Wicked Commentary

Red Acorn had left the house the same time as Dusty that morning to go to his office. Not knowing of Dusty’s fate, he started his usual routine that morning reaching his office, whistling softly to himself.

About 10am that morning, Red received a knock on his door. A black shirt entered smiling as Red told him to take a seat. “What can I do for you today?” Red inquired.  Being an accountant who owned his own firm, Red was sure the black shirt had come for advice.

The black shirt produced two documents and handed one of them to Red to look over. While Red studied the document, he felt his face burning. He looked at the black shirt in amazement and said, “Surely this is wrong”.  The black shirt assured him it was not. Red squeaked out to the black shirt, “I’m to give up my house for a less fortunate family?” The black shirt nodded but told him he had a second document and that he would be given a choice. He handed Red the second document which ordered Red to do community service for a year in payment for him being able to attend university and earn an MBA.

Red stared at the black shirt and told him he had received all of his degrees long before President No Blame became president so he did not understand. The black shirt told him the community service was retroactive and that indeed he would have to give to his community. It was either that or lose his house to a larger family who needed his big house with all that space.

Red felt trapped and looked all over his office for what reason he didn’t know. He kept thinking this was a nightmare. “I supported Mr. No Blame and gave to his campaign.” said Red.  The black shirt thanked him for his generosity.

Red’s face dropped and he felt as though he might scream, but he held it together asking the black shirt what kind of community service would be necessary. The black shirt told him that he would merely have to board several workers for a year.  Red asked what kind of workers. The black shirt assured him it was no real problem.  Just four Mexicans and three Muslims, just for a year while they worked their jobs.

You have plenty of space in your big house, 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It will be no real problem. All he had to do is give these workers rooms and food the black shirt assured him.

Red thought about the problem and decided there was no way out. He didn’t want to lose the home for which he had worked so hard. But three Muslims and four Mexicans? In the same house?

He looked at the black shirt and asked when President No Blame had decided to order these types of services. The black shirt looked at him as if he had no head and told him that Mr. No Blame had discussed this during his campaign and Red did not listen to Mr. No Blame’s policies. Red said he never heard this.  The black shirt asked Red, “Do you not remember Joe Wurzelbacher who asked the question to Mr. No Blame  about sharing the wealth?”  No, Red told the man he had never heard of that. “Oh, don’t worry about that plumber; he is in Gitmo for now”.  Red gazed back in shock at the black shirt.

The black shirt continued to stare at him waiting for an answer. Red asked him if he could consult with his wife first before he decided. The black shirt told him no, these documents needed his signature today and arrangements were already in the process. If he chose not to comply today, the house would be taken away immediately and he would be detained.

Red quickly decided he had better sign the second document. The black shirt asked him to step outside after he had signed the document.  Once outside, the black shirt pointed to a 10 passenger van and told Red that would now be his vehicle. His Volvo would be confiscated until Red finished his community service.  He would need the bus van for hauling the boarders back and forth to their jobs.

Red squinted in the sunny, but cold air at the leftovers of  the passenger van. The van had a back missing bumper. One of the front bumpers hung part way off into space. There were dents all over the van; On one side the van showed it had been hit with a caved in side. The back broken window flapped with plastic tape.  All Red could think about was what his neighbors would think of him driving that piece of junk.

Red was now very angry, but the black shirt had already taken off while Red was in his reverie. Red noticed that his Volvo was now gone.

He rushed back into his office to call Dusty.  But, the bank told him she had never arrived at work. Red called home, thinking perhaps the baby had gotten sick on the way and Dusty had returned home but there was no answer.

Red called everyone they knew and the doctor’s office and no one had seen her. Now Red was really worried about his wife and child being missing. He decided he should call the police although he figured they would laugh at him and tell him he had to wait until she was missing for 24 hours, that she probably had just run off with another man.  Red laughed thinking how dumb were the police to think a woman with a baby would run off with another man.

But, when he talked to the police officer at the station he told him that indeed his wife had been there this morning, but she went to the state hospital. Red, now in a panic, asked what happened to his wife, had she been in an accident, was she hurt, what was wrong? The police officer told Red that Dusty had come in with a false complaint, did not like the answer she had gotten and had just gone mad. One of the female officers tranquilized and shipped her off to the state hospital for observation. He told Red to just go to the hospital where he could see his wife and find out more.

“Wait; wait,” Red screamed over the phone, “what false complaint”? The police officer said she falsely accused a black shirt of taking her child. “What”? Red yelled now being fired up and so angry he nearly dropped the phone. The officer told him Dusty did not want to turn the baby over to the state and she got a bit riled up about it. Nothing to worry about, he said. She’s being taken care of and the hospital has her quiet now. Red dropped the phone and ran out of his office.

Without even looking back or locking his office door, Red jumped into the old bus van and veered off into the traffic to rush to the state hospital wondering all the way what had happened to his wife and child. Fear was crawling over every inch of his body now realizing all that occurred this morning came down on him like a heavy black tarp covering him in a dark, inky gloom.

To be continued………….


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  1. I can tell where this is going and I don’t like it. I wonder long it will be before this becomes reality? Of course, it’ll be gradual at first, then move with increasing speed towards the world you’re describing. I hope that I don’t live that long. We really MUST stop this mad dash to this “futureworld” before we no longer have the ability. Look at the riots beginning around the world – how long before they begin here. You might say that they’ve already begun – look at Philly.

    Great read, Pep. With dread and anticipation, I look forward to your next installment.


    • Garnet, thanks for coming over so quickly to read the dreaded new chapter.
      Right things get worse.
      It is like reality and that’s why I stopped writing it about 3 years ago after the 3rd chapter.
      Now I have a hidden reason for bringing it back to life. I hope I’m long gone too before things get as bad here as they are in Europe. Seeing the burning of London just horrified me yesterday. I cannot imagine how bad this would be if it happens here and I do believe it will eventually.
      Yes, and Philly is not the only place things are starting to unravel. I have a friend in Peoria who has had some scary incidents up there. I think that is how it will go, bit by bit until the whole country is on fire, either literally or figuratively.
      Thanks Garnet. The 3rd chapter is already waiting to go. I just don’t want to do so much mental damage too quickly. LOL!


  2. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! The Navajo Code Talkers gave “Wild Bill’ a list of code names for our male irregular’s. Navajos are workin’ on names for our females.
    Check your secure e-mail and let me know if you approve.
    Over and out! HooRah 🙂


    • Willibeaux,

      I received your info through our secured lines and the Navajo code names are good with me. Keep working at it. Wild Bill is doing a great job.
      Over and out. HooRah!


  3. thedrpete said:

    Oh geeeeez, there’s two hours ’til the bar opens. Can I wait that long or do I need to cheat? I’m creeped.


    • Dr. Pete,

      LOL! I suppose there are some bars open all hours of the night and day if you need a drink. I know how you feel. Just think about the author and how creeped out that person is by their own writing. 🙂


  4. willibeaux said:

    Top Secret message to the Pepper’awk Farm
    Mrs. Pepper’awk. I just received a classified TWX from “Wild Bill”. He is appalled at the harsh treatment being put upon the Acorn Family by the IUSE Blackshirt thugs. Even though they were strong supporters of Mr. Noblame, he strongly feels that this treatment is unwarranted.
    He wants us to strike us to strike back in three phases simultaneously to throw the Blackshirts off balance. The Mossad , led by the notorious badd motorcycle Pur-ple-gi-mp and her associate, Bui-ltl-ike-br-ic-kou-tho-use will visit CSA (not to be confused with Confederate States of America) headquarters and dump a load of stink bombs in their ventilating system. At the same time sabotage their motor pool for all vehicles except for 2 6×6 trucks. In the confusion bring the trucks to our headquarters.
    Secondly Gos’awk and Mrs. Pepper’awk will find a building in close proximity to the Blackshirt arsenal and from the roof start firing round after round of bean bags full of horse manure. Cow flops will work if horse manure is not available. In the confusion the Blackshirts will mess their underwear thus rendering them helpless.
    Thirdly, Capt. Cr-az-yaz with the two 6×6 trucks , and a well chosen group of DBABM will storm Red’s house and apprehend his unwelcome guests. The DBABM will drive the trucks up into the hills East of Flemimg Holler smack in the middle of the draft dodging ‘shiners and their stills. The ‘shiners will think the trucks are filled with Blackshirt revenuers and you can guess what the outcome will be No bean bags.
    In the ensuing confusion the truck drivers will escape on the backs of motorcycles driven by their DBABM associates.
    Coordination is critical. Make sure everyone has synchronized their watches.
    The SPOOK has commandeered an ole two seater bi-plane like the one used by Bed-Check Charlie during the Korean War. Charlie would fly over Kimpo late at night and wake every one up from the noise of his misfiring engine.
    “Wild Bill” will be the pilot.
    I will be in the back seat with a good camera to take pictures of the mayhem caused by the DBABM at the ‘shiner hideouts. They would be identified from smoke coming from their stills making ‘shine.
    We will send picture’s of Capt. Cr-az-yaz’ successful raid to CSA (not to be confused with Confederate States of America) headquarters with a warning to stop harassing civilians.
    Over and out! HooRah! 🙂


    • Willibeaux,

      I sure appreciate these updates on Wild Bill. Of course the Acorns voted in Mr. No Blame and they got what they asked for. I see Wild Bill has a soft spot in his heart. I’m afraid I don’t feel that tolerant myself of what is happening to them. They should have done their homework and paid better attention to Mr. No Blame.

      Your post is cracking me up. Of course we do have tons of manure for these bags. Great idea btw! Lots of good ideas and great planning of course. Synchronizing our watches will be of utmost importance in carrying out these missions. We already have a storage area for the manure stink bombs. So that is already done. Wild Bill and you in that plane should be a hoot. Take very good pictures. We need to make sure we have history in the making on film to be played on the Military Channel at a later date (if the grid comes back up) 😦


  5. Pepperhawk,
    That’s creepy and exactly the direction that we are going. They can have my stuff when I’m dead but they will need to kill me. Before that, I’ll take out a bunch first.

    Your story is reminiscent of the Soviet era but now it is playing out here.

    Heaven help us. America is the last beacon on the planet.


    • Hi Hardnox,

      Yeah, it is creepy. I had started this 3 yrs ago and stopped because it was too close to the possible truth. But, I had requests to put it back up. I had stopped after the 3rd chapter it had started to creep me out too much myself. Is that not a joke or what?

      I certainly know how you feel about giving up your stuff. A lot of people feel the same way you do. And speaking of the Soviets, I do believe we are developing a “fundamental change” here as was said prior to the election of 2008. I guess there were many people who did not “listen” to that particular phrase close enough because no one bothered to ask “what does that mean?” Too bad, now we got what some people asked for.


  6. Egads, Pepp. Are you writing fiction or are you foretelling the future? Spooky to say the least. Can’t wait to see what happens in Chapter III. BTW, really appreciated your use of the old Beatles tune. Didn’t like it when it came out and like it even less now!


    • Mrs. Al,

      If you read my explanation I gave to Hardnox you will see why I stopped writing this back almost 3 yrs ago. Spooky? Yep. Close to the truth? Yep.

      So sorry you don’t like that Beatles tune. I guess it will always give you the creeps now.


  7. Beaux, in regards to the manure. I’m-a thinken we needs ta do more den stink up da place. I’m fer mixin ah bit ‘O’ kerosene wit da manure and ah half stick wit ah timed detenator.


  8. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk and Gos’awk. I think your idea of “sweetin” the manure with a little boom boom mixture is a great idea and I will run it by the SPOOK. He’s finalizing the plans for the action and will give us a time and date to carry out the mission.
    What did you think of the code name for Purplegimp’s assistant? You can decode it by removing the dashes. ☺
    Got to “bug out” for some errands. Catch ya’ on the flip flop. HooRah! ☺


  9. willibeaux said:

    Top Secret Message to Mrs. Pepper’awk. Received a classified eyes only TWX from “Wild Bill”. He is naming our mission “Operation Ki-ck Th-e-ir Az-es”.
    The mission will proceed promptly at 1300 hours on 25 August 2011. Tell the ‘awk that his idea of the enhancement of the manure is approved, but to be careful not to overdo it. Since this is our first retaliation mission against the IUSE thugs we don’t want to seriously injure any of them. The enhancement of the manure should be adequate enough to splatter every thing in close proximity especially any of their classified documents lying around. Gos’awk will understand what the effect of the brown stuff “hitting the fan” means. Samemo samemo. ☺ Your mission will be complete when we do a flyby wagging our wings.
    Capt. Cra-z-yaz’ team will be made up of DBABM members Bro-ki-naz, Ch-ea-ti-naz, Loc-ke-e-du-paz, Be-at-iny-oaz and Go-od-for-no-thi-naz. All members are big 6’7” badd azzes and are proficient in the martial arts. They will be wearing black Ninja suits and face masks.
    When Red’s unwelcome guests see our team, they will mess their pants and should easy to apprehend.

    Gos’awk and Mrs. Pepper’awk will assisted by Ch-est-y, Lo-ng-le-gs, and Ho-tli-ps. We are equal opportunity badd azzes. Be sure to wear heavy rubber gloves in the event that a manure bag bursts. The SPOOK is countin’ on the ‘awk to use his Special Forces experience to fabricate a mortar. You will keep up the barrage until Capt. Cra-z-yaz’ mission is accomplished and you see our flyby.

    “Wild Bill” and I will first monitor the success of Pur-ple-gi-mp and Bui-ltl-ike-br-ic-kou-tho-use’s mission and follow the trucks to Red’s house.

    We will then fly close air support for Capt. Cra-z-yaz’ mission. If there is any resistance, I will drop 10 lb manure bags on the ‘shiners before I take the pictures.

    These missions will be “a shot across the bow” and a warning that we won’t take persecution like lambs headed for slaughter.

    Contact me on our secure e-mail if there are any questions. Good huntin’. HooRah! ☺


    • Willibeaux,

      You are cracking me up too much here. Your plans are approved by me and I’m sure the Hawk will know what to do as I’m in no way proficient in special forces activities. In fact, mostly nobody will tell me. Even Ron and my nephew who was in Marine Recon will not tell us one thing about what he did in Iraq as it was top secret. Oh, well, I sure am not a Swedish man who has someone on the inside to pass me emails and documents. I think that is a good thing however.
      HooRah. (:-D


  10. Pepp,

    Scary stuff! I am reading “In the Garden of beasts,” and it unfolding like the Obama regime!


    • Hi Gunny,

      Yeah, it’s even scary to me when I write it.
      I have not heard of the book you are reading. It sounds pretty spooky too.
      Thx for coming over.


  11. willibeaux said:

    Guns! We could use a badd @zz Gunny Sar’hint for our Dune Buggy Attack Battalion on motorcycles. DBABM.

    Hollar back if you are interested.


  12. Pepperhawk,

    I think that the only thing that King George III did to Americans that Barack Obama hasn’t done yet was quarter troops in our homes against our will. You have illustrated the path that quartering will take. Let’s hope we can head him off at the pass in 2012.


    • Hi Common Sense,
      Glad you came over. I think we have King George IV now. Frankly, if we have to go through another 4 years of him, I don’t think I’ll survive it. Yes, I imagine quartering troops may also become a reality. One never knows with that knuckle head. And, yes, I sure hope and pray we bushwhack him in 2012.


  13. Spooky. Just like before. Ever think about putting this out as a book? Got a hunch Regnery might like it.


    • Hi Clyde,

      Yes, it’s spooky. No I had not thought about putting this as a book. Do you really think anyone would be interested in publishing this?

      I have been thinking of writing a book however, but the subject matter has not come to me as yet.

      Thx for coming over. I appreciate that.


  14. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Dang i!! We have received our first setback. Capt. Cra-z-yaz will be out service August 24, 25, and 26. We can either pick a new badd @zz leader or reschedule the mission. Check with Gos’awk and get his opinion. I will contact “Wild Bill” after we reach a decision for his approval.

    10/4 HooRah 🙂


  15. Deja vu all over again, in more ways than one! I remember your first effort and chapter 3, but it will be interesting to see how this unfolds. You can give it a happier ending ale’ Rand by introducing some calm resistance forces working in Atlas mode. Regardless, I’ll be back! (Oh, wait, that’s another story!)


    • Interface, I’m surprised you recall the story. That is amazing. Well, this story may unfold in a way that may be a twist. I’m working on that. Glad you’ll be back. LOL!


  16. jvspearls said:

    Oh how i pray we are able to stop this before seeing the destruction of all i know and Love,here in America.May,GOD,grant us the power to see this evil stopped before it takes hold, for good, of our beloved land.I am looking forward to the next chapter.Thanks,for the invitation to follow your blog 🙂


    • jvspearls said:

      I wonder why my rose isn’t showing up? I am logged into Worldpress through my account and not signed in as a Guest 😦


      • I don’t know where you avatar went. Your change should have taken place. When you did this did you hit the save button?
        Sometimes that happens. I’m sorry I can’t tell you more than that.
        PBR could tell you though.

        Hey, PBR, how did you change your avatar or gravatar as they call them on here? Help!


    • Jodie,
      Well thank you for following me on the blog. I think what you state is what we all fear, the total destruction of our entire country. If we don’t change the tide here we are most certainly going to go down. In fact, I’m not so sure we won’t. The Liar in Chief has done all he can to bring us down. It seems strange to me that so few people seem to realize this is deliberate, not an accident.


  17. willibeaux said:

    Special Top Secret Communique to Mrs. Pepper’awk! “Wild Bill” has changed the mission to 0900 on 29 August 2011 (Mon.) He is basing this on the knowledge that the IUSE Blackshirt thugs have returned from a weekend of harassing Patriotic Americans who still believe in the Constitution. In all probabilities they will be standing around the water coolers or snack bars drinking coffee and bragging what the did to the Acorns and other young families.
    He said to advise Gos’hawk to design his mortar to be as accurate as possible because we want to splatter as many of the thugs as possible while we have them off guard. I personally trust the ‘awk because he is a brother-in-arms and will give it his best.

    The SPOOK wants you and the ‘awk to accumulate as much skunk spray as you can locate. This will make real effective stink bombs for Pur-ple-gi-mp and Bui-ltl-ike-br-ic-kou-tho-use’s mission at CSA’s (not to be confused with Confederate States of America) headquarters. Our two badd motorcycles should dress in such a manner as not to draw attention. It will take a month or longer to rid the building of that “delightful” aroma. ☺ He knows this will a challenge for the four of you, but has the utmost confidence that you will do your duty.

    Capt. Cra-z-yaz and his DBABM will only need one truck for his phase and will utilize his team accordingly.

    The SPOOK is very pleased that there still are Americans out there who will not allow Mr. No Blame’s IUSE thugs to intimidate them and get away with it.. The flame of Liberty is still burning although it may be flickering a little.

    Good hunting! HooRah! ☺


    • Willibeaux,

      Sounds like a winning plan to me. Now I hate to tell ya but the Pur pl gi mp just landed back in Israel and I’m not sure she can make this mission. She lost her American passport, two ears, and two pairs of glasses while here plus her cell phone is dead.

      We may have to get a replacement. The Hawk and I will have to really reach deep to get another patriot for this here job. There are a lot of “patriots” who just blow smoke, bragging about their abilities, but when the pedal hits the medal, they are nowhere to be seen. Run off like scalded cats. Not brave like the Hawk.

      The Hawk is working on some battlements for the shooting of the stink bags. It may be hard to get a skunk. They don’t have many here due to all the coyotes who eat anything in sight at night. Them coyote packs is gittin bigger every year. Breedin like rabbits dey are. So, they have to have so much food. They eat about 80 mice a day. Now if they can get bigger prey they all get together and bring it down real quick. Ya can hear da screams at night. Curls yer hair up it does.

      HooRah! Over and out.


  18. Hey Beaux! Da stove-pipe is already done an workin like ah charm.

    Pepp forgot dat we have ah ton of dem critters up in Polecat Holler and ah friend of our’n is ah Veterinarian an know’s how ta extract pure liquid once da cirtter is tranquilized. It’ll take time but we can get’s plenty of da bad stuff.


  19. Mr. Hawk,
    You get that vet then to help ya with da skunks. I don’t want to be anywhere near dem polecats. Forget that. I’ll do the manure bags. Much pleasanter smell.


  20. willibeaux said:

    Ha Ha Ha! You two are a riot! It tickles my funnybone that you are joining in the silliness which is good for the soul sometimes.

    Thanks a bunch

    Over and out! HooRah! 🙂

    PS: I’ll pass the badd news that the ‘gimp may not be available to the SPOOK. He has contacts with the Mossad from his CIA days and may come up with a suitable replacement. A Mossad operative would be desired because dey iss super badd @zzes.


    • Willibeaux,
      I got a new article up, but not a chapter on the Acorns. A satire on the welfare dole. I think, with your sense of humor, you’ll get a tickle in your funny bone.


      • Willibeaux,

        Of course the Hawk and me like funnin with you. We have to have some kind of entertainment out here in the boonies.
        Mossad operative good – check
        Don’t count out the Gimp, she may recover her jet lag
        Already got 2 TWX’s from the Gimp.
        Silliness is always good for the soul. (:-)


  21. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk and Gos’awk. The SPOOK to my surprise already had a replacement in mind. The Mossad came through with one of their most experienced operatives. Her code name is Bl-o-ndb-om-bs-hell.
    She is a 36-26-36; 6’2”; 175lb gorgeous blond whose chief claim to fame was “turning” enemy spooks with her charms. Her and Bui-ltl-ike-br-ic-kou-tho-use will make good team.

    I’m glad to hear that Gos’awk has a vet friend who will help him “milk” the skunks. The more nectar in the stink bombs, the more effective they will be.

    Speaking of coyotes, we have them here. They have reduced the cat population to endangered species class. When I let my little Malteese out a night, I go with her equipped with my handy dandy baseball bat.

    I won’t hesitate to whop the critter with a good swing at him or her.

    Hang in there! HooRah! ☺


    • Willibeaux,
      That is simply great. We do need the Mossad on this project. The SPOOK is really good. I hope the Mossad don’t mind cow manure stink bombs. Or they can help da Hawk with da skunks.


    • That SPOOK is really on the ball. Bl o ndb om bs hell. I’m having trouble with the code talkers here. My eyes are failing me after writing a new article tonight.
      I bet this Bl o ndb has charms ga lo re. Sure sounds like a charmer and just the right size to handle IUSE abusers.

      Da Hawk will have to milk skunks by himself or with the vet. He has enough trouble with me cutting Dakota’s toenails and him holding the vicious, muzzled corgi. LOL!

      Ah, yes, coyotes do eat cats I hear. We had one. Now we have 2. Some jackazz dropped a kitty off here I think. Geez, if it’s a female, we’re in trouble.

      I hope your coyotes are not as big as the ones here. They look like wolves here. Ha, ha, maybe they are wolves.



  22. After my inspection of Pepperhawk Farm in the Flemin’ Hollar, I can assure y’all that the LEOS are thoroughly confuzzled by 3 wimmen in a red Toyata with Nevada plates a Maine cripple parking card and a driver with a terrorist phone and an Israeli (known terrorist state) driver’s license.
    Operational plans should go as planned, even if some of the weapon enhancer doesn’t quite smellas it should.


    • Lucie,

      So you are here only this time virtually. Yes, I do believe that we can run diversion tactics like we did the last time at that humongous police blockade back into Fleming Holler. Willibeaux, Wild Bill, and the SPOOK should all be very pleased that you and Susie will be joining in the strategies they are laying out for us. Willibeaux updates us on a constant basis with his TWXs and we shall be good to go. I really don’t know why we need a skunk as there are plenty of smells on a farm that can be used as stink bombs. That’s what living on a farm is for, crap all over from all kinds of animal species.


  23. Oh, no. I’ll be there in plenty of time. It doesn’t take me long to get things in shape to add special new fragrances to those bombs, as only you know!
    Do you really think I need an American passport to get into the country? Not to mention that you will all need my special driving skills which I honed to levels never before seen during that all nighter to Orlando from the Hollar. You can count on Raging Bunny too. She’s been training with her niece, Slave Girl on some particularly nasty, dumb dumb and useless neighbors out there in the Nevada desert!


  24. willibeaux said:

    Well now Pur-ple-gi-mp! The SPOOK will pleased to know that you will be available for the mission. He knows from past experience with you that you are one of the most feared badd @zz motorcycles that ever served with the Mossad. You were selected by me based on your previous service. It’s too bad that the notorious Te-a-dri-nk-er is not in service any more. She was a great asset.
    I will have to check with “Wild Bill” to see if it’s okay for Raging Bunny and Slave Girl to join our DBABM. Since you will vouch for them it should be okay.
    Their Navajo code names will be Ra-gi-ngb-unn-y and S-la-veg-ir-l.
    Oh yes before I forget. Be sure to have your gas masks available. The fumes from the skunk nectar will be stifling and we don’t want you guys Opps gals to pass out.

    Good huntin’ HooRah! ☺
    CC: Mrs. Pepper’awk


  25. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! “Wild Bill” says to caution you not to omit the dashes in the code names of our operatives.
    He is concerned that one of the IUSE thugs will get a wild hair up his @zz and break our code.
    Thanks for your cooperation.
    HooRah! 🙂


    • Willibeaux,

      OK, I’ll try to be more cautious. I guess I’m not doing the code right. The fact that I can barely see with hay fever in my eyes is probably the reason. I’m almost blinded by it at the moment.


  26. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk and Gos’awk. The SPOOK has decided that he wants to punish the ‘shiners for their unpatriotic behavior of hidin’ in the hills rather honor their country’s call to serve. This will be an excellent opportunity.
    He would like the ‘awk to work with Capt. Cr-a-z-yaz to fabricate some IED’s filled with horse manure that will be detonated when the ‘shiners drag Red’s unwanted guests out of the 6×6 truck.
    Also if possible hide a transmitter in the truck that will transmit the screams of anguish from the guests as the ‘shiners whup their @zzes. The transmitter will also send the cussing and whooping from the ‘shiners when they get splattered with the horse manure.
    We will have a receiver in the bi-plane to record the live sounds emanating from the hills East of Fleming holler.
    If this is a good plan ‘awk, get back to me with a can-do.


    • Willibeaux,

      Well the SPOOK better be careful with those dodgers. They’ve honed their skills quite well in hiding out and keeping any gubmint types from getting up into those mountains.
      I’ll let Hawk help ya with this one.


  27. I have been in eyes only negotiations with the Reliable personal hygeine company. They make a lovely product known world wide as Depends. They have expressed interest in supplying us at no cost, with as many of their personal hygeine products we might deem necessary in order to have immediiate access to fragrance enhancers when needed. If the leadership is interested, I will be happy to provide contact information with the understanding that complete confidentiality is maintained.


    • Lucie,

      I wonder what you’re speaking about. Ha, personal hygiene company! Lots of samples eh? Well, I like that no cost thing and the fragrance enhancers which we will definitely need. I can’t stand skunk smell personally. I can take cow pie smell better than skunk. Give all your contact info to the SPOOK or to Wild Bill.


  28. Looking good, Pepp. Your storytelling is back in shape.


  29. I almost forgot to mention a recent discovery. During the overnight drive to Orlando, in a massive traffic jam in southern Kentucky, I spotted a Stealth Truck creeping along beside us. If headquarters thinks that truck might be of use to us, I can track it down and commandeer it for immediate service. The tractor is white, as is the rest of the 18 wheeler. The Reliable Depends corporation has agreed to fill the container for us at a time and location of our chosing.


    • Gimp,

      Get on your wheelie broom and get that truck commandeered right away. It most likely is a UN truck with gas in it.. Gas to kill the population. You should be glad you are back in Israel where the bombs fly everyday. LOL! As if that’s any better. You better get the Mossad on this before thousands are killed. These white trucks/vans are all over the place as reported by the overnight truckers. Things are getting closer to massive population wipe out.


  30. Pepp…just like the Mickey D’s commercials…do-do-do-do-do…I’mm lovin’ it…Ya gotta tell the truth…and this “satire” is the only way to get some folks’s attention…Loyal D has been comin’ out to play and catches ’em every. time.
    THE TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA!! And if this is what is in store, at least we know we can count on each other to keep the other “equal pigs” away!


    • Nee,

      There is that age old adage about the truth will set you free. I am preaching to the choir.
      How I wish some moonbats were reading this and getting scared. They are the ones who are clueless.

      I sure hope we can count on one another. That will be the only tool we’ll have, is community support and unity.


  31. I am on my way to get that truck. I had the forethought to put a tracking device on it. It was that close to my red rented Toyata! Please have that barn door open so I can get it under cover as soon as I arrive with the shipment from Reliable.
    Sadly Te-adr-in-ker is busy in the south of Israel holding off Ham-asz attackers who think that shooting missiles at schools is fun.

    -sent from my black plastic terrorist phone in mid flight on wheelbroom-


    • Oh good. Did you put the b..t.h box on it? Easy enough to find that van then as it goes in circles around several different states.

      Sure, we’ll have the barn door open for ya. Nothing in there right now anyway, not until October. You guys better get this raid going before then. The barn will be filled with tobacco.

      I see your other Mossad agent is quite busy with the Ham-ass missile attacks. I imagine they are still pretending to be dead in coffins over there.
      Ok, nice black terrorist phone. Glad it’s working for ya. God only knows we had enough trouble getting it through that roadblock when you were here.

      There is a new poster up in the PO down here looking for an Israeli terrorist but no picture.


  32. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog


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