Wicked Commentary

Red shocked himself by beating up the black shirt. He looked at the man lying there and saw blood oozing from his head. Red stooped down to examine the body and discovered the man hit his head on one of Dusty’s garden rocks.  A huge gaping gash was seeping blood.  He was dead.

Red turned around and saw one of the Muslims coming after him with a machete.  Red’s eyes were fixated on the machete.  Suddenly the Muslim fell before his feet and Red saw a knife in his back.

The Mexicans were laughing and Red realized one of them had thrown the knife into the Muslim.  Now, he had an all out fight going on in his living room.  The 2 Muslims left were brandishing machetes at the Mexicans. But, 4 Mexicans against 2 Muslims was bad news for them.  Before Red could come out of his stupor, both Muslims lay on the floor dead.  The Mexicans killed both of them quickly with their knives. It appeared they were experts with those knives and Red wondered for the first time how they got through the black shirt searches with those weapons.

Red stood silent as he watched the Mexicans laughing.  One of them said to Red, “good riddance” to them.  Thees is our country that you stole from us. We are taking it back. Now Meester Red, “do you want us to help you or are you going to report us?” Red had no intention of reporting anything. This was a massacre and what the hell was he going to do with these bodies?

The Mexicans busied themselves with the bodies, wrapping them up in big plastic bags. They drug them outside and told Red they were going to put the bodies in his shed which sat at the back of the 5 acres of Red’s property.  Red did not try to stop them.  The bodies needed to be hidden immediately.

Red wondered how those Mexicans knew he had that shed back there. He figured there must have been others sneaking about like the Muslim on the phone while he dozed. The Mexicans had checked the whole place over.

He looked down at the black shirt and all that blood. Time was ticking by fast and that body and the blood needed to be cleaned up before daybreak.

Red looked around his neighborhood but saw no lights or any movement.  He thought about all the empty houses and for the first time started to imagine what had happened to the owners.  He was too busy to be bothered with neighbors, never really got to know any of them except for a wave at someone as he passed down the road going to work.

Red heard someone come up behind him. It was one of the Mexicans, the one who called him Gringo.  The Mexican told him he better get this body out of sight.  Red was still in a state of stupor. The Mexican slapped him across the face. Red almost fell down but the Mexican caught him. “Get going” the Mexican told him.  Red helped the Mexican wrap the black shirt up with the plastic and carried him back to the shed.

Red saw 4 bodies stacked up and wondered what the hell was he going to do with 4 rotting bodies.  At least it was February and cold.  That would slow down the process he thought.

Red and the 4 Mexicans returned to the house.  One of the Mexicans got out a bucket with soap and water to scrub the blood from the rock and pavement where the black shirt had lain.

Red looked into the living room for blood stains. There were a few small ones from the Muslims, but the Mexicans had removed the bodies fast enough that there was very little blood.  The other 3 Mexicans ordered Red to get started on scrubbing the blood stains from the carpet right away before there was another visit from the State Workers Department.  Red kneeled down with the Mexicans scrubbing the stains relentlessly. His anger raged inside of him for the position he was in.

What was he going to tell the black shirt who showed up in the morning?  He decided he would tell him the Muslims ran away.  He had no idea whether that would work or not but what else could he say?  We killed 4 people last night?  No, he could not be the honest citizen he was.  He would have to become a liar, something he hated all of his life.

And he killed a black shirt.  He was a murderer now too.  He shook thinking about it.  He never owned a gun but he decided he needed that gun now.  He would hide it and keep it.

Red told the Mexicans about his plan to see if they would go along with his story. They all agreed it was best.

After the blood stains were removed everyone went back to bed.  Red lay there in terror. Could he pull this lying off?  Well, there was no time for him to be a coward now. He had to face the truth.  Everything had been taken from him.  Jeremy was lying with him on the couch licking him all over the face.  It was almost as if Jeremy knew Red had saved him from being shot.  At least Jeremy seemed calm now.

Red thought about that huge book with Mr. No Blame’s policies and wondered how he never even knew about it.  Where had his brain been?  He thought about how he had voted for Mr. No Blame without knowing one thing about him.  It seemed to Red his eyes were open for the first time in his life.  Unable to sleep, he decided to look at the Policy book and read up on what was in there.

Two hours later Red sat with that Policy book shocked once again.  This was not an American type of government.  When did it get decided that tiny babies had to be taken off to government day cares?  How come he did not know about having to share his house with those less fortunate.  He did not recall any of this during Mr. No Blame’s campaign.  And on top of it, he now realized he had a gun in his house, something completely banned and punishable by death.  He regretted all his political work he did to help ban guns.  Now that he needed a weapon to protect him and his family, he almost burst out crying at his stupidity.  It came to him why there had been such a thing as the 2nd Amendment.  This was tyranny he and others were living under right now.  How had he missed all of this?  He wanted to flagellate himself for being brain dead and not listening to others who brought up the red flags about Mr. No Blame.  But instead he chose to ignore it all believing it to be lies made up by right wing nut jobs as news people such as Andy Scooper and Woof Blitzkrieg reported.

Someone banged on Reds front door just then.  Red stole a look at the clock. It was 5AM.

He knew who it was.  He opened the door and his buddy black shirt with his Volvo stood there.  Before Red could say a thing, the man entered the room.  Get those Muslims up here right now. It’s time to deliver them to their new jobs.

Red’s voice cracked as he told the black shirt that the Muslims ran off sometime during the night.  The black shirt gaped at him, “What the hell are you talking about”, he said.  Red repeated himself.  The black shirt immediately got on his cell phone calling the State Workers Department to report the Muslims’ escape.

I want to see their rooms right now the black shirt told him.  Red took him downstairs onto the lower level of the house where 3 bedrooms showed no sign of human life.  Prayer rugs and belongings were lying about on the floor.  The black shirt hit Red with all the force of his right arm knocking him to the floor.  “You idiot”, the black shirt screamed at him.  “Why weren’t you keeping a watch on these men?”  The black shirt bellowed at him about what an irresponsible person he was.

The 4 Mexicans were in the doorway watching the scene taking place.  The black shirt turned to them and asked them if they knew anything.  One of the Mexicans said he knew nothing.  The last they heard the Muslims were praying and yelling out to Allah, a noise by the way that offended them they said.

The black shirt sneered at them and his cell phone rang.  When the call ended he asked about the black shirt that had come to kill Red’s dog.  Red said no one had come to the house last night.  The man stared at Red.  “You’re lying,” he said.  One of the Mexicans spoke up and told the black shirt that perhaps the Muslims had killed the man or taken him with them when they escaped.  They had machetes they told the man.

Red breathed in air, calming himself as the black shirt was falling for the story.  Jeremy was locked in his study with the command to stay in place.  He knew Jeremy would not move unless Red commanded him to do otherwise.  He hoped this black shirt would forget about Jeremy with the bigger problem of the Muslims being gone.

The black shirt asked what they were doing with machetes.  Red told the man he had no idea and that would be their job, not his to make sure they had no weapons.  Just think of the danger he and the Mexicans had been put in because of that mistake.  The black shirt scoffed at Red.  Then he sped off in the Volvo.

The Mexicans laughed so hard that Red started to laugh with them.  He was in hysterics, almost a state of madness over what had happened.

Red asked the Mexicans, “Didn’t you guys vote for Mr. No Blame?  He gave you amnesty.”  The Mexicans laughed again, “No, we don’t vote for heem. He is a black man.”

“We don’t like black men.  He thought he fooled us with amnesty.  But, he brought in millions of Muslims to vote for heem.  They approved of heem.  We knew he was just using us to get votes.”  Red gazed at them in astonishment.

The Mexicans laughed again.  “We don’t like you white people either, but most of you are stupeed, not clever like us.”  We feegure we can overtake you easily and get back what is ours, thees country you stole from us.  White men are cowards. You don’t even have the guts to fight for your own country.  You don’t have weapons.  And many of our relatives were keelled with your BATFE program Hell for Heroin. We are very angry at Mr. No Blame and his policies that keell our people bringing in all those guns.”

“Gringo,” the one Mexican said, “we make deal, no?”

Red thought for a couple of seconds, not knowing what deal he meant, but somehow he knew it would benefit him.

To be continued……..


Comments on: "The Acorns Dilemma, Chapter IV" (48)

  1. thedrpete said:

    I theeenk, pepp, that you’re having more fun than a mere human is allowed to have. Keep up the great work.


  2. Good thing you are taking a break from ‘the news’….:-)


  3. Wow Pep! I was really surprised by the direction your story took! (never can out-guess you) 🙂 Now it will be hard to wait for the intrigue that is sure to follow!

    Good show Pep!


  4. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! This is a strange turn of events and I’ll have to notify the SPOOK that three of Red’s uninvited guests are now present upon the missing including a IUSE thug. No lost love there. We will have to rethink Cap’n Cr-a-z-yaz’ mission of delivering the Me’hegans to the ‘shiners. Since the Me’hegans rid us of four undesirables, perhaps we can make use of their knife wielding skills.
    The manure bombardment of the IUSE’s armory and the skunk fragrance invasion of CSA (Not to be confused with Confederate States of America) headquarters will have to be on hold temporarily until we can decide how we can use them for another diversion.
    If Mr. NoBlame learns that four of his supposedly loyal constituents (the Me’hegans) knifed his Muzzie brothas’, the shiite is literally going to hit the fan and heads will surely roll. My guess is that “Nappy” from Homeland False Security will be the first to end up in the attitude adjustment camp in Nome Alaska closely followed by the AG of the Injustice Dept. ☺
    The SPOOK would like you to “pick” the ‘awk’s brain for another mission that would successfully harass Mr. NoBlame’s Black shirts.
    HooRah! ☺


    • Willibeaux,

      I figured you would be surprise by the “turn of events”. Yes, new plans will have to be designed since this has happened.
      I’m sure that the SPOOK can cook something up.
      You will have to pick the “awk’s brain I’m sure, but even he doesn’t know what will happen. (:-)


  5. privbullright said:

    Has all the suspense of a Hitchcock movie.


  6. willibeaux said:

    privbullright! If you are interested in joining our insurgency irregulars fighting against the IUSE thugs, hollar back. We’ll give you a Navajo code name.

    HooRah! 🙂


    • privbullright said:

      Yea, I’ll certainly be a regular irregular. Pepp, I just realized that there are black skirts too, I’m sure.


  7. Good post. I look forward to the next one.


  8. Hi Pep,

    Great story and just keeps getting better and better, can’t wait for the next installment. I hope the Mexicans can get some of those guns sent to the drug cartels by Mr No Blame. They might just need them.


  9. You need to get this out in print. Very readable. Have you thought about contacting someone at Regnery Publishing? Seriously.


    • Clyde,

      Thanks for the compliment. I have a hard time thinking this would be something a publishing house would print, but who knows. I thank ya kindly anyway.


  10. privbullright! We are excited to have you as a member of the insurgency irregulars. Your Navajo code name will be pri-vbu-ll-r-ig-ht. Be sure to leave the dashes in your code name when you respond to our plans. We will give you an assignment when we finalize our final plans.

    HooRah! 🙂


  11. privbullright said:

    Red’s in a bit of pickle (hmmm…or is it jalapeno?)


  12. You are an amazing writer and the this just gets better and better!
    Anxiously, awaiting the next chapter.


    • Hi Jodie,

      I like your new avatar. I meant to say that a couple of times. Thanks for the compliment. Writing this is not easy. I have to keep my imagination in flow mode. LOL!


  13. Wow … can’t add any more to the comments already here. So I will just say, you like living on the edge don’t you, Pepp? Watch out … the PC Police just may come by and have something to say to you. (I can tell you aren’t trembling — haha)


    • Mrs. Al,

      I’ve always been on the edgy side. I like that, makes life interesting for me.
      No I’m not worried about the PC police. Let them come. I’ll be just as edgy with them too. LOL! Trembling? No. I have my big black German Shepherd sleeping with me and I know he’ll take care of things that go bump in the night or the day for that matter.


  14. privbullright said:


  15. Mrs. Pepper’awk! The SPOOK has decided to go with Gos’awks manure barrage of the IUSE thugs arsenal followed by the skunk fragrance attack on the “dump on the hump”.
    Cap’n Cr-a-z-yaz will take Red and the 4 Mehigans to one of our safe houses safely in the hills away from the ‘shiners.
    Monday, September 12 at 1300 hrs will be manure slingin’ and skunk fragrance day.
    “Wild Bill” and I will observe the festivities from our perch in the Sopwith Camel. Good huntin’. ☺
    HooRah! ☺


  16. Gar Swaffar said:

    I’m guessing Red is about to “wake up”


  17. Love the twist of the Mexicans somewhat riding to the rescue. And the next twist is……


  18. privbullright said:

    Maybe ol red is about to get one a letter from The One, “If you love me, you’ll….” fill in the blank.


  19. PBR, if you love me. If that is not the lowest thing to stoop to IMHO. He is flat out of poker chips. It’s all BS chips.


  20. OK, we’re waiting……


    • Paulie,
      Inadvertently I got you to make a comment. I know you are waiting. I’m waiting. I’ve been very sick the last couple of weeks. Hope to get better and post the next chapter soon. Love ya, Paulie, one of my favorite loyal fans!


  21. So I’m reading your reply and I’m wondering to myself:

    self, I says, what is the opposite of ‘inadverdently’? would that be ‘adverdently’?

    if so, what does the dictionary provide as a definition to ‘adverdently’? so I says to myself, self I says, time to look up ‘adverdently’ in the dictionary.

    Adv. 1. advertently – in a careful deliberate manner

    awesome, I thinks to myself; a new word that I had all along but never used.

    I love to learn new words. Thanks, Pep, you’re the best!

    Hope you’re feeling better.


  22. Paulie,

    So, now you know that I did not “in a careful, deliberate manner” do anything to get you to comment. LOL! I’m glad you love learning new words. So do I. And thanks for the compliment Paulie. I sure appreciate that when I’m having really bad days.


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