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You’re on Your Own

Quoting Mr. Obama from his speech yesterday:

“If you get sick, you’re on your own. If you can’t afford college, you’re on your own. If you don’t like that some corporation is polluting your air or the air that your child breathes, then you’re on your own,” he said. “That’s not the America I believe in. It’s not the America you believe in.”

The Hawk and I caught part of this speech yesterday by the Dictator in Chief, BHO.  I’m sure you all heard this terribly frightening and dire speech.

I turned to the Hawk and said, “OMG, we are “on our own”.  What will we do if BHO is not elected in 2012”?

I asked the Hawk, as I shook so bad my knees were knocking and I didn’t think I could keep standing up, “Who will fix us chicken soup when we have a cold?  Who will remind us to take our medicines each day?  What about our flu shots every fall?  Who will give them to us and where if we don’t have Obama in office in 2012.”

Not only that, but what about our college tuition?  What if we want to go back to school and be taught new ideas and skills so we can get a new kind of job?  Obama won’t be here to sign the loans for our tuitions.  What will we do since we will be “on our own”?

Our air, dirty, our water filthy with poisonous chemicals in it if Obama is not here in 2012 to make sure it is clean.  What will we do about that if we are “on our own”?

The Republicans as you know want us to have dirty air and dirty water.  They will push it on us.  We won’t be able to stop the wreckage.  We’re on our own!

I saw the images of these big, black, smoky clouds of dirty air hovering over the farm and us not being able to breathe.  How could we possibly walk our dogs in that kind of dirty air?   And they might play in one of the ponds or creeks on the farm and die from all the dirty water the Republicans say we must have.  And we can’t stop it from happening without Obama.  Obama won’t be here to fight them with his sword or knife or whatever weapon he chooses to use when he must fight off the horrors of what the Republicans will most certainly push down our throats.

These are tragedies of epic proportion!

How will we get by “on our own?” It is unprecedented according to Mr. Obama.  This is not the America he believes in and we don’t either.  It is just too horrifying to imagine this. I thought I’d be afraid with Halloween around the corner.  But, no, now I am desperately afraid just thinking of us “being on our own.”

Then it came to me in the blink of an eye that we go to the doctor by ourselves.  We take our medicines without Obama to tell us to do so.  We make our own chicken soup. Yes, indeed, we can actually make the soup without Obama in his chef’s apron chopping up the veggies for the soup. We really don’t need him to take us to the doctor or tell the pharmacist to give us our flu shots.

During my Nurses training, I worked my tuition off by working in the hospital for part of my cost as did everyone else.  I didn’t need him there to do the work for me. I didn’t need him to help me give shots, care for patients with cancer, or even help me change a bed.  I did it “on my own”.

I was able to pay cash for my second college tuition for my IT training. He was not in the classroom with me as I figured out my Boolean algebra problems. He did not help me while I was there designing circuit boards. I did it ”on my own.”

The Hawk does not recall Mr. Obama being there when he studied to be an electrical engineer. He did it “on his own”.

I don’t even see any dirty air ready to dive down out of the sky descending upon us with the wrath of God if we don’t have Obama right there to stop it.  As far as I know we have never had to huff and puff our way through films of insidious, dirty air.  The dogs never got sick from playing in those oh so dirty ponds.  They romp and play in glorious rapture and smile all the way.

If I did not know that I was actually alive and I can pinch myself to make sure, I would be certain I was living in a black comedy.

Uh-Oh, I said black comedy.  Does that mean I’m a racist since Obama is the main character in this black comedy we live in?  But, he didn’t think this speech up by himself.  The Beltway Brain Bank helped him.  I could see the same kinds of “thinking” in this speech.  It appeared to be so similar to the other things we get told. Look the other way because you have never done anything on your own.  Forget all those times you did. It did not happen. You must have imagined it all.

My message to Mr. Obama is so simple.  Let me make this perfectly clear.

“Get the hell out of our lives!  We did fine without you and quite frankly we were actually doing better without you.  We don’t need you. We are fine “on our own!”

I don’t want you in my life.  I don’t want you and your rules and regulations in my face and in my house.  I don’t want you shutting down our coal plants so we have no heat in our house. Mr. Obama. You forgot that without an alternative energy source which you have not put into place, we have a big problem. No heat. I was fine “on my own”.

I don’t like the thought of our 4th Amendment rights being gone, Mr. Obama. I really don’t want our doors banged down by a Swat team in the middle of the night because I “said or wrote”  something you did not like.  I’m fine “on my own.”

I guess you can lump me in with that terrorist group, the Tea Party. I don’t think I’d like it Mr. Obama, if you decided on your own that I was a terrorist and you assassinated me.  Having you as my judge and jury all by yourself, thus circumventing our 5th Amendment rights is kind of scary if you get my drift.  I’m fine “on my own”.

I quote Mark, 8:33,”Get behind me, Satan!” he said. “You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.

We want to be “on our own!”

That is the America I believe in Mr. Obama. You are confused. You do not know America. You do not understand we have always done things ” on our own.”  We go to school and to our jobs and live our lives just fine without you.  That is the American way,  Mr. Obama, and if you cannot or will not accept that, then you need to get out of our way, step down and step aside.



Comments on: "You’re on Your Own" (45)

  1. I am GLAD that I am on my own and many up here in Alaska ARE and proud of it. Only slaves and idiots need a cradle-to-grave Nanny State.


  2. And being “on your own” means taking ultimate responsibility for one’s decisions and actions. Those to the left and left of left want to make sure that we FEEL abandoned and afraid. Fear and abandonment go hand in hand as far as I can tell. Fear is an exceptionally strong motivator for all those who cannot differentiate between being “afraid (fear)” and being “scared.” Being “scared” at times does not necessarily paralyze one to continue on, IMHO. Believe me, I am SCARED at the prospect of the Resident being elected. But that isn’t going to stop me from working for his defeat.

    Didn’t intend to philosophize here, Pepp, but you hit one of those buttons of mine — haha


    • Mrs. Al,

      No apologies necessary my friend. Philosophize all you want. I won’t stop you.
      The problem with some people on the left is they have never seen a bad day in their lives. They live in Mommy and Daddy’s basements and play with their electronic toys all day long. Then they think all they have to do to get a job is tell someone “give it to me” If they want a precious object, never mind going to work for it. “Give it to me.” They can’t do anything for themselves so others must “give it to them”. They got their college educations paid by their parents and/or school loans, so now “give it to me”.

      You have more stuff and money than I’ve got so “give it to me”.

      I must confess I have no concept of this kind of thinking. Nobody ever just “gave it to me”. I had to work for it if I wanted something.

      I made plenty of mistakes but I learned from that. That may be scary too, to make a mistake. But, relying on yourself you will make mistakes. Own them. It is not that bad to take responsibility for them. That is how we develop, we try and we try again. We make mistakes, but we buck up and try again.


  3. Hi Pepp,

    Loved your post. O is sinking lower in the poles and he has no idea why. His solution is to try and buy votes and the only way he can is to bribe people with free things. He fails to say that to do this he will need to raise taxes on them as well as the rich. The ones he bribes are to stupid to realize they will only end up paying ten fold down the road.

    He is returning from fundraisers in LA and San Francisco where the press were bared so they could not see or report on the lavishness of the events.
    The LA cost per plate was $35,800 and in San Fran it was a mere $7,500. I wonder how all those OWS he supports would feel if they were able to realize who he really is for. And it’s not them.

    If OWS is for the little people why are they complaining that there food is being taken by the homeless? Or don’t they count.


  4. Hi Dogged,

    O is sinking in the polls and I wish he’d hit the bottom. I can’t take him much longer. He makes me want to tear something down. His buy your votes thing is making me very angry. We know who pays for this too. Good ole tax payer money to the rescue for all those who can’t take responsibility for themselves.

    I saw this real estate woman on the TV the other night, talking about how bad it is to keep people in houses they can’t afford. She said this happens for example when people get divorced. I thought that is a good point. When I got divorced I didn’t expect someone else to make those house payments for me. I sold the house and downsized. Is this a concept these people don’t get? And then we can bail them out too?

    Nobody else counts, Dogged, with these OWS people. They only think of themselves. They are in the wrong place. They need to go and camp out in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but none of them know what that is.

    So take the food from the homeless you ingrates and give us a really good picture of who you are. Because the more the masks fall off these protestors, the less sympathy they will get.


    • Pepp,

      Wasn’t it a community organizer BHO who forced banks to give out those loans for mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them. Isn’t it that same community organizer who keeps blaming Bush for everything that goes wrong.


      • Dogged,

        Good point you brought up. Yes BHO was a community organizer who taught people how to protest banks and what kinds of tactics to use. One more of his very limited experiences in real life. Oh, why can’t we get rid of this numbskull now?


  5. willibeaux said:

    Another 4 bagger Mrs. Pepper’awk. If wishes would come true, I would give my eye teeth to see our A-hole in chief get his @zz chewed out by a badd @zz Recon Marine Gunny Sar’hint as shown in the picture I sent you and the ‘awk.
    (proper British don’t you know).

    How many coal fired generating plants are you going to lose?

    Our Berkeley of the West, Boulder, CO wants to cut itself loose from Xcel Energy and set up it’s own power grid. They are “greenie fruitcakes” and declared Boulder would be a nuclear free zone. Also they are against coal fired plants.

    They are going to have to pay Xcel millions for the in place infrastructure and buy their power from outside sources.

    When the eco freaks were against mining a number of years ago, some joker put out a bumper sticker that said “let the bast–ds freeze together in the dark”.

    Our snow storm yesterday knocked out power for several thousand homes. Boulder got hit pretty hard.

    Keep at it gal! You are on a roll.

    HooRah! 🙂


    • willibeaux,

      Your wish is my wish. How I’d love to see that a real life Marine yelling in his loathsome face.

      That’s correct British of course, the “awk. Love when you refer to Goshawk like that.

      I have no idea how many coal plants we will lose. We have lost 5 already over on the Western side of KY. More to come. Our electric costs went up by 33% to start with more raises in energy prices to come according to our electric co-op.

      I didn’t know you guys had so much trouble over your energy situation. Greenie fruitcakes need to be eliminated from this country. I tell the “awk put them in the Antarctic and see how they get by. I’m sick of them too.

      Gee, what a lovely comment by the ecofreak. Let them die of the cold. And I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever they would love it.

      So sorry you got hit with such a bad snowstorm. I hate the power going out. Ya never know how long it will be off while you start to shiver in the dark.

      Thx Bro. HooRah!


  6. Davetherave said:

    Excellent post pep! The idiot at large in our White House takes being a leftist to a whole new high. He is worse than FDR; if you can imagine that. A complete and total Communist Nanny State is what this Dictator wants the great United States to become. And how did the United States get to be so great? Because its citizens did it “on their own!” The people that laid the ground work to make this the greatest country to ever exist, did not get handouts from the government: there was no medicaid, SS, medicare or welfare. There also wasn’t government agencies telling citizens how to live their lives, because the agency thought they knew better that the citizen. There were no such things as paid sick days, paid vacations, government bailouts…and…they did not have a TV in their face everyday for people like the idiot at large to have a platform to try and scare citizens to death and tell them, “you cannot make it on your own.” Paid sick days and vacation days now come from the employer…not the government. Medicaid, SS, medicare and welfare come from the Government, but they are funded by citizens tax dollars. So to sum up…actually…it is the government that cannot do ANYTHING “on their own.” Everything is still driven by the citizens…the citizens money, but this President abuses it in unhistorical propotions and shoves his own far leftist agenda down our throats. I hope everyone who voted for him is very proud of watching the destruction of the greatest idea mankind every had…the United States of America.


    • Davetherave,

      Sorry to take so long to reply to your super post.

      This Liar in Chief and I hate to refer to this creature as a president. And certainly not mine. I did not vote for him and I detest those that did. He is the worst I have seen in my lifetime and I hope I never do again before I die.

      I detest what these stupid, nanny based liberals, who voted for him, have caused us to suffer, this creature who does not deserve to be sitting in the WH for one fraction of a second.

      I’m on my own w/o him. I can’t wait to see that day.


  7. Pepp,

    Good post. Correct on all points. We have always been on our own…well at least us conservatives, anyway.

    The only ones who demand a handout instead of a hand-up is the left. This entitlement class would die out in short order if left to themselves on an island.

    It is impossible to fix stupid. Darwin was right.


    • Hardnox,

      Thx. Even some conservatives apparently thought it was just fine to vote him in 2008 as 60% of the vote is not all liberals as they only make up 20% of our population.

      Stupid comes in all colors, shapes and sizes and it also comes with conservatives too. I will not forget nor forgive those who gave us this POS.


  8. privbullright said:

    You sure got that one just right. I saw part of it. He played the fear card, class warfare card, politics of division, partisan politics, and then explained why we need a dictator; all in one speech. (notice he managed to plead poverty too – before hitting the goldmine) But who’s idea was it since he never had an original idea of his own? Gee a college campus and no one fainted, he must be slipping. He wants cheers for “more executive power, Obama” – yea give it to us please!

    A couple weeks ago I caught Barbara Boxer telling media “And we provide the police and we provide the national defense and we provide clean air so you can breathe and get to work.” — Sound familiar?

    And he just referred to the Republican primary as “Survivor”. But he claims he isn’t really campaigning yet. Really, he’s probably petrified that he might get thrown out.
    Here’s to the good ol days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3j_fdSpkmE


    • PBR,

      Great post. Yes, he did play on every fear he could muster, divide and conquer, the rich vs the poor, and we should give him more power to abuse us by going around Congress to get what “HE” wants not us.

      And, Congress sits there like potted plants and imbeciles allowing him to grab the power of the legislative branch. Not a shot fired.

      Right, he will wait to weigh in on the Republican candidates like Survivar, that utterly stupid TV show.

      But, all the while, he is making sure no Republican candidate can survive because after all they want us to lie on our gurneys in hospitals and die, they will dirty our air and our water, and eat our kids alive.

      He better fear that he has no chance on the island because there are tons of people who want to vote him off.


    • PBR,

      Won’t you be glad when your little frog can get out of that block of ice he’s in? Poor thing trapped by the federal government.


  9. Spot-on. I would like nothing better than this idiotic government,no matter WHO is running it,to just leave me the f— ALONE. Whomever came up with the brilliant idea to make morons out of WAY TOO MANY in our society has been successful beyond their wildest dreams. May the fire of hell burn bright for them.


    • Clyde,

      Spot on to you too Clyde. Whoever belongs to the federal government had better start to learn that you have enumerated powers outlined in the Constitution of our country, our law of the land. And that means you get off my back and out of my life as you were directed to do under the Law of our Land. We, the people, are the government and we don’t need you or want you to near us. Get the hell away.


  10. Gar Swaffar said:

    Personal responsibility for our actions or the lack of action?
    What a concept that would be. Pity it hasn’t caught on in Urban America the way it has in the rural country.


    • Gar,

      Well said. And what a pity. And even more pathetic is the urban dwellers have no idea that those who say they are helping them are not, but hurting them to keep them on the plantation for their own power.


  11. ‘On my own’….that is one promise from the current White House resident that I can live with! What a wonderful idea, only good one he has ever had. I hope he is own his own after Nov 2012….maybe he can be Leno’s, McMann 🙂


    • FOH,

      Thx for coming by while I know you are in difficult waters.

      Yes, I cannot wait to see the day when we are “on our own” without him. It cannot come soon enough for me.


  12. Gray Ghost said:

    O’Vomit hits another one out of the park (at least according to the Liberals). What is sad is that many of the Liberals have such low self-esteem that they actually buy into this BS.

    I have been on my own since I was 18. Yes, I had “back-up”. My father was standing in the “shadows” ready to help me if I got in over my head. And he was always quick to come up with good advice when I asked him. But he and I both knew that if I didn’t do it on my own, then what good is it? (Dad passed away in 1986, basically from wounds he received in WW2. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could sit down and talk “engineering” with him. Like myself, he was an electrical engineer. We use to have great talks.)

    I pray that the “nanny state” crowd will start to understand; but I don’t believe they ever will.


    • Gray Ghost,

      Your comment is so sad, but you are right. These people are so duped and brain washed over the years into being told they cannot lift themselves out of their situation. Done by the DNC/ socialist/Marxists/ progressives, what ever you want to to call them. This is done to keep the slaves on their plantation by offering them stuff. Not by trying solutions to help these people to understand that they can do it, lift themselves up. Perhaps some of them would never become rich, but would at least be able to make a living wage to support them and their families without the government support.

      How do we get through to these people? It seems almost impossible. Republicans who want people to have jobs and lift themselves out of poverty, are demonized. The people are told over and over that the right only wants to see them fail. They are told that only democrats are on their side. Repeat the lie over and over it becomes the truth in so many people’s minds. That, in itself, is a tragedy.

      Your father was a very wise man, GG, and I see how you would miss him dearly. I give you my condolences GG, for the death of your precious father. He knew what you needed and guided you. That is good parenting. We did the same with my son. Nothing is free and you must learn how to go it on your own. That is the best gift a parent can give to their child. I recall later in Jeff’s (my son) life that he thanked both me and his father for making him learn to do it on his own and become a man, a responsible man who worked hard for the family he eventually had. And even though he killed himself, he had his family covered, $850,000 in life insurance and his 401k. So when he died, his family were able to go on without him in a material way. I give him much credit for his forethought, of course, never thinking the unimaginable at the time, that his brain disease would destroy him.


  13. privbullright said:

    Funny how liberals will use the collective “we” when they really mean I or me, and “me” or “I” when they really mean we.


  14. PBR,

    That is a gem of truth. I hate it every time I hear one of these demorats and water carriers say, “the American people want this.”

    WTH! They have got no idea whatsoever what “we” want. They ignore us and our wishes. it galls me every time when they have the audacity to “speak for us about what we want.” Arrogance once again.


  15. Hi Pepp,

    Quoting Mr. Obama from his speech yesterday:

    “If you get sick, you’re on your own. If you can’t afford college, you’re on your own. If you don’t like that some corporation is polluting your air or the air that your child breathes, then you’re on your own,” he said. “That’s not the America I believe in. It’s not the America you believe in.”

    I don’t know how I could have missed this in his speech. Wait, I can’t stand to listen to his lies and looking at him make me sick so I don’t listen to or watch him. The very first 4 words no less. “IF YOU Get SICK”. I thought Obamacare was suppose to take care of you when we got sick. Isn’t that why we just had to have it? Or was that just another one of his lies.

    I’ve been on my own since I was 18 and that’s the way I like it. He can take all of his help and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine.


  16. Hi Dogged,

    Right, “if you get sick”. I thought the same as you, isn’t that what his Obamadeathcare is for? And the last person I would want around me is him to help me while I’m sick. I figure I’d not be alive for long.

    I too am so sick of his lies. That is all he does. He never says a truthful thing ever. I can barely look at him or listen to him. It makes me so livid. I have to mute the TV and look out the window until he’s done. Argh!

    Get this one Dogged, his puppet Jay Carney, told the WH press corp yesterday that Obama has been the most “transparent” president ever. Are you kidding? My ears hurt so bad from that lie because it is such an obvious lie and we are expected to believe this when our eyes and ears know better. What a laugh.


    • Pepp,

      “Get this one Dogged, his puppet Jay Carney, told the WH press corp yesterday that Obama has been the most “transparent” president ever.”

      He must have been talking about all the lies that they tell. Because if you can’t see through all of the them you must be deaf, dumb and blind. Oh wait that would make you a liberal dumbocrat.


      • Dogged,

        Very good comment and hilarious. Yes, indeed, you have to be deaf, dumb and blind like you said. Ha, ha a “liberal democrat”. Priceless!


      • privbullright said:

        Transparency….hmm, how many shades does that come in?


      • PBR,

        Here are the shades of transparency for our fearless, feckless leader.

        Baby shit yellow
        White and black polka dots designed just for our leader. The polka dots make your eyes go rolling in all directions, blinded by a psychedelic like zombie state, and then you fall down and faint.
        No polka music is allowed to go along with it however.


  17. Pepp, Dogged

    I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Liberal/Demorats all use the same ‘lies’ over and over? I swear, they must have attended a Liar’s University!


    • Goshawk3,

      And I’ll bet someone else paid for them to go too.

      “Lier’s University” I love it. LOL


      • Dogged,

        Soros is opening up a completely new university for liars. The classes you must attend will be tax cheating, fraud, tax payer theft, bad deals gone wrong with bankruptcy, gun running to drug cartels, suing states who want to protect their borders, the theory of Marxism, The Communist Manifesto, The Saul Alinsky Book of Rules, Black Theology, The Koran, PC language, Mein Kamph, and other required reading all written by Commies, socialists, and Marxists. Dreams of My Father is an absolute must and a field expedition to find out just who BHO’s daddy was is required. You are automatically expelled if you come up with the wrong father. All classes are mandatory. You must at least receive a D – to pass and graduate. No one is expected to be very intelligent and your GPA means nothing from other universities except Columbia where all the leftists media personnel are spawned.

        Cost is nothing to you as long as you serve ACORN for 4 years on “community service”.


      • privbullright said:

        I was hoping for a masters in turning green ideas into big cash, but haven’t found that on the curriculum. Ah, maybe the polka dots — of transparency– are interfering with my search.


      • PBR,

        There is still hope for you. Become one of BHO’s campaign bundlers, have an investment in a failing green company, said same country receives over 500,000 of tax payer money, and when it goes belly up, you win.


    • Goshawk,

      Ha, ha. Very good joke.


  18. privbullright said:

    Hey, maybe the parent folks are home worried sick since shelling out hundreds of thousands for those ah universities, and then hoping to somehow find a way to pay the extra healthcare costs to lawfully cover those kids till age 26 – all while those kids are getting their crash course, extra credits in civil disobedience (or is that a degree class now?) So I guess we all have to hope ACORN — whatever codename they now use — will be hiring in the near future ….because NO ONE ELSE will be!.

    Thanks Obummer. He’s so cool. (and the thought that those programs only help those loans by government, not ones from banks etc. really seals the deal for ma and pa)
    Kids, are you paying attention to all this cause there is going to be pass/fail test?


    • PBR,

      I forgot to put that as one of the Soros U mandated classes, civil disobedience. All kids must participate in at least one protest, and hopefully more for extra credit. If the kids can riot besides, they receive extra credit and all school loans are invalidated for the tax payer to pay. No need to worry about paying off the loan. And, if your kid, can break store windows, bomb a business, hurt a cop, enough that he can’t return to duty, you receive one of the highest orders of appreciation, that of your child being able to remain on your health plan until they are 40 yrs. old. That gives them plenty of time to search for a new loan on their house through Fannie/Freddie and never have to pay that loan off ever. The tax payer will do it besides pay for their 40 yr.old child who otherwise is tweeting in their basements that they want a “democracy” like Iran or Libya.


  19. Donna Rabus said:

    Excellent, Pepper. I did quite well in life before obama and I will do much better when he is out of our lives, out of our country! And, much better when he is taken out in handcuffs and taken to prison to spend the rest of his life. We The People can take care of our own lives. Obama, butt out!!


    • Hi Donna,

      Yeah, we all were doing better before he arrived and now he plays high stakes poker with tax payer money for his “green” energy experiments that fail all over the place. Who gave him permission to do that?????? I don’t want our federal government playing adventuresome capitalism. Or whatever phone crap he’s doing. Looks very suspicious to me and that money lost should go back to the tax payers out of his salaries. No more money for that fraud.


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