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Many people say this is a dead drum and stop beating it. I say no way! How can anyone believe that the person elected to the most powerful position in the world, not meeting the qualifications for president, is a dead drum?

Many experts reported that Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud and Obama uses a stolen social security number. But, Obama has full control of the media. They can spin all the stories they want and state they have experts that claim these accusations aren’t true.

Let us take this approach which cannot be disputed by anyone. These are the very simple qualifications that must be met to run for president of the United States:

According to the United States Constitution (Article ll section 1 paragraph 5) “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”  

A natural born Citizen, as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court in “Minor vs. Happersett”, Vattel’s “Law of Nations”, and the 2008 (S.Res. 511) Senatorial resolution, is one wherein both parents of whom were Citizens of the United States of America.

This is clear, right?  Apparently not: According to the record, Mr. Obama’s father was born in Kenya. He never was a Citizen of the United States of America, making Mr. Obama ineligible to be a Presidential Candidate.”

Obama meets two out of the three qualifications, but that doesn’t work. You have to score 100% on that test. You either pass or flunk and Obama flunks!

Please read the link below to see what some NH representatives are doing right now:


After reading this story I thought, “Exactly how long have the democrats been working on this plan to get an unqualified person elected president of the United States?” They’ve got people in place everywhere you turn who shoot down any attempt by anyone to point out Obama does not meet the qualifications for a candidate. But, the NH representatives and a group of NH citizens are going to beat this drum to death.  Read link below for further information.


Even when showing indisputable simple facts, the left continues to do everything they can to prevent the truth from getting attention.

The left cannot stay on point and constantly contradict these huge inconsistencies. Read the link below that clearly illustrates how Obama got a free pass in the exact same state of NH.


The Liberty Legal Foundation is also still beating this drum. Please read like below for some good news.


The good news about Georgia is for the first time in dozens of court cases challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president; a judge has ruled that Obama must, in order to be a candidate on the Georgia ballot for president in 2012, meet the constitutional demands for candidates for the office. This is the biggest scam in the history of our nation, if not the entire world. If you are shocked by the NH story that originated in 2009 I am not surprised. Not a single media outlet covered this story, not even the self proclaimed “fair and balanced” Fox News.

This president who never qualified as a candidate has torn our Republic and our Constitution apart in just three years. Now he is vying for another four years. He is still not qualified to be a candidate, but he could get re-elected and have four more years to finish off the job he started, turning our Republic into a communist state. So, does anyone think we should stop beating this drum?


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    • GMiller,

      Thank you for coming by. We do so appreciate your comments.
      Dave, who wrote this article is not available right now so I will thank you for him.
      He will be back on in the morning.

      GMiller, btw, how do we comment on your site. I’m going to add your site to my blogroll.


    • GMiller,

      Thank you so much for visiting, commenting and your very kind compliment! I’m very glad you found the information useful and I certainly hope to see you commenting again in the future. Again; thanks so much.


  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    The answer is April 19 1 77 5


  2. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! “the rave” is on a roll again with an excellent dissertation. He has great talent. When I applied for my government job I had to present my DD 214 to prove I was a vet.

    When I applied for GI loan I had to show my DD214.

    When I wanted to join the VFW and the AL, I had to show my DD 214.

    When I wanted to purchase Korea War vet license plates for my car, I had to show my DD 214.

    Hmm! Our Fearless Leader don’t show nuttin’ to be Pres.

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Hi Willibeaux,

      Yep, the Rave is Rolling. I’m glad you can see his talent and it’s getting better all the time.
      He’s a wonderful addition to the PepperhawkFarm as is PrivateBullRight.

      And I know a little secret that soon there will be a new contributor. But only the SPOOK and I can know about that. Otherwise I’d have to kill everyone. 😀

      Is it not insanity that we have to show IDs for just about everything we do in this country, but OH, NO, not to vote. Let all the illegals, terrorists hiding out here, felons, and dead people vote. Never mind that this is one of our great privileges as citizens to vote for our elected officials. Although I hesitate to call them “officials’ since most of them are fools.


    • Willi,

      Great to see you again my friend! Thank you so much for your very gracious compliment; I’m humbled. These days (at least with Obamastalin) it reminds me of the old saying, “even idiots can freely have children, but you have to get a drivers license to drive.” Something wrong with that picture and something way unconstitutionally wrong with Obamastalin living in our White House!


  3. privbullright said:

    Dave, Another excellent article….for the drum beaters.

    “You either pass or flunk and Obama flunks!” Great line.

    Pass or fail…. and no do-overs!

    “Change we can believe in”. Yea, now its change we can’t get rid of.


    • bull,

      Always appreciate your comments buddy and your very kind compliment! LMAO! The last line of your post…LMAO!! I wish I’d thought of that one… 🙂


  4. PBR,

    Great line: “Yea, now its change we can’t get rid of.”

    Bloody hell, how I hate the truth. Living with this monster for 4 more years is going to be the death of me. Oh, well, I guess many people! How much trauma and stress can people take? We all have PTSD from him being the Dictator. He has turned out to be that illusive Weapon of Mass Destruction we allegedly never found.

    Who would have thought the WMD was one evil person?


  5. privbullright said:

    You know its funny,Dave, completely unrelated the drumbeats, Obama now is demanding to see Betty White’s birth certificate. Sort of a great joke, eh Barry? We know, ‘everybody loves Betty White, so make a joke relating to MY experience over my birth certificate and make everyone laugh’ – ha ha. Even his false sense of humor has that dastardly element to it. The thought of Betty White playing a supporting role for Barry Soetoro is strange.


    • bull,

      Obamastalin’s tactics are just brutal and I believe he will got to any length to shut up anyone that opposes him or tries to continue to push he does meet the qualifications to even be a candidate! Oh crap, did I just write that after writing this article…


  6. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights has been shredded. Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, BHO, etc……have practiced ‘soft tyranny’ quietly but persistently finding ways to go around it. People don’t even know they aren’t free, after all we the people were allowed to elect our tyrants…..but we can’t decide anything else for ourselves, not even which light bulb we want to use in our homes


  7. Obama’s citizenship issue has been in my craw since before his nomination. When I first saw his BC on his campaign website in ’08 the BC stated that he was an African-American. I’m no detective but I know damn well that the term African-American was not used in 1961. Later the BC was changed to negro.

    I don’t care for Donald Trump but I’ll give him credit for getting zero to publish another fraudulent document which a high-school kid deconstructed minutes later after it was published.
    Here’s the video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s9StxsFllY&feature=youtu.be


    Little know is this gem from Georgia:
    January 4, 2012 – This morning the Georgia Court of Administrative Hearings denied Obama’s motion to dismiss our ballot challenge. More importantly, the court’s opinion ruled in our favor on all procedural and state law issues, leaving only one thing left to decide: Whether Obama is a natural-born-citizen under the Constitution.

    Remember that no court has ever addressed this issue! As you know our argument is very simple. We argue that the Supreme Court has defined “natural-born-citizen” as a person with two U.S. citizen parents, and Obama admits that his father was never a U.S. citizen.

    Others have raised many legal theories and asserted numerous facts regarding Obama’s past, his identity, his parentage, and his qualifications to hold office. None of those others have EVER succeeded in having a single court address the substantive issues they raised. Every one of those cases have been dismissed on procedural grounds without considering the substantive arguments at issue. Liberty Legal Foundation will now be the first to appear before a court that has affirmatively stated that it will decide the Constitutional question.
    The hearing is set for 9AM on January 26th in Atlanta, Georgia.

    As you know, we have similar cases filed in Tennessee state court and Federal court in Arizona. Hopefully the Georgia court will set the groundwork for victories across the country. If any court rules that Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to hold the office of President, it will be a major victory and should make international news. All the motions are located on our website on the Georgia Ballot Challenge page.

    Let us all pray that 2012 will finally be the year the courts uphold the Constitution on this critical issue.



    Several other states have this issue on their legislative calendar.

    It should be noted that Nancy Pelosi was the ONLY person to certify Obama’s eligibility to serve as POTUS.


    • Nox,
      Thanks for the great information! Everything about Obama is fraudulent! If his BC is so ligit, why did it take so long to find one? It was like pulling teeth from a lion with tweezers. He was waiting on the dude making in PhotoShop. And may I add; that dude needs a lot more experience using that software. Pelosi? What a frigging joke that is! She’s a hard left turn at crooked. If you want someone with no conscious about lying, she’s your gal.

      People have finally worked up the guts to take care of this abortion of our system and a lot of people have hell to pay for it!


  8. FH,

    Thanks for coming over and and making such a great comment! I kinda got pretty sick to my stomach after to read WW, FDR, LBJ, JC, BC and BHO all at one time! Makes this conservative’s stomach curdle with a high does of liberalism. 🙂


    • privbullright said:

      Ah that same queezy feeling I get about the 4th greatest prez ever. Or the one I get when Captain O compares himself to Reagan…as if there is any “shining city on a hill” with him. He might put WW in a distant second. It boggles my mind how we could elect a know-nothing with no experience except community organizing Marxists in Chicago.


      • bull,

        Obamastalin isn’t even worthy enough to place his eyes upon the grave of the great Ronald Reagan! He makes WW look like a right wing conservative. I to am dumbfounded how his commie that has zero experience except helping paint houses and of course trying to destroy IL with his commie agenda ever got on the ballot to begin with! Oh…brain fart…that’s what my article is about. 🙂


  9. As always your Rave is great, Dave. I would only point out one thing … this Resident could not have “torn our Republic and our Constitution apart in just three years” without the ground work being laid a loooooooong time age (as FOH pointed out). And while I agree with the sentiments you post, BHO is of less concern to me personally than the mind-set of ‘gimme’ being rooted in young people’s brains. It gonna’ get really ugly out here.


    • Mrs. AL,

      Thanks so much for your comment and your gracious compliment! I agree 100% the road to hell was paved a long time ago, but the loony lefties finally found someone so evil he was very happy to push the big red button and unleash the lefties nukes right on top of us.

      The lefty loons have full control of our public education system and our young minds are brainwashed for at least 12 straight years into being lazy, lefty loons themselves. To win the overall war; we must take back control of our educational system and once again teach our young minds responsibility, character, values and to love this great Nation.


      • Indeed, Dave. And education begins in the home, IMHO. The current resident does not know how to INSPIRE, he only knows how to INCITE. Too bad so many young folks don’t know the difference, eh?


        • Mrs. AL,

          So correct you are indeed! Obamastalin seeks nothing but chaos to destroy our Republic and he’s done a pretty damn good job so far. Education does begin in the home, because there can be no greater influence on a child than responsible parents. Unfortunately, we’ve been through a few cycles now of the lefty loons running our educational system and now the previously brainwashed lefty loons have had children. Those poor kids get bombarded with foolishness 24/7/365. Those unfortunate kids don’t even stand a chance…


    • Mrs. Al,

      While the “gimme” group is being mustered I tend to look at the good young people in this country who are following Ron Paul (who you may think is a loon) but he is teaching them the Constitution, free enterprise, all about the Federal Reserve, it’s roots and how they are destroying our country with their monetary policy.

      These young people are growing in great numbers and are reading the Constitution, the Federalist papers, books on economics, free enterprise, and on their own. Nobody is telling them to do it. They are so inspired by Ron Paul and his teaching to them about our roots. They are our future and may get this country back someday.

      I believe a lot of young folks know the difference between what Obama is and what freedom is from Ron Paul’s teachings.

      i realize that many conservatives dismiss him as a loon, but I do not agree. He is leading a revolution quietly in this country. Also young people are sick of going to wars we don’t need to fight, nation building, policing the world. our Founders never intended for this.

      So, I happen to believe there is the other end of the spectrum, that we have many good, smart young people. They just don’t get the attention the punks do. And that is usually the case. The weirdos and the trouble makers are the ones the media likes to play up.

      And let’s not forget our bravest and finest, the military who are young people. How much notice do these fine young people get as compared to dirty, grimy kids protesting.


      • If I appeared to be “dismissing” ALL young people, not intended. And my apologies to all young folks who have their heads on straight.


  10. Good article Rave!

    After reading it and all the comments (all of them right on!) I couldn’t help but think of this part of the Declaration of Independence where it stated….

    “When a long train of abuses and usurpation’s pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce [a people] under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their DUTY, to throw off such Government,”

    Lock and Load!


    • Excellent point, goshawk! So often we seem to forget that portion of our founding document. Thanx for the reminder.


    • ‘awk,

      Good day to you my friend and excellent comment! I’m so glad you typed DUTY in all caps, because it is our duty to throw out governments that are abusive to our constitution, our people and our way of life that many fought and died to give us this great Republic. Many have fought and died over the years on foreign land to preserve our great Republic. I’m at the point where I don’t believe they even teach the definition of the word the duty to our children anymore and they sure in the hell don’t teach our constitution in its true meaning and Heaven forbid that God be allowed in our schools. Our children are being destroyed before they even reach the young age to drive. We the believers are the only ones that can save our Republic with the grace of our Lord and we must stand up and do what must be done.


      • Dave,

        I would like to direct you to my comment to Mrs. Al. I don’t tend to dismiss all of the good young people in this country who are working, serving in the military, and the ones who are learning about freedom from Ron Paul.

        They just don’t get noticed by the media who wants to play up the other end of the spectrum for their own biased purposes.

        And God help anyone who gives any credit to Ron Paul for constantly and quietly teaching these young people who are getting his message on free enterprise and what freedom means. Certainly the establishment government types don’t want this out. They want to continue to shred the Constitution at their will.

        So I tend to blame ourselves more for not being vigilant and not having the courage to stand up and fight back whether it be through peaceful means such as petitions and emails, phone calls. There are too many lazy adults in this country who won’t stand up for anything or even try to do something. They just bitch and whine while they sit idly by watching us go down the tubes.


  11. To All:

    In the right upper corner you will see a banner that states “Stop Censorship”. This is in protest of the bills SOPA/PIPA that are going to be voted on to censor the Internet. If you click on that banner you can fill out a form to protest this censorship by our gangster government.

    In a few minutes we are going to join in the black out protest today that goes on from 8am to 8pm. My site will be blacked out, but what you will see is the information displayed so you can fill out a form to send to your elected officials in protest of this government censorship.

    Just so you know. Once the black out is over for the day you are welcome to come back and make your comments as usual. The black banner in the right upper corner will remain until Jan. 24th. Please take note, click on it and sign the form letter in protest of this kind of government interference with the Internet and censorship.

    Thx, Pep


  12. privbullright said:

    The strange part of this whole ordeal, which Obama himself largely created, revolves around records. We were not privy to the records. He did not offer to explain these questions. Just like the whole Hawaiian b/c question, he let them fester. He even fed them…while criticizing anyone who dared ask. But ironically, see how quick team Obama is to challenge records or statements from his opponent – or others as need be. Liberal lapdogs have already challenged others like Newt’s. After nearly a term in office, and his lengthy campaign prior, we still don’t have the records of this man. What we have are two autobiographies (probably another on the way), which even raise more questions than answers.

    So he has not been forthright with the American people, not that I expect any different. Remember their daily demands for Hillary’s records? Yet he will once again make records the issue with his opponent. It is what he has done in every election he has been involved in. That is Axlelrod’s forte’. Personal records were unsealed and used against his opponent. And this prince of darkness stands there denying and defying any attempt to get to his records. He would not even supply his records from Illinois’ Senate. And the kicker was – or slap in the face of it all – that he ran his campaign on transparency and changing the way the same old way politics is done. He’s just a walking, talking hypocrite and pathological liar. Who could believe anything the man put out anyway?


    • bull,

      As you already know, there is only one reason to keep records sealed and Obamastalin’s reason is not due to a court order! He can’t get caught lying and cheating as long as those records remain sealed. But, he cannot hide his father was born in Kenya (he admits that himself) and that blatantly disqualifies to be a US presidential candidate. Even if Ellen can’t understand facts and reality…


  13. Hi folks, I’m a newbie here. At times, I think that Obama was propped up to be prez; in other words, he just came up out of nowhere practically….. other than the fact people
    were taken in by his looks, he is charasmatic…. etc. I am so saddened to see our
    country on this downward spiral. Yes, I believe he controls the media also. But
    I’m hoping people are wakening up!


    • Hi Lambchop,

      Very glad to see you here again.

      BHO was groomed by the shadow government that exists today, meaning by Soros and the globalists to carry out their agenda. Very sly move too since he was black and knew all of the blacks would vote for him and the guilt ridden morons about blacks so they voted for him too. He was able to fool so many people by running as a centrist when the truth was that he was actually one of the most hard left candidates we have ever had if you don’t count Wilson who was an evil person and Teddy Roosevelt’s progressive era. BHO is just carrying the plan that has been in place for 100 years.

      I too hope the American people are awake now and vote him out if there is an election. I fear there might not be one.

      Thank you so much for coming back to my blog. And I send prayers up for your mother.


  14. Forgot to say by the way, Davetherave ~ a wonderful article you wrote & I enjoyed reading it.


    • Lambchop,

      Thanks for coming by and commenting and your gracious compliment. Obama did pop out of nowhere and that is why he uses a stolen SS number and cannot produce a birth certificate that is authentic and all his records are sealed. I echo Pepp’s explanation about Obama’s rise completely out of the dark. He is the perfect puppet for the puppet master’s. I do hope to see you visit and comment more in the future.


  15. privbullright said:


    The next day, CNN’s leading story was the nasty history of “dirty politics” in South Carolina.


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