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wall_reflectionThe Vietnam War Memorial, the Wall of Tears

I think of all wars our soldiers have fought, the Vietnam War was the forgotten one. Our military were treated abominably by some people when they came home from the war.

We know they were spit upon, called baby killers and other epithets I don’t wish to mention on this blog.

Out of the 22 suicides every day by Veterans, about 72% of veterans are at least 50. It is not surprising, then, that the VA found that people in this age group account for 69% of veteran suicides — or more than 15 of the 22 per day.

On this Veteran’s Day I wish to give our Vietnam Vets the thanks that they deserve for serving our country.

How many people even know what the biggest battles in the Vietnam were? We know about D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima,the taking of Baghdad, Ramadi, just to name a few.  But do we really know about any battles in Vietnam?

You can watch this video of one of our worst losses in Vietnam, the battle of Ong Thahn

And/or the following film done by the Marine Corp:

US Marines vs Vietcong in Vietnam “Contact (Ambush)” 1966 USMC

In Honor of my Brother Paul, USMC,

My Uncle Charlie, who died in Vietnam

nam wall 3

oreilly_pin_headLast week, George Will and Bill O’Reilly had a blow out on his show over George Will’s article about OR’s new book on the Killing of Reagan.

Excerpt of Will’s article:

Donald Trump is just one symptom of today’s cultural pathology of self-validating vehemence with blustery certitudes substituting for evidence. Another is the fact that the book atop the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list is a tissue of unsubstantiated assertions. Because of its vast readership, “Killing Reagan: The Violent Assault That Changed a Presidency” by Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly and his collaborator,, Martin Dugard, will distort public understanding of Ronald Reagan’s presidency more than hostile but conscientious scholars could.
You can go to the link and read the entire article to see what further George Will had to say about O’Reilly’s book with his opinions.
For those who worship Ronald Reagan, this is going to be a bone chiller for them. Reagan has been the model every Conservative holds up as the greatest president ever with some reserve but little.
Every conservative candidate is held up against all over Republican candidates and compared which isn’t fair since no two people are ever going to be the same. Some conservatives won’t vote if the Republican candidate does not come up to their “standards” of Ronald Reagan allowing disastrous Dem/Commie/Muslim candidates like Obama to become president. I hope this can be avoided in 2016 when it is a literal matter of life or death for our country.
I don’t hold George Will or Bill O’Reilly with much esteem. However I just report, you can decide on your own what you wish to believe or not.
And to top things off Will just had to stab Donald Trump who he hates even before he goes off on O’Reilly’s book.
George Will said on Chris Wallace Sunday show some time ago that conservatives are not “angry”, they are “just frustrated” which tells us just where Will’s head is, stuck in the Beltway bubble where no one understands what the American people really think or feel. They think they can speak for us. This makes us even angrier.
You can watch the blow out with the following video.

The Thrill Is Gone

So Jeb Bush is tired of having other candidates attack him during this primary. What a shame! Now just how could anyone attack the ” supposed to be King” who thinks he deserves his turn as does Hillary. Jeb this is not a Monarchy even if you and Hill think so.

So what you’ve had your fights with Trump and Rubio and you want to cave? You have better things to do? Is this what we’d get if you were president? Hey, ISIS, do what you want, I’ve got better things to do? Waaaaaaaaay many cooler things to do!

Jef bushParaphrasing Bush, “I’ve got better things to do than be criticized. I’ve got cooler things to do”.

In that case Jeb, don’t you think it’s time to drop out of the race? Don’t you understand yet that how much money you spend and how many donors you’ve got the American people don’t want you?

Have you not gotten the message that we, the people, are sick of GOPe candidates?  Is is that clouded to you? It seems the people are making a pretty clear message. Are you deaf or tone deaf?

I can’t think of one person I know who supports Jeb Bush even though I do see some people at his rallies. Just who are these numb skulls anyway? I guess they are the ones who want to continue doing the same thing that always fails in the past; that is nominating a GOPe candidate who is sure to lose.

Seriously this brings into question Jeb’s qualifications to be president. We need a tough person to run this country. What will Jeb do when Putin criticizes him? Make a long distance call to Mommy and Daddy to get sympathy?

How will he deal with Democrats/Commies if he were to become president? Cry and then give into them so he’s liked? We’ve already seen that movie and we didn’t like it.

Jeb, we need a rough and tumble man who is willing to stand up to our enemies, punch Putin in the gut, be willing to kill ISIS, eliminate rogue government agencies such as the EPA for starters.

And if you were the nominee Jeb, how would you handle Hillary Clinton on the debate stage?  She’s got to be knocked down and with speed, passion and plenty of heat. She has a lot of scandals behind her and before her. We can’t have a nominee who is afraid to go after her and destroy her. Can you do that?

Memo to Jeb:  No phones are allowed on the debate stage to call Mommy and Daddy.


storm clouds

When I wake in the morning I am almost too afraid to turn on the news. What will Obama, the Muslims or the Communists deliver to us today?

Our country is being taken over by evil forces and those of us who believe in God stand before Him pleading that He will save us. But will He?

A Caliphate is making grounds in the US. We have schools teaching the Koran or saying the Pledge of Allegiance ending in Allah as if he were the God we have always worshiped.

We have some major cities allowing Sharia law and Muslims able to receive house loans free of interest because it’s against Sharia law to pay interest. But who gets stuck with the interest on these loans? Why are we caving to these Muslim invaders? Why are we taking so many of them into our country when I believe we should be deporting many of them.

For me Islam is not a religion but a cult that permits no rights for women, the sodomizing of young boys, the rape of young girls, slavery, and all evil possible. I can’t bring myself to think of Islam being the religion of peace when I see beheading and burning of bodies, Christian and Jewish bodies.

The Communists are bringing our moral, ethical background down to the lowest levels in history. Most of what we see on TV is trash and outright porn in some cases and not on pay per view channels.

Children are taught to accept any form of deviancy, homosexuals for one. They are taught other forms of sex in public schools that they should never be taught. They are subjected to extremely indecent bumping and grinding with rap music which is so immoral. And the lyrics are such that women are degraded and hate speech is common.

We can’t even fly our flag without someone complaining and demanding we take it down. Any word with God in it is attacked.

While Muslims are given special treatment, our Vets are being treated shamefully not receiving the benefits they deserve.

America is upside down, inside out. This is not the America I grew up in and I refuse to accept this monstrous change in our country.

One thing is we must remember that we do not have to give over our souls to this evil. That is one thing the government cannot take away from us. And those of us who have children or grandchildren must make sure this evil does not envelop them.

We must stay with our God, resist the evil that the devil has brought upon us and remember that there are still many good people in this country who believe as I do. We have to join forces and fight together.

clintonbenghazi-e1445526918943After the Benghazi hearings Kate Quigley appeared on CNN  with Anderson Cooper.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Kate Quigley, the sister of CIA contractor Glen Doherty, recalled a meeting she and her family had with Clinton at Andrews Air Force Base three days after the terrorist attack in which the then-secretary of state said that the onslaught started as a spontaneous protest.

“She spoke to my family about how sad we should feel for the Libyan people because they’re uneducated, and that breeds fear which breeds violence and leads to a protest Quigley recalled.

So Kate Quigley is grieving the sad and unnecessary death of her brother, Glen Doherty, and Hillary tells her to feel sad about the Libyan people? And tells her that there was a protest that she knew was not true.

As most of us know who have been through losing a loved one, while we are in deep grieving, we don’t want to be told to feel sorry about someone or some other entity at that time. We can barely hold ourselves together, the shock, the anger, the numbness, all the twists and turns that grief takes and engulfs us.

How dare Hillary Clinton say such things to a grieving woman. This is what struck me to the core. The woman is so cold she must have ice water running through her veins.


Today Hillary testifies before the Benghazi Committee run by Trey Gowdy staring at 10am.



What do I expect from this testimony? Absolutely nothing. She will once again be thoroughly trained by her campaign and lawyers what she should say or not say. For all we know she might come in and take the 5th, although that might look bad.

She is good at obfuscations, diverting, and lying. She will have a lying excuse for everything that went down.

The Democrats on the panel will make sure they bluster and shout about this being a political witch hunt thus taking up valuable time away from real questions the Republicans may have for her.

One thing I doubt she will say again is “What difference does it make” as it did not go over well the first time.

She will remain calm, cool, and collected because she knows the fix is already in. The DOJ is never going to prosecute her and she knows it. Obama will never give permission for Lynch to go ahead with the prosecution although she has committed at least 15 felonies according to Judge Napolitano.

Nobody knows where she or Obama were that night and they want to make sure it stays that way. They are all in this thing together, know what each of them did and they all need the protection of shielding one another.

Obama, Biden, Hillary and their underlings all have things to hide. So what good is this testimony is what I wonder.

I expect this show to be a flop. 





It thought the way Ben Carson handled the reception of  Hilary’s book pretty funny and the video has gone viral.


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