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Peppermint Rants

I’ve got my dander up now and I’m going to put some of my more egregious  peeves down.  Feel free to exercise your right to free speech and write your own personal rants in the comment section.

1.  I am sick to death of hearing “We have no good candidates to vote for out of the ones who are running.”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Do you really want  THIS  for another 4 years?


2. I am so weary  of  the media lying and telling us BHO is so perfect when by now any sane person should know that Barack Hussein Obama is not only a Marxist but he is also insane.

3. I am sick to death of the lying media telling us the economy is getting better when we know it is not.

4. Who made the talking heads and the pundits the people who pick out our nominee for President?

5. Don’t people realize that we, the American people pick our candidates for president?  Not the media.

6. Why do people believe this nonsense from the media?  Can’t people form their own opinions without the pundits and talking heads who have no idea what we think or do or how we live?

7.  Can’t people do their own homework when choosing a candidate?  Look up their records, their policies, what they did in the past if they were in government positions.  Is that so hard?

In 2008, when I researched BO’s record in the Illinois senate, I discovered he introduced two bills: one to ban guns from the State of Illinois completely.  The other bill was for infanticide.  Other than those 2 bills, he did nothing and voted present.

He had associations with Bill Ayers, who in 1969  co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Obama started his campaign in Bill Ayer’s living room.  His wife, Michelle worked with Bernadette Dohrn, the wife of Bill Ayers.  Yet the media told us these were lies.

And then there was that little secret of his that he grew up on Saul  Alinsky tactics and  Obama’s childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist.  That was enough to scare the hell out of me and I decided if we choose this man, our country is  in the most dangerous situation we’ve ever been in.

8.  Voting is one of the most important duties we have as citizens of this country and we treat it as if we  were picking out a pair of socks to wear for the day.

9. I would like to know the actual statistics on how many stupid people live in this country who believe the media lies and then vote.

10.  And why do people expect a perfect candidate when God made us all flawed human beings?  Does that make sense to anyone?

11. Why is it so hard for some people to see that BHO is ruining our country and if he is given another term, he will  turn our country into something we don’t recognize?  He is almost there already. Do we need to give him more time to destroy us?


I prefer to see one of these faces in place of King Obama.  Any one of these candidates would be better than the Dictator.

Now here a few comments made by the liberal media slugs and slime  about the Republican candidates:

Newt Gingrich:  He is the Professor of Idiocy by Bill Maher

Mitt Romney:  He is far too rich and he only paid 15% in taxes. We can’t have one of the 1% when we are the 99%.  HuffPO

Rick Santorum:   He wants to put the woman back into the caves and push back everything we have do this far, he has no concept of the reality when it comes to the woman of today and the future, or of the separation of church and state, none of the republicans do.  HuffPO

Ron Paul:  Now here we have not even the liberal media bashing him, but our own Republican party for obvious reasons.  Don’t rock the boat and bring the Constitution back.  And of course I realize that some conservatives have a problem with his foreign policy.

Now I just want to say I don’t agree with everything that each one of these candidates have to say.  I do not agree with every policy these candidates present but I do agree with many of their policies.

One thing  we do know is that none of these 4 men are Marxists.  I believe each one of them believe in America, free enterprise, our own energy, lower taxes, and far less regulations.

As a side note, Mark Levin appeared on the Neil Cavuto show and said that BHO is a Marxist.  I wonder how many people dropped off their chairs and couches when they heard that bit of truth finally said on national TV?

And, of course on top of getting a new president we need to change Congress. They are inadequate, ineffectual, overpaid, and lawless fools.  We are no longer represented.  No one listens to us in the House or the Senate.  Down with them all with a few exceptions.

But I would prefer to see one of these faces as the President of the United States, our Republic, in November 2012 instead of this raving Marxist lunatic, insane, lawless, insidious liar, crook and criminal, the Dictator in Chief,  King Barack Hussein Obama.

I heard a woman tell Rush Limbaugh today she does not think she can keep on living if Obama is re-elected. I would have liked to tell her he will most likely make sure she does not go on living.

Update to this article:  Tonight on the CNN debate if you did not see it Newt tore into John King and the liberal media in general.  The audience cheered and Newt got 2 standing ovations.  It was beautiful.  The people from S.C  don’t like the liberal media either.  I say HooRah for South Carolina!!
This is a must see video if you did not see the CNN debate last night or you would just love to relive this winning moment against the liberal media  hacks and the look on John King’s face.


Comments on: "Peppermint Rants" (59)

  1. Interesting rant, Pepp. You presented your case well. Listened to the Newt comments (I did not watch the debate) and this is when he is at his finest. He expresses the frustrations of others very well and does so in a pithy and strong manner. He just may get the nod from SC, given the debate opened with this CNN pine cone addressing this issue. I am sure that set the tone and tenor for the rest of the evening.

    Am preparing a new post myself. It’s in the oven baking and should be ready in the next day or so. Even you might be surprised by what I have to say.


    • Mrs. Al

      Will be looking forward for your new post!


    • Mrs. Al,

      I thought it was one of the better moments in the debate when Newt went after the biased liberal media. The crowd was roaring and cheering.

      I look forward to your new post as always.


      • It’s already out of the oven and posted.

        Newt’s comments were AWESOME.


        • Mrs. Al,

          I told the “Awk before the debate “I bet you CNN will lead the opening of that debate about Newt’s former wife.” And they did. I knew right then John King has made the mistake of his life because with Newt who has been going after the liberal media, I figured he’d strike. And boy did he. And when he told them he is sick of them covering up for Obama I was cheering and clapping myself. LOL!


  2. thedrpete said:

    I agree with every point, pepp, except #4.


  3. Watched the debate and wasn’t impressed. Maybe I am just at the point of total exhaustion from dealing with difficult issues in my own life and the fear that BHO will somehow be able to steal the election. I believe that Santorum, Romney and Gingrich are all of the Progressive (Teddy R) persuasion and that Paul is really the only honest one in the bunch. Unfortunately his honesty scares the heck out of me in the area of Military defense.

    Now I do believe that any of them will be infinitely less damaging than BHO but we will still be on the wrong track, just going a little slower. All of them but Paul want to repeal Obamacare only to replace it with their own version of ‘what the American people want’. I am one of those uninsured Americans and all I want is for the government to get the heck out of my business.

    I am a breast cancer survivor (10 years) and I have quit going in for my annual mammogram because every time I do they insist that I accept government assistance that will pay for the mammogram and if something is found government will pick up the tab. I tell them I can afford to pay for my own mammogram which they then tell me that if I do that then I will not be eligible for any assistance if there is a problem and they don’t like it when people like me just want to pay their own way because then they fear they will get stuck with the bill. So I just quit arguing with them. Ten years ago my treatment cost about $35,000 and I had employer health coverage. Today that same bill would probably be more than twice that and would devastate our budget. I could make payments on it but it probably would take me longer than I will live. It really irks me that I can no longer afford to be self sufficient.

    I am just one PO’d American! done ranting….for now


    • flyover,

      Very well expressed! And like you, Pepp and I feel totally exhausted from the many recent difficulties we’ve been through. And it doesn’t help one bit to watch our fine country being ripped apart and our Freedoms being taken away by the Traitor Obama and his cohorts! And feel helpless to do anything about it!

      I agree that the “debate” itself was not very impressive. But thought Newt’s reaction to the attack by CNN and the (what he called the Elite Media) was outstanding! As far as I know, Newt is the only one who has come right out and accused the MSM of protecting Ovomit and his Marxist agenda!

      Pepp and I agree that Ron Paul is the True, and honest, Constitutionalists. And I personally would like to see Paul as President. I’ve had to think long and hard about his ‘foreign’ policy and have come to the conclusion that his policies would be far better than what the establishment has been doing for years.

      As far as “Military defense” goes, most people misunderstand. He wants to cut the “waste” in military spending. Not decrease the military. In fact he plans to increase our defenses here at home where it belongs.

      And flyover, I’m very, very sorry to hear of your medical problem.
      Take care of yourself!


    • FOH,

      When you are having traumatic issues at home, these debates are no doubt less interesting to you because you are so beat. That happens to me too.

      Ron Paul is the only true conservative on that stage. And, he is not the least bit phony unlike the others can be. I know many people worry about his foreign policy but I think that’s because he never gets to explain it in full during these debates. They only give these candidates a minute. Nobody can explain their full policies in that little time.

      I’m so sorry about your condition. But, you are a survivor and that is a good thing and a blessing. I can understand your feelings of wanting to stay self-sufficient. I too wanted that but all my savings are gone due to medical bills. Now I make payments on my doctor and hospital bills, whatever we can afford is what they get. If it’s only $10 a month that is it. For awhile with being in and out of the hospital for 2 years, I had bills stacked so high it made me ill with just that. But I called all the billers and told them what I could pay monthly on each one and they accepted that.

      We are both on SS and Medicare however. But it does not cover everything. So there are a lot of bills we have to pay ourselves. Usually the docs and labs, etc. are understanding and accept payments. It took me a year to pay off my sawbones doc for my hip replacement. But I finally did it. And I know in the future there will come a time that we will die before we can pay off everything too.

      I wish you the best of health. God bless you friend.


  4. difficult to do when I have to choose between taking care of myself and being responsible for myself…..maybe I should have been more interested in being rich than being satisfied.


    • FOH,

      Being comfortable financially was my goal and I was for sometime while i had a good job.
      Rich or becoming rich was never my goal either. I never saw the purpose in being so rich but I guess when one gets older you can see the benefit of being filthy rich.

      Maybe, I should have set higher goals for myself too. But, I too was satisfied enough that I brought home a good paycheck, could afford whatever I needed and that was enough for me at the time.

      Now I see that I should have found some way to save more money in my 401K perhaps, but it’s too late now. And regrets get us nowhere except to make ourselves feel bad and God only knows I’ve beaten myself up enough over it.


  5. I am just stewing in the pot…..


  6. Pepp,

    Going, going, gone; HOME RUN! Great post! Ya’ gotta love that look on King’s face when Newt first light into him. 🙂

    I agree with all your points and as I’ve always stated I am an ABO. None of the four candidates left could even come close to being as horrible as Obama living our WH part time and playing golf full time. From his quick rise out of the darkness of painting house’s in the neighborhood’s and immediately as a IL Senator doing his damnedest to destroy their constitutional rights it was no surprise to me that we now have Stalin Jr. camping out in our WH. He must go and I’ll vote for Anybody But Obama.


    • Rave,

      That sure was one great moment when Newt went after the liberal biased media and accused them of covering for Obama. It’s about time someone stated it outright and the people of South Carolina obviously don’t like the liberal media either. Their cheers and standing ovations were like music in my ear.

      Yep, I’m an ABO too. Nothing is worse than having the anti-Christ sitting in the WH. First of all he does not deserve to be there anyway.

      If he does not go, we are in for more trouble than we’ve seen in our lifetimes.


  7. willibeaux said:

    Mrs! Pepper’awk! Your rants always inspire me. Watching Newt hand King his @zz was a masterpiece. Standing ovations!! Awesome.

    oohRah! 😉


    • Willibeaux,

      Thank you sir. I am glad I inspired you.
      Also watching Newt was a huge masterpiece as you put it. And indeed it was awesome!

      OoRah! 😀 i see we are getting more British as we go along. LOL!


  8. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Compared to O’Vomit, just about anyone less evil than Satan himself is almost acceptable. If I only had two choices in November of 2012, my dog Heidi or O’Vomit, I would vote for my dog Heidi.

    That being said, let’s look at the GOP choices. Of the 4 choices, I would prefer either Gingrich or Santorum (in that order). I firmly believe that Romney cannot beat Obama (i.e., why vote for “Liberal Lite Romney” when you can go “whole hog Liberal” with O’Vomit). However, I will vote for Romney if that is my only choice. The same is true of Ron Paul. If he or O’Vomit are my only choices, I will vote for Ron Paul.

    And concerning Newt, I have my problems (and so does Monty Python):

    Sir Bedevere: What makes you think she’s a witch?
    Peasant 3: Well, she turned me into a Newt!
    Sir Bedevere: A Newt?
    Peasant 3: [meekly after a long pause] … I got better.

    But at this point in time, anyone (and I do mean anyone) is preferably to O’Vomit. I truly believe that if O’Vomit is re-elected that we will be in a civil war three years into his 2nd term. I base this belief on O’Vomit’s “side-stepping” of the US Congress and his hatred of the US Constitution.

    Senario: O’Vomit decides to unleash the “alphabets” in some type of gun confiscation or gun registration scheme. The US Congress tries to stop him. The US courts are loaded with cases by the NRA, NMLRA, and others to stop him. Average Joe 6-pack gets into gun fights with the “alphabets”. In this senario, I believe that O’Vomit would declare marshall law and try to unleash the military or his own private army (i.e., the unions, the New Black Panthers, etc.). This senario also works with either the implementation of empeachment proceedings or a natural disaster.

    I know what a civil war means. The bloodshed will be horrible.


    • willibeaux said:

      Ghost! With millions of gun toting hunters, the unions, Black Panthers, ACORN, will tuck their tails between their legs and cutta-a-chogie pretty fast.

      I’m counting on the military to ignore Zero if it comes to martial law.


      • Willibeaux,

        There was some kind of survey done and it came out that 70% of the military would not fire on us or arrest us, but 30% said they would. Now whoever that 30% is better look long and hard what they swore an oath to, not the President, but our Constitution.


    • Ghost,

      That’s funny what you said in your first sentence because the ‘Awk and i said that this morning that we’d rather have our dogs president than this Satan we’ve got.

      Love the Monty Python bit. We never missed an episode of them. Too bad there is no good comedy like the old days.

      I have to say I agree with your hypothetical scenario. The Satan is already doing as much damage as he can in regard to our guns and 2nd Amendment.

      Also I do believe there will be war if he is re-elected. So many enraged Americans are going to do something. This just can’t keep going on.

      I plan to vote for whoever the nominee is. Satan has to GO!


    • Ghost,

      LMAO! I do love me some Monty Python and tell Heidi she’s got my vote too, if required!


  9. privbullright said:

    Pepp, excellent, I agree with your points. Treated like a dog covers it.
    But many of us treat our dogs a lot better. 🙂

    Not a full-blown rant but my take of yesterday, where media once again proved it was casting its vote in CNN’s debate in South Carolina. Right out of the chute, the first question John King asked was to Gingrich about his ex-wife. It was a stellar moment in reality TV except that it was a debate. Newt gave them his answer and made them look like the national enquirer of news coverage. Everyone knows Newt does great in debates and has been gaining ground. A juicy personal question at the beginning could set him back, anger him, or at least slow him down. (especially in a nice conservative setting like S. Carolina)

    Of course in post debate coverage – where meeeedia gets the opportunity to vote again – King defended his question and attempted to explain. Then he defended putting the question first ‘because it was being talked about all day’. David Gergen had to step in to defend King (and CNN) Flash over to Fox where Hannity was talking about the incident. He was arguing with former Bill Bradley aide over how Obama was treated with kid gloves and how they did NOT bring up his personal associations with communists. The former aide snapped back that Obama “was not running against the media!”. Well out of the mouths of babes. No kidding, the media was not his opponent. But the media is supposed to confront these guys. Without any of the press doing it…well, you can see what happens. His name is Obama.


    • PBR,

      The media all over including Fox now is casting their votes. They make me sick and I was quite fine with Newt coming out and exposing their liberal bias. Not one thing was vetted about Obama out of these so called “journalists”. It does not even exist anymore. CNN

      That is funny that that guy on Hannity that “Obama is not running against the media”. LMAO! Why would he have to? They are his water carriers, blockers of information on him, don’t mention his scandals, just keep covering up for him all the time.


      • privbullright said:

        Pepp, I don’t know which of your points I like best #9 is particularly good.
        For months I tried to figure out just why the left favored Mitt. (they attacked Cain and not Mitt) I finally realized they plan a simple narrative of Mitt being ultra rich. They want the “class warfare” argument. That is their whole campaign, “us against them”. Obama probably thinks it’s the only way he can win. Never mind uber-rich commie Soros running the D team. And it is already a record chase on Mitt. Then they’ll have a bunch of ammo to throw at him.


    • Bull,

      It’s funny. Pepp told me at least 2 hours before the debate that the “ex-wife” question would be the first question asked. I said, how would you know which candidate would be asked a question first? She said, I just know that the Low-Life Liberal media will climb out of their cesspool long enough to try and trash Newt! And darned if she didn’t nail it!


      • privbullright said:

        She sure did, on the money. And it was a brazen attempt, but by now they don’t care. Just that look on King’s face said it all. The mask is now off and they don’t try to cover it. Remember they had Bill Clinton branded a racist in South Carolina.


        • Bull,

          You’re right! I just hope that more and more people stand up to the lying MSM and expose them for what they really are. Anti-Republic, propaganda platforms for the far left! It is absolutely sickening how they go to extreme lengths to cover for, and protect this Marxist Traitor Ovomit! That ‘should’ show every true America patriot exactly what the “Elite Media” is. A bunch of Communist loving S.O.Bs out to crash our Republic form of government!


  10. Pepp,

    I laughed my ass off at it, because I thought you did it on purpose. He has put on several different faces!


  11. privbullright said:

    Pepp, excellent, I agree with your points. Rant ON!
    Treated like a dog about covers it. But many of us treat our dogs much better.


  12. willibeaux said:

    Ghost! The looootenant kernal from Scranton PA has been present among the missing from TH for several months. Did you you finally convince him that you had the goods on him and that his jig was up?


    • privbullright said:

      Willi, what happened to the Scranton gadfly? He’ll be back with that infestation they have there. I can almost see his barstool from here.


  13. willibeaux said:

    Bull! I’m not sure. He was taking a lot of flack over some of his family being convicted criminals.\


    • Hey Beaux!

      Maybe the lying bast..rd went to jail! Well,one can hope can’t they! 🙂


    • privbullright said:

      Willi Bo,
      Wherever he is in that locale he is coallescing with and coddled by liberal tools. (Drooling) Shockwaves hit a district north of him that M. Hinchey is retiring. And as libs are wanton to do, he is planning who will replace him. Being the big well-known lefty Hinchman is, probably has every liberal commie in driving distance fawning over him.(translate: meeting and strategizing session) At least that will flush him out to propagandize again, whatever the reason.


  14. Excellent rant,Pepp. Wonder if Romney has the stones to kick the libtard media types in the ‘nads like Newt did.? One thing here to all who thought Newt kicked King’s ass. He did indeed,but DO NOT think for a New York second that King or any other media asshole feels ANY shame about pulling these “questions” out of their sphincters. Their job is to get the royal asshat 4 more years. PERIOD. It is up to US to shout the cretins down.This crap will continue as long as the R’s continue to let the idiotic media,who HATE repubs,let alone conservatives,moderate these debates. It is too bad the R’s think they have to pander to these assholes. Can’t figure out what the hell the consultants are telling these guys. Blast the media,expose them for the slavish,drooling crotch-lickers they are,it WINS.


    • Clyde,

      No, these liberal shills will feel NO shame at all. They will just continue on drilling and destroying the Repub candidates so their shameless King can continue to destroy us and the country.

      Yes, we need to blast the media too and keep hammering away at them. The only problem is that they don’t care. Look at MSNBC, they have about 300 people who watch them and they continue on with the powers to be at NBC so they can continue their defamation of anyone’s character they want to.

      I wish the R’s wouldn’t go on these libtard debates either. You know King Obama wouldn’t go on Fox so the hell with them.


    • clyde,

      Your right. These so-called News outfits don’t even care that their Liberal/Marxist bias is showing stronger than ever. Perhaps they feel more protected by Ovomit now as they assist him in every way they can in helping him destroy our Country. And the spineless Republicans say nothing! (except for Newt the other night.)


    • privbullright said:


      I have my doubts Mitt does, but I hope he learns. King admitted he broke the taboo in becoming the news. But they’ve “been the news” for a long time. You’re exactly right; they have no shame. And Pepp’s right, they don’t care. The first 10 minutes to a national debate went to Newt’s ex-wife.


  15. For all..

    Judicial Watch Exposes White House/Department of Justice Working Relationship with ACORN Group Implicated in Massive Voter Registration Fraud!

    With the 2012 elections just months away, the ACORN-connected group Project Vote (and Obama campaign ally) is redoubling its efforts to undermine the integrity of the 2012 elections – and they are evidently doing it with the participation of the Obama White House and the Department of Justice (DOJ).



  16. privbullright said:

    The next day, CNN’s leading story was the nasty history of dirty politics in South Carolina


  17. Mega dittos, Pepperlita! You hit all the nails on their heads! My concern with Newt is his connection with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. Also the Tiffany´s bill and Calista looks really high maintenance. Yes, he could tear prezboy apart in a debate but will Ozero agree to do one with him? prezboy did lie when he said he would do joint townhall meetings with McLame back in 2008. However, Newt does love our country and would fight for all of us. But I am hoping the process goes on a little longer.

    The most important thing for all of us to consider and remember is prezboy is a liar of the first magnitude. He cannot be trusted. I believe his real father is Frank Marshall Davis. There are those nude photos of Stanley out there taken by FMD …. prezboy has no background or history that can be verified. It is frightening to think there are still people out there who believe in him.


    • Hi Dawn Dahlink,

      You’re right, Newt has his baggage aplenty. I’ve told the Hawk many times that i doubt the Zero will debate Newt. He knows he can’t win a debate with Newt. And I read from a reliable source a story where the Dictator said he would agree to 2 debates “maybe”, but more likely only ONE. So if the nominee is Newt I expect a zero debate from the Zero. But, that does make him look like a coward. That may not go down so good for him and backfire on him if he does that.

      If Davis is not his father, he might as well have been as he taught the little brat all about communism and Marxism turning the Zero into one. Very interesting thought there Dawn.

      The one big issue for us is that BO has got to GO!! Period. If he doesn’t go we are sunk.

      And of course the media is still running his cover. Nothing about him will ever be vetted. He gets a blank check on it all while our candidates are being demolished by the libturd media. O man comes out smelling like a rose. It’s downright disgusting.


    • privbullright said:

      The only thing you can believe for sure about Obama is that he is a liar. He pledged to take matching public funds in the first campaign…till he refused to do it. Remember his line on his proposals is “we can’t wait”…. until it came to a Keystone pipeline, or the national debt, or the MIA budget. Then it can’t wait long enough.


  18. willibeaux said:

    Dawn! I believe you are on to something about prezboy.


  19. Another good job, Pepp. Ray and I absolutely loved the debate when Newt let John King have it! Newt sure got a standing ovation.


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