Wicked Commentary

In a surprise showing,  Mrs. Obama broke her silence to warn the unwashed masses that Republicans , if they are elected in 2012,  will take away your rights to the First Amendment, your right to speak and your rights to religion.

Now, I must wonder from where she received this information.  Oh, no, not from her husband, Obama “Smear and Demonize Republicans scorched earth tactics”!  Could it be that she is using the same projection her husband is using?

Check out the raised fists in the air. The face, one of sheer rage that her husband may go down in 2012 on his record since there is no record with which he can brag.  Bloody hell, she might lose those benefits of African Safaris, caviar dinners and champagne, vacations in Spain with all of her relatives and ladies in waiting following her in their own planes and SS security to posh, very expensive resorts, that, we the tax payers get to pay.  She would lose her place in the Federal government as Queen Michelle with all the trappings to go along with it.

Quoting Mrs. Obama, “Republicans want dirty air. Republicans want dirty water. Republicans want fewer people alive,” and now, “Republicans don’t want you to be able to speak, and the Republicans don’t want you to be able to practice your religion.”

‘Let’s not forget about what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices and for the first time in history, our daughters — and our sons — watched these women take their seats on our nation’s highest court. ”

Oh, are we horrified  Mrs. Obama?  Let’s take Elen Kagan, for example, one of your husband’s appointees to the SCOTUS.  A communist who ran interference for your husband on every case brought before the Supreme Court in regard to his eligibility  for the POTUS.  Yes, indeed, a real upholder to the oath of office,  an obstruction to justice while she resides as a Justice.  That adds an odd twist to things.

It is kind of like Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, the chief upholder of the law of the country, telling every person within the Federal government, it is just A-OK to lie to Congress and purport these people do not have to abide by any laws.  Just lie.  FOIA does not exist for this government.  Ah, yes, such transparency!

“‘But more importantly, let’s not forget the impact those decisions will have on our lives for decades to come — on our privacy and security, on whether we can speak freely, worship openly, and love whomever we choose.  That is what’s at stake here.'”  The First Lady opines.

Is she kidding us?  Is she playing with us?  Is she crazy?  I suggest the latter and the DNC should keep her in her cage while her husband campaigns night and day all over the country.  She only adds another aspect of the Big Lie Machine of her husband’s Lie and Projection campaign for 2012.

It’s too late,  Lady Macbeth,  the blood is upon your hands and his.  It won’t come off no matter how many times you rub your hands together in frantic motions.  No amount of cursing to relieve your situation will help.  Your husband is already bloodied and dead. ”


References: http://conservativebyte.com/2011/10/first-lady-gop-will-limit-free-speech-religion/



Comments on: "Michelle Obama Strikes Again" (40)

  1. Pepperhawk,

    Well said. The moocher knows that many many voters that supported zero have remorse now and will not return to the ship of “hope & change”. They know that they have been lied to.

    I talk with people everyday who had voted for the fraud but won’t be again. They may not vote for the GOP as it is heresy but I expect that they will just stay home.

    I fully expect that the entire left machine will get more desperate as time goes on. They know that their gravy train is about to go off the tracks.


    • Hardnox,

      That sure is the truth. I think a lot of the left will stay home. If not, the Independents may stay home because they won’t want to vote for the slime again, but don’t want a right wing nut job as the democrat smear machine calls them for the next year. Yep, it’s going to be really ugly.


  2. The things she, her husband and all the left consistently do is accuse the right of doing the things that are actually being done by the left. An old Alinsky tactic from that (sarcasm) brilliant tome, Rules For Radicals. Useful idiots fall for it every time.


    • FOH,

      Projection! Yes, accuse the others what you are doing. Unfortunately it works well for some who have no brain. As we see on a daily basis there are obviously many Americans out there who have no brains.


  3. privbullright said:

    Ah oh, everythng is at risk…the Kobe beef is on the line now, this is serious.


  4. Hi Pepp,

    Well I see she has her Halloween mask on already.

    It’s going to be a terrible shock for her when she has to start paying for things and sees how much prices have gone up because of her hubby. I guess she won’t have anymore Kobe beef flown in from Japan for them to eat.


    • Dogged,

      LOL! I wonder how many people are dressing as the Sista Thug for Halloween.
      As far as their food, I have my suspicions, as does the Hawk, that the two of them have tax payer money hidden all over in banks in many countries, like all dictators do, so when the time comes to split and run, they will have plenty to live on, including their kobe beef. The only difference there will be is they will no longer be King and Queen.


      • Dogged,.

        If her face mask shows up at my door, she gets carrot and celery sticks. No candy for her.
        That is if I even would open the door to her.


        • She wouldn’t eat the celery sticks and carrots. Last week I read she was on some cooking show and the host remarked after the show that all she did was to eat all of the junk food. She even kept on eating during the commercials when every other guest would normally stop.
          When she found out about the host talking about her eating habits she attacked the host saying that she was trying to keep her hubby from being reelected.
          Do we have a Hitler complex?


      • Dogged,

        Well, what a hypocrite she is! All this nanny state hag pushing and shoving for us to eat “healthy” and she’s eating junk food! What a pig besides eating between commercials.
        Right, attack the host for her “eating” behavior. Makes as much sense as Republicans want us to have dirty air. I’m almost reluctant to say this, but watching an historical show about Adolf a couple weeks ago, the Hawk and I saw some very striking similarities between the two of them. Quite frightening.


        • Pepp, The most frightening thing for me was when I first saw that he has his own flag. Don’t know of anybody who has ever done that in our country. Every time I see it I get sick.


      • Dogged,

        Whew! You sure got that right. Who ever heard of any flag other than ours being displayed by the president no less?

        Yes, it made me sick too. And furious. How dare he was my first thought?

        And yet, he continues to keep on doing worse things to us. As each year goes by of his administration he believes more and more he is our “king”. He does what he wants without anyone stopping him, surely not our Congress-Coward-Critters. Just let him do whatever. That’s the ticket.


  5. privbullright said:

    This is for all the marbles. No more union phone calls direct to the oval office. No weekly meetings for union leaders. No more White House visits for commie thugs or unrepentant terrorists. No more preferred exemptions of Obamacare mandates for friends and liberal front-line associates. No more special appointments for friends, commies, and big bundlers. No more bully pulpit to attack big business, noncompliant corporations, and enemies of the left. The just-blame-Bush for climate and everything… All that “progress” will be lost. (but do expect them to put up SOME fight with all this jeopardized.)


    • privbullright said:

      I guess killing babies falls under that religious freedom too. How about the people exercise their real freedom to choose to throw this bum and his entourage out. She must mean that same SCOTUS her hubby attacked in his State of the Union speech. That SCOTUS who did not fall in line correctly under Zero’s omniscient control, as everything should. Similar non-conforming threats appeared in Congress last fall. ‘People this is so serious; its not just about my hubby and me and all our radical connections, its our collective we that’s at stake. BTW: don’t forget to call your congressperson and push the king’s… I mean “the president’s” agenda. So fax, tweet, email, and threaten, whatever you have to do. Don’t forget next year to vote for the real DiC, Dictator-in-Chief.’


      • PBR

        Great comment.
        I wondered why she didn’t include that in her speech about how women will lose their right to their “bodies, as “”outlined in the Constitution””. I’m still looking for that particular right btw and it’s been many moons ago. I simply can’t find it.

        Oh, yeah, all the SCOTUS, were chastised during the State of the Union. Only Alito took it hard and he should have. It was unprecedented to have the SCOTUS berated like that.

        PBR, I imagine they will set up a phone line whereby you can call in.

        First you are asked to Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish.
        Then you are told Press 3 for Yes, Mrs. Obama and me to continue our Monarchy.
        Press 4, Mrs Obama and me do not continue our Monarchy.

        Pressing 4 however does mean the SS, Union thugs ACORN, Black Panthers, and others will show up at your residence to teach you a lesson in Socialism. If you still do not comply, we take no responsibility for what happens to you afterwards.


    • PBR,

      Exactly, the fight is on! The great big ugly one we all knew was coming. Every and any thing is going to be thrown at the repubs. Doesn’t matter how much of a lie it is. Throw it, keep throwing it until it sticks. Alinsky tactics at work.


  6. The left will only go down in flames if WE shoot them down. And,if the damned GOP can find their spine. I would indeed say the left is getting desperate. Every day they further expose themselves as frauds . OUR side needs to keep the pressure on the elites in the Beltway to NOT compromise. Time once and for all to rid our society of this cancer.


    • Clyde,

      I agree with you completely. The repubs need a spine to fight back as hard as the left. Who cares how ugly it is. The left does not care. It’s time to fight fire with fire. No holding back. The repub candidates need to start hitting them hard NOW! And yes they are a cancer and it’s metastasized deeper as time goes by. The big guns will be needed to rid ourselves of this cancer.


  7. Children oft times throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want.


    • Mrs. Al,

      These are not children. These are adult Marxists and commies. Their rantings and ravings are directed to the other commies in this country. It’s a call to fight for all the useful idiots.


  8. Davetherave said:

    Perfectly written post my friend! Her hubby and his cronies (or should I say her hubby is the crony??) are the ones that are doing exactly what the crazy women shown screaming in anger above are doing to us. She says her leftist, Muslim husband will protect our first amendment rights and our freedom of religion? What a frigging joke that is and I wonder if she didn’t get that material from a “stand up comedian” that was actually being sarcastic and making fun of the Muslin and Chief and she is just to damn stupid to understand that. The lefties are panicking, while at the same time the Republican candidates are fighting with each other instead of taking every single opportunity to point out the Muslim’s failures. The Republican candidates need to stop fighting among themselves and start bashing the Muslim every time they get the chance. The Republicans are not going to win the way they all are currently acting. Stop crapping on each other Republican candidates and realize who the REAL enemy is and start attacking the Muslim with every breath you take….the election is only a year a way you dip Sh_t Republican candidates! Good Lord; we have the Muslim by his throat based on his so many failures and the Republican candidates cannot even see all they need to do is apply more pressure and his reign will snap. Man, it takes a lot to make me go on a rage about my own party.


    • Davetherave,

      I agree with what you said. It’s time for the Repub candidates to lay down their swords among one another and start attacking the real enemy. They cannot allow him to get a head start for bloody sake.

      They need to go on the attack, no matter how ugly and how bloody because this is what this fight is going to be. The commies are not going to give up easily since they almost have us completely in their grasp. They have only a few inches to go and it’s over. Bye bye Republic!

      The commie/Marxists are going to throw the kitchen sink at the repubs. Look at what the first Sista thug said. The lies are unbelievable! They are going to fight with everything they’ve got, including this mean mouth woman. She will most likely be ranting and raving in front of women’s groups all across the country during the next year, telling women total lies because BHO has lost a big portion of the female vote. They must get it back somehow. So bring out the potty mouth Sista Thug.


      • Davetherave said:


        Personally, as I have shared with you privately, I have no problem with ugly and bloody and do what ever it takes to win the fight. And that is exactly what we are now in….the second Civil War of our country. This time it is the citizens loyal to our Republic and the laws set fourth by our Constitution vs. the Commies trying to destroy our Constitution and our country. God Bless America!


      • Davetherave,

        I’m afraid you’re right Dave. We are entering the 2nd Civil War and our own “president” is flaming it. He wants it. He is dividing and conquering. He’s pitting people against one another. It’s sick and it’s evil.

        Liberty or death. Which do we want? That is a question each of us will need to answer to ourselves. Fight or lie down? Knowing me and knowing the Hawk, we don’t like lying down. It could get quite bloody.


  9. Forgot something… She looks as if she could scare the buzzards off a shitwagon.


  10. privbullright said:

    Every time I see Michele I think of the song Angry Eyes.

    “You try and defend that you are not the one to blame
    But I’m finding it hard, my friend, when I’m in the deadly aim
    Of those Angry Eyes.
    Well I bet you wish you could cut me down
    With those Angry Eyes “…


    • PBR,

      Lovely song. Who wrote or sang that one?
      I’d like to know because those Angry Eyes are what I get when my landlord’s Mexican workers come back here after they’ve picked the tobacco crop and have to hang it in the barn.

      They killed Ron’s two Shepherds, Shadow and Foxy. The two dogs hated those Mexicans every time they had to come back here. Other people could pull into the driveway, the dogs would just bark. But, with the Mexicans they went ballistic.

      Then, after I got Merlin, my German Shepherd,(much bigger and totally black making him much more dangerous looking) I was out in the yard with him one day when the Mexicans pulled into the driveway to go to the barn.

      They stared me and Merlin down with hatred dripping from their eyeballs. They slowly drove every inch of that driveway, the hatred boring through me. I returned the hatred in my eyes to them. (Never turn one’s head on this kind of threat I was told). My eyes followed theirs with as much hatred as i could muster up knowing they were outraged we had another German Shepherd. My look told them, “you kill my dog, I will kill you”.

      And I did not have to pretend my hatred either after what they did to Ron’s dogs.


      • privbullright said:

        It was Kenny Logins and James Messina (Loggins and Messina)did it. That look should be dangerous for a politician. But for migrant Mexicans, I guess they couldn’t care less — now that’s dangerous. They got his dogs, wow. Sad, I’m guessing they don’t like dogs. Funny, I noticed here a lot of blacks and Latinos have dogs. I hate to generalize but many are pit bulls.(its obvious) We had a Shar-pei everyone thought was scary like a pit bull, so they kept their distance. That’s too bad for Ron. I wonder if that is suppose to be a message?
        It does sound appropriate:
        Time, and time again I see you staring down at me
        Now, then and again I wonder what it is that you see
        With those Angry Eyes.


      • PBR,

        Thanks for that info. Now I can listen to it for kicks.

        Mexicans like dogs as long as they are “their” vicious dogs, not other people’s dogs. They hated Ron’s dogs because Foxy and Shadow did not like them, snarled and bared their teeth at them every time they were working in the barn. Foxy and Shadow just barked whenever anyone else came into the driveway in back.

        They hate me. Ron said he worked with migrant Mexicans in Colorado when he was a kid to help get money for the family. (they had 6 kids) and those Mexicans have no respect or women. Ron said they are hateful towards women in general. So I guess when they saw me standing there with a big, black shepherd they nearly had a coronary. LOL!


  11. Gar Swaffar said:

    Really nothing new in Moochelle’s rant, more Liberal lies,more threatrs of doom and ruin, more anti-constitutional BS and only the details are changed from one day to the next.
    The only solution is regime change. Gaddhafi is gone, Sodmite Hussein is gone, Mubarak is out of power, Yemen is fully involved in an Islamist take over, Assad is struggling hard and making threats to try to keep the money and power trip he’s been on for the past few decades. Barry Hussein Obummer would do well to let Shrillary take his place and call it good with the damage he’s already done.

    BTW, personally, I’m hoping Assad remains in power and holds the secular line in Syria rather than losing out to the Moozie Bro’ Hood.


    • Gar,

      No, nothing new from Michelle. Except her animal handlers had her locked up and/or under animal control for the last 3 years. Now that they are in desperate straits, they have to bring out the caged animal. Nobody as yet has figured out what particular type of animal she is however.

      Does not matter to the story. She will now be put to good use in front of women’s groups, most likely senior groups, Latino groups, whatever groups her handlers think to whom her message will go across best.

      I think Hillary would be a huge mistake, not for the DNC, but for us. Hillary has been tied to Soros hip a lot longer than our feckless leader BHO. We would only be exchanging one Marxist light for a Marxist heavy. Not a good swap. She is far more intelligent than the Messiah, more shrewd by miles, and Soros and company would be utterly delighted to have her on board.


  12. willibeaux said:

    Mrs.Pepper’awk! The MSM slobbered over the supposed beauty of her arms.

    Can you believe that?

    Nov 2012 can’t come soon enough.

    HooRah! 🙂


    • Yeah, I can believe the MSM would slobber over almost anything that Sista Thug has, except her butt. I’d like to see what they’ve got to say about that!
      Right 2012 cannot come soon enough as long as we get “them” out.


  13. Gray Ghost said:

    Personally I love to see the First Wookie acting like a shrew. It is becoming very apparent (even to the most hardened Liberal) that Obama and his wife are nothing more than a pair of free-loaders. And what is most scary to the Liberals and Democrats (but I repeat myself) is that they stand to lose not only the White House but also the US Senate in November 2012.

    If the GOP will run anybody but a RINO, they will take over everything.


    • Hi Gray Ghost,

      True. I like to see the both of them behave as bad as possible. I keep waiting for a complete meltdown from the Liar in Chief. That would provide me loads of joy. The shrew is good also for showing those two frauds for just who they are. They represent the ingrates called Occupiers now protesting all over this country. Look at those people, and you are looking at the BHOs.

      Yes, they do stand to lose in 2012. But, I’m not counting my chickens before they’re hatched. An old saying down this away. It would be ever so lovely if the repubs took everything, but I have this awful feeling the candidate may be a rhino. Whatever, that person must be voted in to get these frauds, crooks, cheats, liars, usurpers, criminals, un-American, Marxist thugs out of the WH. There is no America with them in for 4 more years. We may not last another year.


  14. Donna Rabus said:

    Another great one, Pepper! Mooch, We The People just want you, your lying, thieving, fraud of a husband out of our country! You both need to pay for crimes committed against the American taxpayers.


  15. Donna,

    Totally agree. The Moochers need to leave in handcuffs to jail immediately. It will never happen though. That’s the sad part. Boils me.


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