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The Beltway Brain Bank

Last night the Hawk and I watched some Fox TV news.  A Muslim leader of some sort stated that Libya was now an Islamic State with Sharia Law.

I turned to the Hawk and said, “Wow, what a surprise, a radical Islamic country with Sharia Law!  Who da thunk?”

Obviously it was NOT the Beltway Brain Bank that thought of this. As I recall we went into Libya, under UN “permission”, not Congress, to carry out a mission of “protection for humanitarian purposes”.  This was not a war, we were told, just a simple humanitarian effort to free the Libyan people from their odious dictator, Gaddafi. But, we could not kill him. Somehow someone else had to do this.

While I’m thinking here can the Muslims not name their children some name I can understand? How about Manny Gaddafi instead of Muammar?  How un-PC of me of course, but I do have this fatal flaw of not being able to remember all the Muslims we have captured/killed due to my inability to pronounce their names. Gaddifi’s son, Mustassim Gaddifi also was killed for humanitarian reasons. Now, how about that son being named Mustang Gaddifi?  See how much easier that rolls off the tongue?

But, I digress from my main issue.  The BBBs continually told us that this “contingency” effort in Libya will only last for a couple of days or perhaps for several weeks.  They told us this for almost 8 months. Therefore, am I to then think that the BBBs in DC are unable to do math? Or are they just, you know, fooling around with us for fun?

As time progressed, we witnessed NATO planes fly over Libya carpet bombing convoys, anti-missile sites, whatever.  There are no boots on the ground we are told.

Right, we, the unwashed masses out here, have no intellect, but we were able to figure out to strike these sites with accuracy there had to be a boot/s on the ground marking the spot for the planes to bomb.

Hellfire Tomahawk missiles, hundreds or maybe thousands of them were shot off into Libya.  Nope, this is not a war.  Just close your eyes and forget about those missiles you saw that “killed” people. And damn, here I thought it was a “humanitarian effort” we were working on.  You know, protecting people!  Oh, I forget myself, “we had to kill people to protect people to become free people.  OK.  Got it!

I turned to the Hawk and said to him, have you ever thought about the Brain Bank in the Beltway that thinks up these foreign policy missions?  The Hawk and I laughed so hard we nearly fell out of bed.

Can you imagine who these people are, or what they look like? Do these foreign policy brains look like normal people or are they strange and mysterious looking, somewhat alien if we were to see them?

Now, these BBBs told us that once Libya was “freed” whatever that meant, we would then have a great democracy and peace across the land of Libya.

The American people thought about this for about 2 seconds and came to the conclusion that Libya was most likely to become a radical Islamic State with Sharia law.

But, oh no, one of the BBBs assured us that even though the Muslim brotherhood was there and possibly Al Qaeda, never mind, these rebels wanted freedom.  Yes, indeed, freedom to live in peace and love across the ME which of course we have yet to see to this date.

According to Daniel Pipes, an ME expert, I quote: “…..the Middle East is only one part of the Muslim world. Europe has become an incubator for Islamist thought and political development. Since the early 1960s, Muslim Brotherhood members and sympathizers have moved to Europe and slowly but steadily established a wide and well-organized network of mosques, charities, and Islamic organizations. Unlike the larger Islamic community, the Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate goal may not be simply “to help Muslims be the best citizens they can be,” but rather to extend Islamic law throughout Europe and the United States.”

But, how can this be?  Didn’t one of the BBBs tell us the Muslim Brotherhood was nothing about which to be concerned? I distinctly recall hearing testimony on this.

We discover that we supplied weapons and other equipment including “man mat missile launchers” as they call them, but now tons of them are missing. OMG!  Now that is quite scary to me but apparently not to the BBBs in DC.  Perhaps they have a scavenger hunt arranged for Thanksgiving?

Will there be hundreds of “boots on the ground” looking for these things?  Will they find them?  Who took them? Where did they go? These are questions I have for the BBBs in DC.  One spy, John Bolton, told us just the other day these things were showing up on the Gaza strip.

As one of those unwashed persons in flyover country America there is just no way I could figure out that this could happen.  Wrong, I did along with a lot of other people.

Oh, those BBBs are so amusing are they not?  The fantastical things they expect us to believe because their “brains are so big” compared to the average American. I have to wonder how they keep these large appendages on their necks all day long.  Surely with brains this large there must be a terrible hardship involved.  Maybe even a disease, something like Brain Bank Challenged?  Nah. That would be the BBC then.  I have to come up with another disability. Private Bullright will help on that one.

Now, I get to the point of my musings and the Hawk’s and we ask a few questions. I know, believe me, I know, we are not supposed to do any thinking for ourselves. We do realize that is outlawed now, but we must break that law.

We hear from the media/foreign policy analysts/spin doctors/talking heads; you know all those BBB types that say Herman Cain cannot be president. Herman Cain has no “foreign policy” experience and therefore he cannot be president.

Why we ask?  Could he do any worse than these BBBs we have in DC?  Do you think it is possible he could do better?  After all, the foreign policy we have now is a bit over rated, at least to me and the Hawk.

Could Herman Cain explain to the American people what he is doing with his foreign policy?  The BBBs are rather hard to understand.  It is confusing and discombobulating. It is what I call “crazy making”.  Ha, the Hawk and I can understand Herman Cain quite clearly when he speaks. We have no trouble deciphering what he says, unlike the BBBs who speak in tongues.

I really do hate to burst the bubble of the BBBs, but we don’t think they are all that great at thinking. Not from what we see. So, we think Herman Cain, this mere mortal, successful businessman just might be able to figure this foreign policy stuff out. Even we dumb unwashed masses out here in Middle America figured it out long before the BBBs that Libya would be an Islamist Radical State with Sharia Law.  Who da thunk it?





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  1. Right on the money Pep! Every time I hear a news pundit or commenter say of a candidate, “He has no political experience” or “Doesn’t understand foreign policy.” I say to myself, Yeah, like the idiots we’ve got in there now have been doing such a fabulous job! (sic) We need to get rid of the whole darn bunch!


  2. Hi Pepp,

    Talking about foreign policy, after Gaddafi was killed the other day I herd on the news “that this only goes to show how good O’s foreign policy really is” I almost chocked to death after hearing that.

    As you say the idiots don’t thing Cain has the experience to do the job. Cain is a successful business man something O is not. For the past 40 years I’ve been saying that we a businessman to run this country and not a politician. Now we have a chance to make that happen. Unlike the life long politician the businessman will bring a lot less baggage with him.

    O had done nothing at all and he was qualified according to them.


    • Hi Dogged,

      Thanks for coming by.
      Yep, I nearly choked too the other day when we were being told all over the media, including Fox news, that we must give “our” president his fair due now to getting rid of terrorists GWB could not manage to even find.

      Excuse me, but I thought the left wanted GWB/Cheney charged with war crimes for what they did, but now it’s A-OK since their feckless leader killed these terrorist. Of course, he did not kill them himself, but you would have thought he donned a pilot’s uniform, got into one of our great planes and gotten all 3 of these guys all by himself. Wow, way to go there BHO, the wonder man.

      Of course, we never were allowed to see pics of bin Laden’s death, too bad to see around the Muslim world, but we were able to watch live while Gadfly was being savaged and killed by who knows who.

      His policies/doctrine are beyond any coherence.

      I, however will not give him any praise or glory for any of this

      Right, BHO’s only qualification for president was that he was once a community organizer and took up space in the Illinois senate where he voted present most of the time. Then a short year in the Senate whereby he ran for president the whole time. So much experience!!!!! I am so overwhelmed with it.


      • privbullright said:

        Right, you’d think he fired the missile and coordinated it all himself. Maybe he’s doing wire taps in his spare time in the O-Office. Yet he couldn’t mangage to see Solyndra was a bad deal — not “a good bet”. Smart, eh?


      • PBR,

        As Reagan would have said, “there ya go again.”

        Too funny, O doing wire taps in his spare time. And we do know he has a lot of spare time on his hands evidently.

        Oh, no, he can’t see a bad deal staring him in the face. Right. He is such a lying sack of …..you fill in the blanks.


    • Dogged,

      I wanted to add to my reply to you that when I researched Barry, I found his record on the Internet. (I believe it has since been scrubbed). But, the only two things BHO did in the Illinois senate was try to pass a no guns whatsoever allowed in Illinois. The 2nd ambition of his was to pass a bill to allow infanticide to be legal. That’s the totality of his Illinois senate record.


  3. Good post. Barry is a narcissist and a liar and as such, he WILL always take credit for other people’s actions and then lie about it to his lunatic fringe base. The hypocrisy on the Left is stunning and they know that we know it.


  4. privbullright said:

    Right, its all in our imagination….but only in Obama’s dreams did he liberate people for democracy from an evil, shall we say, “dictator”– the dictator part seems the only part of this made for consumption fiasco that is NOT questionable. And aren’t we missing something? You know, the sceaming, hollering protests about the hundreds of thousands of innocent civillians and children we must have killed. And what about those “war crimes”?


    • PBR,

      Right on! Fiasco is a very good word to use for this “freedom mission” or “protect for humanitarian reasons by killing”. Is there not something wrong with those terms. Seems rather contradictory to me.

      Missing, yes, oh, yes, those ever lovin, war hating liberals shouting “Nazi” O, or “War Criminal O”.

      OH, we forgot PRB, they are too busy on OWS for such messy things as wars right now. We must make Wall Street pay. They are the new “Nazis” of this decade.


  5. privbullright said:

    Ahmedinjihad doesn’t have to worry about building his caliphate(Thanx Hussien O) Tunisia is set up. Maybe another Fatwa will be forethcoming. We’ll get the details then.


    • I do have to wonder if AchmedinaJar is O’s brother? There seems to be some resemblance there, not so much in looks. At least Achmed doesn’t have flapping ears, but their personalities seem to be taking on a like resemblance in some way. Very mysterious. Fatwa, that must be coming to a theater near you.


  6. privbullright said:

    Here’s the great BBB solution to the missing missles, it is: “Oh, they never existed. We miscounted, our bad. Nothing to be alarmed about. Planes will not fall out of the sky, that’s ridiculous! Where do you conspiricy nuts get your information?”


    • Oh, love that explanation. It so fits. We are such conspiracy nuts. That’s right. No, I won’t be looking up in the air for planes to fall out of the sky. Why spend any time thinking of that small problem of missing missiles? Uh, you don’t mean to tell me, PBR, that we just imagined all of this?


    • PBR,

      I think I’ve come across a disorder we, on the right, may be having since BHO came into office. It is called SPD, Shared Psychotic Disorder. There is a treatment for this and that is: separation from the other individual. Now there is a remedy to our mental health disorders. Separate us from BHO and almost instantly one is cured.


  7. http://www.westernjournalism.com/video-msnbc-says-governor-rick-perry-and-vladimir-putin-both-shoot-to-kill/
    OMG. I just watched this and it is too funny.
    I like to leave these little nuggets around for fun, like snacks at a dinner party


  8. The Beltway Brain Bank Be Broke


  9. privbullright said:

    I think I have a nice idea for the Liar-in Chief, Obummer. He can go to Tehran and do a victory tour. (maybe he can raise a little cash from it too) They’ll have a great parade, and trow candies in the crowds. Do a photo-op and a bow to the Ayatollah.


    • privbullright said:

      Besides, Pepp, they can stone any protesters over there. So he can us how real Democracy is done. And on the way back on AF-1, the press pool can ask him what his next military peace mission will be? (no doubt he’s thinking South Africa so far)


      • OH, PBR, once again you strike, like the pink panther with excellent images.
        Stoning, yes, that is a good one. BO can practice his stoning techniques while there. Then as we move into the Caliphate, BO will know exactly how to stone people properly here in America, the Great Satan.
        Surely the press, although I must use this word sparingly since there is no real journalism that exists here anymore, will have great questions for our fearless leader. Hmm….like that next peace mission in South Africa. I imagine once again it would be a “shoot hellfire missiles to protect the innocents”. And I imagine the BBBs would once again expect us to believe all the horse manure.


    • PBR,

      You never cease to amaze and entertain me with your ideas. The images are spectacular in my mind of this victory tour by our Dictator in Chief. In Tehran no less! I can see this photo op in my head and all those glowing candles in the crowds (some of which have burned up a few people, but hey what’s a few less muzzies)? The Ayatollah and BHO holding hands as they scream to the cheering crowds, “down with America”, the Great Satan.


  10. Davetherave said:

    Another great post pep about another great subject…you do know how to pick them! This is my personal beliefs. Every since Henry Ford cursed the world with the invention of the automobile, the Middle East became crucial to the rest of the world. Until then; we really didn’t give a crap about the ME. It’s all about crude oil. Most of our President’s, since Henry Ford had no idea what a mess he was creating, has been concerned about only one thing and that is making sure we get supplied with plenty of crude oil from the ME. That is the only reason we do anything for the Muslim world; what other incentive would there be for us to care about the ME? The only reason we went to Libya was so our (supposed Ally) France would continue to get….their crude oil supply. Most of our Presidents mask the truth with all kind of “noble” statements and it is in the best interest of the US to get these Dictators out. But, it is no frigging secret who is going to take their place. OK, they may change to elections for a leader and some type of “congressional style” government. Sounds good doesn’t it. But, look at what the Muslims holy bible teaches and they all hold so dear…it is not very friendly towards anyone that is not a Muslim. Also, Sharia Law will still exist (so no human rights for women). After the terrible Dictator is kick out, it will still be law in most if not all Muslim countries you are sentenced to death if you want to change your personal religion away from Muslim (so no religious freedom). So, the most important human rights granted to us by our Constitution will never exist in a Muslim Nation. So we are supposedly freeing people, that “noble” mask again, so they can continue to suppress their people of basic human rights. Is that what our forefathers had in mind when they wrote into the constitution why we should go to war? And you are right Pat, if it looks like a war, smells like a war and cost as much as a war….it’s a damn war. You cannot bombard a country with our firepower and the say you are not committing an act of war against that country. And now to make things even worse, we have a Muslim in our White House. So, how many rights have “we” as United State citizens lost so far during his Dictatorship? It has always been and will always be about the crude oil. We will never “really” stand up to a Muslim country and say we will no longer support you because of your horrible human rights offenses against your own people. We would be too damn we would not longer get…..our crude oil. So what do we have to do? First, get the damn Muslim out of our White House, so we can again start up all our existing oil pumps and then let the damn oil companies drill where ever the hell they want too. (Other sources of energy are a discussion for some other time, because I am talking about what needs to be done right now.) And then let’s elect in 2012 a President that is fiscally responsible, business friendly and abides by our Constitution. As I heard Cain say in a debate, “Our Constitution does not need interpreting, you just have to read it!”
    The President does not have to be a wizard at foreign policy….that is why he chooses the best people he can to be in his cabinet! No one should expect a President to have every answer to every problem we face. We just expect him to know and admit his weaknesses and appoint someone to his cabinet that is an expert in that particular field. So, I think Cain would do very well at being business friendly, fiscally responsible and abiding by the Constitution. But, never lose sight that our foreign policy will continue to be “get our crude oil” and use some mask to make it look noble. Until, we can break away from needing so much crude oil from Muslims and Communist and Dictators.


    • Davetherave,

      Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said your comment was almost as long as the article.

      Agree on all points you made. We need to get our own damn oil out of our own damn back yard. Then we can kiss off these blood sucking screwballs in the ME.

      Drilling for our own oil is first and foremost and by golly the next president better start right after his inaugural speech. And fire all those commie czars too.

      You are right. Herman Cain always says he hires the best people he can around him so he can get the right solution to a problem. I don’t doubt for one minute that Cain can come up with better people than these BBBs we have up there now.

      It’s like we are living in an insane asylum and all the inmates are running it. I need to get out of this place before I get that malady I wrote about to PBR if we don’t get separated soon from the BHO.


  11. “The Beltway Brain Bank”??? WTH? the terms are mutually exclusive.


  12. Putting out a new snack for our party. And we should be satisfied with Romney? Let’s put Cain over the top in 2012!


  13. privbullright said:

    Romney and contradiction — isn’t that repetative?


  14. Davetherave said:

    I realize this is not on topic, but there is one thought I have never written on pep’s blog….I have prayed to God every since this retard got elected President that no conservative Supreme Court Judge would have to retire due to health problems. The last George Bush made some great gains with getting some conservatives back on the Supreme Court and I sure in the hell don’t want to lose ground. Can you imagine O’man picking someone for the Supreme Court? I’d bet you $100 the nominee would wear a towel around his head!


    • Davetherave,

      That’s a scary thought! And I wouldn’t take ‘that’ bet!


    • Davetherave,

      Now you are scaring the hell out of me. WTH is wrong with you? I said you could rant on here, not scare the s..t outta me. All bets are off with me. We can never exclude the “off chance” that one of the Supremies might not come down with some fatal accident, just a simple little bump over a cliff or bend in the road kind of thing. I do believe I’ve heard of this happening to some people before.


    • And Dave, I hate towel heads. I mean I don’t want to be un-PC here, but I just think the National photo of our Supreme Court Justices would be just a tad bit distasteful, don’t ya think? One with a towel wrapped around his head? And it would be a man. No Muslim woman be allowed to serve on that court. Unless you want to consider Elena Kagan as a towel head, but she is more of a commie than a rag head. Her sexual identity issue however may be a tad too much for the raghead justice to handle. I would bet on implosion on the Supreme Court is this ever happened.


  15. privbullright said:

    Pepp, its above my grade, but I’ll take a stab at it.

    Sounds like a severe, debilitating case of Beltway Brain Bank Edema,

    My special diagnosis
    How about CBBBE — Chronic Beltway Brain Bank Edema
    (almost always incurable – like and often mistaken for Mad Cow; tendency to be drawn to others with CBBBE. Believes its perfect and in its endless theories.

    Dangerous condition where, on occasion, two or more have grown attached to each other, and then operates unilaterally with greater force than the sum of the parts. Continually expands. Warning: no successful treatment, but get out of its way quickly.)


    • PBR,

      Now we only have one toilet in this house. And it’s awfully unfair of you to hit me with this just as Ron was on the throne and I had nowhere to go. As one can imagine, I had an accident.

      Never mind about that though. I do think you are onto something with this new diagnosis. CBBBE. Shudder! Like Mad Cow disease with a brain that believes it’s perfect. Whew, that is one scary diagnosis.

      And the prognosis for it is even more frightening. To think that two entities attach themselves together like 2 amoebas and expanding exponentially has got all the makings of one of the worst horror films I’ve ever seen.

      At least one can run from it. Get good sneakers and keep one’s legs in good shape, feet too. I kinda think we’d have to run long and far to escape this humongous growing blob.


  16. privbullright

    Sounds like you’ve just described our Dictator Obama and his cohorts!


    • Goshawk,
      Well the D in C does have a narcissistic personality disorder. And they do expand. Just think of PBR’s premise with Soros and BHO as one entity expanding into our living room at night on the TV. We would have to shoot the TV. Or run. We only have those 2 options. Get your gun, I don’t want to run at night on this ridge without one and have coyotes rushing us from the back.


    • privbullright said:

      Yea, maybe it applies all across the liberal spectrum. “Beltway” really zeros in on the vermin. I am fascinated more and more by “brain bank” — yet simultaneously spews gibberish in all directions. Must be their networking assets that keep it going. I see the pundits the same way. I wonder if they plug their craniums into the same source every night to recharge.

      We all must be sooo handicapped not to see their machinations, so they have to spoon-feed us daily — not too much, just a little at a time. But if we are as dumb as they think we are, then Muzzies must be so much smarter than us to grasp it, still no where near BBB capacity.(nobody is) So its weird that, as dysfunctional and “discombobulated” as this foreign policy is, the Muzzies seem to figure it out pretty quickly…to their benefit. Strange how that works; even the timing and all. And yet we are so dumb BBB’s need to keep trying to explain it to us even afterward — sometimes long after — so we understand correctly.


      • PBR,

        I really like that “Beltway vermin”. Yeah, ain’t it just so much fun to listen to the BBBs and know they are talking gibberish 24/7 and we all know it. I do believe you are onto something about the plug-in craniums with the pundits. It has got to be the same circuit. Short-circuiting out many times over night, apparently. How else do their brains manage to be so completely and utterly stupid?
        They think we are all so stupid. But, not all of us. Too bad they don’t get that either.
        The muzzies have it all figured out so well. They know what they want and how to get it. They see straight through the dumb minds of liberals who are willing to believe anything, including a Jeffersonian government
        across the ME. What the BBBs fail to understand is that the muzzies watch our every move and every word and know the exact buttons to push to get us to pay for their wars. Got to hand that to them. Too bad we have such a collection of shorted out brains in DC.


  17. privbullright said:

    Pepp, slowly I’ve really warmed up to Cain. The built in problem was experience. But heck this Brain Bank proves what that has gotten us. Now everyone is talking about tax reform. We couldn’t get that in national media before. And the scary thing to beltway power brokers is that Cain got attention, no thanks to MSM and the Brainiacs.Now people are listening to a genuine, successful outsider. When has that happened? Paul is more an insider than he is and people like him all the more because he is outside. Heck I was desperate enough to wonder where The Rent is Too Damn High guy was? And Cain can supply a little humor. Could Romney be trying to pi$$ us off enough to support anybody else?


    • PBR,

      I am pleased to see you warming up to the idea of a Cain. That is the issue. How much worse could we get with these insane BBBs up there in DC?

      If nothing else comes of Cain, he at least did us all a great favor. He opened up the door to the process of examining our tax code and alternatives to it. Before that, nobody was talking about actually trying to change it. So the debate starts. We need that debate so we can hopefully down the road, make the necessary changes.

      Of course, you are exactly right, the idea of a Cain scares the living hell out of the inside the beltway gang. I love Herman’s humor. The other day he joked about his codename for the SS being “cornbread”. Now, we all know it was a joke. But not the liberals. They don’t have a sense of humor. They are nothing but sour pusses.

      Romney could be playing some sort of game, who knows. These political hacks have so many games up their sleeves that they don’t recognize an honest person when they meet one.


    • PBR,

      Finally found your comment here buried.
      That was a hilarious clip on Reagan.
      He knew how to get things across and golly, I actually recall being able to understand what he said to us. Must not have been so many plug in cranial units around back then.


  18. You make too much sense pepper! Who’d a thunk it indeed….shaking head. Most of the BBB may be educated beyond their intelligence.

    We may have been watching the same thing on FOX. My husband person asked me why all those Libyan women were so happy, clapping and jumping for joy in the streets. I am still trying to come up with an answer for that one…


    • FOH,

      Yes, too much common sense. Is that not the essence of the insanity in which we are living with an entire federal government completely out of control and thinking they can shove, down our throats, these same lies month after month. We are onto to them. We know we are the non-dummies and they are the dummies.

      Your hubby and mine must think alike. That is exactly what my husband pointed out, all those women jumping for joy in the Libyan streets. Do they know or have any idea that they will be forced to wear burkas, no school, no driving, no rights whatsoever. That they will be stoned and/or tortured for almost any offense a Muslim male brings against them? Made my hubby and I stumped also. No answer did we get either. Unless these women are so used to being abused under Sharia law they like it. I don’t know, can’t comprehend it. Way above my pay grade.


  19. Pepp,
    The pointy headed experts have told us that the events in the ME are a good thing since it leads to democracy. The problem is that the sand-nazis don’t have any Washingtons or Jeffersons in their populations. We were lucky enough to have statesmen when our country was formed, they on the otherhand have religious fanatics that have clammored to the top of the heap.

    This will not turn out well.

    In the meantime, the lefties of the world will continue to applaud the arab awakening but when the stuff hits the fan they will no doubt claim that unexpected circumstances led to the mess our sons and daughters will need to fix.

    There is an epic crap-storm in the making.


    • Hardnox,

      Yes, yes, the pointy headed BBBs told us many things which a lot of us did not cotton to though. We, out here in flyover America, already knew there would be NO Jeffersonian democracy type in the ME. That is my point. We have very stupid people in the BBBs. So, how much worse can it get if we have a brain bank of non-political types who don’t know shit.

      The perfect storm is coming. The whole ME will implode and the Caliphate these primitive ones wish for will be their dream come true.


  20. Implosion, top-down, supplemented by bottom-up. The temporary strange-bedfellow collaboration between Alinskyite-Cloward-&-Piven-destroy-America-and-capitalism progressives on the one hand and Islamists on the other.

    The “BBB” is succeeding. Twenty percent of America is witnessing while eighty percent is texting their votes to Dancing with the Stars.


    • thedrpete,

      Ok, you succeeded in giving me a chuckle with the “texting their votes to DWS.
      Yes, got the first paragraph loaded into my head watching Glenn Beck’s fabulous show while on Fox. I had hoped that more than 20% learned something. You’re probably right, however, that there are still too many stupid people out there which is verified if one listens to the answers or non answers of the OWS crowd when asked by various Fox reporters.


      • drpete,

        Ooops, missed the part about the BBBs succeeding. I don’t think they are.
        I think more Americans than ever are paying close attention to the political battlefield.
        After Beck left on Fox, there seemed to be a “learning” program gone. But, on Fox Business channel, we have Judge Napolitano on at 8pm every night and his show is fabulous. And it has almost all to do with the Constitution and King we have in office. The Judge spares no words and tells it like it is.
        Many people are getting “more informed” by watching him. He would be a bit difficult perhaps for some who are not Libertarians, considering the Judge is a Libertarian. But, he is a Constitutional scholar and he knows it forwards, backwards, any way you want it. People are learning a whole lot from that show.
        I think the BBBs are losing.
        I like to learn from many different avenues and sources but for those who only learn from TV, the Judge is a damn good start for them. And, perhaps spur listeners to delve into the Constitution more on their own. That and the Federalist Papers that may have not interested some prior.


  21. From his standing in the polls, it’s apparent that Herman Cain has found a voice that talks to a lot of Americans clearly and effectively.

    He’s not quite “the great communicator,” but at this early stage of the GOP nomination process, he seems to be quite good, at least good enough to push Rick Perry down to fifth place in the polls and to break even with Mitt Romney.

    If Herman Cain takes Iowa, he could take the GOP nomination. See my take on it. Comments are welcomed.

    Title: Iowa primary: is it Herman Cain’s “High Noon?”

    Blog: http://marcjan.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/iowa-primary-is-it-herman-cains-high-noon/


  22. Hello marcjan,

    Very delighted to see you here. I don’t think we’ve met on WordPress as yet, but it is nice to see a new person here.

    Absolutely, I agree that Cain has found a following. I do believe people more than ever are looking for something else other than your typical politician. They know what you get with one of them. Cain is fresh, bold, easy to listen to, easy to understand. He does not try to talk over people’s heads. He speaks a clear message and I hear it all the time how much Cain is pulling more voters towards him.

    No, Cain is not Reagan the great communicator. But, we have to stop looking for that superman replacement.

    I will come to your site and read your take. I will be most interested in what you are writing.
    Thank you.


    • pepperhawk–

      Thank you.

      I have been MIA from writing and blogging for about a year. I’ve been that busy.

      But, the political landscape is exploding. There are a lot of solid issues to write about, talk about and blog about about so I’m back in the game.

      I sense you enjoy blogging. You seem to write with passion. That makes your work interesting.


      • marcjan,

        I have been MIA also, but for other reasons than being busy. I was blogging on Town Hall but someone else lead me here. I like this format much better as I have so much more control over content and who comes onto the blog. Very nice addition.

        The political landscape is indeed exploding and providing those who love politics a lot of material. i do write with passion and I like to have some fun with the topics as in trying to bring a little humor and satire. I really enjoy the readers who come on and play with me on the satire part as well as those who are deadly serious. But, I like to laugh. So, for me I want to make it informative but have humor involved as much as I can.

        Thank you for your compliment.


  23. privbullright said:

    Pepp, great point about being easy to understand. Reagan was clear. How refreshing. Instead of talking heads(BBB-in training) being able to say he really said this and means that, while another claims he said the opposite. That is the gobbledygook we get from Obama. Ask him a question and get a 15-minute speech without answering it. Then he says they need to “explain it” to us.


    • PBR,

      Here you are! Was looking somewhere else and panicked I couldn’t find you.
      Indeed it is refreshing to hear someone speak clearly and not try to mesmerize us into an ever ending speech where afterwards we have no idea WTH was said. I am so done with the double-speak, cranial plugged in gobbledygook of which you speak. It’s tiring and draining.

      Oh, yeah, does that not flip you out? Obama keeps saying that along with his other BBBs that “we” just don’t understand. I told Ron, we must get a nerf gun blaster for blasting the Messiah’s face every time I hear that one. I’m so done with that. Stick a fork in it and shove it in the trash. We don’t need no xplainin. We get it. You are an empty suit BHO. We knew a long time ago. It’s just too bad other people fell for your scam.


  24. privbullright said:

    Too bad they fell for the scam (sounds like a diagnosis)



  25. Excellent post and discussion. I have only one disagreement with the content and that is the inclusion of “brain” in your BBB, unless we are using a definition of “brain” to which we are totally unfamiliar. “Brainless,” or “brainwashed” or “bobble-headed” or “bogus” or any number of other “B” words would truly fit better (although you might have to rearrange the words). I love the SCAM acronym also. Well done.


    • Interface,

      Point well taken. I see now I made a terrible mistake thinking there were actually any brains. i thought the brains were just mentally challenged.
      Thanks. SCAM is good developed by my resident in chief of fun, PBR.


  26. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! I love it! Beltway Brain Bank! You could call it Beltway Brainless Bank. After I moved to CO, it became known as Sodom East or Disney Land on the Potomac.

    You are on a roll!

    HooRah! 🙂


    • willibeaux,

      Thx. Yes, I have been on one big ranting roll. Glad you liked the BBB. Yes, I believe someone else said the same, that was a brainless bank and that is very true.
      Ron feels so sad about what has happened to Colorado, his birth state. I do too. I hope they turn red again. I hate to see the Sodom East continue.



  27. Donna Rabus said:

    I’m trying to get caught up! Another good one, Pepperhawk. All I can say is obama has to go. Such an arrogant liar. The more I hear of Newt, I am liking him a lot.


    • Donna,

      Thx so much for coming by. i know you are very busy with your other patriotic duties.
      Yep, the O has to go. No doubt in my mind too. Arrogant liar is a mild way of describing him. I like Newt because he is so intelligent and knows so much about the world scene. But, I know of many who would not vote for him.


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