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The Ice Age Cometh

Having lived in Cincinnati all my life up to 4 years ago, I always thought the University of Cincinnati was a conservative college.  Apparently not anymore.  And with the Queen of Darkness,  Ms. LISA JACKSON,  the EPA head  has constructed a new strategy to use college campuses and moron students there to hail her power-corrupt policies.  Ah, just what we need in this country is more useful idiots.

Power grabbing, hungry witch!

Now, I recall a time when all the coal plants in Ohio were required to place scrubbers on them.  We tax payers paid dearly for that endeavor for years with higher energy prices.  Once again Ohio is going to be hit hard along with many other states for the new EPA clean air standards rules.

If I were one of these students’ parents who are protesting I would make sure I gave them this choice:   You either go to college or we afford our new energy bill.  Or if we have no energy, you can live out in the back yard in a tent without any heat whatsoever since we can’t afford to heat your bedrooms any longer. We are shutting off your heating vents you dummies!

Have a nice winter kids or move somewhere else!

Why send these kids to college?  What do they learn other than communism or socialism.  They come out of these universities dumber than dirt. They can’t even name the Vice President of the US for one thing. They may know who the president is, but no one else and they never know anything about the constitution unless sent to a private school.

At least 32 plants are on the chopping block now and another 36 may have to shut down because of new EPA air pollution rules. These plants supply energy for 22 million households.

According to the AP:

The fallout will be most acute for the towns where power plant smokestacks long have cast a shadow. Tax revenues and jobs will be lost, and investments in new power plants and pollution controls probably will raise electric bills.

The survey, based on interviews with 55 power plant operators and on the Environmental Protection Agency’s own prediction of power plant retirements, rebuts claims by critics of the regulations and some electric power producers.

They have predicted the EPA rules will kill coal as a power source and force blackouts, basing their argument on estimates from energy analysts, congressional offices, government regulators, unions and interest groups. Many of those studies inflate the number of plants retiring by counting those shutting down for reasons other than the two EPA rules.


At the above site you can read the list of coal plants to be shut down in 2012.

This might seem like a really dumb question, but has anyone in the EPA had a “thought” about how the people in these areas will get their electricity since there are no alternatives in place?   Just asking.

Need anything further be said??????????

The economy is bad enough without this added burden on folks who are barely able to make their mortgage payments and buy groceries.

Once again the Dictator in Chief  “helps” out the middle class.  And if you still fall for that one, I’ve got a stick to poke you in the eye with that will improve your eyesight.Hee hee, this feels better than looking at Lisa Jackson.




Comments on: "The Ice Age Cometh" (42)

  1. power breeds corruption and power and corruption are already rampant…..:-(


  2. MaryAnn Lansky Bunjevac said:

    Excellent site here. I’m 60 yrs. old; never thought I’d see this happening.
    I was in the US Coast Guard long time ago. I was brought up to love my
    country, respect the flag. My heart is so saddened. I’m a grandma…….
    my friends won’t listen to any of this. Are we but a few? Good info here!



    • Welcome Lambchop,

      I’m glad you found your way to my blog. Thanks for the compliment.
      I am a grandma too and I know a lot of people just don’t want to believe what is happening to our country.
      Sometimes I think it’s we older people who see it more than some other age groups because we’ve always lived in freedom and have been anti-communist and fought communism.

      I know how you feel. I was brought up that way too, to love our country, our flag and everything American. I recall all the parades we went to as a child and those I was in myself.

      It truly is a sad state of affairs when we see all that was good crumbling about us.

      Thank you so much for coming by and I hope you continue to do so.


    • privbullright said:

      MaryAnn – Lambchop:
      Good comment. You are sure right; lots of people won’t listen to any of this. Maybe they were not listening when Obama himself giggled at the prospect that the cost of electricity would “necessarily skyrocket”. Even a liar occasionally utters the truth. It looks like we are all on the menu, or as many sheep as will follow this policy of deconstruction. They called Obama’s opponents deniers, but the real deniers are their willing victims who will not say a word. I don’t waste time on the ones who deny it. And I think every day there are more of those who do get it. We cannot afford another 4 years of demolition.(…deconstruction).


    • willibeaux said:

      Lamb chop! Thank you for your service one vet to another.

      ‘ooRah! 😉


  3. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! There were stupid protesters against the coal mining industry a number of years ago. This resulted in a classic bumper sticker “Let the bast**** freeze together in the dark”. Bring it back.

    The problem I see with institutes of higher learning(?) today is they offer too many worthless degree programs that really do not provide job opportunities upon graduation.

    The numerous “studies” degrees are excellent examples.

    When will they ever learn? If I were a parent I wouldn’t pay for this crap.

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Willibeaux,

      You said a mouthful there. If I had a kid right now old enough to go to college, I may be tempted to discourage them unless it was a Catholic university like XU that I worked for awhile back. At least we didn’t have these stupid protests ever.

      There are too many worthless degrees and classes. I bet most universities could throw out so many of them, but then they would lose their “professors”. Too bad IMHO!

      I would not pay for this crap either! HooRah!


    • Beaux,

      I agree. The so-called ‘institutes of higher learning’ have become nothing more than Communist indoctrination centers.

      As Joseph Stalin said- – “Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”

      Well,we all know what hands/group controls public education. The Marxist/ Communist/Liberals!

      And we all know whom the effort is aimed at.The American People and our Republic.

      The “effect” is to undermine the strength of the America by turning out little uneducated Communist type Robots!

      Stalin also said- – “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

      One can look around them and see for themselves that this is exactly what is happening right now!


      • Hawk,
        Excellent summary and quotes. They are spot on.

        The sad part is that it happened on our watch. Shithead Carter started the Dept of Education which then began dictating to the states what the ciriculum would be. Since then it has been a downhill slide.

        Now they don’t even teach the kids American history anymore. How they heck does a child learn that America is an exceptional nation with proud traditions and benevolence.

        Instead they teach that socialism is good and capitalism is bad but nobody knows why.


        • Hi HN,

          It is a sad situation to say the least. I think I would home school my child these days if that is still allowed which most likely it is not any longer.

          No, no history. Our children will never know the truth about anything. We seniors have to teach them if we’re allowed to live that long.


  4. privbullright said:

    Pepp & all, (great post)
    Obama’s administration of loons declared war on energy. We need “scrubbers” on Lisa Jackson and Obama’s whole administration. We do not get much help from Congress on it. They are interested in tidily winks and having a hearing or two to basically play politics with the issue. Their grandstanding is not the answer. Some of our ‘fearless leaders’ would rather have a political issue than to correct the problem, which in this case is sheer government tyranny.

    I’m overwhelmed by all this “help” Obama is giving us. Want to help somebody; first get off their back, and then dislodge your foot from their neck. And it would help immensely to stop trying to play god like Barbara Boxer posits. (that stick in the eye does make the point)


    • Hey bull!,

      Do you know of any scrubbers strong enough to suck the corruption out of these Traitors!?


    • privbullright said:

      Hawk, got me. Scrubbers now let me see.

      There used to be something called impeachment that was a mysterious mechanism to get rid of just this kind of refuse. Designers thought it sufficient to handle our needs. But it generally was only used on one piece of debris at a time, and that was rare. There are probably some old timers around who know and understand how the process works, or should work. They haven’t used it in a long time. Now and then they talk about using it but that’s pretty much the extent of it. They fired “Ol’ Bess” up for a little test run over a decade ago, but shut it down half way through the cycle. I suppose for fear of overloading it. The modern use of it would demand multiple runs simultaneously and I don’t know if, as it sits, it could handle that much strain – or if it was even designed with that in mind. I figure it was more for the random occasional elimination of an individual sludge buildup in the “system”(and I use the term loosely), to keep the entire system running smoothly. (if necessary)

      But you are right that our whole, ever-growing system has been compromised by the excesses buildup so much that you cannot see where one part starts and another ends. Surgical removal is looking harder every day it runs. It got so gunked up that its hard to determine one source, or one source from other sources. Maybe the entire thing just needs purged and start from scratch. One thing for sure, the integrity and the efficiency of this Beast of a system is been greatly diminished. You know, it is not like you go out and make a new one every time the system falls under its own strain. It hasn’t been rebuilt from the ground up though in long time.

      To make matters even worse, as you know, there is a large team in the chain of operation that seems to be diverting even its burdened resources over to another larger apparatus, which seems to reduce the integrity any more. So it’s running at full bore but all it seems to be doing is creating more sludge in the system. Being it was a one of a kind when it was conceived there are no salvageable parts to pull from elsewhere.. Now we just have to determine IF there is a consensus for the huge flush and purging that is required to run it into the future? I wish I knew how that effort was going and what the chances are?

      In America, if we had a very valuable and important thing like that being mothballed when we need it the most, wouldn’t they be working on it trying to fix it? You’d think.
      Funny some prefer a self-inflicted “ice age” to putting the effort into restore it.


      • PBR,

        In the medical field this situation is what we call terminal. No scrubbers, no surgery, no radiation, nothing will help until the “thing” dies. And we hope that will be in November.


      • Bull,

        Excellent diagnostic assessment of the situation! I agree, the sludge and kunk have built up so bad that the various parts can no longer function properly. But I’m afraid that just back-flushing the system will not do the job. When an engine gets this bad it ‘must’ be dismantled and given a complete overhaul!

        Lock and Load buddy!


  5. PBR,

    You never fail to make me laugh over the worst subjects. Scrubbers over Lisa Jackson and Dictator indeed! And plenty of them. I can’t imagine how many scrubbers it would take to get the dirt off this administration

    I love the line . (that stick in the eye does make the point). What a great line.

    Yeah, wth is Congress doing about this mess? I guess a lot of us are going to freeze in our own houses. Then I suppose that is when we all get to go to those FEMA camps. But I wonder if they have heat? Surely not enough food. Oh, wth, they’ll gas us anyway.

    With the “King’s” help who needs enemies?


  6. I enjoyed a marvelous sunrise this morning here in East Tennessee from the deck of our house on the shores of the Tennessee River with the Great Smoky Mountains as backdrop whilst consuming my double espresso, then enjoyed from that same deck tonight’s gorgeous sunset whilst sipping a single-malt scotch. Between those seminal events I helped workers complete replacing the roofs on our house, our garage, and our dock wet-bar. Also between I watched my Michigan State Spartans defeat Nebraska in basketball on my 108-inch HD screen (front-projection).

    Problems? What problems?


    • privbullright said:

      Good for you. Bottoms up. Not for nothing, but I think there were some scenic rides to concentration camps too. Just saying…


      • PBR,

        i too have heard there are very scenic routes to the camps. I guess those of us too poor to take 4 trillion a day vacations will get ours soon enough.


      • privbullright said:

        Pepp & all, (let me check my bearings… just what I thought)

        Hey,I must have the standard economy view. I can see woods behind me, and woods across from me, and mountains to the east and mountains to the south, but I still see corruption hundreds of miles south of me.

        BTW: Happy New Year.


        • PBR,

          Yes, I agree. We are hundreds of miles away from the DC cesspool, but we can still smell the stench, (if the wind is blowing in this direction) all the way down here to KY.
          It sounds to me you also have a beautiful view. It’s too bad that we can still see, hear, or smell that rotten odor out of DC!


    • drpete,

      Now lovely!
      Now let me see. I woke 3:45am, it was still dark out, but had several nice cups of coffee.
      Suddenly it was light and we could see the Appalachians through the mist which was a beautiful sight from these here foot hills.

      I played ball with my shepherd, Merlin, who loves me to death and licks my face all over giving me his love.

      After that the Hawk fixed some stuffed mushrooms for our dinner as we decided to eat light.

      It just occured to me that I live with all animals. One Hawk, two dogs, two cats. And the one cat Zima is going to have kittens. Ah, love in the mudroom. Mystic and Zima! Just love those screaming sounds.

      So problems? Right, what problems. Just another day here in the foothills of ole KY on the farm with all the animals.


  7. Pepp,

    Obamastalin has brought our off shore drilling to almost a complete halt, the cap on how much natural gas companies can obtain is ridiculously low, he’s hell bent on stopping anymore of our own oil coming in from Alaska, he is currently trying to shut N. Dakota down where oil drilling has their economy booming and unemployment the lowest in the country, he gave Brazil $2B of our tax dollars to drill for oil for us, he gave over $500M of our tax dollars to a green company going bankrupt and now he is going hard and heavy at closing down as many coal plants as possible…jezzz! It never ends on what this communist does to make us less energy dependent and keep unemployment as high as possible. I guess his next move is to issue an EO slowing down has fast water can flow, so less electricity can be produced in a day. And he may get re-elected…goody for the American people…


    • Dave,

      Now you did an UH OH. The BO has plants on different sites who are watching certain words, like drill. So now I’ll be investigated. Oh, well, let them spend our tax dollars wisely eh?
      I think besides all the energy stoppage, they will be placing devices in our houses to count how many squares of toilet paper we use. Another good use of our tax dollars.

      Water comes under the Agenda 21 where the UN goons will decide how much water we can have if any. We also will be placed out of our areas, especially rural and moved into tenements in the cities so we can all be stuffed together like rats.

      And where is Congress? Do we still have one? I have an inquiring mind and I’d like to know the answer to that one. I know we pay them, but we never see them DO anything.


    • privbullright said:

      Dave, You’re exactly right. What gets me is he tries to say the opposite of what he is doing. Or when the problems he is causing surface he projects them on others, namely the other side. At least be honest and say, “I am at war with energy, and I’m proud of it.” There is that so hard? Maybe he needs like AA where he has to admit it to proceed.


      • Bull,

        He responds the way Communism has taught him. ie. The Communist Dictator, Vladimir Lenin, said- – “Always accuse the opposition of what you are doing.”

        And you ask, *is it so hard for him to be honest about energy?*… It’s impossible! He’s a Liar, a criminal, a Marxist, a Muslim and would-be Dictator! Oh! And a Traitor! He won’t tell us the truth about anything! Just as a Bank Robber would not lay out his plans to rob your Bank!


        • privbullright said:

          Hawk, fantastic quote. You are right, truth must be abhorrent to him and impossible for him tell. Also-“Probe with bayonetts. If you encounter mush, proceed; if you encounter steel, withdraw.”


          • PBR,

            It is very unfortunate that so far all he has encountered so far is mush from Congress. They do nothing, say nothing, let him do whatever he wants, so the bayonets find only mush and jello. Where are the steel backs of the Congress critters? Do any of them have a spine?


      • PBR,

        When the Zero Man blames all his problems on someone or something outside of himself which he, himself, is actually doing, we must go back to the DSMIV. He has was is known as projection. He is such a narcissist, he can’t possibly imagine that he is the one causing all the problems. Or it may just be that Soros is living inside his floppy ears all the time.


  8. privbullright said:

    Hey, I guess we are supposed to just “chill out” as they say. ha ha That jokester Obama, why I almost think he is serious. (satire intended)
    When they hold energy hostage to their schemes, what are we going to do?
    I wish I had a side-by-side of ‘Fraulein Grinch’ Jackson and Comrade Obama. There is a distinct similarity with the elevated, protruding chin and mannerism.

    PBR, Your wish is my command and yes, we will have to chill out! Love your satire!
    o and j

    Fraulein Jackson and Comrade BO. Nothing like togetherness when screwing over the American people!


  9. PBR,

    Here’s another pic from the Hawk for ya!


    Obama, Jackson, and Mussolini


  10. privbullright said:


    Hey, what is Iran complaining about? Americans have been on sanctions since the Bastid-in-Chief took office. Now he’s further sanctioning our energy supply.(I guess it helps to have college kids demand it.)


    • PBR,

      You crack me up. You are so right though, we have been on sanctions since that dirty bastard took office. Gee, let us count the ways. No jobs, no energy, losing houses, hard to afford groceries or anything else for that matter. So you’re right on. What does Iran have to complain about?
      He’s got loopholes built into the new hard core bill the Congress and Senate passed though. He is waiting for 6 mos to put these new sanctions on while he “has a study done” to see how these sanctions affect the world’s oil supply. Then after that he has another loop hole (which escapes me at the moment, darned those senior moments) so for a whole year he can get by without putting those sanctions on Iran. Helping his buddy out he is.


    • privbullright said:

      Pepp, you’re right.

      Not sure, but maybe he’ll only do what weakens or hurts the US. Then its worth it. Gee, we have to wait longer than that for him to decide he doesn’t want us to build the Keystone pipeline. (since we already know that but he wants us to think he is considering it) So the sanction study is probably to see if it adversely affects US. If so then it’s a go.

      While the Bastid is at it, maybe he can just turn over security of the Strait to Iran somehow, and then h covered everything. Since China gets the northern oil, their happy too. I mean they already made the deal to get Afghanistan’s oil. And didn’t they get the contracs in Iraq to? What a foreign policy genius ? Maybe he can find a way to throw N Korea a bone too? Then he can concentrate on the homeland. (or what’s left of it)


      • PBR,

        I think your assessment is accurate. What hurts the US is what he will do every time. He hates us and makes that quite obvious.

        Yes, I do believe China is getting the Iraq oil. What a fubar that is! Considering all we did for those people you would think we’d get some oil. And in payment for freeing them from the monster Saddam. But no. China gets the oil. Now how does that make any sense?

        Oh, yeah, he’s a foreign policy genius all right. I’ve never seen such a bungler in my entire life but then again I think it’s on purpose to get the whole world into a war. He sets fires all over the ME and the next thing is we see all these people wanting liberty but they get the Muslim Bro instead.

        While Hillary Clinton was complaining that Israel “discriminates” against women (which is the first I ever heard of that one) she says NOTHING about the women who are now under Sharia law in Egypt and want to get out of the country. Hypocrite!


  11. privbullright said:

    Pepp,(Bummer should be happy now)

    Reports say gas over 4 bucks by spring and 4.50>in California. And he’ll be on te camaign trail raking in the doe.
    Pathetic. (Rots of Ruck America, we get the single digit salute)
    His next book can be titled “How I finished off America”!


    • PBR,

      Get this. A WordPress blogger got thrown off WordPress. The blog was “Bare Naked Islam” and no doubt you’ve been there at some time or other. I’ve been there many times.

      Well CAIR complained so WordPress is giving this blogger the boot. Geesh, now this is the 2nd one I know with Gunny being booted from Blogspot.

      One day I figure this blog will be taken down too.

      Also this afternoon, a Tea party leader arrested. Some think it was an Obama attack. Who knows. Here is the link.


  12. Gray Ghost said:

    Pep, as you know I have been the general manager of an electric utility, the operations manager of another electric utility, and the plant manager of a power plant. Speaking from this background (and using data from my friends who are still in the electric power industry), here is what I see is happening:

    1. The LARGE private power utilities (such as ENTERGY and Consolidated Edison of NY) are paying “lip service” to the EPA and playing a delaying game until the November elections.

    2. The small public power utilities (such as MEAM and various municipal utilities) are so far down on the “food chain” that they can get away with doing nothing. Again, they are waiting for the November 2012 elections.

    3. The large public power utilities (such as TVA) are actually starting to obey the EPA. But it is taking them a long time to fully implement all the EPA requirements.

    The key to all of this is the November 2012 elections. If O’Vomit loses big, many of these EPA requirements will just go away.


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