Wicked Commentary

 (Nothing in this case may be Barack Obama)


There has been a consistent thought in political circles for the past fifteen years or so. It is basically that the administration has been very good for its political opponents. That was said about the Clintons, it was said about Bush, and now seems to be a common thought among conservative sites and bloggers toward Obama. As bad as things are politically, all that seems to give opponents plenty of ammunition to use against him, or liberals in general. So the theory goes, anyway.


Oh, geez, I really put my wiener in it this time.  Wait until we get home!

Remember the scandals of the Clinton years? No one has to remind people about Bush’s tenure. But in both of those at least we had a functioning press. I mean they were able to dig up things or research a story and, in the end, flush out the information a curious public wanted to know. But in this administration, a new era of dumbed down press has taken root. MSM is no longer interested in a story if it does not have the correct political bent. And now they seem more interested in running defense if major “press eruptions” do occur. (Especially if the administration is in the dock) Rather than cover the original story, they will act as apologists for Obama – on cleanup detail.

Gotta get this crap from the Obama administration swept under the rug no matter what I have to do, if I have to sweep for months,  I’ll do it.

There might be lots of reasons for this but those may not be as important as the effect.


The thrill is gone.  Those tingles up my leg are far and few between.  Somebody buy me some viagra since my love is going fast and furiously.

After all, we saw how excited they were when Obama was elected. They certainly do not want to turn on him now and expose themselves as the shills they have been for him. No., not rocking the boat now is extremely important both to Obama and to a complicit press. Both are tied ideologically and strategically together. The MSM is content to sit back and wait for a story or scandal to break and then swat them down one at a time. (There are few exceptions to the rule)

I’ll wait until hell freezes over for a juicy scandal on the Republicans even though I’m now on Current TV (Al Gore’s TV station and I only get 300 viewers) I’ll come up with something!

One should be careful about thinking politics are good when we appear to have so much fodder to use against liberals. I think that kind of strategy, or thinking, works better for liberals. It may seem to make good filler for lots of conservative blogs to follow but what effect has it all had? To counter that conservative diligence, we still have the complicit media doing handstands to either ignore scandals or be apologists for the administration.

Hey, uh, let me make this clear, I’m still on top, riding high. 

Not rushing to euphoria about the dire circumstances seems warranted to me. Even in this toxic atmosphere there is still a good chance he can be reelected. As long as he has a largely complicit media base front and center in his campaign, I’d say his chances are pretty good. I’ve seen nothing that makes me think that base is eroding or any less powerful than it has been. It is possible that they are so invested in his political survival it will not happen any time soon. The media may still have the influential power it has always had, to sway results, but you have to question their use of it at this time.

As long as people believe the Republicans are worse than me, they WILL vote me back in.


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  1. When despite the “MSM” you cite and the OWS win Time’s Person of the Year, you’d think that Barack Obama must be in at least okay shape. When you read the Gallup poll showing that 64% of likely voters, when asked what the greatest threat our country faces (a. big labor, b. big business, or c. big government), choose c, you might see that 2012 is only losable by Republicans if they really try.


    • privbullright said:

      Yea you’re right,polls spell trouble. But funny the guy thinks all he has to do is show up. He aced the first step, not having a challenge. Judging by his record and M/O, all he does is just show up and expect to win. (like voting present in Illinois) He’s an affirmative action prez. I think libs would like to see Repubs over confident.


      • That Gallup poll is very deceiving. The 64% is true by overall popular vote; but the AP poll showed 12 states that Obama won in 2008 is behind both Mitt and Next polling likely voters. It further stated that Obama must win at least half of those states again to get the electoral votes required for re-election. it’s still early and things can change; but the Gallup poll is misleading at this point.


      • PBR,

        The Dictator did say on 60 minutes that “people will vote for him because he’s behind them”. Scary thought, thinking he’d be behind me a any time whatsoever. He believes I think that this is going to be another “easy” run for him having Pravda backing him at every turn on all of his failures by blaming it on Bush (3 yrs ago). One wonders which year he will take responsibility for the descending and depressing economy.


  2. bull,

    Great post with dead on opinion! Many of us that move around in the conservative blogging world like to pick on Obuma all the time. But, thanks to some that move around in the conservative blogs; point out the exact fact’s of Obuma’s lies and failures. That makes us all more informed, but we are few in a sea of many.

    We’ve always known CNN, MSNBC..etc will always be totally complicit with the socialist. But as you point out so well; I’ve never seen the big media outlets bow down to anyone like they have Obuma. We know the liberals have been running the big media outlets for years; but they have now hit a whole new level of pushing their own ideology down American’s throats. Even with the age of the internet; we still have to few that don’t do their own research or don’t have the opportunity to so…IE; extremely low income Americans. So, they depend on ABC, CBS and NBC to provide the truth. Boy; is that one let down group of people.

    I just don’t get it. Why in the hell are so many people in love with socialism and communism and believe democracy just doesn’t work? Look what the United states accomplished in such a very short period of time. The richest and biggest industrialized nation in the world. We have seen the collapse of the biggest communist state in history. Name me one socialist country that is hundred’s of years older than the United States that is worth a damn. I just don’t get it.

    Our administration, our media and so many American’s are trying to shove socialism and communism down our throats. And their shit doesn’t work! With our current big media outlets now being so complicit with Obuma and the socialist and communist point of view; we may be very well screwed. Once more…great post bull!


    • privbullright said:

      I just think many don’t really understand. I know a waitress who makes great tips. But its popular in some other places to put all their tips together and divide them. In that case, the bad ones wouldn’t care and what incentive is there for the good ones?


      • bull,

        Good point. And we certainly cannot expect the big media outlets to help educate those that don’t understand. I think it all comes down to education; thus, we need to take back our public schools.


    • The media themselves are insane. Bob Heller from the NYSlimes said in an article today that it’s “offensive” to call “illegals” illegal immigrants. We should call them something else like “undocumented” workers, but even that is “terribly” offensive.

      One has to wonder what rule of law these people think we are operating under that the word “illegal” can not be used. Similar mind bending socialist crapola. Anything to dump on those who want to maintain the Constitution.


  3. LOVE THE BOOK TITLE and could not agree more.

    Obama is the epitome of moron.


  4. Pepp,

    Did you use Photoshop to create the Obama book? I’m curious; because I laughed my ass off when I saw it!

    BTW; Michael laughed at me when I suggested to him you may have used illustrator! He told me, “No dad. That’s a bit map, so more than likely who ever made it used Photoshop.”
    I can always count on my beloved son to make me feel like I’m clueless about this stuff! (-:


  5. Good post,PBR. Time anointing the OWS losers doesn’t surprise me in the least. They are about as relevant as shit on the bottom of my boot.The msm is SO invested in Obama because THEY believe THEY are responsible for “the first black president”. History be damned,his absolute nothingness about his past be damned,all that crap. THEY wanted him,and THEY are NOT wanting to admit to THEIR total,dismal FAILURE about who and what this guy is. Add to that,the FACT that 89% of the NY/DC media corp are REGISTERED DEMOCRATS,their standing with this fool should come as no surprise.


    • clyde, I admire a person who rights what they think! Are you a Texan by any chance? LMAO!


    • Clyde,

      Such a good insight. That’s right, none of them want to admit that they are responsible for this moron/idiot/demon we have in the WH and I don’t care what the hell color he is. This racist stuff doesn’t cut it, the man is half white..

      Even a democrat who is retiring in November 2012 came out blasting the Dictator today about his lack of leadership. This guy whoever he is doesn’t have to worry about what commission he’ll be on since he’ll be gone. But, if I were him I’d concern myself with those gulags after speaking ill of Stalin, whoops, I mean BHO.


  6. privbullright said:

    Thanks, Time’s protestor poty is no surprise. Right. MSM are committed to Obama like a Kamikaze mission.


  7. No,Dave,I am not Texan. Born and raised here in Michiruit.


  8. That’s cool clyde; I like how you throw the PC shit out the window! Exactly where it belongs…PC = Pure Crap


  9. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Check your e-mail.

    HooRah! 🙂


  10. Clyde! How is darlin’ Debbie Stabmenow doing? Is she on your “brown” list?

    HooRah! 😉


  11. PBR,
    Good post. I love the book title.

    Sadly, we are surrounded by our fellow Americans that care more about sound bites than facts. We all know the reasons that jackass got elected.

    I am reminded of an event in Atlanta during the campaign when Plugs Biden was being interviewed. The anchorwomen asked him if he thought zero was a socialist. Plugs denied it of course. About 10 seconds later the zero campaign pulled all their campaign ads totalling 10 million from that station. That sent a shock wave to every network and affliate nationwide.

    Comrade zero will have a billion to campaign with next year. I don’t expect the lamestream to do anything different than the last go around.

    Fortunately, the election is the GOP’s to lose. I fear that they are doing a great job to that end.


  12. privbullright said:

    Since media is now preoccupied with protestors, maybe I can think up a jingle to get their attention.

    Ho-ho hey-hey,
    How many states you suing today?


  13. Willi,hopefully we can boot her big arse OUT this time. Levin ran in ’08 unopposed,so we’re stuck with him for a while yet. Stabusnow is reportedly getting HUGE money from the unions,so we shall see what happens.


    • clyde,

      I’m afraid with all the union money and union members in Michiruit; you may be up the shit river without a paddle brother! But, I do wish you all the luck…

      We now have Mitchtheswitch McConnell in KY we need to rid ourselves of; but it ain’t gonna be easy! I’ve already got my paddle ready…


    • Clyde,

      The awful part is nobody ever votes out these liberals since they represent liberal bastions in our country. They need to be taken out for treason and hung.


  14. Why do we LET the mainstream media dictate the terms of the discussion? Why do we LET them change the language and perception? The Constitution is (by definition) the absolute CENTER of American political thought and theory. Our current GOP candidates are ALL somewhat to the left of the Constitution (Romney is quite a bit that way), but we allow the media to say that they are right wing extremists. WTF?


    • Craw,

      I’m so glad to see you here. I wondered what happened to you.
      Of course the media is once again “picking” out our candidate and we must not let them do that. Even Ann Coulter is rooting for Romney. I think she has lost her mind lately.

      Before Romney she wante Chris Christie. He is a liberal who likes gun control, no drilling, globull warming, etc. WTH is she thinking?


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