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Agenda 21 by Peppermint

The areas of this map show you what portions of the US will be off-limits to civilians if Agenda 21 becomes our demise.  The red areas are the “off limits” parts of our country to us living in those areas.  As you can see that takes away much of the United States.  There is hardly any place where a human could live.

According to the plan, the environmentalists want the government make more federal wildlife zones off-limits to people entirely.

Of course, it’s easy to see that this is crap because making almost the entire US off-limits to human civilization is preposterous in its’ assumptions that there are that many waters, mountains, rivers, lakes, wildlife that need  “protection” from humans. In fact very little of land use in the entire US occupied by humans . There are still many wide open uninhabited areas of the US.

This plan includes the loss of private property as you may have already guessed by just looking at the above map.  The plan is for no one  to own property in the United States.  Our Founding Fathers opposed this vehemently.  You either owned land or you are a slave.

Florida has already lost over 2 million acres whereby the government forced people to give up their private property for the so-called “Florida Forever” program.  And they are not finished yet with land grabbing more private property.

There is a lot to fear about this and I recently received a reply from one of my Senators, Mitch McConnell, ( never fear we also have Rand Paul, the good guy) and he stated in his letter the following:

“In your correspondence, you specifically mentioned your concerns about the UN’s agenda 21. You may be interested to know that Congress has a bill called the American Sovereignty Act of 2009, H.R 1146 that would repeal the U.N Participation Act of 1945, direct the President to terminate U.S participation in the U.N and require the closure of the U.S Mission to the United Nations. This legislation is currently under review in the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.  However, should it come before the full Senate during the 112th Congress, I will keep your thoughts in mind.”

In defense of the “I’ll keep your thoughts in mind” Mitch, he also states in the letter he wrote me that “I am concerned about the UN’s scandal for oil for food, the Congo peace keepers actions, and the Human Rights Council that includes repressive regimes such as Cuba”.  I guess Mitch better keep thinking harder.

This bill does not close down Agenda 21, but goes further in the closure of our UN participation completely. This will never pass I believe.  There are still too many in Congress and the Senate that believe the U.N serves a purpose although most Americans no longer see it as a force for good will, but rather what it truly is, one of dictators and rogue nations trying to force their “standards” on others including us.  And of course with the current administration this “essentially throwing” out the UN would not be Obama’s agenda.  He likes to use it for his own purposes.

Listen to the video for the full intent and purposes of the agenda.  It gives a short, but concise explanation of just what Agenda 21 is about:

http://www.rightsidenews.com/2011052113216/links/links/agenda-21-links.html     Video taken for use from this site.

Given this program, which has already been started, perhaps FEMA camps seem viable from the STATE government view.  There would be little land left for humans to live. The land would be islands among all the areas we would be inhibited from.  Since there would be so little land left if this agenda becomes reality, there is no possible way that all Americans could fit into these areas.  The recent activity about the FEMA camps and keeping people there for several years does make one pause in regard to just what they are doing.  Why would so many people have to stay in these camp for years???

Maybe we’ll have to live in sewers all bunched together.  I watched a foreign film just recently which depicted the Polish underground who tried to escape the Nazis by living in the sewers.

Thus, perhaps, FEMA camps for elimination is my guess. Certain portions of the population starting with the elderly and the very young who would be of no use to the State as  slave workers would be the first to go through whatever means the government chose, gassing, starvation, poison, whatever method decided upon.  Do you want the red pill or the blue pill?  Remember that “little” joke by Obama?  It may not have been a joke.  Or I may just be wearing my tin foil hat.


Comments on: "Agenda 21 by Peppermint" (37)

  1. Tin foil hat or not, it is a scary scenario….the area where we live and farm is all red on that map…..


    • FOH,

      Exactly. As you look at that map, there is barely any place humans would be allowed to exist. The red parts are overwhelming and quite scary if this Agenda 21 is not stopped. We all need to be writing our reps over this as it is a disastrous program under the UN.


  2. 2 million acres lost by FL is so disheartening! Wish more people really cared about these kinds of things. (love the little critters, by the way)


    • Hi Lampchop,

      Thx, glad you like the little critters.

      Yes, it is disheartening to say the least about the land lost to people in Florida and there is more to come.

      I wish more people cared about this also and that is exactly why I wrote this article. We all need to be aware of what is going on. This Agenda 21 is moving more rapidly than they originally thought it would. So we had best stay on our toes and fight this thing. It is outrageous to say the least.


  3. thedrpete said:

    Thanks, pepp. Very informative. Much I didn’t know. These folks wouldn’t like my “inaugural address”.


    • drpete,

      Glad you liked the information. We all need to know what our shadow government is up to and it’s not good. No, I don’t think these folks would like your “radical” inaugural address”, but that’s their problem and their ignorance.


  4. The blog page opened and what did my wondering eyes behold — a country with what looks like measles. Down right spooky, Pepp. The diseases infecting this country are becoming over-whelming.

    Should we start all over?


    • Mrs. Al,

      It is worse than measles as most people live through that one. But, I can see what you mean. It is spooky and it’s real unfortunately.

      About starting over? I think that might be a good idea, go back to what our Founding Fathers laid out for us in the Constitution and get rid of these people who are selling us out.


  5. privbullright said:


    Great article. I guess we’re just old fashioned. So we’ll be called another list of names for disagreeing with their plans.(whatever they are) All that is missing on that map is a giant swath up the middle for UN. Undesirables could vanish into that – tin foil and all. I can hear it now, “sir, you have exceeded your UN-allowance on water, air, and energy, and maximum allocated space. You’ll have to come with us while we evaluate you”.


    • PBR,

      I think your estimation could be right. We are already being told we are “addicted” to gas.
      Being “addicted” to something you must use is not an addiction. I hate when I hear that. So we are going to be told what else we are addicted to like “electricity”. Never mind that it is one great invention that changed and uplifted lives.

      Oh, the space issue. We are only going to be allowed so much space and it doesn’t even meet the now present prison standards for criminals. We are to get less space than they get. The prisoners will be happier than us as they enjoy all their amenities and we have none left.


  6. Gray Ghost said:

    Even though I believe that many of these federal government plans are nothing more than the federal bureaucracy “barn-storming” contingency ideas, what is of great interest to me is the mind-set of the federal bureaucrats. In their opinion, the rest of the country exists to support the federal bureaucrats (and not the other way round). In other words, the federal bureaucracy has an inflated opinion of itself.

    This is the main reason that the federal bureaucracy MUST BE REDUCED to no more than 50% of its present size. It would even be better if it was reduced to 25% of its present size.


    • Can’t resist, Gray Ghost. Indeed “the federal bureaucracy MUST BE REDUCED.”

      The same pine cones who are preaching about going on diets and eating more balanced meals, etc are the same ones who preach about the need to expand control at the national level even more.

      Have to say, I get quite a chuckle when I hear these people spewing from more than one bodily orifice at the same time.


    • Gray Ghost,

      Good to see you hear.
      Of course we are no longer important to the federal government other than to become future slaves to it. We are already on the road there.

      I believe that most of Congress no longer gives a rat’s backside what we, the people, want.
      They are only there to make their fortunes. I read the other day that even 16 of the tea party freshmen are millionaires now by taking the usual way, the corrupt way. What a huge disappointment.

      And yes it must be reduced down to the barest as defined in the Constitution.


    • privbullright said:


      I agree. Yea, much of their reasoned excuse for such plans could be “contingency” etc.; except their contingency increasingly opposes the will of the people. That seems to be a natural evolution. But then I can only blame our resulting suspicion and cynicism on them. From their secrecy and “behind doors” drafted legislation to things like the building project in the capitol running so far over budget in cost overruns, to campaign finance reform, t o Obamacare, to their stubborn reluctance about FOIA or transparency on legislation, to secret bailouts and slush funds, to their creative use of the “process”. Wow, you might think we do not trust them or something; I wonder why?

      That’s on top of passed inconsistencies on investigations or oversight, going back decades. And now questioning the legitimacy and eligibility of an evasive presidential candidate, now president, is a non-starter. Then to be told any permitted standing plaintiffs had to question his eligibility evaporated into thin air when he was inaugurated. But we are all fitted with nice little tin foil hats. So the very government designed to secure and protect our rights now exists solely to protect them. The UN probably enjoys seeing our disenchantment with our government’s actions, as if it helps their credibility. Notice the left always mocks our dislike for big gubmint and disdain for the UN but they never address the reasons why.


  7. Pepp,

    Great topic and excellent post! Some info that I was not aware of at all. The damn map reminds me of exactly what the USSR looked liked, but I’m not surprised due to Obamastalin leading the charge. Who in the world would have ever thought that one day UN forces would occupy the United States to enforce communist rules on our Republic? At least to me; that map is exactly what is screaming to every one of our citizens. I guess the $1 million dollar question is, “How far will our citizens actually let this go without standing up to these rogue government agencies and push back and will our local law enforcement and/or military be on our side or Obamastalin’s?” Time will tell…


    • Dave,

      Thank you.
      I was hoping people could get more information about this monstrous project operating right under our noses. It has to be exposed and we must batter our reps over this even though they pay not much attention it doesn’t hurt to keep beating on them over it. Some of these people in Congress don’t even know about the program themselves. So we can inform them about it.

      What is so insidious about this Dave, is that these NGOs offer money to communities and there are plenty of corrupt officials in our communities too. Then the game gets started right under your very nose. Once the UN people have invaded and entrenched themselves into your community, they don’t even want you coming to your town hall meetings so there is no opposition to their plans or exposure. More can be read about this at American Policy.org which is one the right side of my blog listed under Conservative Action Sites. Just click there and you read more in depth about Agenda 21.


    • privbullright said:

      Dave, It’s like Limbo, how low can they go?

      At least we can still trust our military. That’s all we can trust I can’t say that for much of the local law enforcement, when push comes to shove that is. We saw a preview with OWS to see the politics involved. And it seems the military is the only thing we can have faith in, because you can’t count on most of our elite boot-licking poli’ticians of all stripes. The bureaucrats or gov employees are just another version of the same thing, all worried foremost about their benies and pensions.


  8. Pepp,
    This is communism at its finest, plain and simple.

    Clinton signed onto it in ’92 and no one offered as much as a peep in protest. I have been following this since the beginning but no one is paying much attention to it since it hasn’t really impacted but a few. It’s akin to having an anaconda wrap itself around you. Each time you exhale the grip gets tighter.

    It is “incrementalism”. One inch at a time courtesy of the EPA, and every enviro-nazi agency. Bush basically blew it off because he was able to keep the agencies in check. Comrade zero has them on steroids.

    In the meantime, crickets can be heard in the halls of congress.


    • Hardnox,

      Yes, I’ve been following this too and am amazed how few people know about this. So I wanted to get the word out even if it’s to some and they can spread the word. It’s even worse than communism as this is something that will be on a global level and the Hawk is going to comment about that.

      Right, crickets in Congress as usual. Dolts!


    • Nox,

      Thank goodness Bush kept them in check, but I wished it would have dawned on him he wouldn’t be president forever.


    • privbullright said:

      I remember when they asked questions about the North American union and currency, during Bush, it was essentially labeled whacko stuff. They don’t help matters when they do not address it with seriousness. Incementalism is right.


  9. Re: Agenda 21,

    I don’t know if any of you have read the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” but in it all of this is laid out plainly. It’s not called “Agenda 21” but the book explains how World Domination, enacted by a few Money men and Dictators will, and is, taking place. And that is essentially what Agenda 21 is all about. If you read and ‘study’ that book as I have some very startling and scary things take place. And it has been going on a long time.

    There is to much info in the book to put it all on this blog but I’ll try and give a short summery.

    First, we all know that our education centers at all levels have been taken over by the Left (read Communism) and that our kids are being dumbed-down and Brainwashed. This is not an accident it is part of the world domination plan. True education such as Doctor’s, Scientists, etc. will be held only by the elite rulers and ‘Their’ children. The rest will become mere slaves.

    The basic plan of this “Shadow World Government” is to take control of all countries completely. Nothing whatsoever can be owned by the Common man. All resources, such as oil. coal, gold, of all countries will now belong to the World Government. As well as all manufacturing or farming!

    The mining of resources, factories and farms will all be done by the common man, now “slaves.” You will not be paid money as we know it but will be issued only enough food and shelter for you to survive as long as you can work. When you are no longer useful you will be disposed of! And this is not just happening in the United States. It’s happening in every country.

    To maintain control, a “World Peace Army” will be created. Their duty will be to keep peace by making all countries cooperate. Even if they have to use a nuke on some. It will be considered a “Peace” bomb and necessary.

    So what we see here in America (Agenda 21) is just a part of the world plan. but very, very real! And there again, is why we must remove Obama and all Communists from our government!



    • Hawk,
      Good post. McCarthy is vindicated once again. The question is “who” will be the new McCarthy? I’d love to see your Rand Paul take the mantle. Please ask him.


      • Hardnox,

        Pepp and I are behind Rand Paul 100%. We (Pepp actually) write him constantly and he’s the only rep. that answers personally. No form letters.

        We encourage him to keep up the good fight but he’s damn near alone up there. The establishment Repubs. don’t have the backbone to stand with him. Or they just want to keep everything the same, not wanting Ron Paul to make waves!


    • ‘Awk,

      Great input! I don’t have to buy the book now, because I trust you assessment. I agree with Nox 100% that McCarthy had this figured out a long time ago and everyone just thought he was a radical nut. The joke is now on them, but we have to pay the price for their stupidity.


      • Dave,

        Thanks, but I think you should still read the book (if interested) because there is so much information in it I can’t cover it all on this blog. As an example, the book explains global warming and how that crisis was “created” by the Shadow Government.

        Here is an excerpt from the book about that.

        Why Global warming?

        Copied from the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island.” (The Federal Reserve exposed.)

        None of this is accidental. It is the fulfillment of a plan by members of the CFR who comprise the hidden government of the United States. Their goal is the deliberate weakening of the industrialized nations as a prerequisite to bringing them into a world government built upon the principles of socialism, with themselves in control.

        The origin of many of the stratagems in this plan can be traced to a government-sponsored think-tank study released in 1966 called the
        “Report From Iron Mountain.” The purpose of the study was to analyze methods by which a government can perpetuate itself in power–ways to control it’s citizens and prevent them from rebelling. The conclusion of the report was that, in the past, war has been the only reliable means to achieve that goal. Under world government, however, war technically would be impossible. So the main purpose of the study was to explore other methods for controlling populations and keeping them loyal to their leaders. It was concluded that a suitable substitute for war would require a new enemy which posed a frightful threat to survival. Neither the threat nor the enemy had to be real. They merely had to be believable (cont.)

        Several surrogates for war were considered, but the only one holding real promise was the environmental-pollution model. This was viewed as the most likely to succeed because (1) it could be related to observable conditions such as smog and water pollution–
        in other words, it would be based partly on fact and, therefore, believable–and (2) predictions could be made showing end-of-earth scenarios just as horrible as atomic warfare. Accuracy in these predictions would not be important. Their purpose would be to frighten, not inform.

        While the ‘Followers’ of the current
        environmental movement are preoccupied with visions of planetary doom, the ‘leaders’ have an entirely different agenda. It is world government.


        • Hon, Just read your post and it’s very good. I think you put into a nutshell what is going on. So, yeah I like this post very much.

          Love you……………. —– Original Message —–


        • ‘Awk,

          Thanks for the additional info. This is starting to make me feel like I’m living in a nightmare that was constructed before I was even born. I’ve always felt this global warming pushed by the left was a bunch of crap, but thank you so much for illuminating exactly why it is a bunch of crap!


  10. privbullright said:

    You can go to this search page, it’s the third video down – it says HQ full version.
    http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=obama+deception&oq=obama+deception&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=21391l42703l0l46156l15l15l0l5l5l0l172l1295l2.8l10l0 It’s the full film about 90 minutes long. It has over 9-1/2 mill views.


    • PBR,

      Thx for the link. We’ll have to view it sometime between 2am and 7am as we have a limit on our access use. I bet this one is a humdinger!


    • bull,

      Great post, but holy sh*t! It was definitely worth 90 minutes of my time, but now I need a big stiff drink!



  11. Gar Swaffar said:

    And for those of us in the rural Left Coast foothills, we sit in either the Red Zone or the Buffer Zones. 5k + and Rnds, keep it dry


  12. Damn good post,and comments. HERE is Soros in action,with help from his handpicked assholes like Obama. Even more reason to boot his ass.


    • Clyde,

      Thanks. I have no idea why Soros doesn’t get jailed. He speaks outright on TV how he likes to bring down countries economies for bloody sake. To boot Obama’s butt, let me count the ways.


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