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Trump/Hillary/Holt Debate

 As usual the corrupt media played a hand in last night’s debate. Lester Holt was the third debater.


No wonder Trump got a bit frustrated last night. Holt punched and fact checked Trump while he gave Hillary passes on everything.

Holt was wrong about Stop and Frisk being unconstitutional. Rudy Guiliani spoke to Cavuto last night and explained that situation. It was never ruled unconstitutional.

Fact checking Holt = Lie

Holt never followed up on any questions with Hillary. He let her usual lie about her email problem go by like a sieve. She gave her usual answer, “she apologized and took full responsibility”. And that was about it.

However, Holt pestered Trump about his taxes, the birther issue and Iraq. I say who cares about any of this. What has this got to do with anything we face today? We’ve got big issues on our plates here in this country. Pettiness and frivolous gotcha questions have no room in the debates.

On the birther issue Trump pointed out that Hillary’s campaign started the birther issue. Now wouldn’t you think Holt would have a follow up question for Hillary? But no. He gave her a pass on that one too.

David Stockman, Reagan’s former budget director also appeared on the show with Cavuto after the debate. He said Trump nailed it on all the economic issues. I think that is very high praise coming from a former Reaganite. What more could one ask for?

Hillary looked condescending and arrogant. The smirk just about never came off her face and I would have liked to slap it off of her.

The worst of her statements came near the end when she pulled out her vagina card and accused Trump of being sexist. As a woman I hate seeing this. I cringed. If a woman is strong she never needs to pull that card out. Hillary showed weakness with that maneuver. What is she going to do as president (if she wins) pull that vagina card out with world leaders? Would she come out facing the press when Congress does not pass one of her bills and pull that card out again and again.

I think Trump needs to prepare more for the next debate. While he did  OK, he could have done better. He missed opportunities to knock her flat. I don’t know whether that was because he was afraid to go too rough on her or lack of preparation.

But, I think he won the debate in the eyes of the people. While he made a few mistakes and was not as polished as Clinton, she came across with the same old ideas of the Obama administration of which most people are weary.

TRUMP 80.3% (224,351 votes)

CLINTON 19.7% (55,042 votes)

CBS New York
Who won the first debate?

Donald Trump 76%

Hillary Clinton 24%

While these online polls are not the most accurate it does show where the enthusiasm lies and it sure was not with Clinton. Enthusiasm matters in this race because that shows who will actually vote in the election. The enthusiasm for Hillary is so very low.

Today, all you will hear from the liberal media is how well Hillary did last night. But that’s the bubble media we know who are all in the tank for her. The usual bashing of Trump continues.

But, we the little people in fly over country know better. Don’t listen to their lies and exaggerations. The media can sway and spin this debate any way they want, but we, the people decide the votes, not the media. They are now irrelevant. They lie and are part of the Clinton Crime Syndicate who will do or say anything to get her into the White House.










EpiPen price-gouger bought company that pushed bad drugs alongside Clinton Foundation

by Jim Stinson | Updated 21 Sep 2016 at 1:49 PM

A congressional report released Tuesday detailed how the Clinton Foundation and drug companies provided cheap but possibly watered-down anti-HIV drugs in Africa, drugs that may have hurt people suffering from HIV or AIDS.

In the meantime, Bill Clinton got millions of dollars in consulting fees for his efforts, and two of the Indian drug companies recruited to help Clinton’s campaign against HIV and AIDS got sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

One of those companies was bought by Mylan, which is embroiled in a U.S. controversy about its steady jacking of prices on its EpiPen, a life-saving device used for allergy and breathing emergencies.

The report about the Clinton Foundation and Mylan comes at an inopportune time for the Clintons, as Mylan CEO Heather Bresch is set to testify before Congress about alleged price-gouging in the United States.

Bresch’s company is a donor to the Clinton Foundation and she is the daughter of U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.).

Mylan and Bresch came under political fire earlier this year when Mylan steadily raised the price of the EpiPen by 508 percent, from $100 in 2009 to $608 today. The medicine stops anaphylaxis, and makes breathing easier during an attack.

The congressional report, initiated by U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), and prepared over the course of two months, claims that the Clinton Foundation could be a “sham charity” engaged in “unfair or deceptive acts or practices.”

Most damning, the report found that the Clinton drug alliance ultimately distributed “watered-down,” less effective anti-HIV drugs that “subjected patients to increased risks of morbidity and mortality.” The report cites both the World Health Organization, in 2004, and U.S. government attorneys for USAID.

One of the companies involved admitted to several felonies, and paid a $500 million fine to the U.S. government.

The report studied how the Clinton Foundation partnered with drug companies such as Ranbaxy Labs, Matrix, and Cipla in India. The goal was to combat HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, where infection rates are among the highest in the world.

The method was to find ways to make the Indian-manufactured medicines cheaper for the HIV-positive and the AIDS patients.

The report charged the foundation and its business allies with disregard of intellectual property standards, such as drug patents; the likely use of taxpayer money to pay for bad drugs; and possible kickbacks in the form of million-dollar consulting contracts to President Bill Clinton from the friend of convicted felon and Ranbaxy Labs advocate Rajat Gupta.

The association with these companies was fruitful for both Mylan and Clinton. The report says Mylan bought Matrix for $736 million, three years after the Clinton Foundation alliance. Ranbaxy also got sold, for $4.6 billion.

Around this time, from 2002 to 2008, Bill Clinton received $3.3 million in consulting fees from a Gupta friend, according to the report. The report says this raises questions as to whether Clinton was rewarded with kickbacks for his foundation’s alliance with Ranbaxy.

Blackburn’s report noted that Clinton’s interest in bringing cheaper anti-HIV and AIDS drugs to Africa began in 2002. But intellectual property and trademarks stood in his way. Generic drug makers initially balked at Clinton’s efforts, as they did not wish to get sued.

Clinton is alleged to have assured generic drug makers to ignore legal patents, according to the report, which even used claims made in Elton John’s book on anti-AIDS efforts. The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) soon worked around the hurdles.

But Blackburn’s office says the patents help protect patients from companies with poor resources, who may be tempted to sell watered-down or inferior drugs.

By 2010, CHAI broke off from the foundation and became its own entity. Blackburn’s office notes that CHAI’s former CEO is now a vice president at Mylan.

Today, Mylan is on the hot seat for other issues. The price-gouging regarding EpiPen became a red-hot issue earlier this year as people asked if Bresch was exercising political influence to get more of the expensive two-packs of EpiPen into schools.

You see, Bresch is not only Mylan CEO and the daughter of U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin.

She is also the daughter of Gayle Manchin, “who helped boost sales of EpiPen in her position as president of the National Association of State Boards of Education,” according to USA Today.

The EpiPen is widely used as an emergency medicine at schools in case of severe allergic reactions to food or other items. The cost isn’t just borne by private citizens and parents. CNBC reports that by 2014, Medicare spent $87.9 million for EpiPens, at an average price of $344.



It’s not just us who are afraid for Trump’s life, but spiritual leaders also as they pray over Trump before the debate and up to the November election. 

Many of the nation’s faith leaders believe it isn’t only Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party that Republican Donald Trump is attempting to defeat in the 2016 Presidential election.

The opposition goes much deeper than that—and to a much higher spiritual plane. That’s why pastors like Frank Amedia feel like the Lord has led them to cover Trump—and all of America—in prayer at least until Wednesday, November 9, the day after the election.

As Trump’s new discussion for Christian policy and the co-senior pastor of Touch Heaven Canfield Church in Canfield, Ohio, Amedia heeded God’s call to lead the Kingdom Wide Prayer Watch on Monday, September 26. The movement urges believers to fast and pray for Trump beginning at 6 a.m. and ending with the completion of Trump’s first presidential debate with Clinton.

Trump and Clinton will engage each other in the first nationally televised debate Monday at 9 p.m. ET at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

“We are interceding to pull down strongholds, expose and strike down adversarial plots and strategies, bind every force that opposes the will of God, and loosen upon Mr. Trump the supernatural gifts of grace, favor, wisdom, revelation, power, peace and presidential authority,” Amedia said.

Amedia said, “It’s about the protection of the unborn. It’s about the Supreme Court and appointing righteous judges. It’s about our alliance with Israel. It’s about the restoration of our military. It’s about family values and the protection of our Judaeo-Christian heritage. If any of those things mean anything to believers, they need to join us for this prayer watch. Those values have been under assault for many years, and many people have accepted that as the norm. We shouldn’t accept that.”

H/T Lorraine

Another Wikileaks Bombshell

I’m sure all of you know the story about Hillary’s fall and getting a concussion for which she spent 6 months in hospital. This story told by Bill Clinton seems yet to be another false one.

According to the documents dumped by Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton was in a plane crash near the Iranian border.

Apparently is was bad enough that Obama was told to prepare for the death of Hillary.

It never made sense to me that Hillary would stay in hospital for 6 months for a “plain concussion”. 

She was injured worse than anyone knew outside the Obama administration and her family. 

Go here to read the Wikileaks documents about this event.



Terence Crutcher was shot and killed on Sept. 16 in an officer-involved shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since then, the media have tried to push a false narrative that Crutcher had his hands up when he was shot — but video evidence, as it often does in these cases, disproved the media’s theory.

There’s also more information that the mainstream media conveniently left out.

Crutcher had a hefty criminal record before he was shot. In fact, he had just been released in May after nine years in prison for drug trafficking, WZ reported.

He also had a history of resisting arrest. Behold the rap sheet:

1996 Shooting with intent to kill — Dismissed
2001 Petit larceny — Conviction
2004 Driving while suspended — Conviction
2005 Driving while suspended, resisting officer — Conviction
2006 Driving while suspended — Conviction
Driving with open container — Dismissed
2006 Trafficking in illegal drugs — Conviction. (He was also charged in that incident with assault on a police officer and resisting, but that was dismissed.)
2011 Public intoxication (while in prison for drug trafficking) — Conviction
2012 Public intoxication — Conviction
Obstructing an officer — Conviction
2013 DUI — Conviction
Resisting officer — Conviction
Open Container — Conviction
Failure to wear seat belt — Conviction
Speeding — Conviction

But even all of that was not all.

Take a look at the numerous open warrants for Crutcher. These Aug. 30 warrants were active at the time of his death, and as you can see in the graphic below, they included things like DUI, resisting, drug trafficking and public intoxication.


The media are actively pushing the narrative that Crutcher had his hands up and that the police shot him anyway.

We’ve heard this lie peddled by the media before, in the Michael Brown case, and clearly the obtuse media didn’t learn a thing.

Now, you watch that video and listen to the commentary. Did it look to you like Crutcher was following commands? You can hear an officer say that Crutcher was “still walking” and that he wasn’t “following commands.” Another officer said that he “could be on something.”

Oh, my would the media completely steer a false narrative of this story. (sarc). The media is also responsible for some of the rioting. If they would stop covering these thugs, I have the feeling the looters, thieves, car jumpers, car burners,blocking roads and traffic, etc., might just go home without coverage of their actions.

Uh oh, I used the word thugs. How non-PC of me to use that when the liberals are demanding it should not be used anymore. What should we call these thugs, just a bunch of kids playing in the sandbox?



After Criticizing Saudi Arabia

Twitter is accused of suspending accounts that engaged in the #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen hashtag, including a self-proclaimed non-profit Saudi female empowerment organization, S.A.F.E Movement.


The hashtag, which started to successfully trend on Tuesday, aimed to protest the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia, and quickly took off, with various verified accounts also joining in.

After reaching Twitter’s trending section, podcast host Lalo Dagach reported that the official account for the female empowerment non-profit, S.A.F.E Movement, had been suspended, allegedly in part due to “Saudi men spamming reports.”

Soon after, other accounts were reported to have been suspended for joining in with the hashtag, including S.A.F.E’s director Isaac Cohen.

The suspensions caused a huge backlash, with many people questioning whether Twitter’s links to Saudi Arabia had anything to do with the censorship.

Last year, Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud became Twitter’s second largest shareholder, owning a total of 34.9 million shares, or 5.2% of the company—2 per cent more than Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey also met with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in June as part of the Prince’s New York visit, where Salman also met Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Both accounts have since been reactivated, however Twitter has yet to comment on the reasons as to why they were suspended in the first place.

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.

Can you imagine the limitations on our free speech will be starting on October 1rst when Obama hands our Internet over to the UN?


REPORT: 1800 Vets Go To VA For Treatment… Walk Out With HORRIFYING Disease

The current state of America’s Department of Veterans Affairs is apparently much worse than previously thought. The agency has been plagued by corruption and incompetence, and it now seems to have sunk to a new low with regard to patient care.

Six years ago, CNN reported that a VA hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, may have exposed more than 1,800 veterans to HIV and other diseases when dental staff failed to clean their instruments properly. American Grit reported that the story is trending now among veterans because some of them are just now hearing about it.

The John Cochran VA Medical Center informed 1,812 patients by mail in 2010 that they could have contracted hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV after undergoing dental treatment at the facility.

“I can only imagine the horror and anger our veterans must be feeling after receiving this letter,” said Missouri Rep. Russ Carnahan at the time.

A chief of staff at the hospital told CNN that some dental technicians did not follow proper protocol when they hand-washed some instruments before returning them to cleaning machines.

There’s no getting around the fact that this was shameful, but the sad part is that it gets worse.

In 2012 the St. Louis Post-Dispatch followed up on the story and discovered that the hospital still needed to improve its sterilization procedures. Inspectors recommended three steps the hospital needed to take to improve. Two out of three of those recommendations had not been put in place.

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” said Carnahan. “No veteran who has served and risked their life for this great nation should have to worry about their personal safety when receiving much needed healthcare services from a Veterans Administration hospital.”

It’s hard to disagree with him, and it’s especially hard not to get angry at the level of incompetence exhibited by those running this facility.

Somebody needs to be held accountable for the slew of messes at the John Cochran VA Medical Center.

This is unconscionable that our Vets once again are exposed to diseases that have no real cures. I think Vets are treated worse than any other group in this country. While they get poor to bad care, illegals and refugees get better treatment than they do. This makes me utterly livid.


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