Wicked Commentary

Red watched as his bloody head rolled down the hallway into the Muslims old room.  Something sticky and wet was sticking to his face and there was no way to get rid of it since he had no hands. His head rolled into one of the prayer carpets and he began to feel smothered. His head was rolling but he was still alive. Is that what happens when someone cuts your head off?  Do you still live with your brain still functioning to some degree?  How horrible a thought!

He awoke with Jeremy licking his face, no blood, just dog slobber.  OMG, he had simply forgotten the dog and his need to do his outside duty.  Red pushed up like an old man and took Jeremy out to potty.

He watched as Jeremy did his duty but his mind was far from the dog. His mind was on his dead wife and child.  How could they kill them?  What gave them the right to kill his family and he fumed with rage.  He no longer was in love with Mr. No Blame because these policies had come from him.  He was angry with himself for being such a stupid person to believe “hope and change”.  Nobody asked what that meant. Now he knew and he was wild with rage.

He was crying when he first arrived at home, but now his thoughts turned to revenge. But how?  He wondered if the Mexicans would help him.  They seemed to know a lot more  than he did.

At 10:30pm sharp, he headed for the meat-packing company to pick the Mexicans up from their job as required.  He wanted no attention brought to him after the day’s events. He needed to pick them up at 11pm sharp. The Mexicans were waiting for him as they had gotten off 5 minutes early. They jumped into the broken down van and said nothing.  For a long time they drove in silence.  Red had the distinct impression the Mexicans were being respectful of his grief state. Who would have though that?

Red opened the subject that he went to the Department of Health and Human Services and found his wife and child were murdered.  One of the Mexicans shook his head.  “Meester Red,” the one Mexican said, “I could have told you that but you would not have believed me”.  We have seen it so many times as we work out of different homes and the same thing happens over again.”  The one who called him Gringo stated, “Have you never wondered why you see nobody in your neighborhood?”  Red thought sometime and realized he had not thought about it as his life was one of luxury and he did not care for his neighbors since a lot of them were conservatives whom he did not like.

Red asked the Mexicans if they knew if someone still did live in his neighborhood.  The Mexicans sadly shook their heads.  Red suddenly felt terribly threatened.  Red asked them what they do with persons like me.  The Mexicans told him his life was not in danger until their job at the meat-packing company finished. The black shirts lie to you. You will never get your house back. They will bulldoze your house down like the rest to make room for sustainable development. Red shook at the thought. What do I do Red wondered?

As if the Mexicans read his mind they told him about a bold plan they had hatched. They had seen too much destruction and saw their was no future in their living in America except for a few states who had seceded from the union, those being Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi and some others were thinking of doing the same. These states had claimed the 10th Amendment and were not allowing the federal government to force unlawful acts upon them. It was their only hope to make it to one of these states where they could be safe, but the how was the big question.  The military guarded these states with weapons.

But Red wanted revenge first. He wanted to blow up the Federal Government building that housed all the departments of whatever name they called them. The Mexicans agreed with him. So, they went back to his house and worked on how they would do this and get away with it. First they combed the house for any bugs and found none. The black shirts no doubt thought they were too stupid to bug them.

First they would have to come across with plastic explosives which the Mexicans told him there was no problem as many hiding Muslims had plenty of the stuff. Getting into the building and hiding the explosives would be more difficult. But, they had that figured too.

Red would walk into the building but with a nonchalant way and ask to speak to the Department of Workers whereby he could ask a few simple questions about how long he would have to transfer the Mexican workers to their jobs. Meanwhile, the Mexicans, since they blended in with all the other workers waiting for pick up they calmly walk into the building and sit with the other waiting illegals. Once they sat and nobody was paying them any attention, they would slip into the bathrooms and plant the explosives behind the toilet water holders. They would get cell phones from the Muslims since they had a plethora of them, no plans, no commitments, just terrorist phones which they liked to use.

Won’t they search you asked Red. No the Mexicans told him because the black shirts were so arrogant they had no thought that Mexicans had any brains or intellect.  Remember the Dept. of Justice and their gun running?  They thought we were stupid. Arrogance is the downfall of all fools.

First, the Mexican would have to sneak out during the dark hours to find the hiding Muslims and barter for the plastic explosives. What did Red have to barter? The Mexicans said food of any kind, mostly goat.  So Red would have to buy goat meat and be unseen or watched for buying goat.

The Mexicans told Red that they should wait a few nights so things looked normal as he took them back and forth to their jobs and no suspicions raised.  Red would look like he was doing his duty and all was well.

A week passed as Red took the Mexicans back and forth to their jobs. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred.  No one seemed to watch them except when Red picked them up which he had to do each night at a certain time.

After the week ended, the Mexicans volunteered to wander out in the dark and try to find a Muslim stronghold.  They found some not too far from Red’s house as they stunk. The Mexicans told them he needed plastic explosives and cell phones and he would bring them plenty of goat meat. The Muslims were suspicious at first but the thought of blowing up anything in America piqued their interest. Ah, could they later build a victory mosque?  Sure said the Mexicans do what you want.

Meanwhile, Red drove for hours trying to find goat meat. It was not easy as a lot of Muslim markets were shut down and lots burned to the ground. He finally found one in a neighborhood he was afraid to get out of his car. The streets were black as there was no lighting with the rolling blackouts and he spotted a closed store. He sneaked  up on the store and a knife was instantly put to his throat. He sputtered telling the attacker that he needed goat meat that he had come to love it since he housed Muslims in his house.

The attacker, who was a Muslim, did not believe him for one instance.

To be continued…………………..


Comments on: "The Acorns Dilemma Chapter VII" (23)

  1. Lady,this is getting better all the time. Good stuff. Y’all OK down there?


    • Thx Clyde. I hope you’re not just saying that to be nice. I’m still feeling like hell, but since I could not sleep for 2 whole nights, I decided to write instead to have something to do. LOL!


  2. Hi Pepp,

    Hope you’re feeling a little better.

    Once again Red finds himself in a bad situation. I hope the Mexicans went along for the ride as his backup or that he has the gun from the black shirt he killed. Red could always kill the Muslim and then put his body in the van and add this Muslim body to the collection he already has.


    • Hi Dogged, you ole faithful friend,

      No, I don’t feel better actually. But like I told Clyde since I didn’t sleep for 2 nights why not write eh? Red is finding himself in some very bad situations indeed. Thanks for the tip on the Muzzie.


  3. Gray Ghost said:

    Better to make your own explosives than to be “beholden” to the Muslims. Black powder is easy to make. So are several types of explosives that use common household chemicals like ammonia. Fertilizer based explosives are harder to make in that fertilizer will probably be regulated. Any low level chemistry book at the local library will have this information.

    As for detonators, you do not require a cell phone. A simple circuit using a battery is very easy to make. The timer can be one of many different types, including a battery powered clock. Any simple electronics book at the public library will have most of this information. You are looking for a “Trigger” circuit.

    And if Red has the gun of the Black Shirt he killed, than obtaining revenge becomes even easier.


    • Hi Gray Ghost,

      I think you should write the rest of the story myself. Send me the chapter so I can write it. LOL! You are too funny. Red does still have that gun. Good thing too.


  4. Davetherave said:

    My dear friend this is outstanding and I am biting at the bit to read more! You are a wonderful writer and please don’t let too much time pass before you continue with this story. Your dear friend from Lex.


    • Davetherave,

      Thx my dear friend. I’m glad you like it. I will try to keep writing sooner than I have been if I ever feel better. It’s been a bloody disaster to say the least,.


  5. willibeaux said:

    Hmmm! The “SPOOK” is still trying to come up with a plan to help Red out of his predicament. We are both drawing blanks for the time being. We may have to figure out a way to convince those nasty ‘shiners living up in the hills East of Flemming Holler that this is their battle too.

    Over and out!

    Hoo Rah! 🙂


  6. “He was angry with himself for being such a stupid person to believe “hope and change”. ” And that seems to be the key, Pepp.

    Very exciting here. Frankly I can hardly wait for the next chapter. You have mastered the art of the cliffhanger!!


  7. Mrs. Al,

    Glad u like it and it’s not scaring you to death anymore. Hope and change, those are two words I’d like to remove from the dictionary and replace. LOL!


  8. privbullright said:

    Another great episode, ya dun it again. I remember watching Chiller Theatre many years ago. But this is so darn reality-based its even better. They say satire needs a heavy element of truth to be effective, and you’ve got plenty of that from with this administration to draw.


  9. Pepp,

    Excellent! I can’t add to what has already been said. I look forward to the next chapter.

    I hope that you will be feeling better in short order.


    • Hardnox,

      Thx to you too. I’m glad you are looking forward to the next chapter.
      And, am I feeling better? No, now I have an abscessed tooth and a chipmunk face. Really cute!


  10. Ah, as they say, “The plot thickens!”

    Well done, and indeed, you have mastered the Cliffhanger ploy.


  11. Doin’ good, kiddo. If there were any television networks out there run by conservatives, this could be a nice mini-series.


  12. jvspearls said:

    My laptop fried and i could not get into my account.Got a new laptop and was able to get back in! YEAH
    This chapter had me enthralled! Looking forward to the next,my friend! (:


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