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Of course this would never happen that I were  president but as I lie awake at night I think of many things. And one of them is what I would do if I were the president.  You all might not agree with some of my choices and that is fine. Add your own to the list if you wish.

  • I would get rid of Obamacare and somehow make sure that nothing like this monstrosity could ever again be perpetrated on the American people.
  • I would get rid of all the czars and put them all in prison for their wrong doings which I consider treason on their parts
  • The Zero would be tried for treason on just about any issue you can think of.
  • The Zero would have to pay back all the tax payer money he stole from us.
  • All politicians would have to give up their bloated pensions and health care plans that tax payers pay and live with SS like we do.
  • All politicians would have to go on some form of Medicare program like the rest of us after it is fixed.
  • All politicians will have to pay tax payers  monies they made illegally while in office and did nothing while in office  making fraudulent deals for themselves or they go to jail if they cannot pay. In some instances both would be necessary.
  • I would throw out the entire government from the Zero down to the Supreme Justices and start completely over keeping the good people (if there are any) and start there with rebuilding our government according to the Constitution.  For example I would keep Rand Paul, Justice Thomas and Justice, Scalia, and possibly Alito.
  • Justice Kagan would be put into prison since she is a communist and she would be tried for treason.
  • Every judge in the country would be recalled and given a test to see if they understood the Constitution and that they are not there to make law from the bench. If they do not understand that, they shall be dismissed.
  • Every agency we do not need would be dismantled, starting with one of the worst offenders, the EPA.  I would go on from there with the Departments of Education, Energy, HUD, HHS, FDA, AFT, BATF, IRS, Federal Reserve, and any I have missed that are not needed or Constitutional.
  • I would sell all the Government buildings that would now be empty due to  evacuation of all the excessive slackers who were working for these departments. Let Donald Trump buy them and make some use out of them.
  • I would start drilling for oil in every place we have oil in this country both onshore and offshore.
  • I would get all the natural gas out we could use.
  • I would get every bit of coal mined in this country for energy.
  • I would consider nuclear plants.
  • “Green energy” would be my last consideration and only private companies who thought it was practical and could make a profit from it, would go into that business.
  • No government help to any business,  They either sink or swim on their own.  Let capitalism reign.
  • I would allow health insurance companies to cross state lines to further competition for lower prices and pass tort reform.
  • I would allow Health Insurance Companies to have any number of policies that would fit the needs of different groups to lower prices. For ex:  Older adults would not need pregnancy insurance.
  • I would remove as many regulations that I could without allowing a company to screw people with bad tactics. Some regulations may be necessary, but most would be done away with.
  • I would allow Corporations the lowest tax available to pay to keep them in our country and small businesses would receive even lower tax rates.
  • Employees could buy their health insurance policy at their employer’s but be able to transfer them to a new company with similar help.
  • The personal income tax would be banned.
  • A flat tax fair for every one would be put into place and that would include for gas, alcohol, and cigarettes.
  • All unions would not be allowed to keep a business to moving to a “right to work” state.The NRLB would be eliminated.
  • All unions would have to pay much more for their health and pension plans as they do now so the fair tax could be lower for people.
  • All drugs would be legalized and taxed just like alcohol and cigarettes since the drug war for over 60 years has not worked.
  • For those who don’t like legalizing drugs, put your kids into rehab if they get addicted and learn how parent. Put your kids into therapy and find out why they are so depressed they need to take drugs. That is where it begins, the cause of addiction.
  • For those against legalizing drugs, let addicts die. It is their choice.
  • It is not the Federal Government’s Right to tell us what we can eat, drink, smoke, or put into our food.
  • If you have written, emailed, faxed your representatives at least 3 times and have received no regress for your grievances, that politician must appear before a board of trustees (made up of citizens) for a hearing. If found guilty, that representative must step down and a replacement put into place.
  • For the above rule, it would be best to have a group of people who have gotten together and sent emails, letters, and faxes and have had the same experience.
  • The States ‘ 10th Amendment Rights would be strengthened and restored so that they never have to accept any unconstitutional  mandate from the Federal Government again.
  • Executive Orders (which are a violation of the Constitution anyway) would not be allowed to go around Congress except in extreme emergencies and if the Congress deems it is not an extreme emergency the President must forego that Executive Order.
  • No President shall start a war or go to war unless they Congress declares war. The UN giving permission will not suffice for us to enter a war.
  • In fact, under my presidency, the UN would be abolished and removed from this country.
  • We, the United States, would no longer give monies to the UN,.
  • Except for dire and tragic emergencies, the United States would not be permitted to give monies to the UN unless approved by the electorate.
  • The United States would not be allowed  to give our tax payer money to any country and Congress would have to approve.
  • A special election would  be called for the people of the United States to vote yeah or nay on  the monies given and those monies shall not exceed anymore than what other countries give.
  • The United States shall no longer be the policemen of the world.
  • The United States shall  no longer take up every country’s battle but allow them to do it themselves.
  • If the United States agrees to help a country during a war, we shall receive monetary rewards for doing so once the country is in position to do so.
  • To the families who have suffered  the blows of fallen soldiers, that country for which we are aiding, must give monetary provisions to that family. No longer will our soldiers die for nothing.
  • The Military shall reinstate the Rules of Engagement so that our soldiers can actually fight a war without his/her hands tied behind his/her back for PC reasons.
  • The United States will do all it can to strengthen our own military to defend our country from invasion using every new technology available to us.
  • All enemies of the United States shall be deported, that includes most Muslims and their mosques shall be taken down and destroyed since they exist to create radicals inside of our country to kill us as we are either infidels or Jews in their Koran.
  • PC shall be removed from our English  language and the Government shall try and imprison anyone engaging in PC language for 3 months and/or fined.

I am sure there are many more suggestions for a better and Constitutional government as I do not have all the answers and do not pretend to know all of them. Everyone can add to the list what they would like seen done.

HooRah!  Long Live America!  God Bless America!


Comments on: "IF I WERE PRESIDENT" (41)

  1. Here! Here! Pepperhawk for President!


  2. Davetherave said:

    Very Libertarian approach with a touch of Darwin…I like it! You did leave out one that jumps to the top of my list and that is to recall ALL our troops from foreign countries where they are no longer needed. I.E. Germany, Japan, South Korea…just to quickly name a few. Our military is spread to thin now and it is due purely to poor management of our troops. We have plenty of troops they are just in too many in places they should not be. I agree 100% with your statement of, if you need our help, troops, technology then send us a damn check up front! We will help, but no longer bear the financial burden. One other thing I would like to see is an investigation launched against George Soros. I want a full accounting of his finances, where his money has gone, what he supports financially and to see any communications between him and our current President and other cause in which he had donated money. This man is a virus that has infected our country and for all I know this man is the Anti-Christ! That’s about it…you pretty much hit all my other hot spots…very nice post….I look forward to your next.


    • Davetherave,

      You are so right. I did leave that one out about bringing home all our troops. But I did tell everyone to include or add what they would like to do too. I like your suggestions. I would like to see our military brought home too and stop the nation building.

      I also would like to see a full scale investigation of George Soros. In fact I often wonder why he is not investigated since he has done so much damage to our country. I know the Zero we have now and his Atty:Gen would never touch him since they are in cahoots with him on a major scale.

      Dave, not only is Soros a virus, he’s a cancer on our country if you ask me. He is destroying it bit by bit. He finances so many organizations it is unreal. You can find a huge list of them on Glenn Beck’s website. He has his bloody fingers in everything evil.

      Thx I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thx for coming by and making your suggestions and comments. I enjoy them and applaud your ideas and comments. That is the best part about having a blog.


  3. privbullright said:

    That’s a real to do list…haha. Repeal the 17th with the 16th amendment. And every title of legislation must accurately describe its contents. Restore Constution over fiat law and reject the Supreme Supremacy.


    • PBR,
      Agreed. I Iike your ideas also. We do need to reject Supreme Supremacy.

      And my apologies to the others who have commented for the moment as my abscessed tooth is causing me too much trouble to answer the rest of the commentators tonight. But, I promise I will get to them tomorrow.


      • No problem Pepper, now I have a toothache too! Going to hope it heals itself while I sleep…..:-)


      • Flyoverhere,
        Oh dear, I hope you don’t have an abscess like I have. It is horribly painful. I have been having trouble sleeping because of it and taking Vicodin which is not touching the pain. Good luck with yours.
        And of course after sleeping for only 1.5 hrs. I’m back up again.


    • PBR,
      You are so smart. Thx for your great comment.


  4. Hey I’ll vote for you! You left off one biggie in my books, that would be the Dept of Agriculture. Then maybe we farmers could actually afford to farm and have something left without government regulations made up by some bureaucrat in DC that wouldn’t know the business end of a tractor if his life depended on it. With all your other reforms the cost of doing business would go down dramatically.


    • Flyoverhere,
      I would get rid of Ag too. I just did not want to go through the entire list, so I am glad you brought it up. Farmers do not need it and I think most of them would like the feds’ noses out of their business.
      I’m sure a bureaucrat in DC has no idea about tractors, much less anything else done on a farm. LOL!


  5. Pepperhawk,

    I wouldn’t argue any of your points – I think that an excellent start would be to repeal the 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, and 26th Amendments to the US Constitution.


    • Common Sense,
      I’m sure glad you came by tonight. That was very nice of you.
      Yes, there are those amendments we could repeal. Amendment 16 definitely needs to go. Amendment 17 needs to go or either the term limit needs to be reduced, like one term limit. Amendment 24 is stupid and needs to go as you suggested. Amendment 26 needs to be reformed so that 18 yr olds have to take an intelligence test. They would have to at least know who the VP is and the Speaker of the House. We have too many dumb people voting as it is.
      Thx, I like all of your suggestions.


  6. Couple of things….
    1) Can’t legalize any drugs until an instant check (like breathalyzer for alcohol) can be developed and proper intoxication limits fixed.
    2) Presidents need the ability to use the military to strike without waiting on Congressional approval. Heck, Thomas Jefferson didn’t wait for Congress to act when he took on the Barbary Pirates. Any use of force lasting longer than 30 days, however, should require a Congressional vote either for a declaration of war or at least authorization for continued use of force. Sometimes our enemies are not a true nation, so there’s nobody to officially declare war against.


    • Hi Craw,

      I suppose I may agree with your drug testing if someone is driving under the influence like alcohol is treated. Otherwise let them kill themselves in their own houses or alleys with their addictions if they are so stupid not to get help.
      Oh, I see I did not include that in my list. Thank you for pointing that out. I especially believe a president could declare war if we were attacked.


    • Craw

      If I’m not mistaken, it is already required that.. *Any use of force lasting longer than 30 days, requires a Congressional vote for a declaration of war or at least authorization.* Which Ovomit has not done and Congress does nothing about it!


  7. Pepp,

    I agree with everything you said and the others that have commented. I would like to add that I would outlaw all unions. I had a bad personal experience with a union and my son in law had the same thing happen to him with another local. The unions are only out for themselves and not the workers as they claim.


    • Dogged,

      You are so easy to please. That is a compliment btw. Yes, I agree with you and so would Ron in particular about getting rid of unions entirely, Ron hates them. And they do cause a not of unnecessary problems.

      I do realize only the union bosses get anything from being in a union. The workers get screwed in my opinion.


    • Dogged,

      Speaking as a retired ( none union) Electrical Contractor, I could tell you tons of stories why I hate Unions!


  8. Peppermint,

    Good lists and comments.

    I would like to add –
    1) reinstatement of “don’t ask don’t tell” in our military.
    2) English is the offical language of the United States
    3) Stingent enforcement of E-Verify with hefty fines to employers who violate it. This would lead to self-deportation.
    4) Mobilize our military to guard our Southern Border. Simple rules of engagement would be applied.


    • Hardnox,

      I also like your additions. I do not understand why a gay man would want to advertise he’s gay. It seems to me he would get picked on even worse if everyone knew. It just seems dumb to me.

      Definitely English should be the language of our country, Good addition.

      I also like hefty fines for employers who do not use E-Verify.

      And on No. 4, that is a MUST. Put all the military we can on the border with “real guns”, not paint guns sitting behind a desk. Anyone who attempts to cross our border would receive a warning shot. If not paid attention to, kill them.


  9. You’ve got my vote. Can I be the Prison Czar? LOTS of hard labor for them to do, wearing a ball and chain like the old days when criminals were PUNISHED!


    • Gunny G,

      You can be anything you want in my administration with all of your great background and being a Marine, my favorite branch of the military, the Killing Machine.

      If you want to be the Prison Guard, you can have it as those who commit crimes need the shit knocked out of them. No wussy stuff in my prisons. I would like for you to see the indicted and imprisoned Zero and his Czars get special treatment if you know what I mean. LOL! I do believe in torture for certain individuals.


  10. Well heck, there isn’t anything for me to add, Pepp et al. Golly gee whiz. Oh, I know … can I be in charge of the “homeland security” department – can I huh, huh? Got some dandy ideas how to re-org and such.


    • Mrs. Al,

      I am sure there are plenty of things I missed as I don’t consider myself as a knowledge base for everything. However, you are most welcome to join my administration and be my Homeland Security Director. I would like that very much because I am sure you would not subject human beings to humiliating and embarrassing pat downs and porno x rays.


      • Thanx, Pepp. Will be an honor to serve. As for the pat downs and porno x-rays … got it covered. We will use sensible profiling in order to try and catch the bad guys.


        • Mrs. Al,
          It would be an honor to me to have you serve in my administration. I am sure you would have much better ideas and methods of how to catch the bad guys at airports than making cancer victims take off their diapers.


  11. You would be a great president, Pepp!

    Excellent platform! I would also like to see much less coddling of criminals, especially child predators/molesters, to include the death penalty so they can`t fantasize in prison. I would like to see mandatory sterilization for the likes of Casey Anthony.


    • Dawn,
      You can count on me to keep those perverts behind bars. 3 strikes you are out is not good enough for me.

      One strike and you are gone, gone from this earth depending on the crime.

      For a child rape, life imprisonment with no chance of parole with sexual organs removed and a lobotomy so the perpetrator cannot fantasize about raping a child.

      For a child rape/murder, the death penalty, no ifs and or buts for me. You do that crime you are slime and are to be eliminated off the face of the earth. I would install the Russian technique of waiting 3 days, then the perpetrator is shot dead.

      Any and all criminals who are found guilty by a jury of their peers with no doubt involved will stay in prison for the rest of their sad lives. No parole for any of them. I do not want to ever see any of them out on the street again.


  12. First off,sorry to hear you’re having a bad toothache. Damn abcesses anyway. Pulled one out on my own once on the road up to Yellowknife.DAMNED lucky it didn’t become further infected. As to your list,I do agree with it down the line. Would be PROUD to serve in a P.M. administration.


    • Hi Clyde,
      Oh I have been so close to pulling this doggone thing out myself, getting a wrench and just yanking it out. It is just so painful as you know. I am impressed that you actually did pull one of your own.

      Would love to have you serve in my administration in any department you felt would be best for you. I think a cabinet position for you is on the table. Thanks.


  13. Donna Rabus said:

    Great list! I agree with everything you have said here! You have done your homework for sure.

    Take care,



  14. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Sorry to hear about your tooth. I had the problem when I was youngster.

    The sodomites next conquest is to force the military to allow transsexuals, transgenders and cross dressers to serve openly.

    War is Hell, especially in high heels.

    Hoo Rah! 🙂


    • Willibeaux,

      You are so funny. I cannot imagine fighting a war in high heels. It would be murder on one’s feet and you would get nowhere.
      That would be hell. HooRah!


  15. To all my friends,
    I have my abscessed tooth extracted at 1pm today. So I may not get to answering any comments after that time of day depending on how I feel.
    Rest assured I will get back to anyone who makes a comment and wants a place in my administration. Just name your choice.


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