Wicked Commentary

For several weeks, Red and the Mexicans followed their normal routine of Red taking them to their job in the afternoon, picking them up at night.  They wanted to lay low for a bit before they followed out the plan they concocted.

Red slept in his study with Jeremy, feeling most comfort in there where his belongings were, a nice leather couch which he slept on and Jeremy lying on the floor beside the couch.  Red tried not to think of the traumas he suffered and concentrate on the plans ahead to escape.

The Mexicans spent a lot of time in the kitchen making food and playing cards.  They took to Jeremy and the shepherd liked them too because they took him outside to play ball.  Red felt too exhausted with his grief to do much with Jeremy and felt guilty over that. But, Jeremy understood as most dogs know when their humans suffer.

Towards the end of the 2nd week they laid low, one morning Red awakened early by his door bell.

He got up to see who was at his door and a black shirt was standing outside. Only this time, the black shirt was not a black man, but a white man.

Red opened the door and the man came inside telling Red he had some important information to talk over with him. They sat down in the living room. The man told Red that since he only had the 4 Mexicans living in his huge house he would be receiving more workers.

Red felt the air being sucked out of him. He sunk further into the couch. Red asked the man when these new workers were due at his house. The man said not for several weeks.

Red asked the black shirt why they didn’t house some of these workers with other families on his road.

The black shirt told him no one else lived in those other houses anymore. Red asked him why. The man told Red the people lived elsewhere because his neighborhood was a sustainable development area. Red, not knowing what that meant, asked him about it. The man told Red it was a project for the betterment for the country, to clear out these areas of refuse and turn them back into natural areas. This was all designed on maps and most of the areas in the country would eventually be turned back into government controlled wilderness areas.

Shocked Red asked the man where the people go who lived in these areas. The man suddenly realized he was running his mouth off and looked down at his notebook.

Red decided to push for answers sensing the man liked talking.  Where were the people sent to live asked Red.  To FEMA camps the man answered,  nicely housed and fed.  It really is a good life he told Red. In fact the man told Red that  he has a job assignment soon from the government and he has a camp to go to when the time is right.

Red balked and told the man he owned his accounting business and he expected to go back to his business once he finished carrying out his duties of housing these workers. Oh, no the man told him, you are not allowed to own any property or a business, nothing of that sort.  It was all part of the UN plan to turn the country back into a natural habitat for all species of animals, trees, plants, waterways, rivers, lakes, to name a few.  People and housing refuse is going so that wilderness areas flourish under the government.

Red thought he would vomit. Now he had nothing at all. Not even his house or his business.  He glared at the man and asked him how he became involved as a black shirt working for the government.  The man told Red he is a union worker and only those who belong to unions  have any kind of property and land use. They are ambassadors for the government to help them with the UN Agenda 21.

Red recalled reading something about this in that huge book he had but his mind was so filled with grief he had a hard time concentrating on every aspect of the rules and regulations written in that book. Besides he needed a lawyer to translate it and he had no money to hire a lawyer for what he considered  a waste of his time.

The black shirt rose from his chair and told Red to have a good day and to expect a call from him in a few weeks.

After he left, he heard the Mexicans in the kitchen. He went in and told them they would have to move quickly now with their plans.

That afternoon before they went to work, Red and the Mexicans took a trip downtown to the main government building with all the departments one needed to get information and/or help. The 4 Mexicans would sit in the work waiting area because no one would pay any attention to them in that big room full of others waiting for work calls.

Meanwhile Red went up to the Department of Records. He talked to a clerk about the remains of his wife and son. The man told him impatiently the remains were already disposed of and why was he bothering with this.  Red told the man he wanted the remains of his family so he could have a funeral for them and closure. The man just laughed at him.  You are a fool Mr. Acorn. You don’t have any business having access to their remains. Just like you are not allowed any property or a business his loved ones’ ashes did not belong to him.

While Red argued with the man, the Mexicans each went to one of the floors in the building to use the bathroom. They went into a stall inside the bathrooms and placed their bombs in the back of the toilet attaching them with tape. The cameras inside the bathrooms were not in place to watch anyone in the stalls.

Quickly, the Mexicans flushed the toilets to make it sound like they were actually using the toilets to raise no suspicions and left the building.

Red came out to meet up with the Mexicans but they were nowhere around and the van was gone. Red panicked wondering where the hell the Mexicans were. He waited trying not to look obvious in the parking lot walking around the rows of cars and vans.

The Mexicans finally arrived back to the parking lot and picked up Red.  He asked them where they had been. The Mexicans told Red it was better he didn’t know.

They drove to the edge of town and parked in an alley where there were empty buildings, got out their cell phones, dialed a number and the city lit up with one blast going off after another. The noise of the bombings was incredible to Red. More astounding to him was that the bombs were not only going off at the government building they just left but in other places around the city.

The Mexicans told Red to hit the gas to get back to the house. Red could hear sirens going off all over the place; pandemonium broke out all over the city. Red hit the gas and flew out of the alley. No one was about as they drove back to the house. Out of his rear view mirror, Red saw what looked like massive destruction; fire and smoke reached the outer limits of the town and started to catch up with the van.

The Mexicans were laughing so hard they bent over in the van. Red asked them what they had done. They told Red they slaughtered more sheep than necessary to get more bomb equipment and they placed bombs at the government hospital, the mental hospital where people were held until put to death, and a few other places they considered worth ridding the city besides the government building while Red was arguing with that clerk to get his family’s ashes back. Red was in there a long time making up reasons and asking questions to give the Mexicans time to get the bombs planted in the bathrooms of the government building.  But the Mexicans worked quickly and planted bombs in these other places.

While flying out-of-town back to the house Red stopped momentarily to watch the fire and smoke rolling out of the city. Red imagined himself flying the  Enola Gay  striking down evil and he felt good as if he had flown that very airplane. Instead of the usual depression he fought, he felt elated with joy.  He pressed on while he and the Mexicans laughed all the way back to the house.

To be continued…………..

Notation:  For anyone who is reading this for the first time or wants to refresh themselves on the story all the former 8 chapters of The Acorns Dilemma are on a separate paged marked The Acorns in the upper right hand of my blog.


Comments on: "The Acorns Dilemma Chapter IX by Peppermint" (43)

  1. Good. He’s finally fighting back. I can but hope and pray that he succeeds.


    • Hi Lucie,

      Well, we shall see won’t we if Red succeeds. He is fighting back. The wimpy Red the liberal is now aware he voted for the wrong person. He isn’t happy. 🙂


  2. Davetherave said:


    Mesmerizing! Excellent writing and it drew me into another world where nothing around me could distract me away. Damn; it’s good to see O’ Red back and PLEASE don’t make the rave want so long again for the next chapter…ya’ got me biten’ at the chip! 🙂


    • Rave,

      Thx. I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. And I promise you’ll all not have to wait so long again for the next chapter. It’s already written in my head.
      Keep biting at the bit. I’ll have you on a cliff in the next chapter.


  3. And the lot thickens … gotta’ say, Pepp, it is going to be fascinating to see where this all leads. You are skilled and putting me on the edge of my seat.

    Not to go anywhere weird (but I will — hehe) so what is Jeremy up to during this time? Is he with Red or back at the house?


    • Blast this keyboard … third word is plot, not lot.


    • Mrs. Al,

      Yes, things are getting rather hectic at this point and much danger is about.
      I’m glad it had you on the edge of your seat.

      And for Jeremy, he is a well trained German Shepherd who was home staying in his place as Red commanded him to do. So there’s your answer for that one. Jeremy is a good dog.


  4. privbullright said:


    Another great installment. It is getting very,very interesting. I almost think ol’ Red might be losing his patience… or is he finding it? Not sure.


  5. Awesome! I have been wondering what Red has been up too…i am delighted to see they are doing what ever it takes (:
    Looking forward to more chapters!


    • Jodie,

      Thx for coming over and commenting. It’s been while since I got this chapter up. Had some issues going on and was not able to get this chapter going until now. I have the next chapter pretty much in my head and putting on paper will not take that long. So the next chapter will go up sooner.


  6. GET AN AGENT. This story is too good to just be seen by those who follow your blog,Pepp. I’m as serious as a March blizzard.


    • I’ve been telling her that for years now. Know of any good conservative publishers? If I knew any, I’d send this along and tell afterwards.


    • Clyde,

      You’re so sweet to say that, but I’m not sure it’s all that good for a book, but I am thinking of writing a book. Not on this story I’ve written for my blog, but something else I’ve been thinking about. If I ever do it it will be under a pen name and I’ll let you’ll know what that is if/when I do it.
      I guess my confidence level is not there yet. But, I’m working on it. I sure could use the money if I ever did write a book that would sell.


  7. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk I see you and the ‘awk followed the SPOOK’S plans and they were very successful. Having the Mehicans plant the explosives was a stroke of genius. SPOOK plans to award the the Mehicans the prestigious PITA medal for their cunning and bravery.

    The SPOOK’S next mission will be a more complicated one. He wants “the rave” to recruit about 150 of his ‘shiner pals to rescue the prisoners at the Flemingsburg Holler FEMA camp. You know the one East of of your farm and nestled in the trees at the foot of the mountains.

    It will follow the same strategy that the Rangers followed to liberate that notorious Japanese POW camp at the end of WWII. Details will follow. I know you and ‘awk can be of great benefit since you both are familiar with the terrain around the camp.

    ‘ooRah! 😉

    PS: I’m in stitches laughing at your humor.


    • Mr. Beaux, sir,
      Please inform the SPOOK that the Pepperhawks recently received new BDUs and are now all geared up from head to toe for any mission at any time.


    • Willibeaux,

      Yes, the Mexicans have been a great help to Red and carrying out the plans they concocted. Must give them their due for that. Red would be lost without them actually. They have the street smarts he never had but he’s learning.

      As far as the SPOOK’S plans the ‘Awk and I are ready for anything. Yes, we know the terrain and we know where the shiners are. They have to be approached with great care however. They trust no one. (Actually none of us need trust any gubmint types anymore).


  8. willibeaux said:

    Thanks Gimp! I will tell him.


  9. Gimp,the best one would be Regnery Publishing out of New York City. Simon and Schuster has an outfit called Threshold Editions that seems to lean towards conservative writings.


    • Clyde,

      I may try to contact this Threshold Editions and see what they think. Regnery Publishing eh? Maybe I ought to take the chance on it. I’m a wuss about this but all they can say is no.


  10. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk and Gos’awk. The SPOOK would like you two to read the attached link.

    It will give you an idea on how the FEMA camp rescue will go down.

    Mrs. willi and I have some logistical errands to run for the SPOOK and will check back later. Mrs. willi is my alter ego and in fact is my brain trust.

    Keep those BDUs hidden from the Mehigans.


    ‘ooRah! 😉

    Silliness gives! Silliness gets!


    • Willi,

      OK. I’ll read that link to see what ya got cooking. See what comes from that and the SPOOK.

      I bet Mrs. Willi is quite a brain trust. LOL! You are cracking me up.


  11. thedrpete said:

    Who is John Galt?


  12. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk and Gos’awk! Here’s the plan that the SPOOK and I cooked up. We got bootleg aerial photography of the camp without the Blackshirts knowledge. The North end of the camp backs up against heavy timber with a chain link gate. The South end faces an open field. About 100 yds from the front gate sits a double decker abandoned crapper left there from the migrant farm days. Are you with me?

    Tonight I want you Mrs.Pepper’awk and Dakota to sneak up to that crapper and occupy the second floor. Be sure to have your special sniper rifle with the silencer that the ‘awk made for you. Also your nite vision binocs and glasses. Take plenty of food and water for you and Dakota. Are you with me?

    The SPOOK and I are going to going to steal 100 Black shirt uniforms and 6-6 x6 trucks from the Black shirt motor poll we will sabotage all of the other vehicles by putting sugar in the gas tank. Are you with me?

    The rave will lead the attack on the North gate with 50 of his ‘shiners. The ‘awk will assault the South gate with 25 ‘shiners. SPOOK and I will drive two of the trucks filled with ‘shiners and ‘shiners will occupy the the other 4 trucks. The Blackshirt uniforms will have a big white X on the back of the uniforms that glow in the dark. Are you with me?

    Tomorrow nite after dark the SPOOK and I in the trucks will pull up to the South gate and tell the guards that we have more “residents” for the camp. When they open the gates to let us in I want Mrs. Pepper’awk to start knocking off as many guards as she can see. All hell should break loose .Are you with me?

    When “the rave” hears the commotion he and his ‘shiners will break through the North gate and take as many Blackshirt prisoners as he can. We will gather up any women and children and load them in the trucks. If there is any room for the men they can ride to. The ‘awk will set his his BDU’s in strategic locations. Kaboom.Are you with me?

    We will hog tie, gag and blindfold the surviving Blackshirts. The rave will haul @zz and lead his ‘shiners up into the hills. We will pick up Mrs. Pepper’awk and Dakota. We the rescued and the ‘awk’s ‘shiners will make a bee for the safety of hills also.

    The Blackshirts will never know what hit ’em.

    Any questions? Let ‘s go.

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Willi,

      Looks like you got it all planned out except you left out Merlin. No biggie though. I won’t forget him. He’ll be a good asset to bring along. And Dakota is good at chewing on ankles and biting down real hard to make ya bleed if you don’t do what he wants you to do. He thinks he’s a big dog and acts like one.

      Rave is almost ready. Got a few more details to work out with him. His son might want to join this here rescue too. My landlord and landlady may be up to this also. Bobby himself can smash many men at one time. The enemy will never know what hit them.

      Of course we’ll bring those camos for cover. Got 2 just alike and the ‘Awk has slippers to match. No one will notice. I have some left over Guardsman things we can use too. Got a few helmets to boot.

      You are cracking me up!


      • Whatever you do, do not forget the attack cats. They’ve been training hard and have earned a chance to show what they can do. My ‘people’ on the ground there inform me that they have Merlin and Dakota saluting them now.


        • Howdy Gimp!

          Yeah I didn’t think about taking the cats along.Good idea!

          You’re right about training hard. These two cats just about have me and the dogs fully trained! 🙂


      • willibeaux said:

        Gimp! You are right! I forgot the attack cats.


    • Willi,

      Sounds like a great plan and the rave has already contacted several of the KY Redneck Chapter Leaders and I’ve gathered up @ 150 mean ass redneck shiners. The are ready and fully loaded…their guns and bellies are fully loaded! 🙂

      Question: Do we have to take prisoners or can I issue an EO to KOS? Them shiners ain’t much on taking prisoners…they figer all them mountain animals need something eat on during the winter…please advise.


    • Beaux!

      Sounds like a plan!


  13. Finally! An uplifting chapter, at last, Pepperlita! Dear Red is surely at the end of his rope. And, of course, around every corner lies another danger …. Truly enjoy how you incorporate the resourcefulness of the Mexican people …. They can be great friends and fierce enemies …. Well done!


    • Hi Dawn,

      Thx. Yes, this is an uplifting chapter now that you put it that way. Things are on the move for poor duped Red who voted for the King. Ah, yes, more danger lies everywhere.


  14. willibeaux said:

    Dang it Mrs.Pepper’awk! If you want this mission to succeed, you need to hustle over to the double decker crapper post haste and be ready for tomorrow nites festivities.

    ooRah 😉


    • Willi,

      I is a comin. Hold your socks on. The ‘Awk and I have been busy preparing for the big night of the raid. I read that link and I think we can pull this off pretty good. We just need to round up a few fellars for this here daunting task. But, I smell victory!
      HooRah! 😀


  15. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Tell the ‘awk to bring his attack cats. We’ll find a use for ’em. Was it comfy sleeping in the abandoned crapper last nite? I hope it wasn’t too cold. I ‘m glad you remembered to bring badd @zz Merlin.

    The SPOOK and I have hidden the trucks and the Blackshirt uniforms in that little hollar just SE of the farm.

    Youse iss crackin’ me up too.

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Willi,

      More intel to report. Seein’ how I live in the liberal bastion from hell in KY as I was able to run an op and capture some of those killer birds the ‘awk’s been talking bout; they’re real! . I found the manufacturing plant for this distract right under my nose. My neighbors are kinda complaining though, cause I let em’ every now and then on a leash to do their bidness on those liberals cars, but they’ve also been taking out some of my neighbors…


  16. good job pepp!


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