pac Plans to Take Down Tea Party Members by Peppermint" (5)

  1. Davetherave said:


    Great post! I had not heard about this yet, but it is certainly no surprise. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket and here are just more dumb asses handing out more baskets. I sure wish they would leave the Koch boys alone. They give away more of their money to great charities than they ever do for politics. I cannot believe how quickly we have fallen so deeply into the hands of Satan. God have mercy on us all.


  2. Like Davetherave,

    I knew nothing of the outfit called “CREDO super PAC.” So doing a little backtracking research I went to their website and read their “Mission Statement.”

    I was startled when I began reading because it became clear to me that this is a Communist organization (calling themselves “Progressives”) with an agenda of undermining America and our Freedom. They operate in such a way that the average citizen would think that they are doing *good* work for Americans. But reading between the lines, you can see that the opposite is true!

    They have updated and changed their name to “CREDO mobile.” This is a phone service that you sign up for with an agreement that 1% of your phone bill will go to support various groups such as–ACLU, Media Matters, Planned Parenthood. Also, their bill serves as a News Letter for Progressive (commie) activities.

    If you got to their site and click on “Our Mission” you’ll get a drop-down menu. Listing, History, Founders, And Political Victories etc.
    Read everything on the drop-down menu At the link below…


    P.S. check out what they claim to be “Progressive Political victories” and you can see the “destruction” they’re proud of


  3. When it comes to liberals and giving THEIR money to a cause,fuggetaboudit. You notice their mobile service wants YOU who are dumb enough to sign up to contribute YOUR money. Also cracks me up,they piss and moan about the FEW conservative money men,but JACK SHIT about the criminal Soros,who,unlike the Kochs, made most of HIS fortune illegally manipulating currencies. I have no qualms about this bunch,as soon as what little they have gets pissed away,POOF, gone.


    • Clyde,

      That is one of the things that really makes me “super mad!” These various groups (Communist) or other. They know that the American people in general, are a good, decent people and attack our foundation through subterfuge! Preying on that goodness, and counting on it, to allow them to get away with what they’re doing.

      One could make a very long list of activities these groups are involved in. All done with a single purpose. To support the Progressive (Communist) movement, and use our own money against us!

      Sadly, as you said clyde, millions of people are dumb enough to sign-up and unwittingly, become members for their cause! Then again, I don’t know if I could call these people “dumb.” They are probably, simply well-meaning, and a bit naive Americans being “taken for a ride” by these World Class Criminals!

      And you know, one of the things that bothers me most is that, no one is doing anything to stop or counteract these Communist filled groups! Not the F.B.I the C. I. A or any of the departments established to protect America and her citizens! It’s as if “We The People” have been abandoned completely!

      I would really like to know….What the hell is happening to our country!


  4. Gar Swaffar said:

    Same old answer – Keep it dry.


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