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I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little concerned about our next election, only a little over a year from now, and what path we are going to choose. To me this is extremely important. The Alinsky left  has us in the death grip.  And in November 2012  if we do not win, we can kiss our Republic goodbye and welcome in our new Communist country.

So far during the Republican debates there has been a great deal of in fighting, clobbering each other with whatever issue comes up for that week.

Romney slams Perry for instate tuition for illegals, Perry slams Romney for Romney Care.

Meanwhile we have Rick Santorum beating up almost anyone over the abortion issue and gay marriage. Only he knows these issues, none of the others.

Michelle Bachmann tells us she will end Obamacare and only she knows how because she was there when the dirty deed went down.

Jon Huntsman, who really needs to run on the democrat ticket blasts all of them saying they are stupid. It is all over the HuffPo and the liberals are just loving it.

Herman Cain is desperately trying to support the ground he has won over the last several weeks. During the last debate, he was the target at the local pop-up duck shooting contest.

Ron Paul, who the media basically ignores, gets very little to say, but what he does say is worth its’ weight in gold.  He really is the only candidate who would abide by our Constitution.

But, he is too old. He does not look presidential. He is a wacko. He would not defend us. He wants drugs.  These are the things I hear people say.

Gary Johnson, another Libertarian cannot even get into the debates. Apparently he is not good enough material for the slug fests.

Quoting Newt Gingrich:

Barack Obama​ is giving us the greatest opportunity to win a decisive, realigning election in our life time. For the very first time we can begin to imagine replacing the center-left majority that began in 1932 with Franklin Roosevelt,” Mr. Gingrich said. He went on to say that Republicans have that opportunity because, “you have to have both of them to come together to win realigning elections: he is a radical and he’s incompetent.”

Now there is a statement I would like to hear spoken more often, perhaps as often as any Republican candidate can because we are in the struggle of our lifetime with the radical left, who have fought hard and planned for a long time to take over our country and destroy our Republic.

My message to these other candidates is “Stop the infighting and slamming each other around. You are only doing the dirty work for the Democrats and their radical left-wing agenda. You are only helping to put Obama back into office.”

It is now time for every one of those candidates to start slamming and blasting Obama for all of his policies.  He is shredding our Constitution.  We do not govern by the people, for the people now. I hope someone will start to understand this.

These candidates have to set aside their petty slug fests now and start going after what is truly our problem, Obama.

These slug fests are proving nothing to me except that these candidates are not interested in our country, our Constitution, or we the people, but instead they only care about their power-hungry grab. Now they have to step aside from themselves, shed the narcissism, look outside of themselves, and get cracking on the real issue.

Are we going to allow Obama to remain president, a man who does not even deserve this?  Are we going to allow our Republic to die?  Can these candidates put aside their own egos for one moment and stop to think what is at stake here?  Our country, our Constitution, our freedoms, our rights are all on the chopping block for the 2012 election.  These candidates must step up and outside of themselves and look at the big picture. We, as the United States of America are going down in 2012 if they cannot see that we are deliberately being destroyed from within.

It makes me wonder if these candidates other than Newt Gingrich understand the radical left is ready to nudge us over the cliff one last time. This time we cannot fail. The nudge to come is the last nudge before we go down in history as the greatest country that ever existed. The last nudge will take us down straight into the fires of hell, into radical Marxism and Alinskyite dictates.  Do they even know this?  I have to wonder. Perhaps Jon Huntsman is right, that they are all stupid. Perhaps the left is right that they are all stupid. The left is laughing at us now. The candidates are doing all the dirty work for them. They don’t even have to spend a dime on an ad to crush any one of these candidates.  They are doing it to themselves.

Mr. Gingrich condemned President Obama, saying that he is a “radical and he’s incompetent.”  This is what we need to hear.  This is what we are fighting and the candidates better take Newt’s words and start attacking Mr. Obama now before we lose the 2012 election without a shot fired from the Communists.  This my dear candidates is the important part of our election, not your petty egos and self appointed importance.

What is important is our country, our Republic, we, the people, who are waiting to vote out this odious man who is destroying us further each day.

Open your eyes and see what is going on please before it is too late.We need a candidate who is willing to look into the eyes of the candidate Obama and realize he does not believe in America. He does not abide by our Constitution. He is our dictator, not our president.  He wants our rights and our freedoms destroyed. He does not want prosperity.  He wants us under his boots. He wants to rule us, not govern. We are his slaves now. We want to remove this king, this puppet of the radical left puppet masters such as George Soros and all those who are with him. Please, I beg of every candidate to stare into the truth of what is happening to us.  We, the people know, we see, we feel it. Now, you dear candidates, need to get the courage to do so also.


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  1. Last night on FOX I heard them ask the question of whether the debates were making it easier to choose someone to support. My answer is a resounding NO. I have been unable to watch the last two, but have heard and seen enough clips to know that I am glad that I didn’t watch. They are (^&^*^*%*%*%* me off!


    • FOH,

      I don’t think I will watch another one. Unless the slug fests stop we are toast in my opinion. No, these debates are not helping me to make a choice. But I will make my choice on integrity, honor, truth, loyalty to our country and our Constitution. I will not choose a Romney although the left is ramming him down our throats and trying to brainwash us into thinking we must choose him.

      I won’t be brain washed and I won’t listen to their propaganda and believe any of it. There was an article I read earlier in the NYT, or the NYSlime, that the candidate selection for the Republicans is over and has been. All we need to do, (we on the right) is to accept the fact that Romney is the choice. I sure would like to prove them wrong.


  2. privbullright said:

    Right, you are, its like a 10 ring circus. (I stopped counting) Unfortunately, the egomania is only going to get worse, I’m afraid. [“egomania is running wild”] That will be with all their pontification on endorsements etc — which mean almost nothing. They might not all be stupid, but they must think we are.


    • PBR,

      Yep, it’s a circus all right. But we don’t need that right now. It is very unfortunately that these people are not staying focused on the real issue here.
      Endorsements never mean anything to me. What a load of horse manure that is.
      And yes, I do believe they think we are stupid, but by golly, they are the ones showing their asses on prime time TV looking like damn fools.


  3. Donna Rabus said:

    It has been something to watch and hear! Perry and Romney going at each other; all of them onto Cain and his 999 plan. Originally I was for Cain, but now just not sure how the 999 plan will affect seniors. Newt is the most intelligent and has the most experience. Never thought I would say so, but at this time I am for Newt…


    • Hi Donna,

      Whoopee, you are here again! I am so flattered.

      I agree with ya Donna, I’m with Newt right now. He is the only one who is acting like an adult and behaving like a statesman and not some damn fool teenager getting into a yelling match. It makes me cringes to see two or three grown men looking like such damn idiots.


  4. Davetherave said:

    This Republican race is the biggest joke I have ever seen. With approx one year left before the election, there is still no front runner because no one but Newt is concentrating on O’man. So, the billionaire Republican backers are still holding on to their cash because they don’t know who in the hell to give it too. They sure in the hell DO NOT want to give their money to Romney. With just a year or so left, we should have maybe two candidates left with a chance to win the Republican nomination and a clear front runner that has the obvious support of the right that would like to take our country back and undo the extreme damage O’man has done and will continue to do. But no, my illustrious party is still acting like the election is at least two years away. Newt is the one that can bring down O’man. Newt was a political genius when he was in the Senate…not too good at handling his personal life granted…but a political genius. He pretty much got the Senate and House back in the Republican hands by himself. No one should doubt his political prowess. But, his personal life issues will probably cost him any chance and that is a shame. I could give a rat’s ass who he sleeps with personally….I just strongly believe he would make a wonderful, conservative President that would restore us to our one time greatness. But push come to shove….I will frigging vote for Donald Duck to beat O’man, instead of being lazy and sitting home on my dead ass and not voting at all because I don’t like the Republican candidate. That attitude by too many conservatives is what cost us the last election! Great post pep; I love this political stuff!


    • Davertherave,

      Another great comment.

      Like Donna, and you, I am with Newt right now. I don’t care who on earth he was in bed with either. Good grief, didn’t Billy Clinton, the womanizer do OK?
      I think we on the right have got to start thinking hard about just who could bring down O man. I can not for the life of me see the Zero win a debate with Newt. The Zero would be lying on the floor, beat to hell before the debate was an hour long.

      Unfortunately, I read on Friday, from a reputable source, that the Zero stated that he may agree to 2 debates, more like one and that would be it.

      Well no surprise there is there? He could not win a debate against the top tier candidates. No way, no how.

      Of course I too will vote for the R candidate rather than see this Zero in office for another term because I do believe that would be the last presidential election we would ever see again. I don’t think another 4 years of Obama our country can stand. In fact, I am not so sure we can last one more year of him. We are going down fast and a year is an eternity with Zero.


  5. privbullright said:

    My predication is bleaker. Romney is all but anointed. He spent 2-1/2 years building and buying the nomination. As they say, pity the fool that gets in his way. Paul may not bow out. I bet he runs independent and can still be the critic in the corner. I think that is why he announced he will not run in the House again. The only possibility I see, other than being sucked into the wind of the Romney vs. Obama storm brewing, is who could run independently? Everyone wants to be a Perot – but without the spoiler recognition. The elite Party ops will demand we support Mitt or else.

    Media will try to bill it as a great horse race between R and O. I don’t think I can do anything about it, but still can’t support Romney, nor Newt. In the end it looks like 08 was the year US took a crap, and 2012 is the year it flushed. And they are already speculating about Biden in 2016. I know I’m depressing but can’t help it. I give Newt credit, he did rehab himself.(something skilled politicians have done)


    • PBR,

      Oh that is bleak and depressing. I have not heard what Ron Paul plans to do, but I do hope he does not run on the Indie ticket. That will put Obama in for sure.

      Whoever is speculating about Biden must be one of those things that went down the toilet and came back up that you spoke about. I cannot see Biden ever becoming president. He is so utterly stupid, the DNC would never run that gaffe machine.

      Hillary would be more likely even though she says she is done after being State Head. I don’t believe her. She and Soros have been tied to the hip longer than the Zero. I think the puppet-masters would run her because according to some “probably” fraudulent polls, she is the most beloved politician in our country.

      Now she is the most beloved Marxist in our country along with the Soros gang. And she is not as stupid as the Zero. She would not have to have the teleprompter in front of her to speak to school children.

      Anyway, yes it could obviously get worse.

      I give Newt a lot of credit too. He did rehab himself That means he has the ability to learn from his mistakes, not something we see too often in DC beltway lug nuts.


  6. Good post.I agree with the notion they need to quit attacking one or the other. ATTACK WHAT IS WRONG. And that would be damn near ALL of what this fool has done in the almost 3 years the asshat has been around. THEN,tell us WHAT and HOW you are going to FIX it. Otherwise,they all need to get out of the way for someone who CAN,and WILL attempt to stop this runaway train.


    • Clyde,

      Great comment. You hit the nail on the head with your comment. What you said is exactly what we need. God help us all that someone will stop this runaway train and that fraud in the White House or we are cooked.


  7. Donna Rabus said:

    I just have another comment, Pepperhawk; the candidates need to bring up Fast and Furious and Solyndra and obama’s, more than likely, involvement. obima has committed numerous acts of treason on the American people. He and anyone else involved (Holder) needs to be prosecuted to the max for this. Also, every dollar they stole from us taxpayers, they should have to pay back. I am so sick of their lying, thieving, fraud, that I could just scream!!! We have God on our side and I do feel that in the end we will win. We will go through a lot more hell with him, but we will win!!!


    • Donna,

      As you know through all of our talks that I stand firmly with you on these issues you brought up and yes, indeed, you are correct, the candidates do need to slam Obama and Holder for these insane programs such as Fast and Furious. Of course, according to Holder, The Lying Att:Gen of the US, he never heard of this. I imagine that fairies came out of the air, sprinkled fairy dust all over the ATF agents and told them to start walking guns into Mexico.
      It is astounding the things this administration puts forth to make us believe their unbelievable answers to these treasonous acts. I am not fooled as you are not. I wonder how many Americans are fooled or even know about Fast and Furious. That is a very scary thing to me and then these people vote.

      Thanks for another great comment, Donna.


  8. Pepp,

    Great post. You are correct they need to stop attacking one another and start saying what is wrong with this administration. They would have a long list of all O has done that goes against our constitution and all the laws that they have broken.

    I was leaning toward Cain however his 999 plan wouldn’t be to good for those of us who are retired.


    • Dogged,

      Thx for coming over in your very busy life.

      Oh, yes indeed the candidates have a very long list of things to attack Obama over and I have to wonder to myself, why are they not going after this completely corrupt system of his and all that goes with it.

      I don’t know how Cain’s 999 plan would be for those of us retired either. It seems on the front of it, we would be having to pay an enormous amount of money that we don’t have to put out as we are, most of us average folks anyway, on very tight, strict budgets with the money we have. I know, as you do, that we are continually trying to tighten up our belts so to speak, and find ways to afford just food, for example, with the inflation of the costs alone.

      We cannot even afford meat for the most part and use a lot of beans for protein which is fine, but it would be nice to have more meat in our case. We happen to like it.

      Ron and I have cut off our long distance package with our phone company, for example. We never eat out. That is totally unaffordable for us. We don’t have extra money for any clothes or shoes. Just the prices of gas and food are killing us.


  9. Ignore the debates. Research the candidates at: ontheissues.org.

    I am still for Cain and Perry.

    As I say about Ron Paul, he was the man of the year and that year was 1900. His foreign policy is simply not up to it.


    • Hi Gunny,

      I have been watching the debates, but I never rely on them for my choice in candidate. I do my own research as you know. I find out all I can on the Internet on hopefully reliable sources and if they have political records of any sort I look at those also.

      I like Cain very much and Perry.

      I do like Ron Paul, however, I know he most likely does not have a chance with his foreign policy. Once I used to think we should fight all these wars overseas but now I am so weary of them. I’m tired of us spending money in these Muslim countries only to be stabbed in the back. Of course I do believe we should defend our country at all times.


  10. IMHO this is all a balancing act. Do I support someone I believe can beat the current Resident OR do I support someone who is most in line with my thinking? Either way, don’t I have to forfeit something in terms of expectations? This balance beam is not easy to negotiate.

    Great post and the comments are most enlightening as well, Pepp!


    • Mrs. Al,

      Very good point. Yes it is a balancing act. I do think, however, that a lot of our choices are made on the subconscious brain washing done by the other side of the aisle.

      We all know that McCain was never our pick in 2008. He would have been last on any of my lists. But, we got him I think due to the endless brain washing by the left. They wanted McCain because they knew they could beat him because we, on the right, did not want him.

      IMHO, I think that is how are elections go all the time. We are constantly listening to all the brain washing. For example, once again, I heard on Fox this morning by some young man, that Cain is nice to have as your next door neighbor type of guy, but for president, no. Now where does he come off with this conclusion? Because Herman does not have foreign policy experience? What experience did Obama have? None. Nada, Zip. Zero.

      And BHO has made a complete and utter mess of both our domestic and foreign policy. At least I think so. How much worse could Herman do? I think he would do so much better. I won’t go on about all the reasons here, but I do believe Romney is being pushed down our throats by the left. Nobody I know on the right wants him. So I don’t get these polls unless they are fraudulent which I believe they are.


      • Btw, Mrs. Al, I am in a conservative group on FB and there is no one I know in that group who wants Romney. There are a lot of conservative type open and/or closed groups on Face Book, and not once have I heard anyone say they want Romney.


      • I have read many commentaries by those who perceive the Democrats and MSM were beating up on Romney because they don’t want to have to run against the Resident in the 2012 election cycle. In the words of that great person (whoever it was): I ain’t buyin’ it. No sireee. Not for one second.

        I believe this type of mis-information is out there to ensure that Romney gets the Republican nod. Why? Simple – Romney does not have a leg to stand on when it comes to a one-on-one comparison between himself and the current Resident. Example: Romneycare will be used to beat the man into the ground and, the tactic will work. The Resident will “thank him” (Romney) over and over again for his “contribution” to Obamacare. Those on the right will become more and more disheartened at their “choices” and opt not to vote. The Resident cannot win on his own, he needs a whole lot of people to sit this election out, IMO.


      • Mrs. Al,

        None of us should buy into anything said on the left. The media will continue to carry his water and do lots of unpaid campaigning for him. The brain washing by the left must be fought by each and every one of us.

        Of course, the left wants Romney. His Romney Care, no matter how he wants to spin it has bankrupted his state. That is a great talking point for Zero to point to Romney and thank him profusely for the outline for Obamacare. Romney loses, O gains.

        Romney is a weather vane. He turns with the wind. If abortion is an issue he needs to say he is for he does so. This goes for any issue conservatives are interested in having in a candidate.

        However, no matter, if Romney is the nominee, and that can only happen if we, the people, during the primaries choose this used car salesman, then we have to go vote and hold our noses. BHO cannot be left in there for another 4 years. It is that simple and that dire IMHO.

        If the people who get the first shot at the primaries, do not cave in and allow themselves to be convinced by the left, that for some reason or other we must choose Romney, then the American people fail themselves once again.

        I don’t have a shot in the primaries until May 2012 at which time the candidate will already have been chosen. So I have to rely on other Americans to make a better choice. That kills me but I have no other option
        at this point I can only hope, that the people will see through these games on the left and choose someone else who can beat Obama. I think we do
        have several other choices than Romney for that. But, our fellow Americans have let us down in the past by choosing McCain for whatever reason I don’t know. They allowed the left to rule their minds. Dumb, just dumb to me.


    • Mrs. Al

      I think we would all like to vote the candidate we think best suited for the job. However, with this coming election I believe it is of the utmost importance that ALL patriots, that want to save our Republic, ‘must’ vote for whomever the Republican nominee is. This election we can’t afford to “just stay home” or “vote a third party.” We must remove Obama, his Tzars and all the corrupt Democrat/progressive’s from power!

      Our country, as we know it, will not survive another four years of Obama and his Communists cohorts destruction!


      • I agree with your base logic, Goshawk. But at some point, something has to give and this election cycle just may be it, IMO. You’re right, we won’t survive another 4 years of the Resident. We are at the edge this very moment. We may not even make it to November 2012.


      • Goshawk,

        Exactly, we cannot allow BHO to remain in the WH in 2012. No way, no how. He has got to go. We cannot survive another 4 years of him. We may not make it for another year. In one year, Zero is capable of unimaginable further damage to the Republic.
        Your loving wife, Pep


  11. Gray Ghost said:


    Newt has too much baggage. (Remember the commercial of him on global warming?) I would love to sit down and talk to Newt over coffee; but I do not think he can be elected POTUS.

    Romney is a Liberal, so he is out. I like Perry; but his immigration policy I cannot support. Ron Paul as you said as a good policy for the US; but his foreign policy is out of the 1800’s.

    That pretty much leaves Cain (now that Palin has withdrawn and Bachmann has imploded). I do not know that the “9-9-9” plan is the best; but at least it is a good starting point. Also Cain is not a career politician, which I like. Cain would also split the black vote, which is scaring the Liberals to death.

    At this point I am leaning towards supporting Cain. But as one of my heros once said, “It ain’t over till its over.” (Yogi Berra had a way with words.)


    • Gray Ghost,

      I agree with you on the points you brought up about the candidates. I would love to see Cain be nominee for us. I think he could do quite well against Obama in debates and splitting the black vote also. I do know that a lot of people are really liking him.

      Yes, the 999 is a start. I figure that it would have to be tweaked as no new tax system is going to go down without a lot of fingers making the sausage.

      I also love the part that Cain is not a career politician. He is a businessman which puts him way above what we’ve got now. He would be business friendly and get businesses the appropriate tools to get started back up like the lower tax for businesses. One other thing, the EPA, I love his standing on that. He said he’d get rid of it and then replace it with those who have been hurt by the EPA and it is a job killer. I’d like to see the EPA abolished myself but I know that won’t happen.


    • Gray Ghost,

      I forgot I wanted to reply to another point you made about Newt. Yes I do recall vividly him sitting on a bench with Pelosi about climate change. I would like to see if his opinion on that has changed. I do not have a problem with an individual being able to change their minds on an issue and explain to me why they did so. If Newt changed his mind.

      We all are human, there are no perfect people among us. Newt is brilliant and I think he would make a good president. I do know however that some people will hold his old baggage over his head. It has been quite a number of years since those things happened. People can change and do. Newt has shown he can rehab himself like PBR stated. That is a good quality with anyone not just a candidate.

      So I not entirely willing to give up on Newt just yet. I am liking Cain a lot but I am keeping an open mind as yet. I do know one thing for sure, without one doubt in my little mind, that Newt would devastate BHO during a debate. However, if Newt were the candidate, then I do believe BHO would not agree to any debates before the election.

      Call me a sap, call me stupid if thou must, but I still do believe that sinners can redeem themselves. If I did not believe in that I would have no belief in God.


  12. privbullright said:

    Funny, thinking about this election and the assortment of candidates, the kids’ game “mother may I?” popped into my head. This process reminds me of a whole lot of people saying “mother may I” be president? “Mother may I be the candidate?” Just trying to say exactly the right things hoping the establishment will permit them to take another step forward – as if saying the right words will open the doors.


    • PBR,

      Funny comment about asking “mother may I”. That needs to stop actually and candidates need to start behaving like dignified adults who do not have to ask “mother may I’ but instead state, “I will fix our country, tell you how I will do it, and where I stand on each issue with conviction.”

      No Mommy needs to be asked anything. If the money bags don’t like the candidate because that person does not fit their “establishment like” person, I say hell with that.

      We, the people do not have to choose someone the oh, so unenlightened media “wants” us to choose. At the Iowa caucus and the following primaries, the people can choose, if they see fit, another candidate other than Romney and the “money bags establishment machine” can just suck eggs.


      • privbullright said:

        That’s good, I like them both. They must hone down their message for Dem-zombies to “any candidate with an R by his name is a racist”. It is an obsessive projection disorder. I can’t laugh too hard; they’re probably working on a tax-funded study at Berkeley showing all Republicans are racist. They will roll out the results soon.


  13. “Ulli Ryder, a faculty member at Simmons College, wrote a lengthy tirade on Cain accusing him of using racist language in his speeches.

    Ryder was especially offended by his use of the phrase “shucky-ducky” and Cain’s announcement that his Secret Service codename should be “Cornbread.”,

    This is a statement made by a apparently well known “liberal”. Now, I ask you, who is racist?


    • privbullright said:

      Hmm what a surprise, uh? CNN was trying to make Perry racist for using the slur “brother” twice in a response to Cain over tax plans. The anchor said that immediately raised her alerts. What is a word for racist phobia?


      • PBR,

        Once again I am having those belly laughs over the liberal media. Actually word media and liberal in the same sentence is redundant? Have I got that right? Not sure.

        I’ll play. How about something along the order of the BDS? Instead of Bush Derangement Syndrome, we could term it “Racism Derangement Syndrome”.

        Or perhaps, if you wanted to use the DSM, we could make up something such as “Schizophrenic Racism Affective Disorder”. Hmm……kind of liking that one.


      • privbullright said:

        oops. That’s good, I like them both. They must hone down their message for Dem-zombies to “any candidate with an R by his name is a racist”. It is an obsessive projection disorder. I can’t laugh too hard; I bet they’re working on a tax-funded study in Berkeley showing all Republicans are racist. They will roll out the results soon.


      • PBR,

        Once again you are cracking me up so hard. Stop. My stomach hurts too bad. No not really. Don’t stop making me laugh. God only knows we need as many as we can get with these besotted liberal loons.

        I’m glad you like both my suggestions. Oh, no doubt they do have that study commissioned in Berkley to discover what the hell is wrong with R’s that they are so doggone racist. Why not? It’s more money thrown down the sink hole of liberal ideas. We must have those preserved.

        I think your suggestion of “Obsessive Projection Racism Disorder” is also very astute. I like that one too.

        Now let’s take a moment and see what the acronyms would be since that is highly important to the elite beltway crowd. We have yours, OPRD, my two would be RDS or SRAD.

        RDS is an easy one to remember. Hmm…have to change the OPRD to PROD, Projection Racism Obsession Disorder. That one is good, PROD. Then with that disease, PROD, they could use cattle prods on us Rs to whip us into shape.

        SRAD is sort of like SADS, Seasonal Affective Disorder, but more difficult to say. Could change that one to RADS, Racism Affective Disorder Syndrome.
        No cattle prods for that one. Definitely would have to see the shrink over that disorder. Whew.

        I think we now need a contest on this. We have to come up with the proper disease for us Rs being so racist. We just have to do it so we can heal ourselves.


      • PBR,

        Look at what I just found on the DSM site.

        OMNA on Tour Meetings

        OMNA on Tour is a series of meetings to engage communities to eliminate
        racial and ethnic disparities in mental health care. Learn More

        Wow, a community service to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in mental health. I’m sure we could come up with a service under this group for the Rs racist mental health issue.


      • privbullright said:

        I can’t believe what you found, you sneaky spy, you. So many good acronyms. I do like PROD at the moment. S-RAD is a natural fit. I guess they are so out in front of us there must be a train of schemes coming down the pike at us. And Republicans once again will get caught off guard. Schizo-Rad still sounds good. Psycho RAD works equally well. I sure don’t want to confuse them when they have to explain it at one of their “meetings”.


      • PBR,

        Yeah, aren’t I just the sneaky one eh? I really like what we’ve come up with together. Such good conditions and acronyms. Oh, yeah, I’d make a good spy. I dated a guy once who liked calling me Mata Hari, but I digress, a story for another time or perhaps not even a good place to tell that one. Whew. Oh, yes, let’s get back to the topic.

        PROD is quite good and the cattle like image it brings to mind. All the Rs being herded like cattle, being “prodded” out of our racist problems.

        S-RAD, now that is good also. Sounds so “atomic” to me. Blast off! Blast one’s way out of racism with S-RAD treatment developed in the DSM V that is now available since so many people are developing so many more mental health issues since BHO took office.

        I’m sure the leftist goons have plenty of surprises in store for the Rs and as usual they will stand their with their thumbs in their mouths. That is exactly when we can call for treatment with PROD.

        Wow, Schizo-Prod and Psycho RAD! I’m impressed with yours also. Very good! I really like those both.

        Their secret meetings? You mean the ones they hold behind closed doors, as reported tonight, with 200 lobbyists inside in their faces? Oh, no, you probably weren’t talking about the Super 12 Secret Budget Meetings. Anyway, that’s not secret anymore, just to us the American people. We don’t need to know anything.

        And, PBR, wait until tomorrow, I have a good article brewing inside my Psycho RAD! Whoopee! More fun and games on the way.


      • privbullright said:

        So the stage is set. I’d like to suggest Debbie Wasserman Schultz as their Nurse Ratchet on the racism projection schemes.


      • PBR,

        OMG! Nurse Ratchet is perfect. I am so pleased with that addition to our ongoing process here of defining, determining what methods and medicines to use on the big R problem of racism. And of course the acronyms we must have for these maladies.

        And our dear Debbie Wasserman Schulz, the seductive (according to BO) and overwhelmingly non-racist as Nurse Ratchet. Never mind she attacks Allen West (oops, a black man) incessantly, no racist is she.

        So fitting too, Nurse Ratchet from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”. I do feel as if I am in a nest of some cuckoo place, but not quite sure what it is at the moment. We must figure that one out too PBR!


  14. http://patriotupdate.com/articles/obama-spreading-poverty-instead-of-wealth

    Here is another one of Thomas Sowell’s great articles. This man hits it out of the ball park all the time. Hey, and he’s a black man. Wow! Did, I a mere mortal conservative, say I like a black man? Does that mean I am racist or not? Hard to figure since no matter how you think you are a racist according to the liberal media/spin doctors. As I have often said, I tell people who wish to call me racist, “that does not work with me any longer”. Shut down time.


  15. http://godfatherpolitics.com/1672/bidens-rape-and-murder-politics/

    Great and somewhat funny article about Biden. Some may enjoy.


  16. Pepperhawk and Fellow Readers,

    Good post and comments by all. IMO, Cain and Perry are our only real choices. The rest are just window dressing.

    Newt is a genius but he constantly pushing his new wife into the limelight. That’s bad. We need a president that will fix this mess and not someone who will check in with the wife first. I’d love to see newt debate zero. He’d wipe the floor with him.

    We’re not going to find our perfect candidate. Reagan wasn’t perfect either and look what we got.

    We need to support whoever is the “best”. These debates won’t tell us who that is because it is geared for the best gotcha soundbite and it is moderated by libs who want to make them all look bad anyway.


    • Hardnox,

      Your right when you say the debates are ‘moderated by libs who want to make them all look bad.’ And we would all like the best of the candidates. However, we must ‘ALL’ stand behind and support who ever the nominee is! We can not allow Ovomit another term!


  17. Hello Hardnox,

    So gentlemanly like tonight, “Pepperhawk and Fellow Readers”. I like that, something fresh and bold, almost like chivalry that disappeared some time back but we need it to return.

    Now I can live with Cain and Perry. Well I mean I guess that would make me very wild woman, but I do like both of them very much.

    Newt would be so good in a debate with Obama. I would love to see that just to see the Messiah on the floor all bloody and bruised up by Newt. Perhaps we could choose a nominee, but have Newt do the debates for the nominee. Now there’s a thought. Hmmm……guess that wouldn’t go over well with the media since BHO might have to take Biden for his debate stand in and look what that would get you. A possible rape and murder and by golly, don’t screw with him, this is serious stuff.

    Of course, we need to support the nominee even if we don’t love them because we don’t love BHO, at least I don’t. In fact I hate his guts. But that is not very lady like to say.

    Debates, shemates, blah, blah, I don’t take anything away from those debates except my stomach hurting from the laughter I get from the images that go through a troubled, satire-laden mind. So no, that is no way to choose.

    Reagan was a good guy but not perfect. And we liked him all right so I think, I really do, that we could live with another human-like president and forget about the superman everyone is looking for that they are not going to find.


    • Pepp,
      Thank you for your kind words. I have occasional moments of civility from time to time in between “exploding head” events.


      • Hardnox,

        You are most welcome. I meant it too. We are lacking in chivalry and manners in this country and I, for one, would like to see some of that return. It was better in so many ways.


  18. Good night Jeff, my sweet son. I hope you are liking my articles. I know you did when you were alive.

    Good night all. See ya in the morning when the dew is fresh on the grasses.


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