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One of my earliest childhood memories is of my parents talking about Nixon and the Watergate scandal. I remember the newspaper headline: “Nixon Resigns!” President Nixon’s fight against court subpoenas made international news. Yesterday President Obama completely ignored a court subpoena, and the world shrugged.

Obama’s behavior yesterday is even more disturbing than Nixon’s. Nixon at least respected the judicial branch enough to have his attorney’s show up in court and follow procedure. Nixon’s fight in the courts followed existing law. Nixon acknowledged the authority of the judicial branch even while he fought it. Obama, on the other hand, essentially said yesterday that the judicial branch has no power over him. He ordered his attorneys to stay away from the hearing. He didn’t petition a higher court in a legitimate attempt to stay the hearing. Instead he showed complete contempt for the entire judicial branch and for the rule of law. Rather than respecting the legal process, Obama went around the courts and tried to put political pressure directly on the Georgia Secretary of State. When that failed, he simply ignored the judicial branch completely.

The rule of law, and our three-branch system of government, now hang in the balance. If the Georgia court issues a ruling on the merits and an order finding Obama in contempt of court, and if that contempt order actually results in real punishment of some kind, then we will still have a Constitutional Republic. If this doesn’t happen, then Obama will have been rewarded for showing complete contempt for the judicial branch.

Understand that the goal of the Georgia ballot challenge was to have a court rule on the merits of the Constitutional question: Does the term “natural born citizen” in Article II of the Constitution require a Presidential candidate to have two parents that were U.S. citizens at the time the candidate was born? Obama wants to avoid having a court rule on this question. That is why he didn’t show up and ordered his attorneys to not show up. Obama was hoping that the Georgia court would enter a default judgment rather than rule on the merits. If the court enters a default judgment, Obama will have succeeded in avoiding the Constitutional eligibility question. He will then appeal the default judgment, get the appellate court to suspend the default judgment pending appeal, and then delay the appeal until after the primary. This is undoubtedly Obama’s plan.

If the Georgia Court rules that Supreme Court precedent must be followed and therefore Obama simply does not meet the minimum Constitutional requirements to hold the office of President, then we will at least have succeeded in finding one court in the nation willing to do its job. If that court finds Obama in contempt of court, then we still have three viable branches of government. The Georgia court has the authority to do both of these things. The world should be holding its breath.

Unfortunately the world is apparently unaware that our great Republic is on life support. The Roman Empire died a slow death. It’s death was so gradual that few people living at that time probably noticed the individual events that marked the death throes of that great empire. Apparently the same is true of America. Yesterday marked a stunning turn of events in the constant power struggle between the three branches of our government. Our President openly showed that he believes he is completely above the law. I wonder if the court even noticed its own death certificate. We will see in a few days.

I will certainly try to explain this to the court in our proposed findings of fact and law that the court requested we file before February 5th. Please pray with me that Judge Malihi rules on the merits of our case.

All of your encouragement and prayers have been greatly appreciated. They are needed even more over the next few weeks. This battle is FAR from over. And it has taken on importance beyond what we predicted (which is truly astounding). Please tell everyone you know about Obama’s contempt of the judicial branch. Please explain to them what it really means. Even those that agree with Obama politically and disagree with our ballot challenge should be shocked, appalled, and scared of Obama’s contempt for the judicial system.



Comments on: "Is The Judicial Branch Dead?" (19)

  1. This man is was and will always be an empty suit who needs to be voted out. Why no one appears to be paying attention is beyond me. My husband was livid. So he emailed Burr. UFB!!


    • Nee,

      That’s one of the things that I really get pissed at! No one in Congress is doing a thing to stop this Traitor from his destruction!


      • awk’,

        Is it feasible Congress has become so scared of a race riot in our streets they are fearful of this? Or; are they complicit in keeping the normal money making machine going, so they can all retire millionaires with great pension plans? IMO; it is both and I was educated in public schools where race riots was a daily part of our education, so I say bring it on! Then we need to throw out the entire Congress and start all over with term limits, average Joe salaries and benefits. Special interest groups not welcomed and lobbyist will be shot on sight…


        • Rave,

          I agree,the entire Congress needs to be replaced. and lobbyist’s will be shot on sight! We must stop all corruption!


    • Nee,

      That is the biggest puzzle indeed why no one has done anything about the King. I read on one site that the repubs may be doing nothing because they want to do the same thing, go around the Constitution and install Rubio. This is so wrong and it looks to me like our legislative branch is a complete and utter failure. And Obama just goes around them at will.


  2. Hopefully, the Georgia court will see that they will indeed be signing their own death certificate if they give Obama a pass.

    Obama and the Dimorats, must not be allowed to by-pass the Constitution and think they are above the laws, “untouchables” if you will.

    As we all know by now Obama has dismissed one whole branch of our government, the Judicial Branch. Congress may as well not exist because they do absolutely nothing to stop this Traitor! But if we don’t stop him, one way or another, we will have lost our Republic and
    all of our Freedoms!


    • privbullright said:


      “unntouchables” — perfect term for it.


    • Hawk,

      The King has basically disbanded Congress by announcing in public no less that he’s going around them. That in itself is an impeachable offense. But how do you impeach a president that is not legal to begin with. What they need to do is charge him with treason.


  3. privbullright said:

    There is a word for it…
    Obama has contempt for the judicial process….when it comes to himself. Though he would gladly like to control every citizen he could by the court, if he could not control them directly through the executive branch. The other word is tyrant.

    It points to the hypocrisy of the Left. Notice how liberals always lecture us on the “process” when it is to their advantage. They try to beat us over the head with process arguments to force their schemes down our throats. Then there is their mantra: “Every vote counts” etcetera, that is except when every vote must not be counted.


    • PBR,

      Like Stalin said, “it’s not who votes but who counts the votes”. The liberals know how to count all the fraud votes and then that person stays in office even when it’s been proven it was fraud like Al Franken. It was proven he was voted in by fraud but he does not get removed. Why? I’d like to know the answer to that one.


  4. Pepp,

    Obamastalin has nothing but complete contempt for our entire way of life and I have nothing but complete contempt for the Muslim King Obamastalin. This maniac thinks he is a god (lower g on purpose) and has to answer to no one. Sadly; millions of sheeples will try to re-elect this commie, if given the chance. Deport all these sheeples to Iran where they can have the way of life they so seek! Imprison Obamastalin as a fraud and traitor!


    • Dave,

      You are completely right. The King has nothing but contempt for us and the Constitution. He has broken his oath so many times you can’t even count up any further how many.

      Of course he has contempt for our judicial system and the legislative branch. He is the King now. He’s not going to be bothered with some “silly old court in Georgia” of all places is what I think.

      I do wish we could deport all these people who say they hate America but stay here. Why don’t they move to Cuba?


  5. Add this to your pile of pissed: If the empty suit has claimed that Bush is teh food stamp President…get a load of this:



    • Nee,

      Thanks for posting the link. Wow! I didn’t know this was going on. It’s bad enough that some folks must go to the government for food stamps. But now the government is offering $75.000 to groups to go out and search for recipients!

      Plus the the underground criminal activities with food stamps. This is to much!


  6. When judges, like politicians, hide under their desks at the thought of actually upholding the Constitution or various state laws in the case of Obama’s eligibility, it does far more damage to the US than any race riot could. It leads the law abiding to have contempt both for the law and those who administer it. A nation the size of ours cannot function without laws and when EACH of the 3 branches of government consider politics and political advantage more important than the law of the land, it leads the vast majority of Americans (who OBEY the law) to wonder why they should have to follow laws which “the elite” ignore with impunity.

    That is damned dangerous ground for those who wish to govern, for their every word and every law they pass will lack legitimacy.


    • Doug,

      I couldn’t agree with you more! If we that follow the constitution/laws and ask our governing bodies to do the same, what is the obvious outcome when the governing bodies refuse to do so? Anarchy…


    • Doug,

      Great comment. And this is going to lead to anarchy soon. I myself start to think this way. I these elitists pols think they are above the law then why should we pay any attention to the laws, especially the ones they pass down that are revoking our freedoms? I would not disobey any law that would hurt someone else, but take that NDDA for example. It revokes our 5th and 6th Amendments. They are setting up a militarized country whereby any one of us can be arrested for saying the wrong thing according to them.


      • pepperhawk,

        And it’s worse than that. You’re right, the NDAA gives the president authority to imprison American citizens without charge or right to trial.

        And now a bill is before both the House and Senate which, if passed into law, would allow the president to revoke the American citizenship of any American he believes to have “engaged in hostilities against the United States” or to be a supporter of those who have.
        It’s called the Enemy Expatriation Act. I wrote a piece on it a couple of weeks ago for Coach is Right. Talk about a scary bit of legislation! And all of these things really started up with the Oklahoma City bombing, reaching a high point with 9/11. The stated purpose of it all is, of course, to protect the American people from terrorist threats.


        • Doug,

          Yes I read about this new one now revoking our citizenship. Do they ever stop?

          Right, for our protection of course. Sure that’s why they keep taking away our rights. Now let me see, the 4th Amendment is gone, the 5th and 6th, our 1rst is being threatened with things like SOPA/PIPA and our 2nd Amendment is about to go by decree from the King.

          Somehow I don’t feel better or more protected. I feel like I’m living in East Berlin before the wall came down.


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